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Friday, October 23, 2020

403 commits had been pushed across 42 repos by 64 authors. There were 97,191 additions and 64,156 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on roadmap.cardano.org.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:04:35 [b2d73bc5] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
00:07:34 [d08c8c7c] fix tests (yoroi-frontend)
00:09:03 [fa98f66b] bech32 payment keys (#1773) (yoroi-frontend)
00:44:39 [2853d0a5] Failure (cardano-node)
00:49:11 [aac6ad9c] hlint does not need reinstallableLibGhc any more (#893) (haskell.nix)
00:57:04 [65484ee9] Delete socket files before create artefacts (cardano-node)
01:03:13 [1721ca9e] Automatic update for Fri Oct 23 01:03:13 UTC 2020 (stackage.nix)
01:13:48 [b908ea34] Automatic update for Fri Oct 23 01:13:47 UTC 2020 (hackage.nix)
01:15:21 [5fc93a3f] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
02:00:38 [66b7925a] Delete socket files before create artefacts (cardano-node)
02:05:26 [2e2cf6a5] Update sed to remove stale entry, change grep query checked for gLiveView (guild-operators)
02:10:26 [7b05ca3d] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
02:11:51 [80e427d5] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
02:22:31 [76082c0b] Multiple versions return different values, add a condition to skip sed depending on value of BASH_REMATCH (guild-operators)
02:30:37 [0c89c930] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
02:30:40 [fe16ec9c] Feedback from #560, bump CNTools patch version (guild-operators)
02:32:42 [ac05b1eb] Failure (cardano-node)
02:33:19 [1eec015f] missing fi (guild-operators)
02:38:54 [6600182e] Closes #559 (guild-operators)
03:31:18 [89e806df] Update index state (cardano-db-sync)
03:32:59 [15d72ac3] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
03:37:06 [afe200d2] Update index state (cardano-db-sync)
04:27:05 [6e4d01e9] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
04:34:29 [aa4fe5f3] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
04:50:15 [88a915fd] Update haskell.nix (plutus)
05:15:58 [21619915] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
05:35:19 [6e7bb457] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into etcm-213/relad-bloom-after-restart (mantis)
05:40:20 [0301bc85] Merge #2012 (cardano-node)
06:00:12 [29ca388d] [ETCM-213] Fix merge conflicts (mantis)
06:04:05 [bd512589] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into etcm-260/tweak-network-configs (mantis)
06:07:04 [3a330801] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
06:08:11 [12f00a1a] test: update retired stake pool assertion (cardano-graphql)
06:08:34 [2a21c622] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
06:10:31 [17358d24] [ETCM-260] Fix merge conflicts (mantis)
06:25:24 [38b1381d] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
06:34:29 [0586e234] SRE-137: Add awscli (ops-lib)
06:53:23 [cf2d33b7] update assets (jorvit)
06:54:35 [b2b096bb] chain_vote_encryption_key added, more config params (jorvit)
07:05:41 [2f2d6266] Delete files that should have been deleted in #1977 (cardano-node)
07:05:41 [a3c8dd1a] Drop constraint on no longer used brick package (cardano-node)
07:05:41 [516927ac] Bump ouroboros-network dependency (cardano-node)
07:05:41 [1b041bd8] Remove redundant imports (cardano-node)
07:05:42 [ba2eaf33] Use Type instead of * (cardano-node)
07:05:42 [eae7a1a0] Import List qualified (cardano-node)
07:05:42 [4d90f558] Remove unused record wildcard matches (cardano-node)
07:05:42 [9e23952d] Remove pattern match redundant according to GHC 8.10 (cardano-node)
07:05:42 [8df73341] Switch to GHC 8.10.2 (cardano-node)
07:05:43 [6bda74be] Fix Windows GHC 8.10.2 on CI (cardano-node)
07:05:43 [12edd07e] Move warnings from cabal.project to the .cabal files (cardano-node)
07:05:43 [6eb72b3e] Fix Nix issues (cardano-node)
