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Merge #344 #354 #359 #361

344: Remove unknown representations r=ruhatch a=dcoutts


  • TxInUnknown
  • TxFeePolicyUnknown
  • UnknownWitnessType

The original intention of all of these was as part of a mechanism to allow for certain kinds of ledger rule extensions as a soft-fork, by allowing non-core nodes to validate unknown new types of transaction, fee policy or witness.

We have concluded that this style of extension is not well understood and should not be included at this stage. Any future soft-fork extension mechanism will be included in the ledger specifications and not just add-hoc in the code.

The current cardano-chain has never implemented this extensibility in the validation rules, it’s just a reminant in the representations. The validation rules always excluded these cases. So they’re pure baggage now. It’s far simpler to exclude them at the decoding stage and not have any internal representation.

One TODO in the code that breaks the build of the tests and will need to be resolved before this PR is merged, is a use of TxFeePolicyUnknown in Test.Cardano.Chain.Elaboration.Block. It is not immediately clear what purpose it was serving here and thus how to replace it.

354: Disable nix-tools.tests.cardano-chain.cardano-chain-test.x86_64-darwin r=jbgi a=jbgi

as the job build freezes on the darwin hydra agents.

359: Update issue templates r=ruhatch a=ruhatch

I would like to try out the following issue template as part of my GitHub Issue Wrangler role in the Ledger Circle.

361: [#356] Remove AddrStakeDistribution r=ruhatch a=ruhatch

Closes #356

Co-authored-by: Duncan Coutts [email protected] Co-authored-by: Rupert Horlick [email protected] Co-authored-by: Jean-Baptiste Giraudeau [email protected] Co-authored-by: Rupert Horlick [email protected]

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