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Stack build (recommended)

Use Haskell Stack to build this project:

stack build --test --no-run-tests

You may need to install the libsodium-dev, libghc-hsopenssl-dev, gmp, sqlite and systemd development libraries for the build to succeed.

Nix build

Use the Nix build if:

  1. You don’t have Haskell development tools installed, but you do have Nix installed.
  2. You would like to cross-compile a build for Windows, or run the tests under Wine.
  3. You would like to quickly grab a build of another branch from the Hydra cache, without needing to build it yourself.

Follow the instructions in iohk-nix/docs/ to install Nix and set up the IOHK binary cache.

To build the wallet for your current platform:

nix-build -A cardano-wallet-byron

If you have no local changes in your git repo, then this will download the build from the Hydra cache rather than building locally.


To build the wallet for Windows, from Linux:

nix-build release.nix -A x86_64-w64-mingw32.cardano-wallet-byron.x86_64-linux

If you’re using macOS, then change x86_64-linux to x86_64-darwin, and enable the cross-building flag (macOS is disabled by default to reduce the load on CI):

nix-build \
    release.nix \
    --arg supportedCrossSystems '["x86_64-darwin"]' \
     -A x86_64-w64-mingw32.cardano-wallet-byron.x86_64-darwin

Building straight from GitHub

To build another branch (replace master with the branch name, tag, or commit hash):

nix-build --argstr gitrev master -A cardano-wallet-byron

Navigating Hydra

The Hydra Jobset page shows all jobs defined in release.nix. Some of the release jobs have a download link.

Code generation

The Nix build depends on code which is generated from stack.yaml and the Cabal files. If you change these files, then you will probably need to update the generated files.

To do this, run:


Then add and commit the files that it creates.

Alternatively, wait for Buildkite to run this same command, and apply the patch that it produces.

iohk-nix pin

The Nix build also depends on the iohk-nix library of common code. It may be necessary to update iohk-nix when moving to a new Haskell LTS version.

To update iohk-nix, run the following command:


Then commit the updated iohk-nix-src.json file.

Cabal build with Nix

Use the Cabal build if you want to develop with incremental builds, and have it automatically download all dependencies.

If you run nix-shell, it will start a development environment for cardano-wallet. This will contain:

  • a GHC configured with a package database containing all Haskell package dependencies;
  • system library dependencies;
  • a Hoogle index and hoogle command for searching documentation;
  • development tools such as hlint, stylish-haskell, and weeder;
  • the sqlite3 command; and
  • the node backend jormungandr, and jcli.
  • the Byron reboot node backend cardano-node

Inside this shell you can use cabal new-build and ghci for development.

nix-shell --run "cabal new-build --enable-tests --enable-benchmarks all"

Release build

Enable the release Cabal flag to disallow compiler warnings and get build optimization:

cabal new-configure -frelease --enable-tests --enable-benchmarks