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Thursday, December 2, 2021

422 commits had been pushed across 47 repos by 83 authors. There were 1,131,603 additions and 1,079,470 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on roadmap.cardano.org.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:00:35 [da0f0a3e] Add files via upload (developer-portal)
00:00:51 [6f3e8128] Fixed submitted status label color and animation a bit (yoroi-frontend)
00:16:55 [615e9ce0] WIP (cardano-ledger)
00:31:01 [f0927b92] Improve maxSuccess logic (cardano-ledger-specs)
00:31:32 [149f9cf0] Add benchmarks for union and difference (cardano-ledger-specs)
00:32:19 [e1e99f0d] implements model based testing framework. (cardano-ledger)
00:32:45 [4efed5ab] Hidden revamp button for now (yoroi-frontend)
00:33:06 [474d870d] farnisch (cardano-token-registry)
00:38:15 [29164519] fix(inputs): #0 bitte nixpkgs is a prime contract of bitte that cannot (bitte)
00:51:43 [4d539781] farnisch (cardano-token-registry)
00:55:05 [fcd6a930] Remove deadcode (cardano-ledger-specs)
00:57:07 [10476e9b] farnisch (cardano-token-registry)
00:58:58 [b0086214] fix(inputs): #0 bitte nixpkgs is a prime contract of bitte that cannot (bitte)
01:12:01 [0a9f5773] fix(lock): #0 bump bitte to a version with correct nixpkgs version (plutus-ops)
01:13:12 [8ccc43b4] Reworked words to disappear after being used in mnemonic confirmation (yoroi-frontend)
01:14:26 [3aa5ffc0] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:16:14 [f759767e] Text fix (yoroi-frontend)
01:17:34 [12fec25e] fixing header (CIPs)
01:24:29 [381f8aef] Merge branch 'cardano-foundation:staging' into patch-2 (developer-portal)
01:26:33 [6713184c] WAGMI MIA (cardano-token-registry)
01:30:07 [620a7294] Adding a test file to new_branch (developer-portal)
01:32:38 [fad6c36e] fixup withMaxTimesSuccess (cardano-ledger-specs)
01:32:50 [94367b11] Version bump 4.8.0 (Connector 0.8.0) (yoroi-frontend)
01:32:57 [8210bfcb] Adding automint to branch (developer-portal)
01:36:36 [67c3968b] Adding automint to branch (developer-portal)
01:39:35 [527f0dec] WIP (voter-registration-tool)
01:40:19 [2fbf4fe8] Fix a bug in intersection (cardano-ledger-specs)
01:45:22 [cbec5b9c] Adding automint to branch (developer-portal)
01:45:35 [700533e4] Update cardano-crypto sha (voter-registration-tool)
01:50:01 [b88aeb54] Update other SHAs (voter-registration-tool)
02:08:43 [45301f57] Merge #3042 (cardano-wallet)
02:26:01 [521dfdac] [chore] Updated balance message to match the design (yoroi-mobile)
02:31:19 [bf63c29b] cabal.project adjustments (voter-registration-tool)
02:40:18 [0da8463b] Update optparse fork sha (voter-registration-tool)
02:41:12 [b3a575a3] Merge branch 'develop' into feature/use-image-validation-endpoint (yoroi-frontend)
03:31:37 [b9b4633d] Working dependency resolution (voter-registration-tool)
03:33:25 [21f65635] update sos console domain name (nixops-packet)
04:02:12 [25141028] Bump ed25519-bip32 from 0.3.2 to 0.4.0 in /rust (cardano-serialization-lib)
04:02:12 [1661f310] added automated test results (cardano-node-tests)
04:02:15 [71253ff4] Bump serde_json from 1.0.59 to 1.0.60 in /rust (cardano-serialization-lib)
04:02:16 [dd5424b6] Bump num-bigint from 0.4.0 to 0.4.3 in /rust (cardano-serialization-lib)
04:02:17 [be034fee] Bump sha2 from 0.9.2 to 0.9.5 in /rust (cardano-serialization-lib)
04:02:20 [0a46c5db] Bump hex from 0.4.2 to 0.4.3 in /rust (cardano-serialization-lib)
04:02:21 [52356f59] Bump bech32 from 0.7.3 to 0.8.1 in /rust (cardano-serialization-lib)
04:02:35 [6fb1bb79] Bump rand_chacha from 0.1.1 to 0.3.1 in /rust (cardano-serialization-lib)
04:11:12 [3a7d3914] stats: hydra 45301f5781a461b54348f486b7350a4497028c41 (cardano-wallet)
04:11:14 [c84042c1] badge: hydra 45301f5781a461b54348f486b7350a4497028c41 (cardano-wallet)
04:18:37 [11fb9886] Update cardano-crypto-class to provide access to PackedBytes (voting-tools)
05:13:37 [d402d895] Add NFTJam.io (essential-cardano)