07:06:14 [c98ec1f7] Merge #593 (iohk-monitoring-framework)
07:06:31 [a7924ea3] Update haskell.nix to fix hlint (cardano-node)
07:06:31 [0a6dd1cf] Fix hlint warnings (cardano-node)
07:07:38 [a8389e3b] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
07:13:51 [2b48f68e] Merge #1990 (cardano-node)
07:17:00 [9efaedaf] cardano-ping as a demo (ouroboros-network)
07:21:43 [b20cad47] Merge pull request #1932 from input-output-hk/nc/script (cardano-ledger-specs)
07:33:26 [27b06f32] cardano-ping as a demo (ouroboros-network)
07:35:33 [4b8e185c] cardano-ping as a demo (ouroboros-network)
07:37:47 [91b49de0] Point to different branches (mantis-ops)
07:41:21 [e19896e6] chore: bump cardano-db-sync (cardano-graphql)
07:49:54 [c4b48137] Typo: missing .d (guild-operators)
07:53:09 [164cd3f7] Tech debt: restructure modules. (cardano-rt-view)
07:53:54 [3c3e6ac4] Add hydra jobsets for mantis (mantis-ops)
07:53:54 [106d531a] Add niv sources (mantis-ops)
07:53:54 [43a270ae] Use develop branch (mantis-ops)
07:54:11 [396ec3d8] Merge pull request #64 from input-output-hk/restructure (cardano-rt-view)
08:02:37 [d12b94c9] ApiScript correct (cardano-wallet)
08:06:25 [531300cf] Shorten command name (jormungandr)
08:06:33 [a0f2ead4] Update dependencies (ouroboros-network)
08:06:39 [5c5aa497] Complete discussion about time in the HFC (ouroboros-network)
08:09:15 [1cec2633] Update ActusBlockly.purs (plutus)
08:09:36 [b5c855cd] Regenerate nix (cardano-wallet)
08:22:47 [8087d340] Spellcheck (ouroboros-network)
08:28:00 [b5571095] Merge pull request #2630 from danielSanchezQ/encrypted-tally-as-hex-string (jormungandr)
08:30:28 [107115c5] Make time its own chapter (ouroboros-network)
08:32:18 [5c2b416b] Extended gitattributes file (cardano-node)
08:37:33 [8f2e5c70] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
08:47:16 [955b87ab] Github action support (no tests) (cardano-db-sync)
08:53:02 [ce8a83fb] [ETCM-213] Add one todo regarding async processing (mantis)
08:54:48 [a29a029c] Switch to ghc-8.10.2 in Hydra (cardano-prelude)
08:56:14 [7e44332f] Switch to ghc-8.10.2 in Hydra (cardano-base)
08:56:55 [6aa4de50] Update ActusBlockly.purs (#2387) (plutus)
08:57:54 [6aca51f9] Switch to ghc-8.10.2 in Hydra (iohk-monitoring-framework)
08:59:50 [bf1a728a] Nicer handling of response including exemplary curl of the request (ikar)
09:01:23 [09bf2b77] Review fixes (cardano-node)
09:03:55 [6ffc0586] Parametrise tests over Value (cardano-ledger-specs)
09:03:55 [b9a3f444] Address review comments (cardano-ledger-specs)
09:07:21 [10c40858] Handle signed metadata (ikar)
09:10:33 [f46fd50e] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into etcm-213/relad-bloom-after-restart (mantis)
09:15:07 [210d3aba] Extended gitattributes file (cardano-node)
09:15:22 [b3f1fc89] db-sync: bump to 6.0.0 (cardano-ops)
09:18:57 [05fbb536] Document the weirdness going on with generators. (cardano-ledger-specs)
09:19:11 [0d7ac333] Generate VRF signing key file with owner permissions only (cardano-node)
09:19:12 [c97df67f] This currently works in tests and in shelley cluster script (cardano-node)
09:19:13 [5f001b4c] Update vrf file creation to work in windows (cardano-node)
09:24:39 [4b42814a] Update `hlint.yaml` to silence `use const` warnings. (cardano-wallet)
09:26:02 [d567d637] Remove redundant hlint `use const` warnings. (cardano-wallet)
09:29:38 [d066d119] Update doc/getting-started/understanding-config-files.md (cardano-node)
09:30:20 [e7322b35] Document the weirdness going on with generators. (cardano-ledger-specs)
09:32:13 [7fece041] Update start_your_nodes.md (cardano-node)
09:32:34 [ea3a3b6c] Update doc/getting-started/understanding-config-files.md (cardano-node)
09:32:51 [1bfc855a] Feedback from #560, bump CNTools patch version (#562) (guild-operators)
09:34:13 [488d4fcc] compute function breakdown (cardano-ledger-specs)
