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A library of utility data types are functions for Cardano SL, including:

  • Functions for collecting compile time version information.
  • Extra concurrency primitives, including more operations on MVars, RWLocks lifted to MonadIO and a PriorityLock.
  • File system related utility functions.
  • A futures capability.
  • Utility function for left justifying/aligning text.
  • A LoggerName capability used in the generator, explorer, wallet and elsewhere.
  • Utility functions to extend the LRU functionality defined in the lrucache package.
  • A MapModifier type that collects modifications (insertions and deletions) on a Map like type.
  • A collection of orphan instances for external data types.
  • A collection of QuickCheck helpers and Arbitrary instances.
  • A Some data type that allows a constraint to turned into an existential type.
  • A restart-able, STM-based timer.