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17 commits this week Sep 19, 2022 - Sep 26, 2022
Not allow duplicated vote-key entries (CIP-0036)
Added lines to make it clear that duplicated voting key entries (delegating weighted voting power) are not allowed in the registration metadata format and should be handled as invalid if such entries are included. This keeps away confusion about how the weight for each voting key should be calculated and its also mandatory for hw-wallets showing the right amount of weight for each voting key entry.
Rework CIP-0001 to reflect reality.
    This is the first step in a broader work aiming at pushing the CIP
    in the forefront of _every_ Cardano changes. Before addressing
    current shortcomings of the process, it is necessary to capture what
    the process _actually is_ at present.

    This rework will serve as a base for a retrospective discussion
    amongst the editors and, shall be proposed to the community for
    approval and review.