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Jormungandr comes with a CLI client for manual communication with nodes over HTTP.


Many CLI commands have common arguments:

  • -h <addr> or --host <addr> - Node API address. Must always have http:// or https:// prefix. E.g. -h, --host
  • --debug - Print additional debug information to stderr. The output format is intentionally undocumented and unstable
  • --output-format <format> - Format of output data. Possible values: json, yaml, default yaml. Any other value is treated as a custom format using values from output data structure. Syntax is Go text template:

Node stats

Fetches node stats

jcli rest v0 node stats get <options>

The options are

YAML printed on success

blockRecvCnt: 7 # Blocks received by node
txRecvCnt: 90   # Transactions received by node
uptime: 2101    # Node uptitme in seconds

Whole UTXO

Fetches whole UTXO

jcli rest v0 utxo get <options>

The options are

YAML printed on success

- in_idx: 0                                                                 # input index
  in_txid: 50f21ac6bd3f57f231c4bf9c5fff7c45e2529c4dffed68f92410dbf7647541f1 # input transaction hash in hex
  out_addr: ca1qvqsyqcyq5rqwzqfpg9scrgwpugpzysnzs23v9ccrydpk8qarc0jqxuzx4s  # output address in bech32
  out_value: 999999999                                                      # output value

Post transaction

Posts a signed, hex-encoded transaction

jcli rest v0 message post <options>

The options are

  • -h <node_addr> - see conventions
  • —debug - see conventions
  • -f —file <file_path> - File containing hex-encoded transaction. If not provided, transaction will be read from stdin.

Get message log

Get the node’s logs on the message pool. This will provide information on pending transaction, rejected transaction and or when a transaction has been added in a block

jcli rest v0 message logs <options>

The options are

YAML printed on success

- fragment_id: 7db6f91f3c92c0aef7b3dd497e9ea275229d2ab4dba6a1b30ce6b32db9c9c3b2 # hex-encoded fragment ID
  last_updated_at:  2019-06-02T16:20:26.201000000Z                              # RFC3339 timestamp of last fragment status change
  received_at: 2019-06-02T16:20:26.201000000Z                                   # RFC3339 timestamp of fragment receivement
  received_from: Network,                                                       # how fragment was received
  status: Pending,                                                              # fragment status

received_from can be one of:

received_from: Rest     # fragment was received from node's REST API
received_from: Network  # fragment was received from the network

status can be one of:

status: Pending                 # fragment is pending
  Rejected:                     # fragment was rejected
    reason: reason of rejection # cause
status:                         # fragment was included in a block
  InABlock: "6637.3"            # block epoch and slot ID formed as <epoch>.<slot_id>

Blockchain tip

Retrieves a hex-encoded ID of the blockchain tip

jcli rest v0 tip get <options>

The options are

Get block

Retrieves a hex-encoded block with given ID

jcli rest v0 block <block_id> get <options>
- hex-encoded block ID The options are - -h - see [conventions](#conventions) - --debug - see [conventions](#conventions) ## Get next block ID Retrieves a list of hex-encoded IDs of descendants of block with given ID. Every list element is in separate line. The IDs are sorted from closest to farthest. ``` jcli rest v0 block next-id get ``` - hex-encoded block ID The options are - -h - see [conventions](#conventions) - --debug - see [conventions](#conventions) - -c --count - Maximum number of IDs, must be between 1 and 100, default 1 ## Get account state Get account state ``` jcli rest v0 account get ``` - ID of an account, bech32-encoded The options are - -h - see [conventions](#conventions) - --debug - see [conventions](#conventions) - --output-format - see [conventions](#conventions) YAML printed on success ```yaml --- counter: 1 delegation: c780f14f9782770014d8bcd514b1bc664653d15f73a7158254730c6e1aa9f356 value: 990 ``` * `value` is the current balance of the account; * `counter` is the number of transactions performed using this account this is useful to know when signing new transactions; * `delegation` is the Stake Pool Identifier the account is delegating to. it is possible this value is not set if there is no delegation certificate sent associated to this account. ## Node settings Fetches node settings ``` jcli rest v0 node settings get ``` The options are - -h - see [conventions](#conventions) - --debug - see [conventions](#conventions) - --output-format - see [conventions](#conventions) YAML printed on success ```yaml --- block0Hash: 8d94ecfcc9a566f492e6335858db645691f628b012bed4ac2b1338b5690355a7 # block 0 hash of block0Time: "2019-07-09T12:32:51+00:00" # block 0 creation time of consensusVersion: bft # currently used consensus currSlotStartTime: "2019-07-09T12:55:11+00:00" # current slot start time fees: # transaction fee configuration certificate: 4 # fee per certificate coefficient: 1 # fee per every input and output constant: 2 # fee per transaction maxTxsPerBlock: 100 # maximum number of transactions in block ``` ## Node shutdown Node shutdown ``` jcli rest v0 shutdown get ``` The options are - -h - see [conventions](#conventions) - --debug - see [conventions](#conventions)