05:16:38 [dd642246] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
06:04:59 [049fc1c9] Bump @formatjs/intl-locale from 2.4.38 to 2.4.41 (yoroi-mobile)
06:20:45 [066c16c9] WIP (cardano-ledger)
06:21:49 [0bc8be00] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
06:45:51 [9fe990a6] chore: bump cardano-db-sync (cardano-graphql)
06:54:03 [df9f6527] bench | workbench: remote machine run slices -- inject logfiles as runs (cardano-node)
07:18:42 [f3cceba8] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
07:24:54 [b666fec4] feat(wallet): add emip3 encryption util (cardano-js-sdk)
07:25:27 [7305d171] feat(wallet)!: use emip3 key encryption, refactor KeyManager to support hw wallets (wip) (cardano-js-sdk)
07:34:03 [bf06f5c1] fixing header (#162) (CIPs)
07:51:17 [0e8f3a95] Working dependencies? (voting-tools)
07:55:06 [d5ec6bab] Update estimation process with two-factor estimation. (adrestia)
07:56:03 [3fe94a85] Merge pull request #3045 from srid/patch-1 (cardano-wallet)
07:56:35 [01b86712] docs: Merge pull request #3045 from srid/patch-1 (cardano-wallet)
07:59:19 [fa3b34e0] Merge #3030 (cardano-wallet)
08:10:54 [bef79d13] Trump Rocky (cardano-token-registry)
08:11:59 [78451119] backup (hydra-poc)
08:14:43 [977c06f8] [DDW-821] Upgrade packages with vulnerabilities (daedalus)
08:14:49 [31ce7423] Trump Rocky registration (cardano-token-registry)
08:21:49 [3a15636b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
08:24:11 [3c92d83c] Variable rename; comment correction (cardano-node-tests)
08:25:56 [f6c13a1a] Use `DEFAULT_COIN` constant (cardano-node-tests)
08:27:22 [9aa34f0f] Fix comment (cardano-node-tests)
08:28:03 [9934af00] Removed unstable rts flags (daedalus)
08:29:42 [92009eea] More efficient dict creation (cardano-node-tests)
08:30:12 [707108d9] [wip] Write behavior spec to assert only leader fans out (hydra-poc)
08:38:36 [2bc08aef] Merge pull request #805 from mkoura/minor_refactoring (cardano-node-tests)
08:40:36 [55e2614e] cardano-tracer: fix demo, tests, threads, efficiency, etc. (cardano-node)
08:43:18 [e8655c44] Pool ID can be empty (cardano-node-tests)
08:48:27 [51c10afa] Assert number of fanout transaction seen on-chain in behavior spec. (hydra-poc)
08:53:27 [5f8c8a3b] Refactor ledger state checking (cardano-node-tests)
08:55:47 [0c942023] stats: hydra 3fe94a8563e9b37cfc4c363a29a463562438c855 (cardano-wallet)
08:55:48 [e4af09b2] badge: hydra 3fe94a8563e9b37cfc4c363a29a463562438c855 (cardano-wallet)
08:59:48 [13f48e67] Test rewards from multiple sources, compare with db-sync (cardano-node-tests)
09:01:13 [967d2cb5] Added dynamically adding contract instances and (plutus-apps)
09:02:57 [5911431b] stats: hydra fa3b34e0b2337f75e710612ddbe69e3c458d0495 (cardano-wallet)
09:02:58 [5f8289cb] badge: hydra fa3b34e0b2337f75e710612ddbe69e3c458d0495 (cardano-wallet)
09:03:09 [076f3efc] deploy: 51c10afa092a0cd9b320494d0ef9bd68655594a5 (hydra-poc)
09:04:11 [ab8b343e] separete mocks (cicero)
09:05:14 [2a20e60e] cardano-tracer: fix demo, tests, threads, efficiency, etc. (cardano-node)
09:06:42 [25faa4a1] [DDW-821] Update node headers SHA checksum (daedalus)
09:07:34 [887aeefe] CR (ouroboros-network)
09:09:59 [87e8cfb4] update materialized (plutus-apps)
09:14:57 [fb1b25c9] Merge pull request #807 from mkoura/multiple_rewards_dbsync (cardano-node-tests)
09:17:36 [bad4c1e0] Remove unnecessary long flags (catalyst-toolbox)
09:18:22 [1e977cfd] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
09:24:41 [b3eff090] Flakify nix build. (cardano-wallet)
09:24:41 [348c9afd] direnv: use flake (cardano-wallet)
09:24:42 [8936dc25] Add nixos service and scripts (cardano-wallet)
09:25:18 [d21ddd00] rotator simplification (cardano-node)
09:33:06 [afbfb5e4] [DDW-821] Update CHANGELOG.md (daedalus)
09:34:22 [25fc0b04] [DDW-821] Upgrade packages with vulnerabilities (daedalus)
09:34:22 [8f72fa7b] [DDW-821] Update node headers SHA checksum (daedalus)
09:34:23 [a70aec31] [DDW-821] Update CHANGELOG.md (daedalus)
