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Monday, January 30, 2023

704 commits had been pushed across 64 repos by 102 authors. There were 11,764,027 additions and 3,476,519 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:01:31 [d95b3da4] Change refs in nix workflow to use commit hashes (marlowe-explorer)
00:07:53 [1e84bff5] Create Stack workflow and refine Nix's (#4) (marlowe-explorer)
00:09:24 [1969dfed] Automatic Update (stackage.nix)
00:16:22 [a98c8e0d] :bento: Update graphs [skip ci] (uptime)
00:18:34 [99af1fd8] chore: checkout yarn-project.nix and yarn.lock from master (cardano-js-sdk)
00:20:31 [1e5b9e4e] chore: regenerate yarn-project.nix and yarn.lock (cardano-js-sdk)
00:31:20 [3dedbdaa] Fix license in config files (marlowe-explorer)
00:37:04 [d3180ced] Deployed haddocks (ouroboros-network)
00:51:06 [05f17cdd] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:57:11 [9c5fccd9] drop vasil (tools)
02:27:02 [910965ef] New translations configuring-flint-for-devs.mdx (Japanese) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:27:11 [c7b16d51] New translations obtaining-test-ada.mdx (Japanese) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:27:16 [baacf52f] New translations wallet-integration.mdx (Japanese) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:27:18 [4d10d724] New translations wrapping-assets-for-devs.mdx (Japanese) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:27:21 [e9acbf3a] New translations cardano-bridge-supported-native-assets.mdx (Japanese) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:27:28 [0f45c9bd] New translations index.md (Japanese) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:27:30 [6859fe41] New translations obtaining-milkada.mdx (Japanese) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:27:32 [2808d7b2] New translations unwrapping-assets.mdx (Japanese) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:27:37 [8ee26efa] New translations configuring-metamask.mdx (Japanese) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:30:17 [a9c99f3c] Merge pull request #11 from dcSpark/l10n_main (milkomeda-documentation)
02:31:37 [651b6501] Update pallas-addresses requirement from 0.16.0 to 0.17.0 (utxo-selection-benchmarking)
02:31:54 [11a318a8] Including korean and chinese in navbar (milkomeda-documentation)
02:32:52 [c6eb1033] deploy: a9c99f3cb7c096da776eb1c2dca32ab748833ee3 (milkomeda-documentation)
02:33:30 [ee96001f] fix: preview (milkomeda-documentation)
02:51:19 [f57b7f93] New translations configuring-metamask-for-devs.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:51:30 [2188da5f] New translations configuring-metamask.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:51:36 [fb5d600c] New translations configuring-metamask.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:51:41 [0f195642] New translations intro.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:51:44 [1e639f8d] New translations configuring-metamask.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:51:50 [79563cd0] New translations algorand-bridge-supported-asa.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:54:38 [56f0ad83] New Crowdin updates (#13) (milkomeda-documentation)
02:55:15 [5f90a23f] Including korean and chinese in navbar (milkomeda-documentation)
02:55:15 [6a23ff84] fix: preview (milkomeda-documentation)
02:56:12 [493502b5] deploy: 56f0ad834da49ffbb2119c0e810f13071cee1161 (milkomeda-documentation)
03:10:01 [86537630] Bump jackson-databind from 2.14.1 to 2.14.2 (koios-java-client)
03:16:39 [f86d1be1] New translations configuring-metamask-for-devs.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
03:16:48 [a9903de1] New translations cardano-bridge-supported-native-assets.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
03:16:51 [45a63f63] New translations configuring-metamask.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
03:16:56 [4da11659] New translations configuring-metamask.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
03:17:04 [8d827f28] New translations configuring-metamask.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
03:21:24 [211f3b94] New Crowdin updates (#14) (milkomeda-documentation)
03:23:29 [357659f3] deploy: 211f3b9425f08b389531f3889f32b6024bded417 (milkomeda-documentation)
03:40:12 [8dfb4972] Add warn for ARM and fix condition for SKIP_DBSYNC_DOWNLOAD (guild-operators)
03:46:19 [6ad4bea0] wip (yoroi-mobile)
03:47:33 [c3db9bd1] Add dependencies on `monoidmap` and `monoid-subclasses`. (cardano-wallet)
03:47:34 [0bacc036] Simplify implementation of `TokenQuantity.add`. (cardano-wallet)
03:47:34 [2c94e307] Derive `Semigroup` and `Monoid` for `TokenQuantity`. (cardano-wallet)
03:47:34 [d63094ad] Make `TokenQuantity` an instance of `MonoidNull`. (cardano-wallet)
03:47:35 [53696160] Derive `Semigroup` and `Monoid` for `TokenMap`. (cardano-wallet)
03:47:35 [65fa6c6c] Remove dependency on `NonEmptyMap` from `Token{Bundle,Map}`. (cardano-wallet)
03:47:35 [5a72907d] Redefine `TokenMap` in terms of `MonoidMap`. (cardano-wallet)
03:47:36 [cacc323a] Simplify implementation of `TokenMap.add`. (cardano-wallet)
03:47:36 [3e76036b] Redefine `UTxOIndex` in terms of `MonoidMap`. (cardano-wallet)
03:47:36 [e57193f3] Simplify implementation of `TokenMap.maximumQuantity`. (cardano-wallet)
03:47:37 [edb94523] Remove unused instance of `ToExpr` for `NonEmptyMap`. (cardano-wallet)
03:47:37 [e211a162] Remove the `strict-non-empty-containers` library. (cardano-wallet)
03:53:10 [a0b066ef] New translations configuring-flint-for-devs.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
03:53:11 [107d1480] New translations configuring-metamask-for-devs.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
03:53:17 [271ab54e] New translations wallet-integration.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
03:53:29 [65f070fb] New translations configuring-metamask.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
03:53:36 [20c93f0c] New translations configuring-metamask.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
03:54:08 [91045a1f] New Crowdin updates (#15) (milkomeda-documentation)
03:55:02 [f613212e] Including korean and chinese in navbar (milkomeda-documentation)
03:55:02 [a22c76b8] fix: preview (milkomeda-documentation)
03:55:42 [2f9874a3] deploy: 91045a1f27cc1b16049bb9be3e1b8585af77a3c8 (milkomeda-documentation)
04:04:35 [9b69c6e2] New translations wallet-integration.mdx (Korean) (milkomeda-documentation)
04:09:09 [71cae844] [FIX] Coming back to Certification form gives empty UI after being navigated away (dapps-certification)
04:09:25 [ca2a2423] Merge branch 'DAC-289' of https://github.com/input-output-hk/dapps-certification into local-demo (dapps-certification)
04:28:18 [cbd4c9af] Add dependencies on `monoidmap` and `monoid-subclasses`. (cardano-wallet)
04:28:24 [b5bacd9d] Derive `Semigroup` and `Monoid` for `TokenQuantity`. (cardano-wallet)
04:29:40 [7fb95445] Make `TokenQuantity` an instance of `MonoidNull`. (cardano-wallet)
04:33:05 [a5c8d314] Simplify implementation of `TokenQuantity.add`. (cardano-wallet)
04:34:02 [3aa18bfd] Redefine `TokenMap` in terms of `MonoidMap`. (cardano-wallet)
04:37:31 [c643ba5c] Derive `Semigroup` and `Monoid` for `TokenMap`. (cardano-wallet)
04:38:29 [6c60025c] Remove dependency on `NonEmptyMap` from `Token{Bundle,Map}`. (cardano-wallet)
04:41:55 [011803fd] Simplify implementation of `TokenMap.add`. (cardano-wallet)
04:43:12 [42090311] Simplify implementation of `TokenMap.maximumQuantity`. (cardano-wallet)