09:35:32 [1a3d2ac4] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Pool/DB/Model.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:35:50 [1d9f9b09] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Pool/DB/Sqlite.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:36:30 [269a7ab7] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Pool/Metadata.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:37:09 [03f3f01d] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Wallet/DB/Sqlite/Types.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:38:52 [4eb5b300] CAD-2068: move to GHC 8.10.2. (cardano-rt-view)
09:39:03 [97480831] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Wallet/DB/Sqlite/Types.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:41:58 [4e38f4a1] Merge #2265 (cardano-wallet)
09:42:01 [34e3fb01] Merge #1960 (cardano-node)
09:42:32 [d385c7e2] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Wallet/DB/Sqlite/Types.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:42:39 [8504172e] [DDW-197] Bump cardano-wallet to latest master and extended coin selections integration / improvement (daedalus)
09:43:23 [e2293294] Update lib/shelley/src/Cardano/Wallet/Shelley/Pools.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:43:40 [b807b812] Update lib/shelley/src/Cardano/Wallet/Shelley/Pools.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:43:51 [93409039] Update lib/shelley/src/Cardano/Wallet/Shelley/Pools.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:44:01 [26693dd8] Update doc/getting-started/understanding-config-files.md (cardano-node)
09:44:42 [fe91b162] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Wallet/Primitive/Types.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:44:56 [f98a4823] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Wallet/Primitive/Types.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:45:21 [82285ca3] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Wallet/Primitive/Types.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:45:41 [ec97e916] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Wallet/Primitive/Types.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:48:42 [23e2910f] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Wallet/Primitive/Types.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:49:08 [7cacb3aa] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Wallet/Primitive/Types.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:50:15 [2d65eedd] Update lib/core/test/unit/Cardano/Pool/DB/Arbitrary.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:51:44 [57d34862] Merge pull request #2628 from danielSanchezQ/jcli-private-tally-certificate (jormungandr)
09:51:59 [b567fc36] Update index.rst (docs-cardano-org)
09:52:01 [0a3d9cbd] Update lib/core/test/unit/Cardano/Pool/DB/Properties.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:52:27 [60e3977b] Added some tx and tx-plugin errors (plutus)
09:52:32 [85a75977] Update lib/core/test/unit/Cardano/Pool/DB/Properties.hs (cardano-wallet)
09:53:19 [2a9f9e3c] Update lib/jormungandr/src/Cardano/Wallet/Jormungandr/Binary.hs (cardano-wallet)
10:07:32 [6fee9196] Review fixes (cardano-node)
10:10:14 [a8c10646] Update index.rst (docs-cardano-org)
10:11:01 [3b57d621] Update gLiveView.sh (guild-operators)
10:12:21 [bdec13a9] small fixes (plutus)
10:12:22 [094a1363] SCP-1332 - Introduce On and Off state for Simulation (#2386) (plutus)
10:13:02 [8093d50a] address review comments (ouroboros-network)
10:15:09 [07a8216b] Renamed plutus-common module (plutus)
10:16:38 [4168eeb4] minor correction on Theorem 2 proof in voting (decentralized-software-updates)
10:35:54 [c1be0bf7] [DDW-291] Fixes build issues (daedalus)
10:37:22 [ad1327c7] Test for getting signed metadata (cardano-wallet-rb)
10:41:47 [2974abb5] Adding AWS Region initialisation instructions to the deployment README. (plutus)
