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Testing update system

Prepare CSL binaries, cluster

  • Launch cluster using devnet_shortep_full config, on:

    • 4 core nodes (full connectivity)
    • 1 relay (connected to all core nodes)
  • Generate before installer, use devnet_shortep_wallet

    • checkout from latest release branch (cardano-sl-0.6-staging for instance) of daedalus
    • set appropriate system-start in Launcher.hs, relay ip in wallet-topology.yaml
    • set appropriate cardano-sl branch in .buildkite/pipeline.yml, appveyor.yaml
    • see for reference
  • Generate after installer, use devnet_shortep_updated_wallet

    • same as previous item
  • Build cardano-sl with devnet_shortep_full (./scripts/build/ --dn)

Test base version

  1. Download before installers
  2. Install & launch daedalus
  3. Check:

    • blocks are retrieved
    • transactions are sent

Propose update & vote for it

Prepare node keys

  1. Take genesis folder corresponding to devnet_shortep_full Should have name like genesis-dn-2017-08-31_15-28.tgz (but different!) 2.
cp -R <genesis_directory>/keys-testnet/rich nodes2
cd nodes2
for i in {0..4}; do stack exec -- cardano-keygen rearrange --mask testnet$i.key; done


Launch cardano-auxx with CLI:

stack exec -- cardano-auxx --system-start 0 --log-config log-configs/daedalus.yaml --logs-prefix "logs/abc4" --db-path db-abc4 --peer {relayHost}:3000 repl

(!) Replace:

{relayHost} with address of actual relay node

Then you will appear in repl mode and would need to perform few actions:

Import secret keys

add-key ./nodes2/testnet1.key primary:true
add-key ./nodes2/testnet2.key primary:true
add-key ./nodes2/testnet3.key primary:true
add-key ./nodes2/testnet4.key primary:true

Then if you execute


You should see something like:

> listaddr
Available addresses:
    #0:   addr:      Ae2tdPwUPEZD7r1mGc4BxGj5ikBop9DpdsKDzKpFujdYpd6bZBn9fZYEgsg
          pk:        ZcrTBz5bwqSA+6pGfg7D55uJfZt++5XiEY7h03ly3++41DDNIerLdILubwKrr1zinBEBJhJORXlla/S4yERogg==
          pk hash:   f83e9e0270abcc744b26570b069f66db5a83cdebe4bedb7cd435c443
          HD addr:   DdzFFzCqrhszS1SoxhSTtM8c3qNyvKZvguJ2GNeTjRY5AXyJFia81xS1cERj215orZ9Fd1BzedinMfSXBJerpHxWpu1tzpx53Q2gEJtL
    #1:   addr:      Ae2tdPwUPEZESKZGFtTEeR761598wbuCEERzqxeEtR69gCEzpTwSiaP7oxj
          pk:        LxQs4CWIxMp3demqmPBMxrI/v/KpscOVwxiXATy0sByGK3idaFpN72k3U/Nxfhk6HGUFQAfcMwEzy0za95BNJw==
          pk hash:   df4901e8f6abd96a8bd0579f24036a8b9b24c1df4bed85a1402db09b
          HD addr:   DdzFFzCqrhtBFQAHQMzQK2vdWLWC55APHkrzQryBgwPN9jNdFTHeSQ4cBVpmQuksLjpeLFCoGwHPxHFvQPNhtXDXFBnAquWumkTdYyDS
    #2:   addr:      Ae2tdPwUPEZMezLqssf4EMpudh7uNSoLKw6f1VN9F2o8rsAckXvx76PoZdc
          pk:        mNZwrlO1fVSn2SV0bqfvp5D22gSToWwDxBZLgbFFOp5HdgO/n8iO5JnofvKajPtyujUch7jQZxmMhvBzBMc5zA==
          pk hash:   c96ac1e118c0d38467e7ff7829e59d051c751c9c371687ed1c3a3cda
          HD addr:   DdzFFzCqrht1aeEzHjtMBKt1WixjyP5dH1N1rt7H7w5VfmtJqfVKFs1EnZ7Tbjd9n7R2m7aNcQDGDge73BEDCFAhB9CemqwCQRmyNQex
    #3:   addr:      Ae2tdPwUPEZKUpTf4jDurpvX7fdUrmZvFPM56TAwihnBbAuyvMZ47NeHHdY
          pk:        ulsqNypOZ39xAbW71PxPsyMbXfEc7RUb+NPHFYA6tdjv0IAAkEN8/yaA9CmdVLFUj1FGZxdpdbTiq6hdeLcJBw==
          pk hash:   81713ef44a9463104d3c7c48d547c20c869536af3da237d8fc12b5fa
          HD addr:   DdzFFzCqrht5oYxSwcfYag9fESzGjwC3HGA3ZmdfraXf3STPRBrrek9NUSF68HkbXkApwSTUJamGbLDF6vvaRZigdLFpLuX6BCFzvoEU

Propose update

propose-update 0 0.1.0 ~software~csl-daedalus:1 (upd-bin "win64" ./daedalus1.exe) (upd-bin "macos" ./daedalus1c.pkg)

(none states for binary diff package)

Replace 0.1.0 with actual block version from config (i.e. lastKnownBVMajor.lastKnownBVMinor.lastKnownBVAlt), if needed.

Replace csl-daedalus:1 with applicationName:applicationVersion as for config.