04:49:09 [3e9c683f] Redefine `UTxOIndex` in terms of `MonoidMap`. (cardano-wallet)
04:49:12 [8ec30fe3] Remove unused instance of `ToExpr` for `NonEmptyMap`. (cardano-wallet)
04:49:44 [14314a3a] Remove the `strict-non-empty-containers` library. (cardano-wallet)
05:20:18 [7b55a7d9] New translations wallet-integration.mdx (Korean) (#16) (milkomeda-documentation)
05:22:35 [b458ec29] deploy: 7b55a7d9c98389b8a8ef6133546bba950ce72a23 (milkomeda-documentation)
05:26:56 [2179f794] New translations wallet-integration.mdx (Chinese Simplified) (milkomeda-documentation)
05:28:07 [a790bdba] New translations wallet-integration.mdx (Chinese Simplified) (#17) (milkomeda-documentation)
05:28:38 [fb77f9a7] Including korean and chinese in navbar (milkomeda-documentation)
05:28:38 [4d22070e] fix: preview (milkomeda-documentation)
05:29:41 [de027e66] deploy: a790bdba8d0d684ad421d1b6f2878b06afd24d45 (milkomeda-documentation)
05:30:53 [191495b4] New rewindable indexers marconi-mamba (plutus-apps)
05:40:49 [ef6e9daf] try and get branch name into env var a different way (catalyst-core)
05:43:32 [051ff713] dump env to try and find branch name. extracting from git doesn't work. (catalyst-core)
06:00:13 [1cba23aa] New rewindable indexers marconi-mamba (plutus-apps)
06:02:11 [9ec2ed54] deploy: 051ff713aa7c05f64f6a33b82a484ea455b73ace (catalyst-core)
06:02:17 [1c9ce46a] Deploy docs on both a push and a pr. (catalyst-core)
06:05:39 [83b3e195] deploy: 7b0485bac1e7b7c31f5404c50e460d0a047011a3 (catalyst-core)
06:06:08 [a2192ed0] Merge branch 'main' into docs (catalyst-core)
06:11:36 [aec8adac] Including Korean and Chinese in navbar select (#12) (milkomeda-documentation)
06:14:22 [5202cab5] deploy: aec8adac24dab76fe5cc0e2b9d03722961adae4a (milkomeda-documentation)
06:15:42 [94e29cb1] deploy: 1c9ce46a27578829a878feb6208217b8f8bceb8b (catalyst-core)
06:19:11 [dfed4ae0] deploy: d1a5d019f641857171cfe027ae1e9853ea2c5ea4 (catalyst-core)
06:20:10 [3f00b58c] Purge old docs, and redirect to new main held in a sub-directory. (catalyst-core)
06:21:54 [799933e7] Merge branch 'gh-pages' of github.com:input-output-hk/catalyst-core into gh-pages (catalyst-core)
06:22:59 [23b33f07] Remove NoImplicitPrelude from cardano-cli (cardano-node)
06:23:02 [ad0a3d92] Remove NoImplicitPrelude from cardano-testnet (cardano-node)
06:23:02 [9601c108] Remove NoImplicitPrelude from cardano-node (cardano-node)
06:23:02 [788b40a3] Remove NoImplicitPrelude from cardano-node-chairman (cardano-node)
06:23:07 [55bc0e29] Remove NoImplicitPrelude from cardano-git-rev (cardano-node)
06:27:36 [e4d55a20] [doc] text formatting (marlowe-cardano)
06:28:12 [67715d71] Remove dependency on cardano-prelude from cardano-api (cardano-node)
06:28:27 [846e7056] deploy: a2192ed0fb93e7f1e63bd76078835ecaf68f8feb (catalyst-core)
06:28:37 [90aaa0d1] Remove NoImplicitPrelude from cardano-submit-api (cardano-node)
06:28:45 [6cefbda7] Remove NoImplicitPrelude from cardano-cli (cardano-node)
06:28:50 [a79d50ed] Remove NoImplicitPrelude from cardano-node (cardano-node)
06:28:50 [3ad18d14] Remove NoImplicitPrelude from cardano-node-chairman (cardano-node)
06:28:50 [2269019e] Remove NoImplicitPrelude from cardano-testnet (cardano-node)
06:28:51 [5d972be1] Remove NoImplicitPrelude from cardano-git-rev (cardano-node)
06:32:04 [7ca1e384] deploy: bdfead04662c2c95e67dd9935a149d5ff1e111c1 (catalyst-core)
06:34:29 [2483a25b] Merge branch 'main' into docs-ci-test (catalyst-core)
06:42:32 [83a2a43e] New gh pages publish to sub-dir and cleanup on branch delete. (catalyst-core)
06:58:19 [c956121b] deploy: 83a2a43e580f9f644cd3287270dd1601ead84062 (catalyst-core)
07:05:55 [e08925ed] [doc] updated marlowe runtime Readme (marlowe-cardano)
07:12:22 [e93f9f5a] revert all changes other than gh-book CI (catalyst-core)
07:19:07 [75cb0b3e] [doc] updated marlowe runtime Readme (marlowe-cardano)
07:22:22 [d709c1b6] deploy: c38ee12b982fcf8e5ab24d5b024a78bfad2858a7 (catalyst-core)
07:25:31 [56012f6b] converted to dalek ristretto (musig2_rust)
07:25:46 [d7218a4d] deploy: e93f9f5a5ed1cb504a49e310e69da82b621b7557 (catalyst-core)
07:29:50 [69154712] update the branch delete workflow (catalyst-core)
07:34:41 [e66f7264] Add field `utxoBalanceShortfall` to `BalanceInsufficientError`. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:41 [b5e61b86] Fix indentation in `Cardano.Wallet.Shelley.TransactionSpec`. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:41 [7710ec24] Use `utxoBalanceShortfall` in `Cardano.Wallet.Shelley.TransactionSpec`. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:42 [96c33e59] Use `utxoBalanceShortfall` in `Cardano.CoinSelection.BalanceSpec`. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:42 [1631c103] Use `utxoBalanceShortfall` in `Cardano.Wallet.Api.Http.Server.Error`. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:42 [f80b71a9] Remove the now-redundant `balanceMissing` function. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:43 [77fd961e] Sort `ErrBalanceTx` constructors into alphabetical order. (cardano-wallet)
07:38:20 [d55b42db] deploy: 08cd95d0048514898021b36a5c6de10fec33454f (catalyst-core)
07:38:46 [befcce05] Try to fix loclis Cardano.Prelude import (cardano-node)
07:39:01 [dd824d71] drop unused dependency (cardano-node)
07:46:32 [8014f19c] Add top-level `ErrBalanceTxBalanceInsufficient` error. (cardano-wallet)
07:46:33 [7ea3abb8] Add constructor. (cardano-wallet)
07:57:43 [264a6894] Fixup new record type (cardano-wallet)
07:58:38 [0a9c4e2e] Allow Draft Docs. (#252) (catalyst-core)
08:06:15 [600d1c2f] suggestions resolved (musig2)
08:07:06 [bb6677cc] Merge branch 'main' into voting-tools-test-vectors (catalyst-core)
08:09:05 [1f26a30d] move diagrams out of src, makes .md file easier to comprehend and diagrams easier to maintain (catalyst-core)
08:10:28 [425ad7f0] try and work out where to get the deleted branch from on a branch delete (catalyst-core)
08:12:50 [7472401a] deploy: 0a9c4e2ea34b790a1ed92aa6e0f1a2fa5816d0dc (catalyst-core)
08:13:48 [3ad6fde4] Provide server error support for `ErrBalanceTxBalanceInsufficient`. (cardano-wallet)
08:18:22 [8251e295] deploy: e93f9f5a5ed1cb504a49e310e69da82b621b7557 (catalyst-core)
08:19:36 [173900ab] test why delete get `main` as the branch (catalyst-core)
08:20:13 [b3d2eeb4] deploy: bb6677ccfee72c170e23c6b0ba2855aa3c78265f (catalyst-core)
08:20:41 [1160d788] deploy: 30ffd1e8a861d016f362d031d071892400d8d096 (catalyst-core)
08:24:52 [8c04ab09] update test 40 (aiken)
08:25:52 [48818099] deploy: 2a9cd81e8b0fd5a74d81c49d92fcdc881191f2a6 (catalyst-core)
08:32:04 [8540cfa5] deploy: 425ad7f0aa06e341140eb5b51ca4eb3679fe3d61 (catalyst-core)
08:34:49 [0b606fce] Merge branch 'main' into feature/npg-3367-test-delegator-endpoint (catalyst-core)
08:35:39 [5fc51a55] deploy: 173900ab957f7de4034b4b5e516bf45f76ec0a05 (catalyst-core)
08:35:49 [0788673c] Merge branch 'main' into fix-ci-windows-build (catalyst-core)
08:40:56 [005dae40] Merge pull request #3100 from Emurgo/sonarqube (yoroi-frontend)
08:42:15 [69b7159c] Merge branch 'main' into NPG-1371-voter-rewards-e2e-tests (catalyst-core)
08:42:52 [a2747f60] removed Cargo.lock (catalyst-core)
08:48:01 [20f06273] Update to version 13 and base on libsdoium stable 1.0.18 (cardano-base)
08:48:04 [d0346044] Update nix to use master branch from iohk-nix (cardano-base)
08:48:05 [772aaff5] Create new type for rando ByteString of size 32 (cardano-base)
08:48:05 [a671d9c0] Include review comments (cardano-base)
08:48:05 [eb21cac0] Use deriving instead of re-implementing the instance (cardano-base)