10:41:47 [df72ff5c] Fixing a concurrency/timing issue for the terraform AWS API Gateway setup. (plutus)
10:41:47 [d39c2e1d] Removing some obsolete terraform vars. (plutus)
10:43:29 [b39ec9a0] more small changes (plutus)
10:46:08 [4d2bb936] padding (plutus)
10:49:39 [5afdb408] Make sure the maxLovelaceSupply is greater than the Byron balance (ouroboros-network)
10:55:05 [51d93f45] add Keys to tags in swagger (cardano-wallet)
10:55:23 [f3b53f29] compute function breakdown (cardano-ledger-specs)
10:56:10 [64e42a91] Update start_your_nodes.md (cardano-node)
10:58:23 [05e1235c] Save entire workspace when saving to gist (plutus)
10:59:26 [370d9029] First part of Marlowe Playground UX refresh (plutus)
10:59:26 [6f9bd31b] change save as text (plutus)
10:59:26 [6bbf51ec] fix save as (plutus)
10:59:26 [6c977faa] linting (plutus)
10:59:26 [e3d22829] lint (plutus)
10:59:26 [10dfbcd7] more lints (plutus)
10:59:26 [0276b601] default buttons (plutus)
10:59:26 [c382829b] fixes (plutus)
10:59:26 [6c83d014] fixes (plutus)
10:59:26 [1d5ee51e] fix save as issue (plutus)
10:59:26 [b51d9f9e] linting (plutus)
10:59:26 [22f5ea82] css (plutus)
10:59:26 [ad5d8f00] remove a link (plutus)
11:00:37 [78e21c29] small fixes (plutus)
11:00:37 [73d9c76a] merge conflict (plutus)
11:00:38 [77a91487] fix bottom panel (plutus)
11:00:38 [aa15d683] remove unused nix stuff (plutus)
11:00:38 [476629c4] small fixes (plutus)
11:00:38 [ac90acb2] more small changes (plutus)
11:00:38 [246b5df4] padding (plutus)
11:02:53 [aae58f5a] Update lib/shelley/src/Cardano/Wallet/Shelley/Pools.hs (cardano-wallet)
11:04:01 [db30e1f8] Merge #2702 (ouroboros-network)
11:05:15 [bffaef78] Add `delistPools` to Pool DBLayer (cardano-wallet)
11:05:15 [5c4fdd43] Add delisted to swagger.yaml (cardano-wallet)
11:05:16 [7ccc0e6f] Add internal_state table (cardano-wallet)
11:05:16 [bd9a981c] Add GC worker thread for delisting Pools (cardano-wallet)
11:05:16 [5575e347] Return GC sync time as well from ListStakePools (cardano-wallet)
11:06:21 [03280cdc] Add stake pool maintenance endpoint (cardano-wallet)
11:06:23 [2158f4c0] Change DB representation of POSIXTime (cardano-wallet)
11:06:23 [a9e07c21] Add DB test for last GC time (cardano-wallet)
11:06:23 [b1eb2b1a] Apply review suggestions (cardano-wallet)
11:06:23 [52d0f16e] Redo the database layer (cardano-wallet)
11:06:36 [2707176d] Apply review suggestions (cardano-wallet)
11:07:17 [6c4510ca] compute function breakdown (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:09:27 [68ad32cb] Added NOTE on error-codes (plutus)
11:09:58 [632f2124] Merge #1960 (cardano-node)
11:12:22 [127da0e5] Merge branch 'alpha' into gLiveView_sed (guild-operators)
11:12:58 [9cd08957] [ETCM-269] merge develop (mantis)
11:14:02 [67571e0f] gLiveView: Update sed to remove stale entry, change grep query (#561) (guild-operators)
11:14:32 [b20a2f3b] [DDW-197] Fix electron store type for HARDWARE_WALLET_DEVICES (daedalus)
11:18:05 [aaa6991c] Merge #2260 (cardano-wallet)
11:19:34 [a7f97002] [DDW-197] Merges-in latest develop branch and fix conflicts (daedalus)
11:20:11 [b1f202b2] fix merge (plutus)
11:21:14 [dfaf1735] Merge branch 'develop' into feature/ETCM_269_future_task (mantis)
11:21:50 [faed47ed] [DDW-197] Fix CI builds (daedalus)
11:22:38 [f6ef3471] Merge branch 'feature/ddw-197-implement-ledger-hw-support' of github.com:input-output-hk/daedalus into feature/ddw-197-implement-ledger-hw-support (daedalus)
11:24:15 [5310e460] Apply review suggestions (cardano-wallet)
11:25:59 [dadfec63] compute function breakdown (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:40:32 [01a2d58b] compute function breakdown (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:41:50 [71e804da] Maybe fix toybox (bitte)
11:42:10 [2c634263] [ETCM-269] extract TaskAsk pattern (mantis)
11:42:43 [5b040a02] put Keys under Shelley wallets section and add `multisig_script` for role (cardano-wallet)
