About this site

This is a technical update tracker for the Cardano (ADA) project. It aggregates commits within the last 7 days from all branches of Cardano development-related repos using local git mirrors. The same content can also be acquired from GitHub's web interface but doing so presents the following limitations:

  • You won't immediately see the latest commits. GitHub offers a network graph which renders all branch histories but you would need to navigate and hover over each node to see commit details. Note that this includes forks so as the number of forks increases, the graph quickly become noisy to the point that GitHub disables this feature for repos that reach a certain fork count threshold.
  • Lists of commits you may find will be scoped to a single branch. This makes it awkward to track changes from repos with lots of branches. For instance, input-output-hk/cardano-sl alone has more than 300 branches which can turn active at any moment

The site also features a resource directory containing links to internal development documentation, and an overview of the ADA market.



There is plenty of peer-reviewed research behind Cardano. What's being missed by a lot of people, however, is the enormous engineering work being done to implement these ideas. In the spirit of radical transparency, I wanted to expose more of that development activity from the Cardano development teams and the rest of the open source community in order to

  • show how Cardano is not vaporware or “just a whitepaper” to the uninformed
  • help the community stay up-to-date with changes to Cardano's ecosystem
  • and finally, consider Cardano as a standard bearer for good software practices


Suggestions? Missing some repos? You can help improve the site by sending feedback.