08:48:05 [4e99746d] Add conversion Praos to PraosBatchCompat (cardano-base)
08:48:26 [844e9815] deploy: 0b606fcecccf9558990948ece4dd19fa062ae119 (catalyst-core)
08:49:15 [5a19751b] drop unused dependency (cardano-node)
08:50:06 [51d79f11] deploy: 19169f46c8338430f1e2480bb9ba99489d413389 (catalyst-core)
08:50:37 [2e66c397] re-added lockfile (catalyst-core)
08:53:33 [35eadff5] Bump crates versions (mithril)
08:54:05 [0f197ad5] deploy: 37e47ff6c6022edec4bbabc6daae31854f1d1ce3 (catalyst-core)
08:54:51 [9425f06e] refactor: extract pure part of the buildAndSignTransactionNew (cardano-wallet)
08:54:51 [135dd8f4] refactor: remove polymorphism from submitTx (cardano-wallet)
08:54:51 [86790ac1] refactor: buildAndSignTransactionNew/Pure (cardano-wallet)
08:54:51 [89a53ba7] buildAndSignTransactionPure inside modifyDBMaybe (cardano-wallet)
08:54:51 [f3778eb3] refactor: address code-review comments (cardano-wallet)
08:57:23 [d0c741c0] refactor: remove PartialTypeSignatures (cardano-wallet)
08:58:04 [1bd01fbf] deploy: 69b7159c11c17e3882959c00797810e09c7b359e (catalyst-core)
08:59:31 [5a1d17a9] Merge pull request #41 from input-output-hk/end-files-with-newline (musig2)
08:59:39 [8f1b5aa2] deploy: e2c0513a36b187bbcbc6ea581a7a60b67e8db0fd (catalyst-core)
08:59:43 [696b3011] Indentation fixes (cardano-base)
09:01:01 [61b622b6] update wallet TxBuilder (catalyst-core)
09:04:42 [5edcbda8] Windows build cache only on merge to main (#248) (catalyst-core)
09:13:53 [592519a3] Update hydra-cluster/README.md (hydra)
09:14:00 [a6c76bb6] Update hydra-cluster/README.md (hydra)
09:14:05 [07d4b8c9] makefile corrected (musig2)
09:17:03 [a6383887] Add more complex test 40. (aiken)
09:17:41 [80192d3a] Merge pull request #39 from input-output-hk/attributes-decorators-macros (musig2)
09:18:44 [da9061a7] deploy: 173900ab957f7de4034b4b5e516bf45f76ec0a05 (catalyst-core)
09:20:40 [6aa4ef5f] deploy: 77abeb66023e6a3144240a173c5246f1f52e36e7 (catalyst-core)
09:22:37 [11babd9b] deploy: 5edcbda8d141d865307d9b696c4ba68674e63901 (catalyst-core)
09:24:21 [5ed2b69b] deploy: 2e66c397d42b633a7c7b10845dbbf90e7d4d4927 (catalyst-core)
09:28:38 [3ad4ea8d] TOSQUASH (anti-diffs)
09:28:39 [094d95c6] Merge branch 'main' into NPG-1371-voter-rewards-e2e-tests (catalyst-core)
09:30:09 [513e09ca] Merge pull request #714 from input-output-hk/jpraynaud/fix-clippy-warnings-rust-1.67.0 (mithril)
09:30:43 [5d2e8630] empty line added to libmusig2.h (musig2)
09:31:47 [e3bdd024] Implement Signer Registration Round closing (mithril)
09:31:47 [55161205] Add Signer Registration closing round in state machine (mithril)
09:32:22 [1c8f96b9] Add a failing test for redeemer indexing problem in plutus stake validators (cardano-browser-tx)
09:33:15 [8f97e2c8] deploy: 513e09ca0d494547928847f190aefa6783d40e2d (mithril)
09:33:18 [e3247d86] Bump crate version (mithril)
09:35:05 [64e1db59] Merge branch 'amir/plutip-server' of github.com:Plutonomicon/cardano-transaction-lib into amir/plutip-server (cardano-browser-tx)
09:36:53 [bea915fe] Fix certificate indexing problem in constraint resolver (cardano-browser-tx)
09:40:44 [1ee7595a] Update CHANGELOG (cardano-browser-tx)
09:42:41 [70b22be3] deploy: 094d95c615cf219054cd846d6ff8303159dcd875 (catalyst-core)
09:43:47 [4dd3bf48] TOSQUASH (anti-diffs)
09:44:07 [e04ee615] deploy: 2e144e7f7d854c8804c380d5a6e543bb17be8c24 (catalyst-core)
09:48:07 [e754c696] PLT-458: Prototype of the debugger "backend" (plutus)
09:48:18 [41638772] TOSQUASH (anti-diffs)
09:49:03 [3bc4818e] Small typo fixes (#912) (plutus-apps)
09:49:21 [1a8c1e54] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to 3bc4818ee37faa9babc7f20b42369df4c9f667bd (plutus-ops)
09:50:14 [16933614] Npg 1371 voter rewards e2e tests (#211) (catalyst-core)
09:50:20 [6152d368] Incorporate latest reviewer comments (hydra-poc)
09:55:48 [f683f26f] Update oura and pallas to recent versions to fix issue with preview network (carp)
10:01:45 [66a2fd37] Clippy auto fix (carp)
10:03:50 [e75164a8] deploy: 16933614137bbbb1ed84bfc560c7eea4f01fb352 (catalyst-core)
10:05:08 [4c2d742b] TOSQUASH (anti-diffs)
10:08:13 [875a7dd4] Preview fix: Update oura and pallas to recent versions (#132) (carp)
10:09:47 [350e36b9] update WitnessBuilder (catalyst-core)
10:10:34 [670d50e8] PLT-458: Prototype of the debugger "backend" (plutus)
10:11:27 [0ea2be0e] feat: Add codegen for handling clause guards (aiken)
10:12:50 [faf63962] Merge branch 'main' into feature/npg-3367-test-delegator-endpoint (catalyst-core)
10:14:57 [ab41cf35] Merge branch 'main' into NPG-5112-remove-sq-lite-support-from-vit-ss (catalyst-core)
10:17:48 [7e355fa6] TOSQUASH (anti-diffs)
10:19:09 [7e7a923b] TOSQUASH (anti-diffs)
10:19:30 [cd471d70] Merge pull request #717 from input-output-hk/jpraynaud/716-fix-signer-unable-to-sign-2304.0-prerelease (mithril)
10:22:55 [ca510cd9] TOSQUASH (anti-diffs)
10:23:14 [61d28b7b] Fix API version sent in wrong header (mithril)
10:24:40 [ea7879f1] Use a constant for API version header (mithril)
10:25:00 [ec79328b] add intl messages (yoroi-frontend)
10:25:49 [67646175] redesign copyable address component (yoroi-frontend)
10:25:59 [39f74667] deploy: cd471d7008ba8e136fd12ccf2ee9d604486e3e12 (mithril)
10:26:12 [7a55bb5c] deploy: 52d44ab0eb94020c61ff439dc69ceec580e2ab17 (catalyst-core)
10:26:45 [e037188d] TOSQUASH (anti-diffs)
10:28:04 [67802104] [EC Api] - Added: New Cardano cryptographic primitives will bring greater interoperability and secure, cross-chain DApp development (essential-cardano-content)
10:28:07 [5a369662] Bump crates version (mithril)
10:28:23 [2bc96ca0] deploy: ab41cf354348703a2fa949743a0763da5b20f5d9 (catalyst-core)
10:29:12 [5e2644b8] Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:Emurgo/yoroi-frontend into pat/dapp-connector-txsigning-redesign (yoroi-frontend)
10:29:49 [ef08385f] WIP FIX flaky test (hydra-poc)
10:30:24 [e999fe27] Merge pull request #856 from input-output-hk/olgahryniukiohkio/contrib/new-cardano-cryptographic-primitives-will-bring-greater-interoperability-and-secure-cross-chain-dapp-development-1675074483825 (essential-cardano-content)
10:30:36 [e31695ff] deploy: faf63962c718b0ea65fabcc5c6c5da65519472c4 (catalyst-core)
10:33:10 [0a0e39cd] deploy: d5e9b435db1733c9463f06d2575866e3ad7aa286 (catalyst-core)
10:34:28 [0b5fffbe] Fix: typos (carp)
10:35:59 [3e4cdd6e] Fix: typos (carp)
10:36:28 [2315fc81] Fix: typo (carp)
10:43:03 [a0e477cb] TOSQUASH (anti-diffs)
10:43:29 [51cbc340] Feature/npg 3367 test delegator endpoint (#227) (catalyst-core)
10:46:03 [2dcf45e2] Add some references to public style guides (#61) (cardano-engineering-handbook)
10:47:59 [67079482] Merge branch 'develop' into Ahmed/suspense (yoroi-frontend)
10:55:56 [6b3c5156] Update comment (cardano-transaction-lib)
10:57:52 [52bcb90d] TOSQUASH (anti-diffs)
10:58:52 [d258688f] Formatting (cardano-transaction-lib)
10:59:41 [25e4bee5] deploy: 51cbc340a2f74234431cfb8ff7458309da269a7f (catalyst-core)
11:03:25 [26941544] github CUE lib: fix possible bug (tullia)
11:07:42 [172a5995] CUE lib: write `#lib.merge` in a different way (tullia)
11:09:38 [2eb4368f] Upgrade stylish-haskell to (ouroboros-network)
11:09:38 [49273237] Cicero: double memory quota to 32 GB (ouroboros-network)
11:13:35 [219f1abb] chore(deps): bump katyo/publish-crates from 1 to 2 in /.github/workflows (rust-cardano-ouroboros-network)
11:14:08 [57f1ad27] chore(deps): bump aws-config from 0.14.0 to 0.15.0 (oura)
11:17:05 [bd0a1cb2] Update iframe src (yoroi-frontend)
11:17:05 [e2c7a8cb] Load zendesk into an iframe (yoroi-frontend)