After launching propose-update command you’ll see output like this:

> propose-update 0 0.1.0 csl-daedalus:1 1 15 2000000 win64 daedalus1.exe none macos daedalus1c.pkg none
[smart-wallet:DEBUG:ThreadId 10] [2017-09-01 15:13:07 MSK] Proposing update...
Read file daedalus1.exe succesfuly, its hash: 77de53da248fa85143f45ca8a3f83ef7088395222b25ea777859e4209cff1ceb
Read file daedalus1c.pkg succesfuly, its hash: f53b7e9e024eeb6d96116764b4bedd756e9b5f5fccb07beac27cc9c197cd593c
[smart-wallet:INFO:ThreadId 10] [2017-09-01 15:13:08 MSK] Announcing proposal with id e800f0be119ecbeec98e34d3c9ec0612a8161a5b4c8fcd57d5773678e6fdc594
[smart-wallet:DEBUG:ThreadId 17] [2017-09-01 15:13:08 MSK] Light wallet sending Inventory/Data
[smart-wallet:DEBUG:ThreadId 17] [2017-09-01 15:13:09 MSK] Light wallet received Tagged ReqOrRes
[smart-wallet:DEBUG:ThreadId 17] [2017-09-01 15:13:09 MSK] Light wallet sending Inventory/Data
[smart-wallet:DEBUG:ThreadId 17] [2017-09-01 15:13:09 MSK] Light wallet received Tagged ReqOrRes
Update proposal submitted, upId: e800f0be119ecbeec98e34d3c9ec0612a8161a5b4c8fcd57d5773678e6fdc594

Note 77de53da248fa85143f45ca8a3f83ef7088395222b25ea777859e4209cff1ceb, f53b7e9e024eeb6d96116764b4bedd756e9b5f5fccb07beac27cc9c197cd593c, it’s hash of installer.

You should upload installers to . Use hash of file for file name on the storage.

Note e800f0be119ecbeec98e34d3c9ec0612a8161a5b4c8fcd57d5773678e6fdc594, it’s id of proposed updated and later would be referenced as upId.

In blockchain should be:

43992 [node.worker.block:INFO:ThreadId 27399] [2017-09-01 10:02:07 UTC] Created a new block:
43993 MainBlock:
43994   MainBlockHeader:
43995     hash: 21cc9a0a0400d81bc20c54d5a404d6b5080069d2c15a229191a1a4d29023cda8
43996     previous block: 100050c72eeffa5fa6a78f899aa214255e16f1940f5b209f34939cff243db1d2
43997     slot: 89th slot of 3rd epoch
43998     difficulty: 360
43999     leader: pub:2c434a37
44000     signature: BlockSignature: <signature>
44001     block: v0.0.0
44002     software: cardano-sl:0
44003   transactions (0 items): []
44004   proxy signing keys (0 items): []
44005     no SSC payload
44006   update payload: csl-daedalus:1 { block v0.1.0, UpId: f3fe3a62, { scripts v1, slot duration: 15000 mcs, block size limit: 1.907 MiB, header size limit: 195.313 KiB, tx size limit: 4 KiB, proposal size           limit: 700 B, mpc threshold: 20000000000000/1000000000000000 (approx. 0.02), heavyweight delegation threshold: 300000000000/1000000000000000 (approx. 0.0003), update vote threshold: 1000000000000/                1000000000000000 (approx. 0.001), update proposal threshold: 100000000000000/1000000000000000 (approx. 0.1), update implicit period: 10000 slots, no softfork rule, no tx fee policy, unlock stake epoch:  },       tags: [win64], no attributes }
44007     votes: [(c9a26b08 for f3fe3a62)]
44008   no extra data

Vote for update

Wait for 30-60 seconds.


vote 1 agree:true <upId>
vote 2 agree:true <upId>
vote 3 agree:true <upId>

This will result in output like:

> vote 1 true b66ae7e037ca3503224e8d5b716443b6480df97be114c899f3e7397419e897c1
Submitted vote
> vote 2 true b66ae7e037ca3503224e8d5b716443b6480df97be114c899f3e7397419e897c1
Submitted vote
> vote 3 true b66ae7e037ca3503224e8d5b716443b6480df97be114c899f3e7397419e897c1
Submitted vote

In logs should be:

[node.worker.block:INFO:ThreadId 3393] [2017-09-01 10:14:52 UTC] Created a new block:
    hash: 05a80146a0cd07fb4bb807cdeb39bda9df2d2ebd38317b4eba2f749471af2a67
    previous block: d35a5aaf59a19c44f5f4a4673b571d05d49935b071b34271af3c383b816ecc0a
    slot: 50th slot of 4th epoch
    difficulty: 411
    leader: pub:80b70572
    signature: BlockSignature: <signature>
    block: v0.0.0
    software: cardano-sl:0
  transactions (0 items): []
  proxy signing keys (0 items): []
    no SSC payload
  update payload: no proposal
    votes: [(18e62bbf for f3fe3a62)]
  no extra data

Check proposal, votes got to blocks

  1. Retrieve logs from cluster (io --no-component-check -c csl-1583.yaml get-journals)
  2. Check latest blocks contain one proposal and 2 votes (not four because three is already enough for proposal to be confirmed)

Wait till appropriate slot starts

Wait for k blocks (max 2k slots) to be produced from update nclusion into blockchain.

Check update taken by wallet

Launch Daedalus on desktop

Should be installed with old installers !!!

Launch, wait for it to retrieve latest blockchain.

Check logs, there should be lines like:

TODO: post excerpt from logs

[DEBUG] Downloading update...

Installer should be put by cardano-node to %APPDATA%\Daedalus\Installer.exe.