09:44:15 [f50db87c] Add UpdateLedgerDbTraceEvent events (ouroboros-network)
09:48:49 [2d09e90d] Add property to check that wallet removes consumed inputs from its UTXO after balancing. (hydra-poc)
09:49:13 [8fc9c2fe] Rename 'genUtxoFromInputs' -> 'genOutputsForInputs' (hydra-poc)
09:49:35 [ba453c59] Scale ada value from 'genUtxo' to cope with weird wallet requirement on minimum value. (hydra-poc)
09:51:34 [9bf6cc2b] Flakify nix build. (cardano-wallet)
09:51:35 [a1557a8d] direnv: use flake (cardano-wallet)
09:51:36 [40c29093] Add nixos service and scripts (cardano-wallet)
10:01:57 [8a04c3e4] Ensure all tx inputs are consumed by coverFee (hydra-poc)
10:11:15 [98136dfd] docs: add instructions to utilise the snapshot when booting from scratch (cardano-rosetta)
10:19:45 [5c86d375] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
10:24:40 [4653df2f] [wip] Try to improve success ratio for coverFee properties (hydra-poc)
10:26:05 [6d8a5c31] Implement renderers for chunk validation tracers (cardano-node)
10:26:52 [3119015e] Change initTx and abortTx signatures to take TxBodyContent (hydra-poc)
10:27:09 [21749c07] [DDW-824] Merges-in latest develop branch and fix conflicts (daedalus)
10:30:57 [f9115530] Plumbing in Direct.Chain and disable non-yet-refactored tx constructors (hydra-poc)
10:38:07 [ef837bb3] [DDW-824] Restrict FAKED news QA loader to DEV mode only (daedalus)
10:43:23 [88420415] Implement renderers for chunk validation tracers. (cardano-node)
10:43:32 [1f3e9f9c] move entire load module to mjolnir (jormungandr)
10:44:48 [d646eade] Use custom pparams for wallet spec to match 'small generators'. (hydra-poc)
10:45:41 [1dc2d2ae] Merge pull request #151 from input-output-hk/extent_iapyx_stats (vit-testing)
10:51:29 [7f217561] cardano-node: More Doc generation (cardano-node)
10:55:53 [8a00da78] fix CI (vit-testing)
11:00:12 [9e47f0ad] add MintToken interface struct, add it into the Initial struct as a field (jormungandr)
11:00:32 [7d144d65] [wip] CollectCom should consume value committed (hydra-poc)
11:00:35 [417a89c4] deploy: d646eade49517f979ea69fb6006da64a23de0ee6 (hydra-poc)
11:01:12 [0cbbd44c] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into angerman/fix-ghcjs (haskell.nix)
11:02:38 [cf6a15d2] use rfc3339 to format time in json logs (jormungandr)
11:05:08 [87ff2f58] CollectCom consumes committed inputs (hydra-poc)
11:14:46 [819b4b2a] Merge pull request #2768 from input-output-hk/fix/remove-bad-rts-flags (daedalus)
11:15:23 [9a2f519d] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
11:16:13 [402f20fc] Merge branch 'develop' into chore/ddw-847-update-cwb-to-v2021-11-11 (daedalus)
11:17:02 [4b53944d] fix warnings (plutus-apps)
11:38:21 [57163b19] Merge branch 'develop' into rts-flags (daedalus)
11:40:54 [ce8d9aff] Flakify nix build. (cardano-wallet)
11:40:55 [bdcb8686] direnv: use flake (cardano-wallet)
11:40:56 [99e679f1] Add nixos service and scripts (cardano-wallet)
11:46:35 [bd89e125] Change signature of coverFee (hydra-poc)
11:49:14 [aabf9268] Update ghcjs ref (haskell.nix)
11:51:37 [8a0b4864] Merge branch 'develop' into feature/ddw-683-stake-pool-slider-improvement (daedalus)
11:52:27 [d9e73e3d] Backport https://gitlab.haskell.org/ghc/ghc/-/commit/9a28680d2e23e7b25dd7254a439aea31dfae32d5 to ghc 8.10 (haskell.nix)
11:54:51 [8389bd2d] better tests (cardano-node)
11:54:53 [58d2edec] Add mustPayWithDatumToPubKey (fix #146). (plutus-apps)
11:55:07 [295471db] what-have-you-tried (plutus-apps)
11:59:12 [5afa5c7f] connection-manager: cancel threads using killThread (ouroboros-network)
12:01:29 [1b0b88ac] connection-manager: added transition tracer (ouroboros-network)
12:01:29 [b467046e] connection-manager-test: rename prop_valid_transitions (ouroboros-network)
12:03:23 [981e39b1] Made it compile and tests fail before continuing (hydra-poc)
12:19:16 [36c3d4bd] [DDW-821] Upgrade packages with vulnerabilities (daedalus)
12:19:17 [91aee51f] [DDW-821] Update node headers SHA checksum (daedalus)