11:18:32 [aef9f3f0] tx submission atomically with construction and signing (cardano-wallet)
11:18:32 [5aba2a0f] refactor: remove PartialTypeSignatures (cardano-wallet)
11:18:32 [c0968c5a] refactor: remove polymorphism from submitTx (cardano-wallet)
11:23:34 [21dc6fdb] fix: cip25v2 metadata validation (openapi)
11:23:51 [62e1b243] Add CI, add `stylish-haskell` formatting script. (anti-diffs)
11:24:57 [7d1ce487] merge main (catalyst-core)
11:29:12 [4d015624] Try and get deleted branch name properly (catalyst-core)
11:30:02 [2f4717f8] Remove dependency on hydra-prelude (hydra)
11:31:13 [ea682806] Merge pull request #1401 from Plutonomicon/jy14898/blockfrost-testing (cardano-transaction-lib)
11:36:22 [95ecb805] Merge pull request #1412 from Plutonomicon/dshuiski/blockfrost-tx-confirmation (cardano-transaction-lib)
11:38:55 [400bf7ce] deploy: ed3c2267352220a410552c3a4d0c97d5fadff8ba (catalyst-core)
11:42:24 [a0f10229] deploy: 4d015624b2d01edcc5a4e8c1a50a69d8499ecd11 (catalyst-core)
11:42:33 [3b15405e] feat: /mempool/addresses/{address} (openapi)
11:42:40 [249d5fd7] Update version to 2.1.2 (carp)
11:43:02 [ce0d4e0a] feat: /mempool/addresses/{address} (openapi)
11:45:53 [5605366d] update wallet TxBuilder (catalyst-core)
11:55:04 [4787325d] Merge branch 'main' into voting-tools-test-vectors (catalyst-core)
12:06:32 [f09c25cf] Merge pull request #1400 from Plutonomicon/klntsky/fix-ps-tuple-bundling-issue (cardano-transaction-lib)
12:06:44 [e59ffedc] Add testnet TEIKI token (metadata-registry-testnet)
12:08:36 [3f0ed861] Deploying to gh-pages from @ Plutonomicon/[email protected] πŸš€ (cardano-transaction-lib)
12:08:55 [63538d53] deploy: 4787325d014a6d46d2437ef897b16ab8656c8a3a (catalyst-core)
12:09:26 [1271275b] Use listLen for RmdrPtr codec (cardano-ledger)
12:13:04 [50becccc] Merge pull request #1417 from Plutonomicon/klntsky/fix-redeemer-index-problem (cardano-transaction-lib)
12:14:54 [ca8a17cd] Deploying to gh-pages from @ Plutonomicon/[email protected] πŸš€ (cardano-transaction-lib)
12:16:04 [9ddf0e51] Define `BackingStore` and `InMemory` implementation (ouroboros-network)
12:16:45 [04fa4670] Add changelog entry and module documentation (plutus-apps)
12:18:08 [4428e5b6] fix: cip25v2 metadata validation (openapi)
12:21:28 [fcdd234c] Merge pull request #1402 from Plutonomicon/klntsky-patch-1 (cardano-transaction-lib)
12:27:23 [79f9f00d] moar logs and stuff (cardano-ledger-specs)
12:27:50 [9a0f7267] Disallow decoding a 0-value MultiAsset (cardano-ledger)
12:32:38 [41fb8f3f] fix wallet wasm tests (catalyst-core)
12:34:29 [5465e636] update js tests (catalyst-core)
12:35:08 [cfa8af96] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into dshuiski/1119-query-backend (cardano-browser-tx)
12:36:18 [a7ab5d86] Define `LedgerTables` and refine the `LedgerState` kind (ouroboros-network)
12:38:36 [9bf5f4c1] Merge pull request #2686 from YuvalCoti/patch-1 (cardano-token-registry)
12:38:49 [60b1cc4a] Merge pull request #2687 from YuvalCoti/patch-2 (cardano-token-registry)
12:39:08 [b19e696c] WIP (cardano-ledger)
12:39:17 [a874756b] Merge pull request #2688 from an0ndroid/patch-3 (cardano-token-registry)
12:39:34 [d2de4913] Sums-of-products (CIPs)
12:48:03 [c97a4a97] PLT-458: Prototype of the debugger "backend" (plutus)
12:55:13 [b1dedc41] Remove `encodedSizeExpr` and `encodedListSizeExpr` (cardano-base)
12:55:46 [7635c360] Rename `FromCBOR`/`ToCBOR` -> `DecCBOR`/`EncCBOR` (cardano-base)
12:55:52 [3aea9a00] Rename `encCBORMaybe` to `encMaybe` and add `encNullMaybe` (cardano-base)
12:55:52 [456e1b00] Add `Enc`/`DecCBOR` instances for `Seq` and `StrictSeq` (cardano-base)
12:55:52 [e14d1bb3] Add changelog and bump up the version (cardano-base)
12:55:52 [e192d958] Generalize cborError to MonadFail (cardano-base)
12:55:53 [aff148d8] Add strict decodeFullDecoder' (cardano-base)
12:55:53 [0c2396b5] Move `DecShareCBOR` from `cardano-ledger` to `cardano-binary` (cardano-base)
12:55:53 [e3018cb2] Add `EncCBOR` instance for `Tokens -> Tokens` (cardano-base)
12:55:53 [f82db633] Remove instance for Ratio in favor of Rational. Add Double encoding/decoding (cardano-base)
12:55:53 [2b5d503f] Add a couple instances for 6-tuples and 8-tuples (cardano-base)
12:55:53 [8582e8e4] Add instances for Term and Encoding (cardano-base)
12:55:53 [dae27c89] Deprecate serializeEncoding and serializeEncoding' (cardano-base)
13:04:24 [8faed267] Add stories and refactor navigation (yoroi-mobile)
13:04:53 [d51988f0] Merge pull request #712 from input-output-hk/jpraynaud/fix-api-version-not-sent (mithril)
13:07:21 [068a05cc] deploy: d51988f0c8474983cad2d9e3e4257324061516d8 (mithril)
13:13:27 [8c004d88] Update Rust dependencies (mithril)
13:13:27 [ff364244] Update docs dependencies (mithril)
13:13:28 [f43aef1a] Update explorer dependencies (mithril)
13:14:35 [47793fe3] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-diffusion` (ouroboros-network)
13:14:35 [68c01bb8] Introduce `Canonical` map kind to `ouroboros-consensus` (ouroboros-network)
13:14:59 [c01d6aaf] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-test:lib` (ouroboros-network)
13:14:59 [bd947eda] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-test:test-storage` (ouroboros-network)
13:15:14 [4bd70f5c] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-mock[-test]` (ouroboros-network)
13:15:14 [cca87cc7] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-test:test-consensus` (ouroboros-network)
13:19:17 [8f05f69e] Refactor `testMigrationTxMetaFee` (cardano-wallet)
13:19:17 [414bc4fe] Add `withDBLayerFromCopiedFile` (cardano-wallet)
13:19:18 [0f9c062e] Refactor `testMigrationRole` (cardano-wallet)
13:19:18 [e0142983] Refactor `testMigrationCleanupCheckpoints` (cardano-wallet)
13:19:20 [fa3d19bb] Add Era Checker implementation (mithril)
13:19:20 [5935c857] Add Supported Era type (mithril)
13:23:55 [af35745b] FIX flaky test (hydra-poc)
13:24:14 [cb34d6a8] Refactor `testMigrationSeqStateDerivationPrefix` (cardano-wallet)
13:24:22 [dffd2866] Refactor `testMigrationPassphraseScheme` (cardano-wallet)
13:27:12 [51c8cde5] Update docker compose (marlowe-cardano)
13:27:30 [8ae707f5] chore(deps): bump tokio from 1.21.0 to 1.25.0 (jormungandr)
13:29:35 [a368941e] PLT-458: Prototype of the debugger "backend" (plutus)
13:33:35 [d0565d3f] Update (carp)
13:34:12 [5fa874a9] Update dependencies to node 1.35.5 (cardano-db-sync)
13:34:16 [f41d3a24] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-byron[spec|-test]` (ouroboros-network)
13:34:25 [bcecf82b] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-shelley[-test]` (ouroboros-network)
13:34:25 [34c2e62d] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-cardano[-test]` (ouroboros-network)
13:34:26 [094185e5] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-cardano-tools` (ouroboros-network)
13:34:26 [7fce3d7c] Define `LedgerTables` and refine the `LedgerState` kind (ouroboros-network)
13:34:26 [da8c1506] Define `BackingStore` and `InMemory` implementation (ouroboros-network)
13:34:26 [2d727a56] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus:lib:tutorials` (ouroboros-network)
13:34:55 [234ecf28] Move Era Checker to non static (mithril)
13:35:52 [39d3a06f] migrate the DB schema to remove old submissions store (cardano-wallet)
13:36:16 [d0486621] Tag (cardano-db-sync)
13:38:11 [46d6dcf5] Replace plutus-ledger-constraints with plutus-tx-constraints in plutus-use-cases (plutus-apps)
13:44:36 [7c06512b] Add multiple different NFT moderation statuses to storybook (yoroi-mobile)
13:44:58 [a5e332fb] Voting tools rewrite (#243) (catalyst-core)
