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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

40 commits had been pushed across 19 repos by 20 authors. There were 13,730 additions and 3,610 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

01:18:27 [a6e1efa6] Automatic update for Wed Nov 23 01:18:27 AM UTC 2022 (stackage.nix)
01:19:28 [983c6d74] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:29:13 [6ac3a0e6] add Haskell Benchmark (customSmallerIsBetter) benchmark result for 2a0abd500b9e01efe6dc47146fa8b805ef9ef307 (cardano-ledger)
03:12:02 [9e3c0339] cleanup mocks (#2230) (yoroi-mobile)
03:24:57 [9e2978a2] cleanup (#2231) (yoroi-mobile)
05:48:03 [2e4e271b] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to 5fb4a160ecfd7dbbf14505174c60d541426ba8af (plutus-ops)
08:51:16 [7150a687] Merge #4656 (cardano-node)
08:57:25 [85a9a174] Merge pull request #2548 from MuesliSwapTeam/master (cardano-token-registry)
08:58:15 [f807b2ec] Merge pull request #2547 from SteffenKeller/master (cardano-token-registry)
09:05:45 [ac561df6] deploy: b95d0a51d1f4e78f79e702b3a720ef1e114de628 (catalyst-core)
09:16:03 [ae01a8c3] Merge #4174 (ouroboros-network)
09:29:29 [1850723e] deploy: e7b8860b834ba87eb3a7411fc6b6847083893cfa (mithril)
09:33:43 [f400f08e] deploy: b3c7b1968c0231c140cf6438661e62005646a8d7 (cardano-updates)
10:29:25 [423915cd] Add hlint support in shell and GHA (#4974) (plutus)
10:43:28 [0051a373] Merge pull request #251 from blockfrost/1000101/CIP25 (openapi)
12:42:50 [d301569c] Merge #4173 (ouroboros-network)
12:50:27 [df97af13] init (koi-pond)
12:54:44 [6036a427] Merge pull request #1501 from input-output-hk/add_pv8_fast_cluster (cardano-node-tests)
12:57:33 [e7c96e40] Merge pull request #343 from input-output-hk/lehins/mempool-test-fix (cardano-base)
13:05:42 [ab1cfe98] Merge pull request #3582 from input-output-hk/piotr/e2e-testing-shared-wallets (cardano-wallet)
13:12:39 [2e265335] docs: Merge pull request #3582 from input-output-hk/piotr/e2e-testing-shared-wallets E2e testing shared wallets Source commit: ab1cfe98737347db4ef2115068ae9f9b9535252f (cardano-wallet)
13:41:20 [205b4674] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to ad5991dc9e0f8ede0f2250c4e2563abb4fa06569 (plutus-ops)
14:31:30 [da564fc0] Try #3593: (cardano-wallet)
14:41:49 [41b9f318] Generate plutus-metatheory Intermediate .hs files in dist-newstyle (#4961) (plutus)
15:05:20 [956fa1f6] Merge #3598 (cardano-wallet)
15:08:37 [a6f8ec9e] staging: Bump marlowe to 11c4fdabc8fcaf8da713591775afb98f4f189044 (plutus-ops)
15:12:15 [c857796e] Merge #4182 (ouroboros-network)
15:43:32 [405e75f4] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to 4bdde1d3aa53a13d2e78737224a1ac8d3d5b9f6d (plutus-ops)
16:07:07 [0d54857a] Update discussion of signature verification parameters (#4976) (plutus)
16:21:49 [0099ed3b] docs: Merge #3598 3598: Refactor: break down ApiConstructTransactionData validation r=Unisay a=Unisay This PR is an increment towards the state where `Cardano.Wallet.Api.createTransaction` API request body validation is modular and is done in a spirit of [Parse, don’t validate](https://lexi-lambda.github.io/blog/2019/11/05/parse-don-t-validate/). I intend to continue down this road, such that: - API layer is responsible for converting HTTP request into a data type that captures a transaction construction task (`TransactionCtx` atm). - `TransactionCtx` is passed to the `Cardano.Wallet.createTransaction` layer which takes care of the semantic validations and does all the logic. Such refactoring will make it possible to reimplement e.g. `quitStakePool` in terms of the `Cardano.Wallet.createTransaction`. ### Issue Number ADP-2267 Co-authored-by: Yura Lazarev <[email protected]> Source commit: 956fa1f62221a789cecb0b6d314411637472875a (cardano-wallet)
16:27:10 [e586ef43] deploy: ddc8b33ee6ce504c1d94286043db3fb8ce4aa73f (catalyst-core)
16:44:59 [a4f1c400] Try #3593: (cardano-wallet)
17:04:27 [926d785e] Merge #4173 (ouroboros-network)
17:15:28 [a0a31510] modernize CI (cardano)
17:25:12 [79779bde] Typo in the comments (ECDSA) (#4973) (plutus)
21:08:21 [817d20cc] deploy: 7f504aa2edb0c57dc112fa0a0964e39409e6c193 (cardano-updates)
21:42:28 [c162ad7e] Merge `enhancement/composition-compatibility-with-sim-and-bisim` of pull request #23 into `master` (transition-systems)
22:38:41 [6ab5ac19] Merge `master` into `enhancement/weak-tau-transitions-properties-addition` (transition-systems)
22:45:50 [6a640f59] Merge `enhancement/weak-tau-transitions-properties-addition` of pull request #24 into `master` (transition-systems)
23:26:24 [1732d307] Merge pull request #1503 from input-output-hk/ci_markexpr (cardano-node-tests)