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Validated: 2020/02/19

Building and Running the Explorer

The explorer is built and tested to run on Linux. It may run on Mac OS X or Windows but that is unsupported.

Running the explorer will require Nix and and either multiple terminals or a multi terminal emulator like GNU Screen or TMux.

The Explorer is designed to work with a locally running Cardano Node. Currently the node also needs a locally running Byron proxy. The three git repositories need to be checked out so that they are all at the same level. eg:

> tree -L 1
├── cardano-byron-proxy
├── cardano-explorer
├── cardano-node

To setup and run explorer for testnet replace mainnet with testnet in all examples below.

Set up and run the byron proxy

git clone
cd cardano-byron-proxy
nix-build -A scripts.mainnet.proxy -o mainnet-byron-proxy

Set up and run a local node that connects to the byron proxy

git clone
cd cardano-node
nix-build -A scripts.mainnet.node -o mainnet-node-local --arg customConfig '{ useProxy = true; }'

Set up and run the explorer node

git clone
cd cardano-explorer
nix-build -A cardano-explorer-node -o explorer-node
scripts/ --createdb
PGPASSFILE=config/pgpass explorer-node/bin/cardano-explorer-node \
    --config config/explorer-mainnet-config.yaml \
    --genesis-file ../cardano-node/configuration/mainnet-genesis.json \
    --socket-path ../cardano-node/state-node-mainnet/node.socket \
    --schema-dir schema/

Set up and run the explorer webapi

In the same cardano-explorer directory but a new terminal:

nix-build -A cardano-explorer-webapi -o explorer-webapi
PGPASSFILE=config/pgpass ./explorer-webapi/bin/cardano-explorer-webapi

Set up and run the transaction submission webapi

Make sure you have:

  • cabal 3.0 or higher (cabal --version to see currently installed version)
  • ghc 8.6.5 or higher (ghc --version)

You may also need the following native libraries

sudo apt install libsystemd-dev
sudo apt-get install libz-dev
sudo apt-get install libpq-dev
sudo apt install libssl-dev

In the same cardano-explorer directory but in a new terminal:

cabal run cardano-tx-submit-webapi -- \
    --config config/tx-submit-mainnet-config.yaml \
    --genesis-file ../cardano-node/configuration/mainnet-genesis.json \
    --socket-path ../cardano-node/state-node-mainnet/node.socket \
    --port 8101