13:45:47 [1060d621] Put back the ghc-options (marlowe-cardano)
13:51:15 [e51e661e] Try and get the branch in a way github will accept (catalyst-core)
13:51:51 [bc97d555] Update links to ledger specs (cardano-documentation)
13:51:51 [853b8ff5] Add Era checker dependency in aggregator (mithril)
13:52:03 [24cc0238] Update materialized (marlowe-cardano)
13:52:08 [0c1b095d] Add Era checker dependency in signer (mithril)
13:54:09 [fbe46473] Delete gets brnach name properly, so enable draft doc delete (catalyst-core)
13:54:40 [c8a50abe] Add Era Checker implementation (mithril)
13:54:40 [9ada5561] Add Supported Era type (mithril)
13:54:41 [c50b1b1d] Test sign epoch number in protocol message (mithril)
13:54:41 [42654bbe] Invert Either L/R of CertificateMessage.protocol_message (mithril)
13:54:41 [cfe2a228] use test_case crate to test both era (mithril)
13:57:23 [25b55222] deploy: 425ad7f0aa06e341140eb5b51ca4eb3679fe3d61 (catalyst-core)
13:58:35 [bc86a597] Rename `FromCBOR`/`ToCBOR` -> `DecCBOR`/`EncCBOR` (cardano-base)
13:58:35 [1aab93d5] Move `DecShareCBOR` from `cardano-ledger` to `cardano-binary` (cardano-base)
13:58:35 [f8931a67] Remove instance for Ratio in favor of Rational. Add Double encoding/decoding (cardano-base)
13:58:35 [f20bfa9c] Rename `encCBORMaybe` to `encMaybe` and add `encNullMaybe` (cardano-base)
13:58:35 [3ea09db3] Remove `encodedSizeExpr` and `encodedListSizeExpr` (cardano-base)
13:58:35 [aabd9805] Add changelog and bump up the version (cardano-base)
13:58:35 [56ac56e2] Add `Enc`/`DecCBOR` instances for `Seq` and `StrictSeq` (cardano-base)
13:58:35 [9dcf5324] Generalize cborError to MonadFail (cardano-base)
13:58:36 [e24d66ee] Deprecate serializeEncoding and serializeEncoding' (cardano-base)
13:58:36 [e4c33c82] Add strict decodeFullDecoder' (cardano-base)
13:58:36 [996b0628] Add `EncCBOR` instance for `Tokens -> Tokens` (cardano-base)
13:58:36 [538bf9c3] Add a couple instances for 6-tuples and 8-tuples (cardano-base)
13:58:36 [e66ce6c1] Add instances for Term and Encoding (cardano-base)
13:59:03 [cb686e84] deploy: a5e332fb7fcb62f670d8f55984d3fbb800475b73 (catalyst-core)
13:59:55 [cc765880] New rewindable indexers marconi-mamba (plutus-apps)
14:00:26 [f37d87e9] Merge pull request #451 from input-output-hk/olgahryniuk-patch-49 (cardano-documentation)
14:03:03 [8acb58fa] feat(api-cardano-db-hasura)!: separate DB and Hasura management tasks to new process (cardano-graphql)
14:03:04 [2c79b528] refactor: upgrade to Hasura 2 (cardano-graphql)
14:03:04 [81f4e8d6] fix(api-cardano-db-hasura): remove VARCHAR limits from Asset table (cardano-graphql)
14:05:07 [3679511b] refactor: rename db-manager to background, move all other background tasks there (cardano-graphql)
14:05:08 [18d50ebb] feat: improve uncaught exception logging (cardano-graphql)
14:05:08 [25ee87e0] build: nixOS service changes (cardano-graphql)
14:05:09 [83d8891d] fix(api-cardano-db-hasura): retry initialization of data fetcher (cardano-graphql)
14:05:09 [7e5dc4ad] fix(server): avoid producing NaN in asset sync percentage calc, and clamp to max 100% (cardano-graphql)
14:05:09 [ff436f33] build: move packages to cardano-graphql cell (cardano-graphql)
14:06:15 [a817653e] update typings (catalyst-core)
14:07:28 [52a50b32] Start direct chain spec draft (hydra-poc)
14:07:53 [03731199] Merge #3711 (cardano-wallet)
14:10:21 [fad8868e] fix clippy (catalyst-core)
14:10:33 [e411091a] Refactor navigation (yoroi-mobile)
14:12:48 [1748dd16] deploy: fbe46473078b72b583bab00f485c5ab3608ddb5b (catalyst-core)
14:14:49 [8facc41a] Removed Draft Docs for docs-ci-test (catalyst-core)
14:15:13 [ca0f5821] deploy: 425ad7f0aa06e341140eb5b51ca4eb3679fe3d61 (catalyst-core)
14:19:19 [3c8232ce] Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/blockfrost/blockfrost-php (blockfrost-php)
14:22:13 [3f4371f2] Merge branch 'main' into docs (catalyst-core)
14:24:02 [7f0d14c4] getAssetsByPolicy using wrong return (blockfrost-php)
14:24:33 [37aa9fbd] Refactor `testMigrationCleanupCheckpoints` (cardano-wallet)
14:24:33 [ef62ba74] Refactor `testMigrationRole` (cardano-wallet)
14:24:33 [0b79da61] Refactor `testMigrationTxMetaFee` (cardano-wallet)
14:24:33 [4e100415] Refactor `testMigrationSeqStateDerivationPrefix` (cardano-wallet)
14:24:33 [4ee95afb] Refactor `testMigrationPassphraseScheme` (cardano-wallet)
14:24:33 [eab52c4a] Add `withDBLayerFromCopiedFile` (cardano-wallet)
14:24:50 [35454418] Upd plutuc doc trace (plutus-apps)
14:27:16 [a49f91e4] Fix typo in README (data-analytics-bigquery)
14:27:48 [bf70ac66] Draft a direct chain test for contesting only once (hydra)
14:28:26 [fe74871d] Fix spacing issues and error message (yoroi-mobile)
14:32:14 [3ea43ce7] properly perform reduction on all blocks after securityParams (plutus-apps)
14:35:13 [852eabca] enable SSL for cicero handbook (ci-world)
14:36:16 [2ac2021c] memos variable check (yoroi-mobile)
14:37:52 [f0794663] Define LedgerEpochInfo (cardano-node)
14:38:47 [7246ed34] docs: Merge #3711 3711: Building and signing a Tx needs to be used atomically with persisting updated change state. r=Unisay a=Unisay At the moment new `buildAndSignTransactionNew` function uses some UTxO and change addresses but doesn’t persist updated UTxO and change address state in one atomic unit of work; This can lead to a situation when 2 concurrent invocations overlap and use the same UTxO or change index twice. This is problematic esp. for the random wallets that dedicate different change addresses to different clients. Change address re-use is a no go in this case. The idea is to to have an `atomically` wrapper around: 1. `buildAndSignTransactionPure`, which is a `buildAndSignTransactionNew` rewritten as a pure function such that it could be used as a `DBVar` update. 2. a call to persist change address state. 3. a call to persist updated UTxO (subtracting new pending indexes) ### Issue Number ADP-2583 Co-authored-by: Yura Lazarev <[email protected]> Source commit: 0373119990843a08de248428e88448a0409f77b4 (cardano-wallet)
14:38:50 [180f41c8] Propagate LedgerEpochInfo changes to cardano-cli (cardano-node)
14:43:20 [fd4a8de4] Define LedgerEpochInfo (cardano-node)
14:51:01 [6d6031df] Propagate LedgerEpochInfo changes to cardano-cli (cardano-node)
14:53:33 [a2b9c6ed] fix default memo value (yoroi-mobile)
14:53:40 [326aacab] FIX type error (dapps-certification)
14:55:38 [a6b16b34] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' into discontinue-evm-feature (catalyst-core)
14:55:49 [62006f54] Allow text-2 (nothunks)
15:01:32 [8c644ee5] fixup! feat(crypto): added new crypto package boilerplate (cardano-js-sdk)
15:02:00 [4c8991dd] fixup! feat(crypto): added new crypto package boilerplate (cardano-js-sdk)
15:02:24 [a46a131e] fixup! feat(crypto): added BIP-32 key management and derivation to crypto package (cardano-js-sdk)
15:03:42 [c5333503] Draft a direct chain test for contesting only once (hydra)
15:03:42 [171c5c57] First draft (hydra)
15:03:43 [d8795374] Update changelog (hydra)
15:03:43 [f2ea515d] Add close mutation (hydra)
15:03:43 [2015e382] minor renaming (hydra)
15:05:34 [630f03b5] update Cargo.lock (catalyst-core)
15:07:36 [d715986b] Leave two TODOs (hydra)
15:11:07 [9b11f517] Allow tasty-hedgehog-1.4 (nothunks)
15:13:16 [0c19b566] Merge pull request #683 from input-output-hk/ch1bo/monthly-report (hydra-poc)
15:14:59 [a354fc0c] deploy: 630f03b5044e546a75fb290007fe497952a6c405 (catalyst-core)
15:17:01 [458fd74e] deploy: 4433c967f89c4a227be5039848c289479ffba080 (catalyst-core)
15:23:24 [5e7d1d19] github CUE lib: fix possible bug (tullia)
