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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

327 commits had been pushed across 35 repos by 68 authors. There were 49,595 additions and 441,346 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on roadmap.cardano.org.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:01:31 [4f18534e] Move views to RPC (helps simplify setup), reduce curl calls to api.github.com (guild-operators)
00:11:10 [dc808c83] smash: Rework ticker endpoints (cardano-db-sync)
00:16:23 [fb199937] Merge pull request #1689 from Emurgo/migrate (yoroi-mobile)
00:21:30 [129bfa54] Deployed haddocks (ouroboros-network)
00:30:44 [5fa8111a] Fill in more implementations (ouroboros-network)
00:41:29 [f6c8c1ff] New release version (guild-operators)
00:56:35 [52fbd739] fix linting (yoroi-mobile)
00:59:49 [691b51d6] clean-up (yoroi-mobile)
00:59:49 [892b2330] fix linting (yoroi-mobile)
00:59:49 [98ba9cf7] fix png imports (yoroi-mobile)
00:59:49 [8edfb34c] migrate WalletNavigator to typescript (yoroi-mobile)
01:03:22 [9d2224d3] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
01:04:34 [9879bfcf] test: add tests for nutlink pure methods (blockfrost-go)
01:15:13 [b1b8f714] Automatic update for Tue Oct 19 01:15:13 UTC 2021 (stackage.nix)
01:16:09 [8943d096] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:18:11 [db0d0961] migrate StorybookScreen to typescript (yoroi-mobile)
01:23:02 [7f13739a] Merge pull request #1691 from Emurgo/wallet-navigator (yoroi-mobile)
01:25:46 [1110e88b] [merge] Develop (yoroi-mobile)
01:26:18 [0f624d05] Merge branch 'develop' into revamp-wallet-screen (yoroi-mobile)
01:39:58 [1a0f0796] Core volume resize, snapshot count update (plutus-ops)
01:40:24 [8ab76a7c] Flake update, nixfmt default.nix (plutus-ops)
01:48:08 [e7bea2d7] WIP updating dependencies (cardano-node)
01:57:26 [cbf759c5] fix: fix typo in util and add text (blockfrost-go)
01:58:47 [459993ab] Merge pull request #46 from blockfrost/test_epochs (blockfrost-go)
02:02:42 [98c0cf3e] Merge pull request #47 from blockfrost/test_nutlink (blockfrost-go)
02:07:00 [edb448fe] merge: merge master from https://github.com/blockfrost/blockfrost-go (blockfrost-go)
02:08:08 [322dce8c] Merge pull request #48 from blockfrost/test_ledger (blockfrost-go)
02:11:07 [a5a8141a] Merge pull request #49 from blockfrost/test_util (blockfrost-go)
02:18:56 [df3b90c8] fix_ci: fix failing test att.1 (blockfrost-go)
02:23:39 [69cc303d] test+ci: configure ipfs test in ci (blockfrost-go)
02:26:07 [0b54e76d] fix: fix failing test (blockfrost-go)
02:27:13 [d0707f75] Try this (cardano-wallet)
02:28:42 [e07f38d4] Merge branch 'staging' into test_ipfs (blockfrost-go)
02:30:56 [bc07b166] Revert to older ASG userData (bitte)
02:31:00 [b1cd67bd] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
02:31:33 [16ec09eb] Fix conversion error (cardano-wallet)
02:34:24 [2ec66f7f] temporary change to update flag (blockfrost-go)
02:37:21 [55766a37] Merge pull request #50 from blockfrost/test_ipfs (blockfrost-go)
02:47:23 [4a6b2f94] Turn off scrypt for aarch64 (cardano-wallet)
02:48:46 [7ddd94d2] [SRE-202] Add stylish and nixpkgs-fmt derivations (ouroboros-network)
03:09:25 [81126c4a] [SRE-202] Add stylish and nixpkgs-fmt derivations (ouroboros-network)
03:19:07 [ae75ba84] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
03:49:05 [6dabcbd3] tests: add tests for block methods (blockfrost-go)
03:55:14 [ee4cbd0b] Merge pull request #51 from blockfrost/test_block (blockfrost-go)
04:02:09 [ba08ce38] added automated test results (cardano-node-tests)
04:07:05 [18b3ba2b] ref: standardize result type structs (blockfrost-go)
04:09:30 [b09764d8] Move views to RPC (helps simplify setup), reduce curl calls to api.github.com (guild-operators)
04:13:19 [848fb8dd] Merge branch 'dbsyncscript' of github.com-rdlrt:cardano-community/guild-operators into dbsyncscript (guild-operators)