11:45:40 [50a1d827] fix initial config (jorvit)
11:52:54 [227745e3] [DDW-197] Fix Add / Connect hardware wallet icon styles (daedalus)
11:55:10 [37318732] Merge #2015 (cardano-node)
11:57:56 [779e0bb6] CAD-1859 resource stats: more metrics & switch to HKD (iohk-monitoring-framework)
11:59:42 [7572d195] CAD-1859 logging: more metrics & update to monitoring API changes (cardano-node)
12:03:45 [65342220] WIP CAD-2069 locli: log analysis (cardano-benchmarking)
12:04:13 [2a0312da] Update index.rst (docs-cardano-org)
12:04:41 [b6306356] [DDW-291] Fix flow errors (daedalus)
12:10:41 [9995bb19] WIP (ouroboros-network)
12:13:32 [14867552] ETCM-207: Hide the ENR from the constructor, so that it can be consistent with updateExternalIP. (scalanet)
12:13:56 [1118fd2e] clean defual cors configs (jorvit)
12:14:12 [48542e5e] etcm-173 support for checkpoints in difficulty calculator (mantis)
12:14:28 [0e349c19] cardano-ping as a demo (ouroboros-network)
12:15:06 [88d0bd43] README - cleanup (jorvit)
12:15:42 [66b43ab9] [DDW-291] Fix lint issues (daedalus)
12:16:05 [5b784456] dev: update goreleaser with vit_bins folder (jorvit)
12:24:47 [2e1e29f0] [ETCM-269] scalafmt on compile (mantis)
12:25:15 [bb1d7b81] [ETCM-269] add 60 min timeout on build (mantis)
12:25:45 [95ae5b6d] [ETCM-269] scalafmt (mantis)
12:30:16 [c706f434] [DDW-423] CHANGELOG (daedalus)
12:36:50 [48b2e6dc] Merge pull request #2388 from input-output-hk/terraform-tweaks (plutus)
12:37:36 [7973b870] Address reviews to #2386 by @shmish111 (plutus)
12:45:32 [3dbaf08a] Merge #2701 (ouroboros-network)
12:47:40 [9ceb1e45] Reorganize chapter on time a bit (ouroboros-network)
12:53:01 [85eea3d7] 1.1.0 (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
12:53:24 [262af60a] Fix golden test framework (ouroboros-network)
13:10:06 [c2c678d7] Improve stub server (smash)
13:17:30 [802d82d5] [DDW-197] Enable Ledger devices / HW (daedalus)
13:22:16 [effc77b8] [ETCM-269] add AkkaAsk in DebugService (mantis)
13:22:21 [ccdc4eae] Merge pull request #2266 from input-output-hk/paweljakubas/make-get-ver-key-visible (cardano-wallet)
13:22:34 [5b25816b] [CAD-2093] Use qualified module names. (smash)
13:23:04 [b1f6835c] Sign metadata and get public key tests (cardano-wallet-rb)
13:24:16 [a3573356] Get public key (ikar)
13:24:32 [9e00e2ac] Shelley: add query to return the ShelleyGenesis (ouroboros-network)
13:24:45 [619752a0] HFC: add query to return the current era (ouroboros-network)
13:29:55 [1d5e22f7] fix nix (plutus)
13:34:59 [c150a05e] Merge pull request #65 from input-output-hk/cad-2068-move-to-ghc-810 (cardano-rt-view)
13:37:00 [7690c4db] Shelley: add query to return the entire ledger state (ouroboros-network)
13:38:29 [efc830c9] cardano_wallet gem 0.2.4 (ikar)
13:51:20 [c7f48796] [DDW-423] currentNumberFormar for storybook stories (daedalus)
13:51:50 [33d2c761] ccdc4eae896708ba16245cdbfc3b2222b8d4a097 (cardano-wallet)
13:51:51 [5bdba7a3] Merge branch 'gh-pages-deploy' into gh-pages (cardano-wallet)
13:53:41 [6c0f20ce] fix Marlowe tutorial link (testnets-cardano-org)
13:56:17 [a0e577fb] Version the new queries (ouroboros-network)
14:00:39 [aac25a4c] Edits pointed out by the review (cardano-ledger-specs)
14:02:05 [60187ff0] unrelated: improve utxo balance auto-refresh in tx history screen (yoroi-mobile)
14:04:14 [93a57d59] more changes than i can count (vit-ops)
14:04:41 [42baac21] Update with cardano-graphql 2.2.1 data (docs-cardano-org)
14:04:46 [6b647629] seaweedfs and cleanup (bitte)
14:07:30 [e5697223] Update node dep info for cardano-graphql 2.2.1 (docs-cardano-org)
14:11:26 [09356ce8] Rename SomeBlock to SomeSecond (ouroboros-network)
14:11:30 [d6d565d7] Import ShowProxy from consensus instead of network where possible (ouroboros-network)
14:12:22 [91c174d9] Merge #2265 (cardano-wallet)
14:14:22 [7a6131a5] Merge pull request #1934 from input-output-hk/polina/testparam2 (cardano-ledger-specs)
