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Saturday, December 3, 2022

148 commits had been pushed across 34 repos by 38 authors. There were 56,346 additions and 105,819 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:00:03 [29708d8b] Automatic updating registries (token-registry-service)
00:01:53 [de133d48] Update the beginning (plutus)
00:06:43 [314aadff] :pencil: Update summary in README [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
00:06:44 [c6b07a39] :card_file_box: Update status summary [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
00:09:58 [acd4bea1] Move the script to the new db-analyser directory (ouroboros-network)
00:16:48 [589f14c3] :bento: Update graphs [skip ci] (uptime)
00:19:02 [cb8e2476] chore: checkout yarn-project.nix and yarn.lock from master (cardano-js-sdk)
00:20:47 [acaeb0c7] chore: regenerate yarn-project.nix and yarn.lock (cardano-js-sdk)
00:21:28 [0bc51cf2] :bento: Update graphs [skip ci] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
00:28:54 [4e8f364f] Replace hydra.iohk.io with cache.iog.io for nix cache (cardano-node-tests)
00:31:47 [3affef0b] Show an example of how to plot the results (ouroboros-network)
00:32:44 [b638ced0] Merge pull request #1518 from input-output-hk/reconfigure_nix_cache (cardano-node-tests)
00:34:46 [d09c40b7] Sanitize `testrun_name` (cardano-node-tests)
00:39:19 [9720bd45] Remove redundant Hedgehog generators in favor of Arbitrary instances (cardano-ledger-specs)
00:46:03 [da02f14b] build: uses latest upstream action again (catalyst-core)
00:51:12 [b98af081] Merge pull request #1519 from input-output-hk/sanitize_testrun_name (cardano-node-tests)
00:53:22 [31d96a78] Fix review comments (cardano-browser-tx)
00:53:27 [c4e39722] Split plutus tests into several files (cardano-node-tests)
00:53:27 [d0bc62c5] Move plutus tests to new locations (cardano-node-tests)
00:56:20 [9a0f2dc0] Bump decode-uri-component from 0.2.0 to 0.2.2 (daedalus)
00:56:25 [618718f4] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into uhbif19/cip-30-optional-parameters (cardano-transaction-lib)
00:57:21 [819a31fe] fixup! Fix review comments (cardano-transaction-lib)
01:00:02 [6f3a2943] feat: use nix flake, std, tullia and cicero (cardano-prelude)
01:00:04 [5567918b] feat: activate ormolu formatting of haskell file and pretty md/yaml files (cardano-prelude)
01:00:05 [b3a086ba] docs: add CONTRIBUTING.md (cardano-prelude)
01:00:33 [0287a208] silently skip systems that we cannot build for (cardano-prelude)
01:03:47 [35e20fe1] Switch to more exhaustive GenValid isnatnces (cardano-ledger-specs)
01:08:23 [c4f93710] Ormolize (cardano-ledger-specs)
01:08:47 [1af5517f] only one tullia task that builds everything (cardano-base)
01:08:48 [348e3dba] silently skip systems that we cannot build for (cardano-base)
01:31:36 [78340456] deploy: 0bc51cf20f5dd605eab791db74a95a97217d42df (cf-summit-evoting-status)
01:32:02 [69358553] deploy: 589f14c35996dbdd72bb5a6dff9cd7955ad7b42a (uptime)
01:35:35 [e5cd68fb] Marconi-mamba Additional utxo slot data (plutus-apps)
01:42:38 [dd522b46] Bump decode-uri-component from 0.2.0 to 0.2.2 (react-polymorph)
01:44:29 [c0342125] Marconi index utxo for aditional slot info (plutus-apps)
01:46:19 [82488fc6] Merge branch '173/index-slot-info-v2' into 173/index-slot-info (plutus-apps)
01:46:47 [2b6a275d] Fix an invalid CPP check (cardano-ledger-specs)
01:50:44 [b24f3339] Move arbitrary instances into cardano-ledger-core:testlib (cardano-ledger)
01:50:44 [0be0b96b] Fix `Show` instance for `Ptr` (cardano-ledger)
01:50:44 [2bf8e2cf] Move cardano-ledger-binary testlib into the testlib directory (cardano-ledger)
01:50:44 [31e5c7bb] Remove redundant Hedgehog generators in favor of Arbitrary instances (cardano-ledger)
01:50:44 [87a4c5ae] Switch to more exhaustive GenValid isnatnces (cardano-ledger)
01:50:45 [99a5c4bb] Fix an invalid CPP check (cardano-ledger)
01:50:45 [47e12630] Ormolize (cardano-ledger)
02:57:27 [3f64ee55] Add `extra` field to Proposal model (#122) (catalyst-core)
03:35:54 [b2104045] list tail and get notes, intro wording (Helios-Book)
03:36:16 [4819676d] deploy: b2104045c5822d544a472111cb8ed016b09ead7d (Helios-Book)
04:10:37 [94128e9b] deploy: 3f64ee55fa0055eb8e45a27b136290b129578094 (catalyst-core)
05:13:41 [edcc1810] new Flake input `nixpkgs-2211` for channel 22.11 (haskell.nix)
05:17:31 [3138dfa2] extract upstream optimization bug fixed (Helios)
05:30:59 [01a67f56] Merge pull request #602 from Plutonomicon/emiflake/export-script-constructor (plutarch-plutus)
06:26:07 [d572517d] remove `digibyte` and `digibyted` (haskell.nix)
07:14:28 [f0ec1143] switch expr for data (Helios)
07:19:44 [5e9e4129] type inference for literal enums with zero fields (Helios)
07:22:51 [3f356bec] version bump (Helios)
