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How to generate genesis


You need to understand, what you generate genesis for. Genesis is ought to be generated to be used on particular cluster. Nodes on this cluster will be launched with particular set of constants and you should generate genesis for this particular set.

Currently we have:

  • testnet <- for testnet
  • testnet_staging <- for testnet staging
  • qanet_tns <- for qa/dev early testing
  • qanet_upd <- for qa/dev testing of update system (~22 min epochs)

As you may see from core/constants.yaml:

  • testnet, testnet_staging, qanet_tns have different protocolMagic
  • qanet_tns, qanet_upd have same protocolMagic

For each different protocolMagic we need to generate separate genesis (because genesis has values dependent on protocolMagic). Hence we have genesisBinSuffix set differently for all these three.

Each genesis is represented by three files:


Currently suffixes are:

  • testnet: tn
  • testnet_staging: tns
  • qanet_tns/qanet_upd: qa

Files with .bin extension are used by cardano-sl’s runtime, log file just for to be viewed by developer if there would be need to inspect how genesis was generated (it’s simply output of genesis generator).


After you decided, which set of constants to use for your cluster, you need to decide:

  • Which amount of bootstrap addresses to generate (i.e. addresses to which all stake is delegated, call it M)
  • Which amount of testnet keys to generate (keys with small balance just for testing usage, N)

First, you should clean your stack project (stack has problems with compilation when you change set of constants you use): scripts/build/ -c

Second, you should compile project in mode, you decided to use, suggest you using build helper script:

  • scripts/build/ --qa for qanet_tns/qanet_upd
  • scripts/build/ --tns for testnet_staging
  • scripts/build/ --tn for testnet

Third, you should generate genesis with another helper script: M=4 N=1200 ./scripts/generate/

Two files will be created (with different datetimes of course):

  • genesis-qanet-2017-07-16_23-51 <- folder with genesis
  • genesis-qanet-2017-07-16_23-51.tgz <- archived folder with genesis

Pushing data

You should upload archive on

Genesis folder will contain files/dirs:

./keys-fakeavvm <- seeds to generate avvm certs for testing
./keys-testnet/poor <- testnet keys
./keys-testnet/rich <- nodes keys

As last step you should copy:

./genesis-core.bin -> core/genesis-core-{genesisBinSuffix}.bin
./genesis-godtossing.bin -> godtossing/genesis-godtossing-{genesisBinSuffix}.bin
./genesisCreation.log -> genesis-info/{genesisBinSuffix}.log

And commit to your branch. This is it, genesis generated.