14:15:10 [370f70e3] Added the Main test file. (cardano-ledger-specs)
14:17:47 [2712e825] 3.8.1 (yoroi-frontend)
14:17:53 [d5a89a81] minor update to link (testnets-cardano-org)
14:18:07 [9f1a5c40] Disable build of coverageReport for disabled win32 tests (ouroboros-network)
14:26:42 [42de03a8] wip (cardano-ledger-specs)
14:27:13 [e6bd7ac9] fixing broken links (testnets-cardano-org)
14:29:49 [f34256bc] fixing tutorial link (testnets-cardano-org)
14:30:29 [ceb5d0ec] adjust prior distribution and percentile for pool ranking (cardano-ledger-specs)
14:30:41 [8ce96d71] etcm-174 validate checkpoint signatures for lexicographical order (mantis)
14:34:41 [e3d7b3f0] Give QueryLedger the ExtLedgerState (ouroboros-network)
14:36:58 [0b9b7c46] SCP-1285 untyped plutus core for benchies (#2369) (plutus)
14:39:36 [5beca98b] test Windows encoding. (cardano-rt-view)
14:42:42 [859daca1] compute function breakdown (cardano-ledger-specs)
14:47:11 [e0d00d3f] Merge pull request #287 from cardano-foundation/nahern-patch-22 (testnets-cardano-org)
14:47:40 [9084ae28] Merge pull request #289 from cardano-foundation/nahern-patch-24 (testnets-cardano-org)
14:48:21 [0bdcfe3b] use fork of cardano-ledger-specs for finer profiling (cardano-node)
14:48:37 [e2960da4] [ETCM-269] improve patience (mantis)
14:49:10 [5bac969f] [ETCM-269] buildkite pipeline (mantis)
14:52:39 [ea3998b8] [DDW-423] Revert dummy stakingRewards (daedalus)
14:53:49 [935b35de] Disable build of coverageReport for disabled win32 tests (ouroboros-network)
14:54:14 [83cabe36] Merge branch 'release/2.4.0' into fix/ddw-423-respect-number-format-on-staking-screens (daedalus)
14:55:25 [2cc40222] Fix ProposedPParamsUpdatse typo (ouroboros-network)
14:56:18 [be44984a] [DDW-423] Revert prettier formatting file (daedalus)
15:04:38 [aa3170a4] purty (plutus)
15:05:35 [6a19c329] ormolise (cardano-ledger-specs)
15:09:58 [2884d2d8] Address remaining reviews, and add hasable and useable (plutus)
15:30:35 [09ed7676] Improve stub server (smash)
15:36:00 [7d9e4555] Shelley: only keep a compact genesis config in memory (ouroboros-network)
15:37:10 [9731d675] block.protocolVersion: concat major and minor (cardano-graphql)
15:56:47 [443abd21] Playground: Removing the top announcement banner. (plutus)
16:00:16 [82d6922c] Merge #2696 (ouroboros-network)
16:02:48 [d721a9db] add decay to hit-rate estimation (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:11:47 [6a2ef47d] Review fixes (cardano-node)
16:21:20 [3c2b8626] add sourcesOverride arg to shell.nix (cardano-node-tests)
16:23:20 [db379f6a] fix comparison operator (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:25:36 [1498f6c1] [DDW-423] Formatted Potential Rewards (daedalus)
16:32:48 [442e86c5] Written textual intro to building contracts in blockly (replaces (plutus)
16:33:36 [591adc1a] Added images for the Marlowe in Blockly section. (plutus)
16:43:53 [378470d5] use imhamt as hashset too (chain-wallet-libs)
16:46:08 [c052fce6] [DDW-422]: Add tooltips on stake pools table (daedalus)
16:47:02 [1f2e6e70] updates (plutus)
16:47:56 [6a6ed162] Overview updated for new Blockly intro. (plutus)
16:50:37 [e33b6fe9] add missing response (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
16:56:25 [07e0acfb] updates (plutus)
17:05:08 [cb41238d] Address reviews to #2386 by @shmish111 (#2390) (plutus)
17:08:53 [410e18cf] draft (jormungandr)
17:09:28 [28db9f6f] refactor withdrawal dialog (#1025) (yoroi-mobile)
17:09:59 [13f31edf] Save entire workspace when saving to gist (plutus)
17:11:02 [eaabe825] First part of Marlowe Playground UX refresh (plutus)
17:11:46 [2ab7037b] Merge #2260 (cardano-wallet)
17:13:34 [33228289] [DDW-423] Tooltip numbers formatted (daedalus)
17:15:29 [c6bf87b5] increase sleep in recovery test (jormungandr)
17:21:06 [69f5ab47] Merge pull request #35 from piotr-iohk/exprimental_sign_metadata (ikar)