12:19:17 [0f8e476d] [DDW-821] Update CHANGELOG.md (daedalus)
12:19:19 [2e4e5e42] what-have-you-tried (#162) (plutus-apps)
12:19:36 [518e398f] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to 2e4e5e4291bc356aebf6865306e8f12c21afd7b4 (plutus-ops)
12:21:06 [703b2442] Merge branch 'chore/DDW-821-update-packages-with-vulnerabilities' of https://github.com/input-output-hk/daedalus into chore/DDW-821-update-packages-with-vulnerabilities (daedalus)
12:29:20 [fea9257d] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
12:30:50 [71a26129] update TokenName serde (jormungandr)
12:34:59 [c53540cc] [DDW-785] Discreet mode - Create the Discreet Mode variables (daedalus)
12:35:10 [2d046f69] [DDW-738] Setup feature-driven design (daedalus)
12:35:11 [b44bb5c7] [DDW-813] Move discreet mode behavior to its own feature (daedalus)
12:35:11 [1fc1e184] [DDW-738] Fix circular dependency (daedalus)
12:35:11 [dad522cc] [DDW-786] Discreet mode - Create the TopBar icon (#2725) (daedalus)
12:35:11 [b55ce2ef] [DDW-738] Move toggle component to discreet mode feature folder (daedalus)
12:35:11 [a61b6776] [DDW-738] Update translations file (daedalus)
12:35:12 [c1a32b4e] [DDW-738] Remove popOver from DiscreetToggle (daedalus)
12:35:12 [39c57720] [DDW-814] Discreet mode - hide sensitive information (#2742) (daedalus)
12:35:12 [3672fb27] [DDW-787] Discreet mode - Implement the Settings option (#2740) (daedalus)
12:35:12 [20342c7d] [DDW-738] Notification knob (daedalus)
12:35:13 [6aab9966] [DDW-839] Discreet mode - automated tests (#2756) (daedalus)
12:35:13 [a01f7e32] [DDW-738] Fix font weights (daedalus)
12:35:13 [b1400ad2] [DDW-738] Fix button style (daedalus)
12:35:13 [73315b78] [DDW-738] Fix button style (daedalus)
12:35:13 [e83f2e54] [DDW-738] Pin package version (daedalus)
12:35:13 [b6bb6776] [DDW-738] Fix name/icon overlapping (daedalus)
12:35:14 [60ce375a] [DDW-738] Update yarn.lock (daedalus)
12:35:14 [f126dbe9] [DDW-738] Review changes (daedalus)
12:35:14 [fd564a1a] [DDW-738] Fix yarn.lock (daedalus)
12:35:14 [81d5382a] [DDW-738] Review changes (daedalus)
12:35:14 [29216fee] [DDW-738] Review changes - use lang selector (daedalus)
12:35:15 [9c95553b] [DDW-738] Fix flow issue (daedalus)
12:35:15 [601814b6] [DDW-738] Fix discreet mode logic on filter component (daedalus)
12:42:15 [3ac7153c] better calback type (yoroi-mobile)
12:46:30 [11d3f363] [DDW-796] Refactor and voting phases (daedalus)
13:15:35 [bd0f11a8] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into evm-ledger-transactions (chain-libs)
13:20:29 [d3a69d70] chore: move Dockerfile version args to optimal positions (cardano-rosetta)
13:22:27 [10da2226] fix(wallet): subscribing after initial fetch of tip will no longer wait for new block to emit (cardano-js-sdk)
13:23:20 [a89d8d97] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
13:23:46 [0c88b183] chore: bump cardano deps (cardano-rosetta)
13:32:39 [ff762f43] reorg wallet init files (yoroi-mobile)
13:35:24 [b3086284] update doc comment (cicero)
13:35:57 [ebff5f22] rewrite ping_pong as "std workflow" (cicero)
13:37:58 [eb06c575] Move ApplyTx benchmarks to using a fixed seed. (cardano-ledger)
13:38:24 [b3902e52] Move dedicated initChainSelTracer tracer to initialChainSelection (ouroboros-network)
13:38:24 [8be9a238] Added StartedInitChainSelection and InitialChainSelected (ouroboros-network)
13:38:24 [eee455c5] Add UpdateLedgerDbTraceEvent events (ouroboros-network)
13:38:24 [d2f234dd] Add RealPoint to the StartedPushingBlockToTheLedgerDb (ouroboros-network)
13:43:03 [7ea89f6b] chore: minimum compatibility update for [email protected] (cardano-rosetta)
13:43:27 [ce0a54bd] chore: add yarn to readme (blockfrost-js)
13:46:07 [0b0310f3] [chore] Updated for 25s (yoroi-mobile)
13:49:14 [e46210e3] Move ApplyTx benchmarks to using a fixed seed. (cardano-ledger-specs)
13:50:47 [1a7b2ff8] tx-generator: Use generic JSON instances (cardano-node)
13:59:56 [9b4d9061] Add SMASH FAQ (cardano-node-tests)