04:15:37 [73a20010] Merge branch 'alpha' into dbsyncscript (guild-operators)
04:17:51 [82e79c92] Merge branch 'alpha' into update-koios-api-docs (guild-operators)
04:22:56 [8934ce64] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
04:37:20 [d6768612] docs: document example scripts (blockfrost-go)
04:50:28 [ef6a41c2] changed decimal places (cardano-token-registry)
05:02:31 [8fa10618] WIP (cardano-wallet)
05:11:51 [6d5e4f65] docs: add ipfs docs (blockfrost-go)
05:15:50 [ee3b43b2] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
05:17:38 [89d00542] ref: refactor ipfs example with new api (blockfrost-go)
05:31:20 [c4a19551] ref+docs: add docs for netork types and methods (blockfrost-go)
05:43:23 [fd2ce1aa] docs+ref: add docs for genesis method (blockfrost-go)
05:47:36 [b63105bb] chore(core): rm obsolete package.json 'browser' field (cardano-js-sdk)
06:02:18 [7d20fc9c] chore: rm buffer polyfill, switch back to upstream bip39 pkg (cardano-js-sdk)
06:21:06 [93ec7f33] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
06:24:45 [f7268543] StateQuery: Add the absolute slot number (cardano-db-sync)
06:28:28 [9ad4811f] sync: Add Byron to BlockEra enum (cardano-db-sync)
06:41:19 [3c1b6e6a] WottleNFT Nami Cardano NFT Minter (developer-portal)
06:50:45 [3024f44a] added new tag - wallet (developer-portal)
07:17:06 [4547eff4] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
07:51:40 [9581395e] remove span from Peer (jormungandr)
07:51:41 [83c7ca48] remove unused span (jormungandr)
07:58:21 [314c5775] schema: Document idiosyncracies of treasury and reserve tables (cardano-db-sync)
08:06:29 [7cc1fd05] Make `verifySelection` functions and failure names mutually consistent. (cardano-wallet)
08:10:53 [4b07fd87] remove unused span (jormungandr)
08:13:47 [e4e799f7] Merge pull request #894 from input-output-hk/kderme/rework-tickers (cardano-db-sync)
08:13:55 [aa7d4119] Merge #3298 (cardano-node)
08:14:07 [3a39a631] add prisms for LotLink (plutus-use-cases)
08:14:07 [e2b1a76d] StateQuery: Add the absolute slot number (cardano-db-sync)
08:14:14 [d205dd31] sync: Add Byron to BlockEra enum (cardano-db-sync)
08:14:14 [980d28c0] schema: Document idiosyncracies of treasury and reserve tables (cardano-db-sync)
08:17:39 [a8df7550] fixup: XXX set rootPeersGroupsVar (ouroboros-network)
08:17:50 [bec39ab8] Disable assert. (ouroboros-network)
08:19:40 [64f9ab7f] Add CIP-0026 (CIPs)
08:21:00 [2964f6bd] Merge pull request #97 from input-output-hk/MetaLamp/nft-marketplace/fix-contract-response-type (plutus-use-cases)
08:21:02 [26b8e416] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
08:21:36 [fda8c6f9] Shelley/Insert: Minor cleanup (cardano-db-sync)
08:21:36 [22259034] db-sync: Handle the case of stage 2 script validation failure (cardano-db-sync)
08:22:21 [50a28be2] Return all values that fail verification within `verifySelection`. (cardano-wallet)
08:22:31 [37c13c7a] Rename `VerifySelectionProperty` to `VerifySelection`. (cardano-wallet)
08:22:32 [a707be61] Add support for testing error subtypes in `verifySelectionError`. (cardano-wallet)
08:24:05 [34ab0ec0] refactor: hoist StakePool types, rm stakePool queries from CardanoProvider (cardano-js-sdk)
08:25:15 [6c47a26c] introduce supervision trees (cicero)
08:28:13 [dffbdd33] [SRE-202] Add stylish and nixpkgs-fmt derivations (ouroboros-network)
08:30:01 [531738af] StateQuery: Add the absolute slot number to SlotDetails (cardano-db-sync)
08:30:11 [9744e5c1] sync: Add Byron to BlockEra enum (cardano-db-sync)
08:30:11 [0f2d6d2b] schema: Document idiosyncracies of treasury and reserve tables (cardano-db-sync)
08:31:09 [5f064fe4] refactor: hoist StakePool types, rm stakePool queries from CardanoProvider (cardano-js-sdk)
08:31:29 [25f7ad64] Merge branch 'MetaLamp/nft-marketplace/development' into Metalamp/nft-marketplace/refactor-auction (plutus-use-cases)
