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Sunday, July 25, 2021

168 commits had been pushed across 16 repos by 23 authors. There were 27,959 additions and 15,945 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on roadmap.cardano.org.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:57:28 [a32fa65e] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
00:57:50 [744df181] fix #1173: have CI build/cache GHC 8.10.4 (haskell.nix)
01:14:08 [4ed57420] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:58:39 [97ca5ff9] remove storybook modal wrapper (yoroi-mobile)
02:02:41 [4a0959ab] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
02:03:14 [83351ca8] Merge branch 'develop' into wallet-credentials (yoroi-mobile)
02:03:41 [13e0b705] Merge branch 'develop' into dangerous-action-modal-withdrawal-dialog (yoroi-mobile)
02:03:58 [cf58d047] Merge branch 'develop' into default-messages (yoroi-mobile)
02:04:10 [12716718] Merge branch 'develop' into remove-wallet (yoroi-mobile)
02:04:18 [4c9f8065] Merge branch 'develop' into modal-story (yoroi-mobile)
02:49:50 [ea3f20be] update ChangePasswordScreen (yoroi-mobile)
03:19:28 [b3098464] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
03:47:31 [fa7757d0] update RestoreWallet (yoroi-mobile)
04:01:49 [be3a7ceb] added automated test results (cardano-node-tests)
04:07:50 [31d4179d] New translations en-US.json (Portuguese, Brazilian) (yoroi-mobile)
04:22:30 [4d00d097] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
05:14:32 [64b65a11] Try #2768: (cardano-wallet)
05:14:41 [d48bb9ff] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
05:56:58 [b0cd0fb8] Merge pull request #1484 from Emurgo/expandable-itme (yoroi-mobile)
05:57:20 [99f4ffea] Merge branch 'develop' into default-messages (yoroi-mobile)
06:05:27 [947d26c3] Merge pull request #1487 from Emurgo/default-messages (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:24 [7a00b7d6] New translations en-US.json (Hungarian) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:25 [3897a275] New translations en-US.json (Russian) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:26 [c448ecbd] New translations en-US.json (Indonesian) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:27 [055100c0] New translations en-US.json (Portuguese, Brazilian) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:29 [97d172ed] New translations en-US.json (Chinese Traditional) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:30 [168c66b3] New translations en-US.json (Chinese Simplified) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:31 [8ac89842] New translations en-US.json (Turkish) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:32 [f9461fe6] New translations en-US.json (Slovak) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:33 [2d64a00f] New translations en-US.json (Dutch) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:34 [08f5e5f5] New translations en-US.json (French) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:35 [4dae2aa1] New translations en-US.json (Korean) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:36 [d14f2dea] New translations en-US.json (Japanese) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:37 [b6af56e4] New translations en-US.json (Italian) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:38 [6238caa9] New translations en-US.json (Greek) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:39 [53387ef5] New translations en-US.json (German) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:40 [e5588964] New translations en-US.json (Czech) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:41 [91097d47] New translations en-US.json (Spanish) (yoroi-mobile)
06:15:42 [0cfd8c9a] New translations en-US.json (Croatian) (yoroi-mobile)
06:21:48 [2c9da619] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
07:15:36 [71ce6d4f] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
07:21:32 [1dad21f7] New translations en-US.json (German) (yoroi-mobile)
07:27:24 [77aeb3cb] Update TypeScript client with 1.28's changes: new errors. (cardano-ogmios)
07:38:52 [f843b6c9] remove analyze...again (guild-operators)
08:01:13 [01e47816] Merge branch 'cardano-foundation:staging' into staging (developer-portal)
08:17:38 [9623f654] New translations en-US.json (French) (yoroi-mobile)
08:25:57 [1611ae69] Update showcases.js (developer-portal)
08:27:55 [10dec1b0] Clean-up JSON definitions & TypeScript types / interfaces. (cardano-ogmios)
08:36:05 [305e2f92] CAD-3243: trace-forward library. (cardano-node)
08:39:21 [b69fc56b] Update CHANGELOG. (cardano-ogmios)
08:49:59 [1d6059af] Update showcases.js (developer-portal)