14:00:31 [7764d52f] use different branch (wip) for chain-libs (jormungandr)
14:01:11 [e39f9913] update blockchain_config yaml file (jormungandr)
14:06:37 [b5482da5] Move ApplyTx benchmarks to using a fixed seed. (cardano-ledger)
14:14:40 [8a3a9b6f] fix errata 17.2 in protocol version 7 (cardano-ledger)
14:17:03 [adb688b3] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
14:19:33 [9db99212] simplify workflows "cicero" and "entrypoints" (cicero)
14:19:59 [fc7a401a] Add Fragment::Evm variant (jormungandr)
14:20:06 [af124598] WIP merge (cardano-base)
14:22:33 [6b300a16] Merge branch 'master' into tdammers/kes-signature-format (cardano-base)
14:23:57 [c682972f] disable max_connections tests (jormungandr)
14:26:51 [dafd874b] Add SMASH FAQ (cardano-node-tests)
14:27:12 [12327877] nix stdlib: fix SSL CA in git.clone (cicero)
14:31:00 [ec334f78] Docker Compose improvements (guild-operators)
14:31:04 [f7c7e362] Merge branch 'docker/basic-koios-setup' of https://github.com/cardano-community/guild-operators into docker/basic-koios-setup (guild-operators)
14:44:45 [050b3e39] tx-generator: Use generic JSON instances (cardano-node)
14:45:56 [75818f58] Add SMASH FAQ (cardano-node-tests)
14:50:54 [ae22042b] Merge pull request #808 from input-output-hk/artur/smash_docs (cardano-node-tests)
14:52:13 [3d8e8f77] cardano-node: even more doc generation (cardano-node)
14:53:14 [4fae3f01] Change KES signature format to be more compact (#244) (cardano-base)
14:58:11 [bd7c7371] chain libs tests for mint token certificate (chain-libs)
15:00:18 [be59b480] Reorganize modules in Cardano.Wallet.DB.* (cardano-wallet)
15:02:33 [5ad3deb1] cleaning (guild-operators)
15:05:14 [816febd1] added exposed postgres port (guild-operators)
15:05:46 [7da2b9b9] Merge #3411 (cardano-node)
15:14:37 [52a2a5c0] more improvments (guild-operators)
15:17:42 [aeb43bac] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
15:19:18 [39b791c6] Use ReasonablySized utxos for testing collectComTx properties (hydra-poc)
15:22:24 [9280a7d7] introduce NonWalletCertificate (cardano-wallet)
15:22:30 [2738213a] adjust decodeTx in shelley and other things accordingly (cardano-wallet)
15:22:30 [544e0c9b] adjust testing for decodeTx change (cardano-wallet)
15:22:30 [4e05a030] add swagger - part1 (cardano-wallet)
15:22:31 [80cbe16f] add swagger - part2 (cardano-wallet)
15:22:31 [fa87897a] add swagger - part3 (cardano-wallet)
15:22:31 [3a936ae8] add swagger - part4 (cardano-wallet)
15:22:32 [c0634434] Extend ApiDecodedTransaction and introduce ApiAnyCertificate (cardano-wallet)
15:22:32 [e53727b0] fix shelley core unit tests (cardano-wallet)
15:22:33 [ff1a9d0e] add Arbitrary for ApiDecodedTrasnaction (cardano-wallet)
15:22:33 [2e9b7fe5] add ToJSON for ApiDecodedTrasnaction (cardano-wallet)
15:22:33 [64fc03e7] add FromJSON and regenerate ApiDecodedTransaction (cardano-wallet)
15:22:34 [fc1a6b02] deal with other certificates on server level (cardano-wallet)
15:22:34 [6f703ca7] deal with pool certificates on server level (cardano-wallet)
15:22:34 [7c3d4b05] deal with delegation certificates on server level (cardano-wallet)
15:22:35 [ea52a687] add integration test pool joining (cardano-wallet)
15:22:35 [ad98c9d7] add test for quit pool plus some cleanup (cardano-wallet)
15:22:36 [1e19ffd3] add integration tests for MIR (cardano-wallet)
15:22:36 [18be60a6] add pool registration integration test (cardano-wallet)
15:22:36 [509c5b6e] add deregistration pool integration test (cardano-wallet)
15:22:53 [765339fa] nix stdlib: github.reportStatus: propagate exit status (cicero)
15:23:19 [aee01399] bench | workbench | analysis: fix premature termination of batched analysis (cardano-node)
15:24:19 [a56fa0ad] whitespace (cicero)
15:26:48 [1a72165f] Fix: don't modify clean state on startup (ouroboros-network)
15:28:16 [4cd9d5bc] Enrich the TraceReplayEvent with initial point (ouroboros-network)
15:28:42 [9b9a986f] disable max_connections tests (jormungandr)