17:29:32 [5fe5b1a6] [DDW-422]: Update changelog (daedalus)
17:53:16 [6e03c007] remove OrdMap too (chain-wallet-libs)
17:54:46 [33992bdd] wip (cardano-ledger-specs)
17:58:17 [de57d39f] Improve stub server (smash)
18:00:47 [a5ebc3aa] remove commented code (chain-wallet-libs)
18:06:01 [b7659be7] CAD-1874 (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:09:21 [a80eadb5] add decay to hit-rate estimation (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:13:15 [0add41c9] QA for git-th (cardano-ogmios)
18:13:15 [7e4c6168] QA hspec-json-schema (cardano-ogmios)
18:13:16 [bea41359] factor out default extensions and options in a top-level configuration file. (cardano-ogmios)
18:13:16 [93777c03] QA for time-extra (cardano-ogmios)
18:13:17 [1d8d5322] QA for cardano-client (cardano-ogmios)
18:13:17 [f853583b] remove unused dependencies (cardano-ogmios)
18:14:35 [31787616] Merge branch 'develop' into etcm-177-improve-ommers-pool-handling (mantis)
18:15:22 [2677553b] Merge pull request #2391 from input-output-hk/SCP-1346 (plutus)
18:16:55 [9b2039b5] DDW-423 respect number format oon staking screens (daedalus)
18:16:57 [5f49352b] [ETCM-211] Improve handling of timeout cases, moved it closer to handling of responses (mantis)
18:17:04 [8f542011] start testing parsing and encoding of local state queries. (cardano-ogmios)
18:21:22 [6b395df5] what (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:24:54 [c399e91d] CAD-1874 (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:25:19 [972123b5] what (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:29:39 [2289009c] Merge pull request #1933 from input-output-hk/jc/filter-byron-redeem-addrs (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:31:00 [a9203c27] [DDW-423] Formatted valur for the Slider (daedalus)
18:31:33 [37202251] Merge branch 'fix/ddw-423-respect-number-format-on-staking-screens' of https://github.com/input-output-hk/daedalus into fix/ddw-423-respect-number-format-on-staking-screens (daedalus)
18:32:03 [ddf0f9f6] DDW-423 respect number format oon staking screens - adding shortNumber on produced blocks values (daedalus)
18:32:16 [832c8931] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix/ddw-423-respect-number-format-on-staking-screens' into fix/ddw-423-respect-number-format-on-staking-screens (daedalus)
18:34:56 [b54d738f] adjust prior distribution and percentile for pool ranking (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:36:39 [2d2117f6] add decay to hit-rate estimation (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:36:40 [1952e85a] "Added the TxBody type with validity intervals and forge fields. Tied this (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:37:31 [1e462cba] DDW-423 respect number format oon staking screens - adding formatter on margin (daedalus)
18:38:54 [4fb71523] [ETC-269] cleanup actor systems and monix scheduler in tests to avoid tests hang (mantis)
18:41:54 [c620a009] add swagger with script as string (cardano-wallet)
18:41:54 [55a18f2b] update networkTag (cardano-wallet)
18:41:55 [f3a3a004] add script object (cardano-wallet)
18:41:55 [7c01eba3] fix swagger (cardano-wallet)
18:41:55 [47df193a] add endpoint (cardano-wallet)
18:41:56 [4bc2728b] introduce ApiScript (cardano-wallet)
18:41:56 [2366bb4f] update core:unit (cardano-wallet)
18:41:56 [73d1f2fa] ApiScript correct (cardano-wallet)
18:41:57 [98210512] Regenerate nix (cardano-wallet)
18:41:57 [2fde8a35] better Malformed (cardano-wallet)
18:41:57 [1117d930] add ApiCredential and ApiCredentials (cardano-wallet)
18:43:56 [2d626efa] CAD-2120: fix Windows encoding in terminal. (cardano-rt-view)
18:44:41 [93e62db5] Merge pull request #66 from input-output-hk/cad-2120-fix-windows-encoding (cardano-rt-view)
18:54:41 [d45f9442] CAD-1874 (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:54:57 [34a5958d] [ETCM-76] network messages for checkpointing (mantis)