08:32:26 [6a3e2f67] Expose ability to configure mempoolCapacityOverride (cardano-node)
08:43:53 [c75ebbf3] Merge pull request #129 from IOHKComms/patch-6 (essential-cardano)
08:44:43 [810c6cde] Merge pull request #130 from pgwadapool/patch-1 (essential-cardano)
09:10:01 [5720eadd] Expose ability to configure mempoolCapacityOverride (cardano-node)
09:17:29 [15b93b42] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
09:22:40 [b61da79c] EKG counter for tips served (cardano-node)
09:27:37 [582e680e] Address review (guild-operators)
09:28:49 [403e5e6e] Updates for setup process, and move dbsync steps to dbsync.sh (#1141) (guild-operators)
09:29:11 [2ee12675] Merge branch 'alpha' into update-koios-api-docs (guild-operators)
09:31:05 [a8c4da08] Update openapi description (vit-servicing-station)
09:31:09 [ce9a20da] [SRE-202] Add stylish and nixpkgs-fmt derivations (ouroboros-network)
09:43:26 [b400e12f] try fixing style checks (ouroboros-network)
09:52:03 [bde36b74] Fix csv headers in csv converter (vit-servicing-station)
09:55:47 [4687aa3b] Merge pull request #895 from input-output-hk/erikd/correct-mir (cardano-db-sync)
09:56:39 [b742a4a6] chore(cardano-graphql-sps-provider): add 'cardano-graphql-sps-provider' package (cardano-js-sdk)
09:57:27 [051d74bb] Shelley/Insert: Minor cleanup (cardano-db-sync)
09:57:32 [9c362449] db-sync: Handle the case of stage 2 script validation failure (cardano-db-sync)
09:58:10 [e0826de7] Add plutus-sum example. (Alonzo-testnet)
10:02:01 [e28d010c] Update to alpha (guild-operators)
10:13:16 [2be28e35] add signature validation into the SignedUpdateVote, SignedUpdateProposal (chain-libs)
10:16:33 [37c0b50e] io-sim: introduce various test for the masking state (ouroboros-network)
10:17:44 [31a6908a] web: set default listen address (cicero)
10:19:42 [05d53b46] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
10:19:48 [5f7a8aca] SCP-2931: Better Lift instance for lists (#4129) (plutus)
10:20:09 [e7450d74] staging: Bump plutus to 5f7a8aca45392989e9bde0ef3116f59b24ac5c78 (plutus-ops)
10:23:41 [e12e3ac7] add incomplete README (cicero)
10:25:47 [3f81aaee] Merge pull request #4106 from input-output-hk/mpj/compile-file (plutus)
10:26:04 [f3b25de8] staging: Bump plutus to 3f81aaee3666cc9895fd536d37f7b621b4143267 (plutus-ops)
10:29:44 [8ef2699f] Fix plutus-helloworld-bytestring. (Alonzo-testnet)
10:30:04 [93d5ed7d] move things into src, start working on cicero workflow (cicero)
10:34:19 [3dcd7cab] io-classes: MonadMaskingState (ouroboros-network)
10:34:19 [a8b4a3c0] io-sim: introduce various test for the masking state (ouroboros-network)
10:40:47 [6366f745] Convenient scripts (cardano-node)
10:47:51 [57403691] Merge pull request #94 from input-output-hk/Metalamp/nft-marketplace/refactor-auction (plutus-use-cases)
10:49:06 [cc912b56] rerun each test 5 times (cardano-memory-benchmark)
10:50:11 [df69841f] bump membenchmark, now it runs each test 5 times (cardano-node)
10:55:34 [acc734cd] Fix plutus-helloworld-literal-bytestring. (Alonzo-testnet)
11:00:42 [e9db1647] feat(cardano-graphql-sps-provider): implement CardanoGraphQLStakePoolSearchProvider (wip) (cardano-js-sdk)
11:14:30 [7206a358] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
11:30:44 [55e3680b] fix supervision (cicero)
11:33:10 [2b9088c4] put web listen address in top-level command (cicero)
11:36:49 [0c0aa4bc] Add ToSchema instance for Slot (fix #4110). (plutus)
11:45:21 [67acbdf8] refactor: rename CardanoProvider to WalletProvider (cardano-js-sdk)
11:50:15 [d1cca23c] first integration test for decode tx (cardano-wallet)
11:58:06 [53b9acd3] EKG counter for tips served (cardano-node)
11:58:46 [54bfe7c0] Add optional 'ID' column to the csv file (yoroi-frontend)
11:59:51 [eef453fb] rm unneeded errors from ErrBalanceTx (cardano-wallet)
12:00:00 [e5aa07a6] refactor: consolidate graphql provider packages (cardano-js-sdk)