15:30:06 [3d9591a9] fix dbsync network (guild-operators)
15:33:54 [d1d7579e] typo apt (guild-operators)
15:34:47 [18fe3b67] Enrich the Ledger replay tracers (cardano-node)
15:35:09 [68dddc5a] extend swagger (cardano-wallet)
15:37:10 [c8d67550] cleaned the db (cardano-node-tests)
15:39:02 [51c24308] chore(README): improve (blockfrost-websocket-link)
15:40:45 [bff935c8] Merge pull request #135 from blockfrost/mmahut/docs (blockfrost-websocket-link)
15:42:35 [8f77da04] bench | workbench | analysis: fix premature termination of batched analysis (cardano-node)
15:50:00 [e7e257d1] bench: update chain filter defns (cardano-node)
15:51:23 [e79daaa7] Try to improve the usefulness of Direct chain logs (hydra-poc)
15:51:56 [cd4948ec] Add (Buildable PartialTx) instance (cardano-wallet)
15:51:56 [b9095749] Add preconditions to balanceTransaction (cardano-wallet)
15:51:56 [833c1ebb] Workaround pointless conversion in updateSealedTx (cardano-wallet)
15:51:57 [837821a6] Add Shelley.Compatibility.fromCardanoTxOut (cardano-wallet)
15:51:57 [473186c6] [?] Add inputUTxO to Shelley.Transaction (cardano-wallet)
15:51:57 [ae53a398] [?] cardano-wallet.cabal tweaks (cardano-wallet)
15:51:57 [c8e87886] fmt fixup wallet (cardano-wallet)
15:51:57 [47d93b39] Improve Cardano.Api generators (cardano-wallet)
15:51:57 [b2215fa7] Further tweaks to Cardano.Api.Gen (cardano-wallet)
15:51:57 [1f8d7a0d] Add prop_balanceTransactionBalanced (cardano-wallet)
15:51:57 [7123e299] Regenerate nix (cardano-wallet)
15:59:57 [aab1618b] bench: make jq prefiltering optional, off by default (cardano-node)
16:01:17 [7d46fc3a] add impl scaffolding (cardano-wallet)
16:02:43 [96f41d96] Change issue templates for forms. Disabled empty issue template option. (plutus-apps)
16:11:13 [a426003e] add link for submitTransaction (cardano-wallet)
16:14:19 [93526110] Delete the HOAS evaluator (plutus)
16:23:27 [07830cba] Add `test_undelegate` (cardano-node-tests)
16:28:40 [059fc92b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
16:30:20 [29d27532] Merge pull request #809 from mkoura/test_undelegate (cardano-node-tests)
16:32:04 [252c8a0f] added dbsync extended env (guild-operators)
16:32:27 [da8f9a76] removed not needed sudo (guild-operators)
16:36:45 [698675a1] move styles into components (yoroi-mobile)
16:40:48 [5b753981] bench: make jq prefiltering optional, off by default (cardano-node)
16:45:59 [a238e3e2] fix username for buildkite container on plutus (ci-ops)
16:46:13 [1e19febb] add support for official packet NixOS image (ci-ops)
16:46:22 [1d3f9042] Simplify ModelValue (cardano-ledger)
16:48:17 [7b13778c] Merge pull request #72 from input-output-hk/nixUnstable (ci-ops)
16:49:44 [71865b0f] fixup warnings (cardano-wallet)
16:53:45 [f5c1fb1b] Allow jobsets to be flake-based (ci-ops)
16:53:46 [69a51a56] Add marlowe-website to hydra. (ci-ops)
16:53:46 [08177a80] Add purescript-web-common to hydra. (ci-ops)
16:54:07 [bd93c17b] cardano-node bumped deps (cardano-launcher)
16:54:38 [1c66afb6] WIP added kw parser. Found that more overhaul needed. (plutus)
16:59:53 [45a363f9] Add dnadales as a consensus codeowner. (ouroboros-network)
17:00:26 [b928398f] Fix typo in `config-CODEOWNERS.md` (ouroboros-network)
17:00:53 [794f7118] Add chain watch grpc tests (#3702) (jormungandr)
17:02:21 [5c69c6e5] Merge pull request #156 from blockfrost/readme (blockfrost-js)
17:05:50 [1ca08925] nix stdlib: github.reportStatus: propagate exit status (cicero)
17:05:51 [0c82d0ef] whitespace (cicero)
17:15:40 [b97062c6] migrate check nano x to typescript (yoroi-mobile)
17:16:39 [1d772715] farnisch (cardano-token-registry)
17:16:58 [5fdf111e] Merge pull request #79 from input-output-hk/flaky-jobsets (ci-ops)
17:20:02 [8856e6f0] do not try to restart tasks (cicero)
17:22:10 [8e33146e] migrate sve nano x to typescript (yoroi-mobile)
17:23:53 [c2105e15] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
17:25:06 [53fa0dca] Update consensus NOTICE files (ouroboros-network)
