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!> - An average pool operator may not require cardano-db-sync at all. Please verify if it is required for your use as mentioned here

Ensure the Pre-Requisites are in place before you proceed. >- Cardano DB Sync tool relies on an existing PostgreSQL server. To keep the focus on building dbsync tool, and not how to setup postgres itself, you can refer to Sample Local PostgreSQL Server Deployment instructions for setting up Postgres instance. Specifically, we expect the PGPASSFILE environment variable is set as per the instructions in the sample guide, for dbsync to be able to connect. >- The instructions are not maintained daily, but will be with major releases (expect a bit of time post new release to get those updated)

Build Instructions {docsify-ignore}

Clone the repository

Execute the below to clone the cardano-rest repository to $HOME/git folder on your system:

cd ~/git
git clone
cd cardano-db-sync
Build Cardano DB Sync

You can use the instructions below to build the cardano-db-sync, same steps can be executed in future to update the binaries (replacing appropriate tag) as well.

git fetch --tags --all
git pull
# Include the cardano-crypto-praos and libsodium components for db-sync
# On CentOS 7 (GCC 4.8.5) we should also do
# echo -e "package cryptonite\n  flags: -use_target_attributes" >> cabal.project.local
echo -e "package cardano-crypto-praos\n flags: -external-libsodium-vrf" > cabal.project.local
# Replace tag against checkout if you do not want to build the latest released version
git checkout $(curl -s | jq -r .tag_name)

The above would copy the binaries into ~/.cabal/bin folder.

Prepare DB for cardano-db-sync :

Now that binaries are available, let’s create our database (when going through breaking changes, you may need to use --recreatedb instead of --createdb used for the first time.Again, we expect that PGPASSFILE environment variable is already set (refer to top of this guide for sample instructions):

cd ~/git/cardano-db-sync
# scripts/ --dropdb #if exists already, will fail if it doesnt - thats OK
scripts/ --createdb
# Password:
# Password:
# All good!
## Verify you can see "All good!" as above
Start cardano-db-sync-tool
cd ~/git/cardano-db-sync
cardano-db-sync-extended --config $CNODE_HOME/files/dbsync.json --socket-path $CNODE_HOME/sockets/node0.socket --state-dir $CNODE_HOME/guild-db/ledger-state --schema-dir schema/

You can use same instructions above to repeat and execute cardano-db-sync as well, but cardano-graphql uses cardano-db-sync-extended, so we’ll stick to it


To validate, connect to postgres instance and execute commands as per below:

export PGPASSFILE=$CNODE_HOME/priv/.pgpass
psql cexplorer

You should be at the psql prompt, you can check the tables and verify they’re populated:

select * from meta;

A sample output of the above two commands may look like below:

                List of relations
  Schema |         Name         | Type  | Owner
  public | block                | table | centos
  public | delegation           | table | centos
  public | epoch                | table | centos
  public | epoch_param          | table | centos
  public | epoch_stake          | table | centos
  public | ma_tx_mint           | table | centos
  public | ma_tx_out            | table | centos
  public | meta                 | table | centos
  public | orphaned_reward      | table | centos
  public | param_proposal       | table | centos
  public | pool_hash            | table | centos
  public | pool_meta_data       | table | centos
  public | pool_owner           | table | centos
  public | pool_relay           | table | centos
  public | pool_retire          | table | centos
  public | pool_update          | table | centos
  public | reserve              | table | centos
  public | reward               | table | centos
  public | schema_version       | table | centos
  public | slot_leader          | table | centos
  public | stake_address        | table | centos
  public | stake_deregistration | table | centos
  public | stake_registration   | table | centos
  public | treasury             | table | centos
  public | tx                   | table | centos
  public | tx_in                | table | centos
  public | tx_metadata          | table | centos
  public | tx_out               | table | centos
  public | withdrawal           | table | centos
 (29 rows)

select * from meta;
 id |     start_time      | network_name
  1 | 2017-09-23 21:44:51 | mainnet
(1 row)