12:18:03 [f96d61d3] Merge #3437 (ouroboros-network)
12:20:53 [af7ff1e4] Bumps Daedalus version (daedalus)
12:21:35 [86b27d61] Refactor Plutus staking example scripts (cardano-node)
12:21:36 [8e0dd342] WIP (cardano-node)
12:21:36 [06a0306c] WIP 2 (cardano-node)
12:21:37 [d5bab77b] WIP (cardano-node)
12:24:33 [4657e5c0] unpend single output tx test (cardano-wallet)
12:24:44 [d193cdf4] Compute amount and input to payment transaction in client (hydra-poc)
12:28:15 [d50bd348] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
12:29:53 [447813da] Add some comments (hydra-poc)
12:35:55 [25fd6837] Bump electron version to 13.1.1 (daedalus)
12:37:23 [4ec7a8b3] Push the checkbox a little bit down (yoroi-frontend)
12:40:51 [b971e239] Fix WalletSpec after changing TinyWallet API (TxBody -> ValidatedTx) (hydra-poc)
12:42:36 [9f8fcfd9] fix tests build (chain-libs)
12:44:34 [3e0ec6ed] Create 83b65a6bf87e0f52cf3ccd4a4c4a0503d939f3a51d11fc253f612fc84f52414558436f696e.json (cardano-token-registry)
12:46:09 [4a46e6b5] Clean `chainSyncWithBlocks` (cardano-wallet)
12:48:13 [e3966bae] Fixed wrong hash for electron node headers (daedalus)
12:52:20 [9b46c37a] fix lints (chain-libs)
12:59:17 [86fc9fd8] Fix 'genPaymentTo' generator sometimes generating too small values (hydra-poc)
13:07:13 [36b87f0f] cabal.project: update cardano-base cardano-ledger-specs plutus deps (ouroboros-network)
13:10:28 [e46dc829] Implement remaining `error "todo"` cases (cardano-wallet)
13:13:14 [502815e0] Cleaning up implementation (cardano-ledger-specs)
13:15:40 [182f0d2b] Bump symmetric-cipher from `7482052` to `621d9ac` (jormungandr)
13:20:19 [5d1e96a5] Percolate PParams in tiny wallet (hydra-poc)
13:22:33 [a6fd93f2] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
13:28:29 [73ab6832] fix nix build and version setting (cicero)
13:33:58 [d2b53b7d] Calculate script integrity hash for transaction. Init is now constructed correctly and added to mempool. (hydra-poc)
13:36:58 [8e75943b] Fixed unionWith to track depth, to safey handle (Leaf k v) values. (cardano-ledger-specs)
13:38:34 [fbb58b75] Updated the change-building to include the leftover ada separately in case a flag is set for it (cardano-serialization-lib)
13:39:18 [682aa1d9] Added a TODO note (cardano-ledger-specs)
13:42:46 [8adda0ab] refactor: hoist file into source root (cardano-graphql)
13:46:40 [1b40f3fd] workflow nix code simplification (cicero)
13:47:21 [e76d7145] Fixed compiling (cardano-serialization-lib)
13:47:36 [707dcce7] cicero workflow improvement (cicero)
13:49:30 [2a9a8798] cabal.project: update cardano-base cardano-ledger-specs plutus deps (ouroboros-network)
13:57:59 [a662f62b] Remove non-Marlowe components (plutus)
13:58:36 [a7085957] [wip] Add test for coverFee_ on actual transaction (hydra-poc)
13:59:54 [10d29044] Add plutus sum example and fix computation of exUnits. (Alonzo-testnet)
14:02:17 [98f721d1] stub smartcontract module, add Fragment::SmartContract(_) and FragmentTag::SmartContract (chain-libs)
14:02:17 [5d3023d0] chain-evm makes configuration types public (chain-libs)
14:02:17 [e31e457a] rename fragment & fragment tag to SmartContractDeploy (chain-libs)
14:02:17 [bd50bfdd] export aliased Config type from evm crate (chain-libs)
14:02:17 [8e144dc7] Feature gate variant instead of variant fields (chain-libs)
14:02:17 [12e28824] update evm crate to v0.30.1 (chain-libs)
14:02:17 [8e25c24c] expose aliased ethereum types needed to deploy a smart contract (chain-libs)
14:02:17 [a37407cd] Use the same parameters as 'eth_sendTransaction' for contract deployment (chain-libs)
14:02:18 [0c1e21bf] add test to read EVM contract from ReadBuf (chain-libs)
14:02:18 [fd6a814e] add implementation of Readable::read for Contract (chain-libs)
14:02:18 [2dc8c304] make sure only 0 and 1 values are possible when checking for optional values (chain-libs)
