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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

79 commits had been pushed across 24 repos by 25 authors. There were 4,290,334 additions and 937,092 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


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00:10:14 [678b4297] Automatic Update (stackage.nix)
00:19:29 [59159a8d] :card_file_box: Update status summary [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
00:19:29 [cc199574] :pencil: Update summary in README [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
00:21:06 [e42f69c6] :bento: Update graphs [skip ci] (uptime)
00:46:35 [58b9c1c1] Merge #3874 (cardano-wallet)
01:12:40 [3214a36b] docs: Merge #3874 3874: Complete removal of `Cardano.ProtocolParameters` dependency for tx construction r=jonathanknowles a=Anviking ### Comments - Seem to save 15-30 ms per postTransaction call. - Code becomes nicer with `PParams era` as only source of era - Requires (minor) API breaking change in `balanceTx` to drop support for balancing in future eras (by e.g. upcasting the PParams) - No performance gains in e.g. `postTransactionFee`, so not highest priority to complete ### Issue Number ADP-2990 Co-authored-by: Johannes Lund <[email protected]> Source commit: 58b9c1c1a8205f1fbcf9f866bb8d4646da40485c (cardano-wallet)
01:14:02 [0e8b6ae0] Add `CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md`. (cardano-transactions)
01:15:21 [93a2882c] Merge pull request #35 from input-output-hk/jonathanknowles/code-of-conduct (cardano-transactions)
01:17:09 [0e035fd2] Add `CONTRIBUTING.md`. (cardano-transactions)
01:18:12 [024f2520] Merge pull request #36 from input-output-hk/jonathanknowles/contributing.md (cardano-transactions)
04:42:49 [3e99c908] deploy: daa00a37de5f414da14fe1a5ec403980c764747d (hydra)
06:04:40 [bbbbae11] Merge pull request #3171 from IQTOKEN758/master (cardano-token-registry)
06:05:12 [8e0dad44] Merge pull request #3172 from DODOCOIN8888/master (cardano-token-registry)
06:05:51 [fb7ce943] Merge pull request #3173 from SatoshiNNakamotor/master (cardano-token-registry)
06:06:33 [0dd9d444] Merge pull request #3175 from stoneagehoolies/223f342e46ebe7b833b6491dfce25563f34c1a7cbd2d43f6702fd145484f4f4c494f-metadata (cardano-token-registry)
06:07:03 [58e6292b] Merge pull request #4577 from input-output-hk/coot/export-failure-constructors (ouroboros-network)
06:07:05 [375d4cb4] Merge pull request #3178 from free-crypto-drop/master (cardano-token-registry)
06:07:34 [40404a98] Merge pull request #3179 from adahasnoballs/master (cardano-token-registry)
06:14:20 [1dfc2cc7] Merge pull request #3103 from Liqwid-Labs/iusd-market-tokens (cardano-token-registry)
06:20:53 [c1a7b6e0] Deploying to gh-pages from @ input-output-hk/plutus-apps@4c301ebeab18a48e1a1ee0104f880ab5c2379deb 🚀 (plutus-apps)
06:34:59 [033920a9] Merge pull request #5282 from input-output-hk/newhoggy/add-carbolymer-to-CODEOWNERS (cardano-node)
07:37:49 [ef5f0106] deploy: dadb34c9bd270587bca0f0f393abecff136be25a (mithril)
07:55:40 [b5f122b2] Merge pull request #92 from input-output-hk/jonathanknowles/CONTRIBUTING.md (cardano-coin-selection)
07:55:47 [fe57ee7b] Merge #3968 (cardano-wallet)
09:10:47 [51f278d3] deploy: b2124a3f4a0848431d43a5207fc0a3876bcb43a7 (mithril)
09:19:28 [d121a172] FIX monthly publication manually (hydra)
09:26:02 [050252ff] deploy: 890f96cd30e873977f5fd0a88d9955ad0774b110 (catalyst-core)
09:28:52 [0acdf57f] Merge pull request #506 from input-output-hk/filip/fix/more-redirects (cardano-documentation)
09:56:48 [0cb88087] Add Registering a Pool to stake pool documentation (#1066) (developer-portal)
10:03:47 [8622cfd4] Merge #3925 #3970 (cardano-wallet)