17:27:47 [721db7a9] fix errata 17.2 in protocol version 7 (cardano-ledger)
17:30:24 [6bd25c6b] bench: bump node to 1.32.0-rc2, for maincanary (cardano-ops)
17:34:02 [d26b9c1c] add notes to 'Nix on macOS' section about restarting nix daemon after updating nix.conf file (marlowe-cardano)
17:35:26 [8deefc9d] remove Area from FR form and delete old issue templates (plutus-apps)
17:36:39 [1b1d41b7] reenable blank issues (plutus-apps)
17:42:24 [2284fe86] nix stdlib: only `set -x` if CICERO_STD_DEBUG is not empty (cicero)
17:44:03 [93dd5c7d] migrate connect nano x to typescript (yoroi-mobile)
17:45:28 [85c5bdc3] add notes to 'Nix on macOS' section about restarting nix daemon after updating nix.conf file (marlowe-cardano)
17:46:09 [71f9b6f0] remove unused files (yoroi-mobile)
17:50:28 [9fcf32b4] nix stdlib and cicero-std: only `set -x` if CICERO_STD_DEBUG is not empty (cicero)
17:56:18 [ae95a297] Add hydra jobs (marlowe-website)
17:56:33 [dd927f01] staging: Bump marloweWebsite to ae95a2974cfba6b9c5bad4e5e7c114856a82d79f (plutus-ops)
17:58:04 [9dc521b8] Fix purescript-web-common base branch (ci-ops)
18:01:19 [35e06676] cicero-std github status: do not leak github token on the command line (cicero)
18:02:40 [5b96b40e] Merge #80 (ci-ops)
18:04:12 [a67c4e20] added sync values for tag 1.32.0-rc2 None - testnet - ubuntu-latest (cardano-node-tests)
18:08:57 [eeaec666] Merge #3522 (ouroboros-network)
18:09:14 [587b3ab0] README.md: set as archived (mantis-ops)
18:10:40 [722560a0] nft_cardano_2 (cardano-token-registry)
18:10:55 [3632b799] [DDW-796] Remove closed voting logic (daedalus)
18:11:36 [c4be708c] Merge branch 'docker/basic-koios-setup' of github.com:cardano-community/guild-operators into docker-testing (guild-operators)
18:13:31 [9bead9d7] Env change (guild-operators)
18:14:23 [51fea953] Fix: don't modify clean state on startup (ouroboros-network)
18:22:03 [c54149ca] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
18:24:25 [0979d724] fix string in sql (guild-operators)
18:24:29 [c757a7d0] explorer crate: add warp filter like in jormungandr (jormungandr)
18:24:55 [4e394499] added sync values for tag 1.32.0-rc2 None - staging - ubuntu-latest (cardano-node-tests)
18:35:19 [667491b0] Add SMASH API tests (cardano-node-tests)
18:36:06 [a4060108] added sync values for tag 1.32.0-rc2 None - staging - macos-latest (cardano-node-tests)
18:37:14 [289e485b] Adds cardano-memory-benchmark jobset (ci-ops)
18:43:32 [299688dc] added sync values for tag 1.32.0-rc2 None - testnet - macos-latest (cardano-node-tests)
18:44:05 [38efa548] Update readme (guild-operators)
18:53:17 [ae835aa3] Proposals voteplanid index search (#193) (vit-servicing-station)
18:53:45 [af61060f] Proposals voteplanid index search (#193) (vit-servicing-station)
18:54:11 [1102632a] Merge #3514 (ouroboros-network)
18:58:37 [b1bf33b4] [DDW-854] Init (daedalus)
18:59:20 [d80fa3d2] Add SMASH API tests (cardano-node-tests)
18:59:25 [d3aabe82] added sync values for tag 1.32.0-rc2 None - staging - windows-latest (cardano-node-tests)
19:05:21 [32574631] remove unused fallback (cicero)
19:05:49 [44adb725] fix (guild-operators)
19:07:46 [32b319e4] remove cicero-std binary (subsumed by nix stdlib), (cicero)
19:08:33 [65fd23f7] segment fix (guild-operators)
19:09:53 [494e164c] Add SMASH API tests (cardano-node-tests)
19:09:58 [1c4a1acd] wal fix (guild-operators)
19:14:23 [1f947f37] nix stdlib: github.reportStatus: drop curl output (cicero)
19:14:54 [00826275] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
19:17:28 [d97f853a] [DDW-854] New line (daedalus)
19:20:13 [ce4eabbc] [DDW-821] Downgrade electron-rebuild (daedalus)
19:25:40 [f6421543] remove cicero-std binary (subsumed by nix stdlib), (cicero)
19:30:29 [3e0877bc] Add SMASH API tests (cardano-node-tests)
19:34:36 [79cec0f2] membench: requiredSystemFeatures = [ "benchmark" ]; (cardano-memory-benchmark)
19:34:53 [27adab82] imp: #0 bump nix in shell to latest&greatest (bitte-cli)