14:02:18 [8bfa7743] check that the buffer has been read before returning contract (chain-libs)
14:02:18 [bf59528d] use feature gate for tests prelude (chain-libs)
14:02:18 [2624fbbb] add another test case for reading contract with ReadBuf (chain-libs)
14:02:18 [c0d1e2a6] simpler feature gate usage for EVM variant (chain-libs)
14:02:18 [4c5e2a97] more tests for reading EVM contracts from byte buffer (chain-libs)
14:02:18 [bd0d30d0] add tests for serializing Contract into ByteBuilder<_> (chain-libs)
14:02:18 [93845a6d] implement Contract::serialize_in method (chain-libs)
14:02:18 [2fa2ff45] finish first attempt at 'impl Payload for Contract' (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [b2f6adac] optional H160 and U256 values that are 0, serialize as None (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [33e80696] export evm::Config type directly (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [3a20481d] introduce EVM config/environment to ConfigBuilder (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [9202bb76] adds aliased types needed to describe EVM environment (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [5d81cd1c] adds evm params to ConfigBuilder in testing/ledger (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [7a6ea4d2] add EVM Config and Environment variants to ConfigParam (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [6a0e97c3] group evm Config and Enviroment into EvmConfigParams type (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [9baa3a0b] impl PartialEq for EvmConfigParams (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [006c2124] define EvmConfigParams in chain-impl-mockchain (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [bfcaa8b9] stub remaining work needed get EvmConfigParams working and testing (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [c4a30847] stub reading EvmParams into ledger settings (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [d0f5b765] add feature gate to EvmConfigParams use (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [fab4cf2b] add EvmConfigParams to Settings (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [c6066986] fix typo (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [6cd9ebf5] remove 'new_without_default' lint (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [4b6a89fc] implement ConfigParamVariant::to_payload for EvmConfigParams (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [4eb6bdad] build EVM Config from payload (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [4de9b773] Build EVM Environment from payload (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [56b6c7ca] minimal impl Arbitrary for EvmConfigParams (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [a176127a] add test to and from payload for EvmConfigParams (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [0efd90ab] boolean checks added (chain-libs)
14:02:19 [dc22d28e] add EvmParams to Settings (chain-libs)
14:02:20 [8a9459f7] refactor and cleanup (chain-libs)
14:02:20 [f46dc00d] increase maximum TagLen to 512 (chain-libs)
14:02:20 [bc2520a5] simplify how EVM config is defined as a ledger parameter (chain-libs)
14:02:20 [671cf1e3] refactor VirtualMachine's lifetime (chain-libs)
14:02:20 [6784429a] add method evm::Ledger::virtual_machine to return configured EVM instance (chain-libs)
14:02:20 [76773149] wip: prepare EVM to deploy smart contract on ledger creation (chain-libs)
14:08:53 [3ddf8c35] Added a test for change purification (cardano-serialization-lib)
14:12:47 [3300a769] Add common Fixture module for Direct chain component tests (hydra-poc)
14:15:31 [38569c1a] Delete 83b65a6bf87e0f52cf3ccd4a4c4a0503d939f3a51d11fc253f612fc84f52414558436f696e.json (cardano-token-registry)
14:15:59 [5f49cdce] fix(core): improve stake pool type (cardano-js-sdk)
14:16:13 [9d12b1b7] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