10:47:52 [d13a58ef] docs: Merge #3925 #3970 3925: Withdrawals in multisig r=paweljakubas a=paweljakubas <!-- Detail in a few bullet points the work accomplished in this PR. Before you submit, don't forget to: CODE-OF-CONDUCT.md CODEOWNERS LICENSE README.md bors.toml cabal.project default.nix docker-compose.yml docs flake.lock flake.nix floskell.json hie-direnv.yaml lib nix prototypes reports scripts shell.nix specifications test touch.me.CI weeder.dhall Make sure the GitHub PR fields are correct: ✓ Set a good Title for your PR. ✓ Assign yourself to the PR. ✓ Assign one or more reviewer(s). ✓ Link to a Jira issue, and/or other GitHub issues or PRs. ✓ In the PR description delete any empty sections and all text commented in <!--, so that this text does not appear in merge commit messages. CODE-OF-CONDUCT.md CODEOWNERS LICENSE README.md bors.toml cabal.project default.nix docker-compose.yml docs flake.lock flake.nix floskell.json hie-direnv.yaml lib nix prototypes reports scripts shell.nix specifications test touch.me.CI weeder.dhall Don't waste reviewers' time: ✓ If it's a draft, select the Create Draft PR option. ✓ Self-review your changes to make sure nothing unexpected slipped through. CODE-OF-CONDUCT.md CODEOWNERS LICENSE README.md bors.toml cabal.project default.nix docker-compose.yml docs flake.lock flake.nix floskell.json hie-direnv.yaml lib nix prototypes reports scripts shell.nix specifications test touch.me.CI weeder.dhall Try to make your intent clear: ✓ Write a good Description that explains what this PR is meant to do. ✓ Jira will detect and link to this PR once created, but you can also link this PR in the description of the corresponding Jira ticket. ✓ Highlight what Testing you have done. ✓ Acknowledge any changes required to the Documentation. --> - [x] Added withdrawal support for multisig - [x] Added withdrawal integration test - [x] Added quit integration test - [x] Make sure getTransaction exposes certificates - shown in integration testing ### Comments <!-- Additional comments, links, or screenshots to attach, if any. --> ### Issue Number adp-2604 <!-- Reference the Jira/GitHub issue that this PR relates to, and which requirements it tackles. Note: Jira issues of the form ADP- will be auto-linked. --> 3970: Derive arithmetic operations for `{Coin,TokenQuantity}`. r=jonathanknowles a=jonathanknowles ## Summary This PR uses classes defined by the [`monoid-subclasses`](https://hackage.haskell.org/package/monoid-subclasses-1.2.3#readme) library to derive the definitions of all arithmetic operations for the `Coin` and `TokenQuantity` types. This takes advantage of the fact that both `Coin` and `TokenQuantity` have `Semigroup` and `Monoid` instances that are identical to those for `Sum Natural`. Co-authored-by: Pawel Jakubas <[email protected]> Co-authored-by: Piotr Stachyra <[email protected]> Co-authored-by: Jonathan Knowles <[email protected]> Source commit: 8622cfd4a841b26d8187a547f001f77242522009 (cardano-wallet)
10:51:21 [c482ddcf] 6.11.9 (adalite)
10:54:00 [41719443] Refactor dbsync utils (cardano-node-tests)
11:01:28 [3e2d9b75] Merge pull request #1850 from input-output-hk/dbsync_utils_refactoring (cardano-node-tests)
11:08:29 [2e92d39a] deploy: fd31fb0d834108cdf971d5d0dc6fe6c66a3c5f7c (catalyst-core)
11:20:10 [09126812] Merge pull request #3181 from schaier-io/master (cardano-token-registry)
11:47:10 [06be6ac0] deploy: 2359b08e2ba128d187c9c1f5fc5e2e53665e38dd (catalyst-core)
13:06:33 [2b4b5405] deploy: df428366f5128212557f2582f32670f9046c867b (hydra)
13:07:09 [5237853a] deploy: ec35a26a82c26b7ac2ed8905739437006c2bd7f9 (catalyst-core)
13:58:33 [2b399a82] Merge #3960 (cardano-wallet)
14:20:11 [5404adf6] Merge pull request #17 from zackbalbin/recommended-fee (ergo-node-interface)
14:24:33 [525c5cb0] docs: Merge #3960 3960: [ADP-3045] Declassify IsOwned r=paolino a=paolino - [x] Move IsOwned class function to its module Starting from the "bottom" classes made the process more painful. From this PR, I'm peeling off from the "top" classes whose functions are not used by other class instances. The IsOwned class was implying other constraints that now are explicit where it was from the constraint. OTOH, they will all slowly disappear, so it's a temporary verbosity added to some application functions. Some work has been done to allow access to the state in the tests. - The wallet flavor `TestStateS` now contains a dictionary of all features of the state; for now only `IsOwned` feature is included - The 2 Dummyxxx states IsOwned instances have been transformed in `isOwnedTest` fields of that dictionary. As we can observe in the `State.IsOwned` and `States.Features` module , when implementing a new feature, we must - add a field named i.e. `<feature>Test` with the signature of the feature in the Features module, with an error implementation to be overridden in tests - pattern match on TestStateS to support testing in the new feature module and use the new feature test field there In theory, this `TestStateS` could also absorb the Bench states, but I will face this later when all features of the state are declassified. ADP-3045 Co-authored-by: paolino <[email protected]> Source commit: 2b399a82f0b3bb1a9bcaf6231eddeced189d4a62 (cardano-wallet)
