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Source Repository Hashes

Both stack.yaml and cabal.project files can contain references to git repositories containing the version of a particular package that we wish to use. This is mostly handled automatically by nix-tools and haskell.nix however when we want to use a nix system that is configured to use restricted mode (typically hydra) it will need an aditionaly hash.

When using cabalProject or stackProject functions you can include the hash needed in a comment.

To calculate the hash use nix-prefetch-git:

$ nix-prefetch-git bc01ebc05a8105035c9449943046b46c8364b932
  "url": "",
  "rev": "bc01ebc05a8105035c9449943046b46c8364b932",
  "date": "2019-05-30T13:13:18+08:00",
  "sha256": "003lm3pm024vhbfmii7xcdd9v2rczpflxf7gdl2pyxia7p014i8z",
  "fetchSubmodules": false

If you are using cabalProject add a --sha256 comment to the cabal.project file:

  type: git
  tag: bc01ebc05a8105035c9449943046b46c8364b932
  subdir: test/cabal-simple
  --sha256: 003lm3pm024vhbfmii7xcdd9v2rczpflxf7gdl2pyxia7p014i8z

If you are using stackProject add a # nix-sha256 comment to the stack.yaml file:

- git:
  commit: bc01ebc05a8105035c9449943046b46c8364b932
    - test/cabal-simple
  # nix-sha256: 003lm3pm024vhbfmii7xcdd9v2rczpflxf7gdl2pyxia7p014i8z