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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

73 commits had been pushed across 23 repos by 30 authors. There were 2,389,840 additions and 1,032,014 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:09:45 [10fcdfbe] Automatic Update (stackage.nix)
00:19:26 [56d5e506] :bento: Update graphs [skip ci] (uptime)
00:20:13 [42a0a6da] :card_file_box: Update status summary [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
00:20:13 [1872aa37] :pencil: Update summary in README [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
03:01:22 [f7d86799] Removed Draft Docs for kill-openssl (catalyst-core)
03:13:08 [e0fe14a8] deploy: 9afbd4587690c0d2505575200bced51618bde44e (catalyst-core)
04:34:28 [d1fccf72] deploy: 85e650ca951feba2b3f139eda4bc58cafeab07f9 (hydra-poc)
04:37:01 [e59e94e4] Add ghc810 ghc92 ghc94 ghc96, to select latest (#1973) (haskell.nix)
06:43:19 [047e2c62] Add `CODEOWNERS` file. (cardano-coin-selection)
06:48:03 [aca7d599] Merge pull request #89 from input-output-hk/jonathanknowles/codeowners (cardano-coin-selection)
06:48:59 [09d23761] Merge pull request #34 from input-output-hk/jonathanknowles/codeowners (cardano-transactions)
07:08:50 [916ef5c5] Update top-level README for meeting #66 and meantime CIP promotions (#517) (CIPs)
07:13:19 [d6c81746] Add Agora proposal creation metadata to registry (#515) (CIPs)
07:46:49 [374bbc5f] deploy: 2982c5ab33d45d1c9b92ac0de739f7a2bf5f72fc (mithril)
07:59:02 [843af370] Merge #3966 (cardano-wallet)
08:00:30 [e2cd2708] Deployed haddocks (hedgehog-extras)
08:13:14 [f5a84e94] Update top-level README with outcome of editor meetings 65 & 66 (#518) (CIPs)
08:20:50 [f1757d4a] Merge #3964 (cardano-wallet)
08:24:40 [ff1aa7a5] docs: Merge #3966 3966: Add `CODEOWNERS` file. r=jonathanknowles a=jonathanknowles ## Issue https://input-output.atlassian.net/browse/ADP-2785 ## Summary This PR adds a `CODEOWNERS` file, thus satisfying the requirement to identify the core maintainers of this repository. Co-authored-by: Jonathan Knowles <[email protected]> Source commit: 843af37039211f82fdad6bc972efa0933a6b0111 (cardano-wallet)
08:26:46 [445db08d] Check governance poll required signers on dbsync (cardano-node-tests)
08:51:49 [2d767117] Merge pull request #1842 from saratomaz/check_poll_required_signers_on_dbsync (cardano-node-tests)
08:53:24 [84eb4775] Merge pull request #1521 from saratomaz/check_reference_scripts_inputs_on_dbsync (cardano-node-tests)
09:08:04 [415f3aea] docs: Merge #3964 3964: Don't take `AnyCardanoEra` for tx size estimations r=Anviking a=Anviking - [x] Don't depend on `AnyCardanoEra` for tx size estimation. We're always in a recent era.* ### Comments - Preparation which makes #3874 nicer - *) Except such a check may not exist for migration, but the impact of anything going wrong would be low regardless. ### Issue Number ADP-2990 Co-authored-by: Johannes Lund <[email protected]> Source commit: f1757d4a398bc200930b316d64f82ec4e4a44a42 (cardano-wallet)
09:27:12 [44cfa367] Update 01-learn-about-marlowe.mdx (cardano-documentation)
09:36:18 [c1d22872] Merge pull request #502 from input-output-hk/olgahryniuk-patch-63 (cardano-documentation)
09:40:20 [bfa7c71d] deploy: be9f04fbb565754ea178ea10939f6c6454b498d5 (catalyst-core)
10:01:07 [f3f88e7b] Duplicate Schema.hs history to CosnumedTxOut (cardano-db-sync)
10:01:07 [dc40f637] Introduce an extra migration for consumed_by_tx_in_id (cardano-db-sync)
10:01:07 [e79cb0b3] Fourmolize (cardano-db-sync)
10:01:07 [6b077075] Introduce consumed-tx-out and prune-tx-out flags which control extra migrations (cardano-db-sync)
10:01:07 [45c44896] Fix an issue with hardcoded value (cardano-db-sync)