18:57:46 [9b798df6] [ETC-269] cleanup actor systems and monix scheduler in tests to avoid tests hang 2 (mantis)
19:03:00 [65b93ad7] [ETCM-177] Simplify ommers handling (#745) (mantis)
19:09:21 [a401fe69] Fix delistPools (cardano-wallet)
19:10:26 [f1ce11d4] conflicts resolved (cardano-node)
19:13:25 [2588f50c] Add preliminary health check (cardano-wallet)
19:15:15 [6ca58543] DDW-423 respect number format oon staking screens - wallet amount on delegation centar seperation from ADA label (daedalus)
19:20:35 [26f1b02c] Add preliminary health check (cardano-wallet)
19:54:34 [dd954bde] [DDW-423] Slider adjustment (daedalus)
19:54:42 [b72b4c90] Merge branch 'fix/ddw-423-respect-number-format-on-staking-screens' of https://github.com/input-output-hk/daedalus into fix/ddw-423-respect-number-format-on-staking-screens (daedalus)
19:54:53 [c3346670] unfinished (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
19:59:33 [c8bcc598] Merge #2260 (cardano-wallet)
20:03:23 [54a77947] allow imhamt lookup with borrow types (chain-libs)
20:06:08 [aa4a5b6a] Scp 1256 - First part of Marlowe Playground UX refresh (#2379) (plutus)
20:13:59 [9ecb329c] Merge pull request #1 from input-output-hk/move-code (ECIP-Checkpointing)
20:15:33 [95865c06] "Added the TxBody type with validity intervals and forge fields. Tied this (cardano-ledger-specs)
20:23:17 [4e974397] change order of validation, lock and variable volatile (mantis)
20:24:17 [ee0e1ebe] WIP (cardano-node)
20:25:01 [1152fa89] Add devopsShell arg (cardano-node-tests)
20:25:18 [bd5b29d0] Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:input-output-hk/mantis into ETCM-185-db-closed (mantis)
20:26:10 [2c91ec8d] [DDW-422] Styling adjustments (daedalus)
20:33:21 [cfb2036c] CAD-1874 (cardano-ledger-specs)
21:01:31 [db78b0d3] [DDW-422] Pledge tooltip alignment (daedalus)
21:09:50 [39a2eff0] "Added the TxBody type with validity intervals and forge fields. Tied this (cardano-ledger-specs)
21:10:01 [2998d155] Merge branch 'release/2.4.0' into feature/ddw-422-add-tooltips-to-stake-pools-table-view-headers (daedalus)
21:18:44 [622da3ac] "Added the TxBody type with validity intervals and forge fields. Tied this (cardano-ledger-specs)
21:53:09 [93cb02a0] [DDW-423] Fix wrong ranking when loading the app (daedalus)
22:02:52 [83e80c95] [DDW-423] Fixing Jesus (daedalus)
22:03:55 [8af0bef5] refine types (cardano-wallet)
22:07:43 [68f8766e] Github action support (no tests) (cardano-db-sync)
22:09:53 [96bc37a0] Github action support (no tests) (cardano-db-sync)
22:10:50 [2e14056c] fixup! Regenerate nix (cardano-wallet)
22:16:25 [66c2e210] Remove stdout and stderr from test output (cardano-node)
22:22:10 [dd4195b3] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)
22:23:10 [6995e0e1] Github action support (no tests) (cardano-db-sync)
22:24:58 [1fb19006] [DDW-423] Fix pledge decimal value (daedalus)
22:25:19 [aafa05af] [DDW-422]: Add tooltips to stake pools table view headers (#2214) (daedalus)
22:27:06 [084054b6] Merge branch 'release/2.4.0' into fix/ddw-423-respect-number-format-on-staking-screens (daedalus)
22:28:26 [9c1302cb] [DDW-423] Respect number format on staking screens (#2213) (daedalus)
22:33:38 [9931e056] Github action support (no tests) (cardano-db-sync)
22:42:52 [f94512a0] Add ADA to the Pledge table column header (daedalus)
22:50:29 [c6bb345b] Github action support (no tests) (cardano-db-sync)
22:51:46 [4f29a812] c8bcc5989610d41625f583b07641273c9e08ab34 (cardano-wallet)
22:51:46 [3132a747] Merge branch 'gh-pages-deploy' into gh-pages (cardano-wallet)
23:12:39 [483bf5f3] Fix Saturation colors not working (daedalus)
23:20:41 [bab63003] Fix Saturation colors not working (daedalus)
23:38:12 [1502879e] Merge pull request #378 from input-output-hk/github-action-support-no-tests (cardano-db-sync)
23:57:15 [a7a869e5] Github action support (cardano-db-sync)