14:16:33 [98ef3427] The last asset name was wrong (cardano-token-registry)
14:17:37 [0904b913] feat(cardano-graphql): implement StakePoolSearchClient (cardano-js-sdk)
14:28:50 [d989c600] Ignore coverFee_ failures in property for AbortTx (hydra-poc)
14:36:27 [0020c185] Fix unit tests (cardano-wallet)
14:38:26 [92c9a061] Added a test for change NOT getting purified when the pure value is not enough to cover additional fees (cardano-serialization-lib)
14:42:05 [edfcee6d] SCP-2916: Add a doc about profiling scripts (plutus)
14:42:06 [dfb49524] Apply suggestions from code review (plutus)
14:48:59 [ee0279b2] Call WBE endpoints for OwnPubKeyHash and TotalFunds (plutus)
14:57:54 [afe5a049] feat(cardano-graphql): implement StakePoolSearchClient (cardano-js-sdk)
14:59:11 [ac9ad823] Fixed bug in fullNodeMask, consoidated 'bits' and 'bitsPerSubmask' into 'bitsPerSegment'. (cardano-ledger-specs)
15:01:48 [190fbe55] Fixed bug in fullNodeMask, consoidated 'bits' and 'bitsPerSubmask' into 'bitsPerSegment'. (cardano-ledger-specs)
15:18:33 [c510e759] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
15:20:37 [3e853fa7] added validation on price > fee / added test for it (plutus-use-cases)
15:21:26 [b22021a9] FIXUP after review: Fix docs build (plutus)
15:23:40 [e9c18329] Request genesis explicitly when `MsgIntersectNotFound` (cardano-wallet)
15:24:17 [ddfe8f07] Merge pull request #70 from input-output-hk/sum-example (Alonzo-testnet)
15:58:57 [b03ee0d3] Adjust redeemer pointers when we add input to the Tx (hydra-poc)
16:07:58 [ba94f4f1] Making union tests. (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:08:12 [bb04a748] gitignore: Add cabal.project.freeze (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [020559b1] cardano-api-test: Enable tests (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [1220f982] cardano-api: Fix typo (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [d752716a] cardano-api: Add limit for tx input index as 2^32 (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [63291c02] cardano-api: Add instances Bounded, Enum for AnyCardanoEra (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [9d37ab58] cardano-api: Simplify fromLedgerTxInsCollateral (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [2c00d726] cardano-api: Add special decoding of empty TxExtraKeyWitnesses (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [a2224994] cardano-api: Add Eq, Show instances needed for roundtrip tests (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [de38af08] cardano-api: Refactor big Applicative to RecordWildCards (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [079663b2] cardano-api:test: Switch from Hedgehog.discover to Tasty.testGroupGenerator (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [d5ffe8e5] cardano-api:test: Make CBOR tests simpler and more future-proof (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [c26eeed8] cardano-api: Fix genProtocolParametersUpdate to skip unsupported parameters (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [aadad6cf] cardano-api:test: Add TxBody roundtrip tests (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [bea1f03c] cardano-api:test: Add conversion of txScriptValidity field (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [946bf23e] cardano-api-test: Remove vertical alignment (cardano-node)
16:08:12 [0027d0ec] cardano-api-test: Fix txProtocolParams (cardano-node)
16:08:49 [35bfedb8] migrate StorybookScreen to typescript (yoroi-mobile)
16:08:49 [0cf93a50] migrate FirstRun to typescript (yoroi-mobile)
16:16:14 [2ae0fb2e] untrack mod moved to chain_libs (jormungandr)
16:19:36 [98be852d] WIP is a valid commit message. (plutus)
16:26:59 [0ed05a53] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
16:35:00 [43b8fb01] Update couple of scripts from Marlowe Playgrount client (plutus)