10:01:07 [0bcd43d5] Set tx_out.consumed_by_tx_in_id back to null on rollback (cardano-db-sync)
10:01:07 [f498e351] Introduce Pruning consumed tx_out (cardano-db-sync)
10:01:07 [cae91dbe] Schema changes for consumedByTxInId and foreign key (cardano-db-sync)
10:01:07 [2026122d] Prepare tag (cardano-db-sync)
10:01:07 [d5b762a8] Populate the tx_out.consumed_by_tx_in_id field (cardano-db-sync)
10:01:07 [4d55bbf5] Allow migration from existing schema to consumed_tx_out (cardano-db-sync)
10:26:39 [f5d18eba] deploy: f7d773376adc4b0f7a2cafd5e7acd664dec8137d (catalyst-core)
10:59:59 [1ac09d0a] deploy: dcccef883cb8083a17ed5561763fcbb6261ae2c2 (catalyst-core)
12:23:44 [73b1a2d7] Merge pull request #505 from input-output-hk/filip/fix/faq-redirects (cardano-documentation)
12:43:29 [bbc8da55] Merge pull request #192 from input-output-hk/bwbush/update-url (marlowe)
12:54:34 [18a7312b] Merge pull request #5279 from input-output-hk/newhoggy/remove-wrongly-committed-file (cardano-node)
12:59:18 [b2081345] Deployed haddocks (hedgehog-extras)
13:04:49 [6c9e2299] Add a way to log golden files (hedgehog-extras)
13:05:10 [a755dd27] Merge pull request #28 from blockfrost/chore/workspace-transfer (blockfrost.dev)
13:08:18 [7bcd42f2] Deployed haddocks (hedgehog-extras)
13:11:48 [c059c2c5] add hie.yaml files to all sub folders making HLS work (cardano-db-sync)
14:11:35 [a8d76f3e] add explorer links exactly as in CIP-0094-polls repo (#1068) (developer-portal)
14:13:50 [3ef6e00d] deploy: 357afef60e87020086ea26b05b513280d4ec9cfc (catalyst-core)
14:18:20 [d18c1f1c] deploy: 6114efede91ba58b07c209e4574f9820fd8d08bc (catalyst-core)
14:53:02 [9c5c6795] deploy: 1fb7dee893e79b55f47c2ea0cceabae596366ce2 (mithril)
15:09:28 [876a2348] Update dependencies due to handshake query (ekg-forward)
15:15:49 [f7856c49] Merge pull request #27 from input-output-hk/coot/3907-handshake-parameters (ekg-forward)
15:46:57 [401c60f9] deploy: 0c4ec64ac2b771bd358f90205dfe3d0a62d5dec1 (catalyst-core)
15:49:43 [03a71456] deploy: d82adb165a4f3f0e33c7507113cdc592ea3793fb (catalyst-core)
16:12:44 [9bb74728] deploy: daa00a37de5f414da14fe1a5ec403980c764747d (hydra-poc)
16:17:10 [740f9931] Add governance incentives (reward gate) (#111) (formal-ledger-specifications)
16:59:45 [fe840ef1] Updated (formal-ledger-specifications)
17:05:46 [3e768e6f] Deploying to gh-pages from @ input-output-hk/plutus-apps@7becb4e46c337beab1ac4b8c6fa74f394549824b 🚀 (plutus-apps)
18:46:06 [2973434c] Implement `interpretOne` (plutarch-core)
19:24:24 [03474401] deploy: f1789038afc1a7997fb687d9f7692242c95d4ea4 (catalyst-core)
19:54:29 [81613898] deploy: 0a0b384cef1f147a640396a854cd75c620ebae51 (catalyst-core)
19:57:43 [a1523ef1] deploy: 277cf67385abd5181825189360cf4ebeac0560ff (catalyst-core)
22:14:09 [7255fb20] Merge pull request #740 from input-output-hk/test/get-assets (cardano-js-sdk)
23:05:11 [1e69539c] 🟩 C1 Devnet Sidechain Explorer is up (200 in 294 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:11 [45164499] 🟩 C1 Devnet RPC is up (200 in 247 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:12 [266db6ab] 🟩 C1 Mainnet Sidechain Explorer is up (200 in 272 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:12 [d710acfc] 🟩 C1 Mainnet RPC is up (200 in 220 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:13 [63df7d34] 🟩 A1 Devnet RPC is up (200 in 585 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:14 [ed86e6e1] 🟩 A1 Devnet L2 Explorer is up (200 in 678 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:15 [ef64f0ff] 🟩 A1 Mainnet RPC is up (200 in 239 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:15 [2c546516] 🟩 A1 Mainnet L2 Explorer is up (200 in 236 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:13:06 [c8013726] Remove duplicate sidebar link (#1070) (developer-portal)