15:23:27 [c5d05d97] CUE lib: write `#lib.merge` in a different way (tullia)
15:23:28 [fe68d40b] fix subtle bug in `#lib.merge` (tullia)
15:23:29 [da008922] github CUE lib: simplify branch/target/tag options for push and pr (tullia)
15:25:25 [2ef10761] DAC-292 Fix to type error (dapps-certification)
15:35:18 [11605e40] Introduce general-purpose combinators (ouroboros-network)
15:35:18 [c5179aee] Introduce `Canonical` map kind to `ouroboros-consensus` (ouroboros-network)
15:35:19 [40738070] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-test:lib` (ouroboros-network)
15:35:19 [24e70a50] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-test:test-storage` (ouroboros-network)
15:35:19 [0407ec7d] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-diffusion` (ouroboros-network)
15:35:19 [1746cd91] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-mock[-test]` (ouroboros-network)
15:35:20 [8af15645] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-cardano[-test]` (ouroboros-network)
15:35:20 [8d910663] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus:lib:tutorials` (ouroboros-network)
15:35:20 [f200e160] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-test:test-consensus` (ouroboros-network)
15:35:20 [d7c1c6cf] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-byron[spec|-test]` (ouroboros-network)
15:35:20 [2274e854] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-cardano-tools` (ouroboros-network)
15:35:20 [c4d8dce8] Introduce `Canonical` to `ouroboros-consensus-shelley[-test]` (ouroboros-network)
15:35:21 [a6b7c03a] Define `LedgerTables` and refine the `LedgerState` kind (ouroboros-network)
15:35:21 [ade832f3] Define `BackingStore` and `InMemory` implementation (ouroboros-network)
15:35:21 [a7a7ce1d] Implement `HssLedgerTables` et al. instances for blocks in `ouroboros-consensus` (ouroboros-network)
15:36:38 [b0309fa8] Merge #3718 (cardano-wallet)
15:38:21 [54966388] deploy: 0c19b5660919503a8f9bd9b2934c01cbc8a1d027 (hydra)
15:39:23 [b3bb63ef] Minor rename from contestors to contesters (hydra)
15:41:31 [87d2a622] fixup! refactor(cardano-services)!: makes genesis data a dependency for providers which need it (cardano-js-sdk)
15:52:10 [e66fb3c8] Discontinue evm feature (#251) (catalyst-core)
15:52:10 [76ab876b] Add label to contract spec to check contest to fail for the right reason (hydra-poc)
15:52:55 [27777d27] Removed Draft Docs for discontinue-evm-feature (catalyst-core)
15:54:57 [2d4716cd] refactor: remove unnecessary type equality test (cardano-wallet)
15:55:19 [b99e85da] Changed test description (marlowe-cardano)
15:56:33 [f9a9df50] Add Hydra weekly update (cardano-updates)
15:57:45 [827698d9] Release v1.8.0 (oura)
15:59:10 [5e70d137] chore(deps): bump aws-config from 0.14.0 to 0.15.0 (oura)
16:00:09 [24e19a56] docs: Merge #3718 3718: [ADP-2599] Refactor database migration tests using `withDBLayerFromCopiedFile` r=HeinrichApfelmus a=HeinrichApfelmus ### Overview This pull request refactors the existing database migration tests by grouping common code into a function `withDBLayerFromCopiedFile`. ### Issue Number ADP-2599 Co-authored-by: Heinrich Apfelmus <[email protected]> Source commit: b0309fa8628bc1869143d83de5c9e7b5d1b833a2 (cardano-wallet)
16:00:11 [1f9e250e] fix bad action IO preventing other actions' satisfaction from being updated (cicero)
16:00:32 [9eb8310b] deploy: f9a9df5081f5a74fe2bb5450ca2f5d1fc965deb8 (cardano-updates)
16:01:05 [569072b1] Add mutation spec to check validator fails if the list of contesters is wrong in the output datum (hydra-poc)
16:01:29 [e4719775] deploy: e66fb3c80da104afc212e73aa07d07a5c8ab6b7d (catalyst-core)
16:05:21 [569f728d] Merge pull request #715 from input-output-hk/jpraynaud/update-dependencies-2022-01-26 (mithril)
16:12:12 [d6f7b579] WIP add fn that tracks lam order. (plutus)
16:12:17 [f2f6b74f] Add more notes and counting of app. (plutus)
16:12:17 [a704b8a4] Initial set up of call site inline function. (plutus)
16:12:17 [c0a29591] Refine imports. (plutus)
16:12:18 [d61677db] Add extractApps and restoreApps. (plutus)
16:12:18 [94be3e05] Start considerInline. (plutus)
16:12:18 [edca0534] WIP change to binding instead of def. (plutus)
16:12:18 [95591ab5] Add calledVarEnv. (plutus)
16:12:18 [f9b3f1dd] WIP process single binding. (plutus)
16:12:19 [5da910e6] Add calledLocation info. (plutus)
16:12:19 [f110b4b2] Move extractBindings to Utils.hs (plutus)
16:12:19 [4b14cce1] WIP (plutus)
16:14:51 [7416f9ad] deploy: 569f728de6839cacd23371146e3efae8ebdcc1ad (mithril)
16:16:19 [d9938f1f] feat(crypto): added new crypto package boilerplate (cardano-js-sdk)
16:16:21 [d4b290b7] Merge branch 'main' into sve-readiness (catalyst-core)
16:16:30 [e57a011b] Add Supported Era type (mithril)
16:16:30 [a121ba19] Add Era checker dependency in aggregator (mithril)
16:16:30 [d02a19ec] Move Era Checker to non static (mithril)
16:16:30 [01b56b5c] Add Era checker dependency in signer (mithril)
16:16:30 [40b70ea7] Add Era Checker implementation (mithril)
16:16:30 [74db1cd6] Clean Supported Eras (mithril)
16:16:36 [4ba889c1] refactor: move opaque types to util package (cardano-js-sdk)
16:16:36 [0db10463] refactor!: rename and move Ed25519 core types to crypto package (cardano-js-sdk)
16:16:36 [ca338973] feat: replace the CML cryptographic functions with our own crypto library (cardano-js-sdk)
16:16:36 [ce288bba] fix(governance)!: remove double hardening from CIP-36 derivation indices (cardano-js-sdk)
16:18:51 [1f0c5632] Use buildSignSubmitTransaction to quite a stake pool (cardano-wallet)
16:19:33 [c09dc2a3] Bump crates versions (mithril)
16:23:14 [e4da54bc] deploy: 827698d92e6cd16484f22b672aad39bf0ebacba4 (oura)
16:25:32 [77b4b92c] deploy: d4b290b778558d09d6c8979c619e123d67225b91 (catalyst-core)
16:26:34 [de27a5af] chore: Fix build badge (oura)
16:26:45 [aea56730] Add links to the modules listed in docs/Onboarding (ouroboros-network)
16:27:12 [668d1f54] create dumb database to test migration to new submissions (cardano-wallet)
16:28:09 [c2a7064c] Fix lint issue (oura)
16:30:14 [117a5c43] chore: Fix build badge (#533) (oura)
16:34:47 [f7421032] Merge pull request #315 from aiken-lang/assert-data-type (aiken)
16:35:00 [b3e11d70] Merge pull request #440 from input-output-hk/SCP-4677 (marlowe-cardano)
16:36:49 [4c07e901] staging: Bump marlowe to b3e11d701d0d51069b0bd7ac8c748b024108b956 (plutus-ops)
16:37:50 [aff6f232] Merge branch 'master' into patch-1 (sidechains-tooling)
16:37:58 [c004e496] Merge pull request #3 from nicarq/patch-1 (sidechains-tooling)
16:40:29 [b653714c] Merge branch 'main' into when-clause-guards (aiken)
16:41:48 [256f9ae3] feat: trying Rc for Name (aiken)
16:45:34 [15dda4a8] Merge branch 'develop' into cleanup-tokens-rebase (yoroi-mobile)
16:46:59 [cfd8f6fc] --local CI: run only for one machine architecture (cardano-ledger)
16:47:00 [8c1f4f57] --local: enable nightly tests (cardano-ledger)
16:48:40 [12d59c1c] cleanup tokens (#2311) (yoroi-mobile)
16:49:18 [aec79936] chore: move a test case to 049 (aiken)
16:50:29 [a4233cc0] Merge branch 'develop' into feature/YOMO-309-memo-storage (yoroi-mobile)
16:51:28 [959a0fa9] Merge branch 'develop' into remove-legacy-storage (yoroi-mobile)
16:54:25 [0dd8469f] Fix vrf dependency (cardano-db-sync)
16:55:04 [8dba8885] SCP-4940: Oracle input for risk-factors (marlowe-actus-labs)
16:56:14 [9f8211ef] docs: Add missing GCP PubSub item to index (oura)
16:56:38 [59f7f888] docs: Add missing GCP PubSub item to index (#534) (oura)
16:57:03 [b8feefda] deploy: 59f7f8881130928cc3d0411f540ecc07178498b9 (oura)