16:45:48 [2f849ad5] WIP (jormungandr)
16:48:59 [653262e1] SquareOne NFT (cardano-token-registry)
16:52:00 [4c97339d] Move new KeyMap/HashMap into its own package compact-map (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:57:47 [20f3d123] Update some references (plutus)
17:13:34 [eb459b3f] Add first property test (cardano-ledger-specs)
17:20:08 [96d3e037] WIP: count works (cardano-node)
17:21:09 [f4f798fa] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
17:28:14 [9860af3f] Extract *common code of of the TX history endpoint (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
17:28:48 [57ca83f2] Add `/v2/txs/get` endpoint (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
17:43:00 [93af2a5d] WIP: count works (cardano-node)
17:53:15 [43d49b2c] Include adjusted redeemers in the script integrity hash (hydra-poc)
18:04:53 [68265aaa] expose decode (purescript-bridge-json-helpers)
18:20:05 [e5b406f3] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
18:23:51 [28f63dc8] Adds overrides to zfs fs defns (bitte)
18:34:45 [6515eddc] Merge pull request #90 from input-output-hk/ami-fstype-fixup (bitte)
18:41:40 [f7a4bcc9] move to local nix-shell (plutus-use-cases)
18:48:25 [7729fa22] WIP: count works (cardano-node)
18:52:31 [cf16ce03] update api rest documentation (cicero)
18:55:27 [94a2f14c] Update and rename CIP-0027.md to CIP-0027/CIP-0027.md (CIPs)
19:01:58 [79a93f4c] Fix the alonzo tx witness serialization (cardano-ledger-specs)
19:07:31 [07e51831] WIP testing out a fix (ouroboros-network)
19:13:42 [2a9f5a46] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
19:34:31 [568b4373] Update registry.json (CIPs)
19:38:03 [e77ab974] Update registry.json (CIPs)
19:46:20 [e4f7d07f] feat: bump sdk, fix getAccountInfo txids, fetch only requested page (blockfrost-websocket-link)
19:47:16 [51f5256a] Makes consul-default token static on clients (bitte)
19:48:32 [85fdce3f] Merge pull request #91 from input-output-hk/consul-default-static (bitte)
19:49:06 [3bc720c3] wip: property testing of balanceTransaction (cardano-wallet)
19:54:02 [98fa9e3a] Fix the alonzo tx witness serialization (cardano-ledger-specs)
20:18:06 [39ad866b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
20:24:27 [551ba55e] Check db-sync tip before deploying RPCs (guild-operators)
20:24:38 [257bb00b] Clean-up err_exit function usage across repo (guild-operators)
20:26:18 [6b464410] Stop supporting configs which don't initiate Shelley properly (cardano-db-sync)
20:28:58 [dcb4852a] Align placeholder comments (guild-operators)
20:35:24 [d4454a9f] Debugged UnionWith. (cardano-ledger-specs)
21:14:49 [3db2a23b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
21:38:18 [5185c032] Set proper VAULT_ADDR env variables (bitte)
21:58:00 [046ad1b6] add typescript stories, fix flow (yoroi-mobile)
21:59:07 [9ab85598] Fix the alonzo tx witness serialization (cardano-ledger-specs)
22:11:00 [cb32fc06] migrate connect to Connector (yoroi-mobile)
22:17:12 [3004b546] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
22:26:10 [664cc669] Add bitte version (bitte)
22:42:27 [6004723d] Throw error if incompatible ami is used (bitte)
22:46:55 [9e32b298] Fix acme service vault intercom (bitte)
23:00:24 [16ace875] Merge pull request #2525 from input-output-hk/jc/fix-alonzo-txwit-serialization (cardano-ledger-specs)
23:02:10 [23959f09] cabal.project: update cardano-base cardano-ledger-specs plutus deps (ouroboros-network)
23:17:44 [9585b695] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
23:27:24 [62b216c7] Android version and pod lock are updated (yoroi-mobile)
23:47:40 [aef845b9] add watch_client module (jormungandr)
23:47:40 [63f1820c] wire watch_client in main (jormungandr)
23:47:40 [d3e8e5e7] add block0 exception to sync_multiverse (jormungandr)
23:47:40 [0c68e25e] improve tracing instrumentation (jormungandr)
23:47:40 [fa2b666e] update Cargo.lock (jormungandr)