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How to merge PRs with Bors

Bors is a GitHub bot that queues merging and testing of PRs to prevent breaking code merges from reaching the develop branch.

It works by sending commands in messages on GitHub pull requests.

On the Bors website this is a reference documentation page which lists all the possible commands you can use.

Before merging

Before merging, your PR must have:

  • at least one review approval
  • no review rejections
  • green CI status

How to merge

Add a comment to the pull request with the text bors r+.

Bors will handle things from there. It merges your PR into a staging branch and then waits for that branch to pass CI before merging to develop. If something fails, it will send a message to the PR saying so.

Who can merge

Anyone with push access to the GitHub repository can send commands to iohk-bors.


IOHK host our own Bors bot called iohk-bors.

The web interface is at Generally, you don’t need the web interface to merge PRs.

If using the web interface, ensure that you are using ours, rather than the one hosted by the Bors developers at


Most of the settings for Bors are in bors.toml.

The settings for branches and permissions are found in the web interface at .

There are full instructions for setting up Bors for a new repo in iohk-ops/docs/