16:59:53 [1d09d467] Merge branch 'develop' into fix/YOMO-452 (yoroi-mobile)
17:01:40 [af67f41e] fix: Air::Lam not real, probably meant Air::Let (aiken)
17:01:56 [d4a73f12] chore: commit assets (aiken)
17:05:13 [b08257d4] Fix: typos (#133) (carp)
17:05:32 [b38f43e8] Update version to 2.1.2 (#134) (carp)
17:07:50 [60ad3dae] chore: fmt builder.rs (aiken)
17:09:57 [2ec95e96] wip: move balanceTx!!! (cardano-wallet)
17:12:49 [3e5c8cf5] wip (yoroi-mobile)
17:16:18 [599905e4] Fixup AlonzoTx encoder and fix building (cardano-ledger-specs)
17:17:01 [98988623] Update src/yoroi-wallets/cardano/transactionManager.ts (yoroi-mobile)
17:17:11 [f2bf2a1a] Update src/yoroi-wallets/cardano/transactionManager.ts (yoroi-mobile)
17:18:04 [0e65fecf] Merge pull request #302 from aiken-lang/when-clause-guards (aiken)
17:19:53 [6829c773] refactor: vitup now uses vit-ss without SQLite (catalyst-core)
17:29:47 [0df0eb4a] Merge branch 'main' into NPG-5112-remove-sq-lite-support-from-vit-ss (catalyst-core)
17:31:48 [f5d9b921] Create marconi-test-lib library component in mamba (plutus-apps)
17:31:51 [e1ec86b2] Address some comments (CIPs)
17:33:45 [48726e44] --local CI: run only for one machine architecture (cardano-ledger)
17:33:46 [e108a59c] Resolve pointer addresses in `incrementalStakeDistr` conditionally (cardano-ledger)
17:33:46 [a0b277d1] Update Environment of ShelleySNAP rule with access to PParams (cardano-ledger)
17:33:46 [b2e9e015] --local: add traces for rule invocation (cardano-ledger)
17:33:46 [47db589b] --local: enable nightly tests (cardano-ledger)
17:33:46 [48d9bdc4] --local: warnings don't care (cardano-ledger)
17:33:47 [3390aa28] Resolve pointer addresses in `updateStakeDistribution` conditionally (cardano-ledger)
17:33:47 [7dd27b6a] Add `maxMajorPV` to `Constants` and use it to generate protocol version (cardano-ledger)
17:33:47 [84cd5fec] Pass `Constants` as a parameter to `forAllChainTrace` (cardano-ledger)
17:33:47 [deb0ac73] Pass `Constants` as a parameter to `Presets.getEnv` (cardano-ledger)
17:36:15 [1471bce0] deploy: 6829c7739a56349377b96291404434cedf5a683e (catalyst-core)
17:37:57 [db898173] open nix dev env separately (marlowe-cardano)
17:38:50 [3959102d] deploy: 8bea4c54151e98d84c2449f75f83b2687d91cedc (catalyst-core)
17:39:14 [30f6152d] Merge pull request #711 from input-output-hk/ensemble/708-create-era-checker (mithril)
17:42:38 [cbf40574] deploy: 30f6152d37383a94c693015773143b43fd891bcb (mithril)
17:45:28 [e938b661] wip: move balanceTx (cardano-wallet)
17:46:12 [82ad3148] deploy: 0df0eb4a4ca84732f335f6131327f12b48525e3c (catalyst-core)
17:56:55 [a9df09c0] cd into marlowe cli folder (marlowe-cardano)
18:07:39 [3f69cd09] wip: move balanceTx (cardano-wallet)
18:10:33 [6eed9b58] Switch ShelleyGenesis/CompactGenesis from era to crypto (ouroboros-network)
18:13:58 [bd86e3fa] reset error component (yoroi-mobile)
18:15:11 [855a2eea] refactor: Make vit-ss lib and cli use vit-servicing-station-tests DbBuilder (catalyst-core)
18:18:17 [f216edab] Create title-validation.yml (catalyst-flutter)
18:21:26 [28979abd] Rename title-validation.yml to title-validation.yaml (catalyst-flutter)
18:24:08 [6d772e9f] deploy: d07be039248a6d7de4d241096901dad3d3fdb999 (catalyst-core)
18:25:08 [c3126e62] Merge branch 'master' into evgenii/network_id_fix (cardano-serialization-lib)
18:25:16 [5e2dd0da] Merge branch 'master' into evgenii/ordered_datum_map (cardano-serialization-lib)
18:25:44 [e988349a] Add encoder/decoder for WithOrigin (cardano-ledger)
18:44:10 [0c486245] Unify GHC version (to ghc-9.0.2) (marlowe-explorer)
18:48:48 [7347eb4a] refactor: Fix clippy (catalyst-core)
18:54:17 [ca845178] Unify GHC version (to ghc-9.0.2) (marlowe-explorer)
18:54:29 [70362e49] New rewindable indexers marconi-mamba (plutus-apps)
18:54:52 [264c1fdc] Add more pattern matching to countLocal. (plutus)
18:58:15 [547c44db] deploy: 553519287b12d5ffa2bd27e3b7b257606f95d858 (catalyst-core)
18:58:23 [e16bfb38] increase refresh intervals (pricing-service)
18:59:43 [6c1fb7f0] Reduce duplication and update ledger (ouroboros-network)
19:00:02 [c0ae93fc] deploy: 7347eb4a0fb9ff57bd35367e4938633f81ac4391 (catalyst-core)
19:01:30 [65d54518] Add more pattern matching to countLocal. (plutus)
19:06:17 [2ed396f8] refactor: Fix clippy (catalyst-core)
19:09:39 [81f54f9b] Unify GHC version (to ghc-9.0.2) (#6) (marlowe-explorer)
19:15:40 [b389f981] deploy: 2ed396f8f86e12021c5796bded624549c7edffaa (catalyst-core)
19:17:14 [635cf435] deploy: 38cd55d2d678f3bffdf74ecb984cb592afeb6396 (catalyst-core)
19:17:46 [3e86ac35] version the new cost model deserializers (cardano-ledger)
19:17:58 [ad7c2458] PLT-662 Added Address->Datum indexer in Marconi (plutus-apps)
19:20:16 [5d809934] workbench: Stateful Nomad (phase III: reuse Nomad is already running) (cardano-node)
19:30:48 [2764c163] version the new cost model deserializers (cardano-ledger-specs)
19:34:59 [38772c29] New rewindable indexers marconi-mamba (plutus-apps)
19:39:29 [4ccbd683] update expected stderr strings to fix tests (catalyst-core)
19:46:58 [2c87f09d] set file paths (marlowe-cardano)
19:50:03 [b7ae884a] deploy: ea98384e85bb33b2b6a58584d5e824465d1c548e (catalyst-core)
19:51:50 [1ff7a3e6] CR: update (yoroi-mobile)
19:52:00 [8f95c41b] Add some constraints and fix TxWits encoder (cardano-ledger)
19:52:18 [2a0c5911] deploy: 4ccbd6836df1b08f8cb11032583895c585839b60 (catalyst-core)
20:06:41 [15467f28] Address-Utxo indexer Use new marconi API (#885) (plutus-apps)
20:06:58 [5ee95b3b] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to 15467f28b19a12284f1fd086240181e62d934f0c (plutus-ops)
20:08:30 [0aad886e] fix: start trying to get rid of recursion for discharge value (aiken)
20:08:35 [3b1845e8] Change discharge_value and discharge_value_env to use a stack machine (aiken)
20:08:36 [d5c0917b] feat: trying Rc for Name (aiken)
20:12:35 [2044727d] set file paths (marlowe-cardano)
20:17:51 [d25ef756] ledger evolution (meta CIP) (CIPs)
20:20:48 [f244dba8] CR: update (yoroi-mobile)
20:20:51 [17feb07b] fix more stderr messages in tests (catalyst-core)
20:25:04 [9e379677] Generalize DirectSerialise (cardano-base)
20:25:36 [104dbeb6] set file paths (marlowe-cardano)
20:28:29 [226020f7] Added minting with reference script test (plutus-apps)
20:31:11 [9c906ec3] load config from .env at run time (pricing-service)
20:33:04 [3db49f44] deploy: 6546432dd5c5d8b25345ae9f15d453903d3d066e (catalyst-core)
20:36:32 [9116f74c] deploy: 17feb07bbf8702f7a4eab07ae82529f362957a57 (catalyst-core)
20:46:56 [a6fd3c1f] cleanups (yoroi-mobile)
20:52:08 [374135d5] separated hard and soft fork requirements (CIPs)
21:00:46 [3c620e5c] cleanups (yoroi-mobile)
21:01:04 [7583f7bc] Require DecCBOR for TxOut (cardano-ledger)
21:06:29 [51d30c2b] cleanups (yoroi-mobile)
21:10:53 [70279fd0] fix: replace all CONFIG declarations (pricing-service)
21:12:38 [7aba448c] cleanups (yoroi-mobile)
21:14:53 [2b6be187] PLT-662 Added Address->Datum indexer in Marconi (plutus-apps)
21:26:18 [b77ca75e] Enhance .gitignore, beautify ci steps (cddl-codegen)
21:26:22 [d246db61] Specify paths to run tests (cddl-codegen)
21:26:22 [4769221a] Fix .lock (cddl-codegen)
21:26:43 [662603b5] Merge branch 'main' into scp-4875-header-sync (marlowe-cardano)
21:34:54 [c39e46fc] cleanups (yoroi-mobile)
21:39:15 [a2f78abf] Log tests that are running on the cluster instance (cardano-node-tests)
21:48:59 [b800fc91] Merge pull request #1618 from input-output-hk/log_running_tests (cardano-node-tests)
21:49:27 [43662c17] Bring back instances for RewardProvenance (cardano-ledger)