19:35:03 [6dfd8477] nix stdlib: github.reportStatus: drop curl output (cicero)
19:35:04 [73529bbd] web: /workflow/: fix table cell display (cicero)
19:37:51 [a9851409] Re-organzie dirs/files. (plutus)
19:37:53 [1d4d8000] rm: #0 remove superfluous nixConfig (bitte-cli)
19:38:47 [83c2f78b] Merge branch 'std' (cicero)
19:39:17 [7b55cf1c] imp: #0 use a separate nix version for the bitte shell (bitte)
19:40:33 [cbc5ee36] imp: #0 use a separate nix version for the bitte shell (bitte)
19:46:48 [a3707776] make gocritic happy (cicero)
19:49:01 [b66db220] nixfmt (cicero)
19:52:50 [e2b6fbe6] membench: requiredSystemFeatures = [ "benchmark" ]; (cardano-memory-benchmark)
19:59:57 [30777f8c] web: /workflow/new: do not attempt to evaluate empty source (cicero)
19:59:58 [531f92bb] simpler check against non-empty strings (cicero)
20:02:04 [c1b847de] imp(bitte): #0 have controlled nix version within devshell (plutus-ops)
20:06:19 [dafcc38c] fixup: follows alignment (plutus-ops)
20:08:56 [db073e1c] update benchmark hydra configuration (ci-ops)
20:11:19 [fa23cfdf] Add restoreWallet API call in the FE (marlowe-cardano)
20:12:04 [38f327c3] cicero workflow: fix nix build (cicero)
20:13:06 [d5322e21] Remove Special (duplication with what's in ParserCommon. (plutus)
20:16:57 [6b4fdeaa] Remove unused allKeywords. (plutus)
20:19:19 [b1ac1be3] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
20:22:11 [bbf82b33] [DDW-796] Exclude js/ts files from nix-build glob (daedalus)
20:22:13 [d2a3e7df] fix nix build (cicero)
20:27:21 [714b1cbc] [DDW-796] Fund phase logic (daedalus)
20:39:53 [2c2f527a] Add Fragment::Evm variant (jormungandr)
20:41:39 [0de4d597] add 'evm' feature to jormungandr manifest (jormungandr)
20:43:01 [f901bea0] Merge branch 'master' into feature/txs-get-endpoint (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
20:56:03 [ce25a019] [DDW-796] Fund phase components (daedalus)
20:56:35 [5874e93b] [DDW-796] Fix lint issues (daedalus)
20:58:30 [21c35cde] patch: allow store paths in flake local settings (bitte-cli)
21:02:04 [2cc6a8bb] reduce log spam (cicero)
21:09:51 [cafdb711] Update asset_address_list (guild-operators)
21:14:25 [0ce18af9] Add nixos-21.11 builds. (haskell.nix)
21:15:47 [58f23af8] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
21:18:15 [4d0fb64a] Deploy grest tables first (guild-operators)
21:22:26 [5be07349] imp: use bitte-cli with patched nix for post-build-hook on daemon nix (bitte)
21:24:05 [1af2e79a] asset table fixes (guild-operators)
21:26:20 [f24856f2] asset table fix (guild-operators)
21:27:49 [9382e538] Update stylish-haskell import rules (marlowe-cardano)
21:27:52 [12bde1cc] Update web-common nix (marlowe-cardano)
21:27:52 [ef351a07] Add purs-tidy and prettier (marlowe-cardano)
21:27:52 [a322be18] Run purs-tidy (marlowe-cardano)
21:27:52 [4c1937ab] Run prettier (marlowe-cardano)
21:27:52 [4f4eb566] Update GH actions (marlowe-cardano)
21:29:27 [1115023c] Migrate tests to PureScript Spec to align with other projects (marlowe-cardano)
21:31:07 [fdef182d] remove asset index creation (guild-operators)
21:35:21 [ca243349] Add PSGenerator to the nix derivation (marlowe-cardano)
21:37:44 [a185d2b5] cost model table fix (guild-operators)
21:39:13 [fc7c567c] patch: allow store paths in flake local settings (bitte-cli)
21:44:43 [38bc41cc] imp: use bitte-cli with patched nix for post-build-hook on daemon nix (bitte)
21:44:43 [7abf6234] imp: streamline .enrc (bitte)
22:14:08 [52aadb9c] Update showcases.js (developer-portal)
22:16:08 [14378ce3] Rename API paths (marlowe-cardano)
22:16:28 [a449e170] Add files via upload (developer-portal)
22:18:04 [25f0ec44] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
22:19:20 [ddc3dc7b] Update showcases.js (developer-portal)
22:36:37 [58a1f1d1] add 'evm' feature to jormungandr manifest (jormungandr)
22:46:33 [cdf6e08f] specify versions for precompile dependencies from aurora project (chain-libs)
23:18:20 [b3c8d07d] Scheduled update (pool_groups)