14:37:15 [8c7b271a] deploy: 6b2e04ceba7628ea0741262cfa0e0eb6dd4e8f6f (cardano-updates)
15:16:14 [0391fad0] Merge #3918 (cardano-wallet)
15:42:17 [f87eeb51] docs: Merge #3918 3918: [ADP-3019] Add PrivateKey store. r=paolino a=paolino - [x] introduce a primitive Credentials to substitute tuples to express private keys with decrypting password or hashed one - [x] use Credentials everywhere, but in HardDerivation because of a cyclic dep. I would solve it, but there is a goal to remove that class, and that would be a better time maybe. - [x] create and test a store for the private key (credentials) - [x] add the new store to the wallet state - [x] remove readPrivateKey and putPrivateKey from DB layer, and use the wallet state instead For the sake of not exploding the scope of the PR I left out changing the tuples for the private key in the Derivation module which require extracting the Depth type to avoid cyclic deps. ADP-3019 Co-authored-by: paolino <[email protected]> Source commit: 0391fad066d0c618871386a7d3360a806105c3d4 (cardano-wallet)
16:14:30 [a7aa1615] deploy: 86c6515969241c4e6a917ad5f3e9105a5b57b8bf (milkomeda-documentation)
16:45:42 [9eb6262e] TxBuilder refactor to split format (#210) (cardano-multiplatform-lib)
16:49:35 [aca89587] Removed Draft Docs for feature/ballot-endpoints (catalyst-core)
17:01:24 [a3ebcb03] deploy: bbc432f7f86fa18ce07202b2626b71cd1904e1e8 (catalyst-core)
17:35:45 [15d761a2] deploy: 6060584a82804b46300bfad8c36f8261a8a0d1ec (catalyst-core)
17:44:01 [f24aecce] deploy: 103385b60c748d8b0507d680e146237e6ec839f6 (catalyst-core)
18:10:23 [136fb1bd] deploy: edaaf83349fa1db7fb191af8fc15e1d9db3f50b7 (catalyst-core)
18:48:49 [047f9190] Merge pull request #1505 from Plutonomicon/t4/add-ctl-bridge-docs (cardano-transaction-lib)
18:53:15 [6d35376f] Merge pull request #1504 from aske/aske/plutip-docs-update (cardano-transaction-lib)
18:55:44 [3994efbb] Deploying to gh-pages from @ Plutonomicon/cardano-transaction-lib@6d35376f2fe8d689bc0713a11ee30382f06b91da 🚀 (cardano-transaction-lib)
19:02:55 [708b9904] deploy: d2c405c93386b384bbede294ffa0964af734ea37 (catalyst-core)
19:43:14 [bbc28e40] add Haskell Benchmark (customSmallerIsBetter) benchmark result for 78ed69a6d45d20986a67629c1abb63937d8c9bfd (cardano-ledger-specs)
19:59:15 [60b0f490] Remove custom in-app message (adalite)
20:00:08 [fb523222] 6.11.10 (adalite)
20:04:46 [99ffb1ca] WASM wrapper macros (#217) (cardano-multiplatform-lib)
20:20:01 [fee2dd1f] deploy: f589f38f5e71fbc356db8103973655626d385b8b (catalyst-core)
20:39:29 [ce79f573] Updated (cardano-ledger-specs)
20:48:19 [034f62c0] Implement most of `extractSimpleLanguage` (plutarch-core-wip-draft)
20:51:29 [32fb9588] Merge pull request #1851 from input-output-hk/fix_check_reference_txin_scripts (cardano-node-tests)
21:11:07 [b23ad302] Merge pull request #3457 from input-output-hk/jc/update-hackage-and-bound-cborg (cardano-ledger-specs)
21:14:59 [7fcb0169] add Haskell Benchmark (customSmallerIsBetter) benchmark result for b23ad3028a0127534fbe34f7c9aa96c3f62e1bbd (cardano-ledger-specs)
21:49:26 [edb6d29c] chore: initial commit (catalyst-ci)
22:00:45 [875c33f5] build: adds nix devshell (catalyst-ci)
22:00:47 [36c336c6] Updated (cardano-ledger-specs)
22:14:40 [54ff4961] feat: adds CLI tool (catalyst-ci)
22:31:20 [788bd4c7] deploy: aa6ebe133ca7ddc717defd2eba017c7ed76e3532 (catalyst-core)
23:05:33 [37f26534] 🟩 C1 Devnet RPC is up (200 in 236 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:34 [0257d86e] 🟩 C1 Devnet Sidechain Explorer is up (200 in 320 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:35 [eb7ed1da] 🟩 C1 Mainnet RPC is up (200 in 212 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:36 [312f8a9c] 🟩 C1 Mainnet Sidechain Explorer is up (200 in 734 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
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23:05:39 [bbc5299f] 🟩 A1 Mainnet L2 Explorer is up (200 in 273 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)