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How to register a stake pool

— DISCLAIMER: This guide is for educational purposes only. — DISCLAIMER: By using this guide, you assume sole risk and waive any claims of liability against the author.

— Note: This guide assumes you are on a Mac or Linux — Note: anything preceded by “#” is a comment. — Note: anything all-caps in between “<>” is an placeholder; e.g. "<FILENAME>" could be "foo.txt". — Note: anything in between “${}” is a variable that will be evaluated by your shell.


The following steps assume you have jormungandr node up and running (not necessarily as leader-candidate). If you don’t, go here: Cardano Shelley Node Setup Guide 4newbs (v0.8.3) · GitHub


If you followed the previous guide, you may have already registered the node on the blockchain as leader-candidate. If this is the case, make SURE the address you register begins with addr (not ca1).

This guide relies on the context of the original “Guide 4newbs.” If any of what you’re about to read is confusing, consider the official tutorial:

The Basics

(If you have a github account and you’ve uploaded your ssh keys, skip to “START HERE”)

If you don’t have one, create free account on Github

The world’s leading software development platform · GitHub

# Do you have ssh keys on your local machine?
cd ~/.ssh

# By convention, a private/public key-pair have the same filename, but the public key has a ".pub" extention
# The default key-pair on a mac should be id_rsa (private key) and (public key)

# If you're curious what the difference is, have a look...
cat id_rsa

# If you DON'T have a key-pair in ~/.ssh/, generate them.
# When prompted, give it a name and password.

# Lock down private key

# Copy the contents of the filename containing the public key to your clipboard

Check that you have ssh keys on github


Go to “ssh and gpg keys”


If you do NOT have an ssh key-pair on github, add them.


Title should be something you associate with your computer

(paste the entire contents of your public key file (.pub) in the larger text-box) add_ssh_key


Fork the repo

GitHub - cardano-foundation/incentivized-testnet-stakepool-registry


Get the ssh link to clone the repo (click the green button to open the drop-down)


Open new tab in the terminal app.

# Clone the repo on your local machine, using ssh
cd ~/incentivized-testnet-stakepool-registry
git checkout -b submission

Open another tab in the terminal app, log in to your VPS

cd jormungandr

Get your rewards credentials

# If you have NOT already created your public/private keys, complete the following steps:
# If you previously created keys from "Guide for Newbs," use those instead.

jcli key generate --type ed25519 | tee receiver_secret.key | jcli key to-public > receiver_public.key

jcli address account --testing --prefix addr $(cat receiver_public.key) > receiver_account.txt 

Make a .json file with the contents of receiver_public.key as the filename.

nano "$(cat receiver_public.key)".json ### Paste the follwing into the .json file, and replace the values with your own. ``` { "owner": "ed25519_pk1qppzz38el9zxtgaw0ttmf6d6zytllfu3fnwcl5tlc3pp044artxqru55mx", "name": "My Stake Pool", "description": "My really awesome stakepool", "ticker": "ADA1", "homepage": "", "pledge_address": "addr1s0nyt67uwcg7dahrxug698h5xfasnyd5qhnsd0h0peqlqvtfqf48ymz680l" } ``` NOTE: "owner" is the contents of receiver_public.key. NOTE: "pledge_address" is the contents ofreceiver_account.txt(OR) some other "addr" prefixed address (for which you possess the pub/private keys). (ctrl+o to save the file, ctrl+x to exit) ### IMPORTANT The "owner" public key must match the key-pair that you register your node on the blockchain via (see ### Execute the following command (as-is) to sign the .json file. This will create a .sig file ``` jcli key sign --secret-key receiver_secret.key --output "$(cat receiver_public.key)".sig "$(cat receiver_public.key)".json ``` ### Copy the .json & .sig file to your current location On your LOCAL machine, execute the following command for EACH of the two .json & .sig files, which will copy them to your current location. ``` scp -P <YOUR SSH PORT> -i ~/.ssh/<YOUR SSH PRIVATE KEY> <YOUR VPS USERNAME>@<VPS PUBLIC IP ADDRESS>:jormungandr/<FILENAME> . ``` ### Check that you're happy with the .json file before you move it to the massively populated registry directory cat <FILENAME>.json ### If you need to make changes, delete the two files, go back to where your public/private keys are and start over. (Let's assume you're happy now with the files) ### Move both files to the registry directory mv <FILENAME> ~/incentivized-testnet-stakepool-registry/registry ### Check that you can push to the "submission" branch ``` git remote -v # You should see something like this: origin [email protected]:Chris-Graffagnino/incentivized-testnet-stakepool-registry.git (fetch) origin [email protected]:Chris-Graffagnino/incentivized-testnet-stakepool-registry.git (push) submission [email protected]:Chris-Graffagnino/incentivized-testnet-stakepool-registry (fetch) submission [email protected]:Chris-Graffagnino/incentivized-testnet-stakepool-registry (push) ``` #### Don't see the "submission" lines? Try this:git remote add submission [email protected]:/incentivized-testnet-stakepool-registry### GIT add/commit/push ``` cd .. git add . git commit -m '<YOUR TICKER NAME>' git push submission HEAD ``` ### In a browser, navigate to` Click the green button. click_the_green_button copy Don’t see the green button? Try this instead. pull_request_no_green_button Some automated checks will run. Do you see Errors? Click “Details” for more information. automated_tests_failed Look at the very bottom of the output for info about the error. errors ## No errors? What now? Check back periodically to see if the Cardano Foundation has approved your pull request. ### Errors? Want to change something? NEVER EVER edit your submission from the github web interface. Because there’s no way to re sign the edited file. You will have a bad time if you do this. Keep reading… ## How to edit your Cardano Foundation submisson # If you want to make a change AFTER your pull request has been merged, leave a # comment on the pull request, asking to make a change. Be sure to confirm that the # correct procedure is to open a new pull request, (possibly on a different branch name). # If you want to make a change BEFORE your pull request has been merged: git checkout master git pull origin master git branch -D submission mv ./registry/<YOUR PUBLIC KEY>.json . rm ./registry <YOUR PUBLIC KEY>.sig cat <YOUR PUBLIC KEY>.json > <TEMP FILENAME>.json mv <YOUR PUBLIC KEY>.json > ../old_submission.json (edit your <TEMP FILENAME>.json) (Make sure it is correct so you don't have to redo again) mv <TEMP FILENAME>.json ./<YOUR PUBLIC KEY>.json #### Make SURE you have the .json file correct; check every single item -- Use double-quotes; single-quotes are not valid json -- https links only -- The last item does NOT end with a comma Paste your json into cat <YOUR PUBLIC KEY>.json (copy the output to paste into a json validator)jsonlint ### Everything 100% correct? Resign the file jcli key sign --secret-key <FILE W/PRIVATE KEY> --output "$(cat <FILE W/PUBLIC KEY)".sig "$(cat <FILE W/PUBLIC KEY>)".json mv <YOUR PUBLIC KEY>.json registry mv <YOUR PUBLIC KEY>.sig registry git status (you should see two deleted files and the two new files you created) git add . git commit -m '<YOUR TICKER NAME>' git checkout -b submission git remote -v (you should see four entrys, two for master, two for submission) # If not, do this git remote add submission [email protected]:<YOUR GITHUB USERNAME>/incentivized-testnet-stakepool-registry git push submission HEAD # You finished! Buy me a beer? DdzFFzCqrhsjtq9YsgFKeWABaC62QdnPSrsz4GHg762R9qE86YwQTrkCYtMEUtWgb5aEsRbqHAj6Gztdw3BJMKVrCDQbf8HKc9SsnvVk