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112 commits this week Sep 24, 2022 - Oct 01, 2022
feat(wallet)!: resubmit recoverable transactions
Enchance inFlight$ transactions by adding submittedAt:
- On load, inFlight$ no longer emits transactions that were never known
  to successfully submit. Such transactions should be resubmitted.
- inFlight$ items now has a different structure
- confirmed$ items now also have a different structure,
  preserving the original NewTxAlonzo object
- Rename inFlightTransactions pouchdb store to ensure smooth update

Resubmit transactions that didn't have submission confirmed on load:
BREAKING CHANGE: add inFlightTransactions store dependency to TransactionReemitterProps

Resubmit transactions that don't get confirmed for too long:
BREAKING CHANGE: add inFlight$ dependency to TransactionsReemitter
feat(wallet): add SmartTxSubmitProvider
Wraps a `TxSubmitProvider` to enchance it's `submitTx` with the following functionality:
- Immediately rejects if network tip is already >= `ValidityInterval.invalidHereafter`
- Awaits for the following conditions before submitting:
  - Network tip is ahead of tx body `ValidityInterval.invalidBefore`.
  - Connection status is 'up'.
- Re-submits transactions that failed to submit due to connection or recoverable provider issue.

Use it in SingleAddressWallet.