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Submitting a Transaction to the tx-submit Web API

Building and running the cardano-tx-submit-webap is described in this document.

Transactions can be generated using either the cardano-cli (in the cardano-node) or with the js-wasm library.

The transaction needs to be a raw binary (and not encoded as hex or anything else). Once generated (in say the file tx.bin) the transaction can be submitted to the webapi using:

curl -X POST --header "Content-Type:application/cbor" --data-binary @tx.bin http://[host]:[port]/api/submit/tx

Possible errors

If the Content-Type is not specified as application/cbor the webapi server will respond with a 415 Unsupported Media Type HTTP status code.

For other errors, the webapi will respond with a 200 HTTP status code, and a chunk of JSON which for the success case will be:

{ "status": "success"
, "errorMsg": "No error"

For the fail case, the "status" field will contain "fail" and the "errMsg" field will contain more information.