08:58:54 [4d67d7fb] CAD-3243: trace-forward library. (cardano-node)
09:18:08 [90831e42] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
09:47:19 [309d55bd] CAD-3243: trace-forward library. (cardano-node)
10:04:34 [ede249be] Increase coverage of OptionSpec. (cardano-ogmios)
10:04:45 [f901e972] Add test coverage for Data.Metrics. (cardano-ogmios)
10:08:02 [d92794da] CAD-3243: trace-forward library. (cardano-node)
10:18:29 [70a7191d] Started quickCheck tests for trace-dispatcher. (cardano-node)
10:18:49 [45bb0e4f] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
10:18:53 [ba29be08] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tracing-master' into tracing-master (cardano-node)
10:53:51 [247184d9] Add versions, update l1m to be proc dependent, change default to empty instead of 0 (guild-operators)
10:57:47 [9a7b6fa8] Add versions, update l1m to be proc dependent, change default to empty instead of 0 (#994) (guild-operators)
11:03:28 [33af7684] Increase coverage of Data.Health. (cardano-ogmios)
11:13:37 [8615d6aa] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
11:26:11 [1967514d] Update l1m to be proc dependent (guild-operators)
11:28:24 [eeafe58a] Also install libnuma-dev and llvm packages (cardano-node)
11:39:46 [c25834bc] Revise continuous-integration workflow for better speed / shorter feedback (cardano-ogmios)
11:49:26 [b2bbd25f] fixup (cardano-ogmios)
11:55:22 [e7d5f149] fixup (cardano-ogmios)
12:04:49 [e62751c0] fixup (cardano-ogmios)
12:22:33 [9fe9bd70] New translations en-US.json (Spanish) (yoroi-mobile)
12:26:35 [33455cf2] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
12:31:38 [7b23aff8] fixup (cardano-ogmios)
12:38:40 [d0b3c9fe] fixup (cardano-ogmios)
12:48:00 [55c68a4b] fixup (cardano-ogmios)
12:58:19 [21a6b42a] Revise continuous-integration workflow for better speed / shorter feedback (cardano-ogmios)
13:07:32 [16dcc524] fixup (cardano-ogmios)
13:20:09 [f5e9f9f5] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
13:20:25 [b175fac9] fixup (cardano-ogmios)
13:33:28 [85dca6c4] SCP-2425: Allow to use a custom SlotConfig in the Emulator. (plutus)
13:49:22 [32eaba68] Move location to specifications. (cardano-wallet)
13:50:02 [50fa5031] Rename "Requirements" section to "Specification". (cardano-wallet)
13:52:59 [b940f6fe] Add introduction. (cardano-wallet)
14:14:44 [0828e85a] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
14:21:46 [11d44329] mint (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
14:22:13 [22078be9] tmp (cardano-ogmios)
14:26:28 [15cebadb] tmp (cardano-ogmios)
14:46:00 [66729014] tmp (cardano-ogmios)
14:51:49 [06bbfb39] fixup (cardano-ogmios)
15:05:39 [8639e913] Update TypeScript client with 1.28's changes: new errors. (cardano-ogmios)
15:05:40 [9f7b8a27] Clean-up JSON definitions & TypeScript types / interfaces. (cardano-ogmios)
15:05:40 [ab5a5c6a] Update CHANGELOG. (cardano-ogmios)
15:05:40 [81661abe] Increase coverage of OptionSpec. (cardano-ogmios)
15:05:40 [000a1ff8] Add test coverage for Data.Metrics. (cardano-ogmios)
15:05:40 [cb2ab74d] Increase coverage of Data.Health. (cardano-ogmios)
15:15:56 [7a71722a] Revise continuous-integration workflow for better speed / shorter feedback (cardano-ogmios)
15:19:22 [36ea208b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
15:22:35 [c10d3e57] add 1855 path for mint witnesses (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
15:27:09 [bbd7387f] Merge pull request #88 from CardanoSolutions/KtorZ/cardano-1.28.0 (cardano-ogmios)
15:27:48 [389172ba] deploy: bbd7387f50038dddc7e9cb4fc1be89a69adf7866 (cardano-ogmios)
15:28:34 [af747ed1] WIP: draft of completing proper TxOut datum support (cardano-node)
16:04:58 [b94a8b2d] Return 'reflection' on faults when 'mirror' is set on requests. (cardano-ogmios)
16:08:06 [f52647a7] deploy: b94a8b2daba8fac55534083a3de8a96337d11339 (cardano-ogmios)
16:15:27 [3bd2c297] add missing newlines (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:15:35 [75c09865] remove console log (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:17:15 [5b419ad5] Make tokenBundle generic (depending on type of token amount) (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:17:15 [d36bce6d] Add mint field to transaction and functions for parsing Int64 (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:20:02 [3826a128] Fixes due to PR comments (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:20:05 [2b15ab10] Make APDU messages for tokenBundle in signTX_output generic (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:20:05 [690101b2] Add new APDU messages to transfer mint information to ledger (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:21:39 [d8a38def] Fixes due to review comments (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:21:41 [af1b4a48] Fix due to review comments (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:21:41 [5d45955d] Add integration test sample for minting (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:21:41 [6ab545f3] Add unit tests (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:21:41 [f317d0cc] introduce simple tool for 64 bit number presentation (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:21:41 [3b782442] more thorough mint test added (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:21:41 [9f7d7a2f] [SQUASH] review (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:21:41 [a402ed31] add missing newlines (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:21:41 [7131f508] remove console log (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:23:22 [a09be133] SCP-2425: Allow to use a custom SlotConfig in the Emulator. (plutus)
16:26:02 [c454314d] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
16:26:45 [b9c1d221] Switch to Promise design (plutus)
16:27:24 [1ca844bf] Merge branch 'develop' into remove-wallet (yoroi-mobile)
16:34:47 [a22f3cd6] Merge branch 'develop' into change-password (yoroi-mobile)
16:46:45 [84905df6] fix error msg names (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
16:54:07 [c9d82590] add lost lines (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
16:56:06 [2bf2531c] mint (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
16:56:12 [b1d3ead1] add 1855 path for mint witnesses (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
16:57:06 [30561109] Test 1 - Done (chain-libs)
17:10:49 [252c5a82] Tweak README, more fancy and put a preview. (cardano-ogmios)
17:11:38 [b5286ff8] deploy: 252c5a820cc1a522cc61b1cd64ea9a00e852443b (cardano-ogmios)
17:20:58 [eff665ba] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
17:21:35 [7d3dc349] Test 2 - Done (chain-libs)
17:21:47 [0d628391] fix js in readme (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
17:24:56 [46f09d62] Doc it (chain-libs)
18:20:50 [64e48424] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
18:38:58 [bcd27add] interval (cardano-token-registry)
19:04:29 [887e1f37] Update README.md (cardano-ogmios)
19:05:06 [fd7fb5b4] deploy: 887e1f37bf8dce23b257ad20f58bc40bb0bee254 (cardano-ogmios)
19:53:54 [25afcd3b] cabal: Add a flag to enable/disable scrypt (cardano-wallet)
19:54:59 [53e3cf83] Replace scrypt with cryptonite for integration tests only (cardano-wallet)
19:55:48 [05157e45] Rework - not quite right yet (cardano-wallet)
20:16:50 [3e7c3961] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
20:17:38 [07ae1318] Rewards history SQL (no deposits) (guild-operators)
20:20:38 [60943bfd] update SaveReadOnlyWalletScreen (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:25 [116d9a0e] rewards history api doc (guild-operators)
20:26:03 [808bd19f] Merge branch 'develop' into save-readonly-wallet (yoroi-mobile)
20:26:17 [a468bdce] Merge branch 'develop' into restore-wallet (yoroi-mobile)
20:26:43 [89937bdc] Merge branch 'develop' into modal-story (yoroi-mobile)
20:27:04 [ca94b28d] Merge branch 'develop' into change-wallet-name (yoroi-mobile)
20:32:24 [07f181fa] Merge branch 'develop' into dangerous-action-modal-withdrawal-dialog (yoroi-mobile)
20:33:23 [980b7473] Update README.md (cardano-ogmios)
20:34:06 [9d47230c] deploy: 980b74734354ffeb1db091663f2e84c71add4324 (cardano-ogmios)
20:37:34 [fbae6945] Update README.md (cardano-ogmios)
20:38:16 [221f2dda] deploy: fbae6945f9238331b3fc7f3c286c7b9f52628bae (cardano-ogmios)
20:41:18 [0dac530b] revert formatting (guild-operators)
21:16:13 [fbd0ac2c] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
21:32:36 [8b9ed4b8] Merge branch 'develop' into automation-ci (mantis)
21:37:51 [c4d71cb6] Merge pull request #1488 from Emurgo/remove-wallet (yoroi-mobile)
21:42:04 [0be61a85] update Checkbox (yoroi-mobile)
21:49:08 [9a63c2ab] Merge branch 'develop' into checkbox (yoroi-mobile)
21:55:10 [b2532ee0] add parameter to defaultMessage (yoroi-mobile)
21:56:24 [7d23eb75] Merge branch 'change-password' of https://github.com/Emurgo/yoroi-mobile into change-password (yoroi-mobile)
22:15:05 [bf7c5dec] New translations en-US.json (Hungarian) (yoroi-mobile)
22:16:32 [b6b3b8df] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
23:16:52 [9d352a3d] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
23:32:58 [739160c4] Add an Asset Swap DApp (glow)
23:40:31 [e4d46987] Merge pull request #1493 from Emurgo/checkbox (yoroi-mobile)