21:53:20 [b1863c26] Misc updates: (guild-operators)
21:57:43 [e422a30b] Add warn for ARM and fix condition for SKIP_DBSYNC_DOWNLOAD (guild-operators)
22:03:31 [6d0eb06f] cleanups (yoroi-mobile)
22:06:54 [d8995b87] refactor: move opaque types to util package (cardano-js-sdk)
22:07:23 [a118dd11] ADD mutation for the 0 case snapshot in close properties (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [cc74ac3b] Move snapshot number from Contest redeemer to Closed datum in Head script (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [aa87f122] Try to restructure code a bit (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [48b64a8c] Fix close mutation of snapshot number (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [cb03f210] Merge close and CloseInitial mutations (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [20f7c535] FIX test that became useless (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [2b319c1f] Update changelog (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [add155d2] minor (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [c786bc9b] Check close contestation deadline explicitly (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [51835eaa] Refactor head state mutation (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [3f1b61c8] Revert "This does not change test output so keeping it that way" (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [9cf5ec9e] Mutate only what's needed (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [ab956314] Simplify on-chain code a bit (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [2cd66d18] HACK: reduce the max supported number of parties to reduce the size of fanout (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [746ac872] Move utxo hash from Contest redeemer to Closed datum in Head script (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [9d44bc4a] Move snapshot number from Close redeemer to Closed datum in Head script (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [20199ca6] Generate interesting / mutated deadlines and unify mutation cases (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [1dce7714] Keep a note that fromBuiltinData is increasing script size (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [a37156b5] Remove duplicate mutations in CloseInitial (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [b133bf44] This does not change test output so keeping it that way (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [46c15515] Add a new mutation test scenario for closing with the initial snapshot (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [cd733946] Use healthyCloseDatum to construct Close datum (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [a2c5199e] Improve mutation readability (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [c4893de6] Refer to spec from close mutation labels (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [49421a58] Rename ChangeHeadDatum -> ChangeInputHeadDatum (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [286a9575] Alter continuingDatum function (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [9ebecc40] minor refactor to upgrade continuingDatum from local to a helper function (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [854748fa] Revert Simplify on-chain code a bit (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [c61bbf82] Reduce duplication (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [358200dd] Benchmark fanout with 20+ assets (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [cd81eb41] remove utxo hash attribute from close redeemer (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [3debfa3f] FIX validator must check contestation period (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [edcb92b5] Inline closeRedeemer (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [975b67aa] Optimize plutus code (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [5bbd1c60] Fix label in fanout StatSpec (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [a2db48e1] Reducing transaction size (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [50fd2c94] FIX flaky test (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [3bb07596] Move utxo hash from Close redeemer to Closed datum in Head script (hydra-poc)
22:07:23 [e4bbbcd4] Further reduce max supported assets in fanout tests (hydra-poc)
22:13:29 [1bc91356] consensus: add isDefinitelyNotInFuture to isPipelineable (ouroboros-network)
22:24:45 [99de9167] Display env variables during start (pricing-service)
22:34:45 [1432d2d3] Merge pull request #442 from input-output-hk/scp-4875-header-sync (marlowe-cardano)
22:36:34 [b13054d3] staging: Bump marlowe to 1432d2d38a632f06f97d69e482be985f5963e01f (plutus-ops)
22:46:24 [3a8817d0] TOSQUASH: changelog entry for previous commmit (ouroboros-network)
23:02:22 [52fc781e] Run cargo fmt (cddl-codegen)
23:05:40 [56f34512] 🟩 C1 Devnet RPC is up (200 in 461 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:41 [1a6ac218] 🟩 C1 Mainnet RPC is up (200 in 372 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:41 [61d7daec] 🟩 C1 Devnet Sidechain Explorer is up (200 in 527 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:42 [e5810219] 🟩 C1 Mainnet Sidechain Explorer is up (200 in 484 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:43 [2b08966c] 🟩 A1 Devnet RPC is up (200 in 740 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:45 [d0648327] 🟩 A1 Devnet L2 Explorer is up (200 in 1034 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:45 [2ab25bb1] 🟩 A1 Mainnet RPC is up (200 in 313 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:46 [5d38d614] 🟩 A1 Mainnet L2 Explorer is up (200 in 504 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:08:40 [7777052e] feat(crypto)!: add crypto package to the SDK and move Ed25519 core types to crypto package (cardano-js-sdk)
23:08:50 [b28f2aa7] fix(governance)!: remove double hardening from CIP-36 derivation indices (cardano-js-sdk)
23:17:59 [db0902dd] PLT-458: Prototype of the debugger "backend" (#5013) (plutus)
23:18:16 [116a0074] feat!: added crypto package to the SDK and move Ed25519 and hash core types to crypto package (cardano-js-sdk)
23:18:36 [1f11838c] fix(governance)!: remove double hardening from CIP-36 derivation indices (cardano-js-sdk)
23:19:17 [10074d60] More progress on ouroboros-consensus-shelley. Now stuck on Header (ouroboros-network)
23:28:37 [5807c972] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:input-output-hk/plutus into zliu41/floatin (plutus)
23:29:43 [5d88bac2] Update Environment of ShelleySNAP rule with access to PParams (cardano-ledger)
23:29:46 [83fe5038] Resolve pointer addresses in `updateStakeDistribution` conditionally (cardano-ledger)
23:29:46 [f7002a74] Pass `Constants` as a parameter to `Presets.getEnv` (cardano-ledger)
23:29:46 [a13e78b7] Resolve pointer addresses in `incrementalStakeDistr` conditionally (cardano-ledger)
23:30:59 [27e16632] dcspark-core add CriticalError for anyhow::Context (dcspark-core)
23:31:56 [a9f2de74] cardano-source: mark deserialization error as Critical (dcspark-core)
23:35:38 [3385bc48] equinix: tf state updated to serial 25 (cardano-world)
23:38:27 [049780f1] Rename showcases.js to staging.showcases.js (developer-portal)
23:40:05 [2964c325] Rename builder-tools.js to builder0-tools.js (developer-portal)
23:50:53 [39961d53] clippy 1.67 lint fixes (dcspark-core)
23:55:39 [c366c441] equinix: tf state updated to serial 27 (cardano)