07:25:14 [895dc49d] docs (Helios)
07:28:07 [3a02a0cf] add delta language (cardano-wallet)
07:28:12 [4a92fd55] add delegation history properties (cardano-wallet)
07:28:12 [669b84cf] add delta properties tests (cardano-wallet)
07:48:34 [25b3190f] Register Ogmios TypeScript client starter kit. (awesome-starter-kits)
07:49:01 [7c0cca02] Fix README instructions. (awesome-starter-kits)
07:56:38 [dd9ac58a] feat: workaround for NuFi no longer needed (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
07:57:16 [3ed2c69f] chore(main): release 0.1.46 (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
07:57:55 [91f1e28b] pubkey and data switch documented (Helios-Book)
07:58:15 [eb0ae4d8] deploy: 91f1e28b8267aa35986f617da6d577c8f9bb7685 (Helios-Book)
07:58:25 [df4994d8] Merge pull request #26 from cardano-foundation/release-please--branches--main--components--cardano-connect-with-wallet (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
08:52:25 [ff97c6f4] Add ability to generate ir with complex constructor cases (aiken)
09:08:16 [d0d2b713] Ice Token (cardano-token-registry)
09:24:13 [29d8df5e] Fix nix chaceh on benchmarks (cardano-ledger)
09:25:50 [1d6e5f99] Fixup ghc-8.10 compatibility (cardano-ledger)
09:36:15 [b3fc8aa8] Merge branch 'main' into adjust_voting_tools (catalyst-core)
09:57:37 [63918866] finish uplc code gen for complex clauses with constr (aiken)
10:13:16 [05a527c3] Voting tools signature verification adjustment. (#124) (catalyst-core)
10:15:59 [76bf47d1] Fixup ghc-8.10 compatibility. Take 2 (cardano-ledger)
10:23:08 [7aec4423] Bump decode-uri-component from 0.2.0 to 0.2.2 (react-globe-events-visualiser)
10:44:24 [c29332ce] Merge branch 'main' into std-flake (catalyst-core)
11:00:21 [1e8fa428] Merge branch 'main' into docs-1 (catalyst-core)
11:32:53 [6bbb553f] Add UPLC support for 'ProtoList' & 'ProtoPair' constants (aiken)
11:51:22 [e6c2c016] Add nmkr studio in builder tools (#865) (developer-portal)
12:13:39 [319f531c] Update nix/cells/automation/pipelines.nix (ouroboros-network)
12:14:40 [bf2574e6] Merge branch 'staging' into bwbush/update-marlowe-links-add-resources (developer-portal)
12:20:42 [6934a7b8] single spelling mistake (not checked completely) (developer-portal)
12:35:32 [0df837dc] Switching to cardano-signer (scripts)
12:37:32 [c416ee6d] Enhanced security for VRF Key generation (scripts)
12:37:39 [701c1a38] add std flake and tullia (ouroboros-network)
12:37:40 [ed61904c] Update Bors config (ouroboros-network)
12:37:49 [6a17ec43] Add UPLC support for 'ProtoList' & 'ProtoPair' constants (aiken)
12:41:24 [c82d840b] Added encrypted Transaction Messages (scripts)
12:49:06 [cf33bdde] Align CIP-0003 with new CIP-0001. (CIPs)
12:52:41 [6edf3f4f] Move 'ledger' and 'catalyst' to the registered category list. (CIPs)
12:55:57 [8e90a01d] Add top-level title and categories reminder to {CIP,CPS} templates. (CIPs)
13:03:29 [b3e3c6a7] Doctests configuration for plutus-ledger (plutus-apps)
13:04:55 [8cfc04d2] Adjust CIP-0004 w.r.t new CIP-0001 structure (CIPs)
13:05:49 [ea6f5894] Update README about encrypted Transaction Messages (scripts)
13:17:49 [b9672fe2] Added 'SPO Scripts' as an encrypted msg integration example (CIPs)
13:21:01 [ef13e139] BalanceTx: Code refactoring (cardano-transaction-lib)
13:30:48 [6468238b] add vrf_key to block event data (oura)
13:39:26 [dd11d248] replaced HydraBuildList with static but valid links (developer-portal)
14:19:43 [6623791a] Merge branch 'main' into feature/npg-4284-fix-jor-integration-tests (catalyst-core)
14:33:53 [a234c5b3] stylish-haskell fix (cardano-wallet)
14:36:15 [70431943] Allow fetching all genesis configuration through state-query (cardano-ogmios)
14:42:11 [a6ad1488] re-generate test vectors. (cardano-ogmios)
14:43:48 [df3a636f] Adjust CIP-0004 w.r.t new CIP-0001 structure (#401) (CIPs)
14:44:03 [89fcc6a5] Align CIP-0003 with new CIP-0001. (#398) (CIPs)
14:44:13 [b304a8b8] CIP/CPS template & categories tweaks (#399) (CIPs)
15:02:15 [ea6c9fae] more hlint (cardano-wallet)
15:02:16 [a9fb5bb1] stylish-haskell fix (cardano-wallet)
15:02:16 [915b40d4] use exact version of HLint (cardano-wallet)
15:08:04 [9f1eb872] set path properly (cardano-wallet)
15:16:16 [37549993] Add UPLC support for 'ProtoList' & 'ProtoPair' constants (aiken)
15:57:32 [00042bf3] Add SignData example to test signData of browser wallets (cardano-transaction-lib)
16:08:46 [e29b7724] Wallet.Cip30: Fix signData response parsing (cardano-transaction-lib)
16:13:16 [b59b6140] Exclude SignData.purs from examples-imports-check, Fix warnings (cardano-transaction-lib)
16:20:12 [4b4d1158] added test tracking page for node tag 1.35.5-rc1 (cardano-node-tests)
16:33:35 [bd551741] Merge branch 'develop' into dshuiski/1286-sign-data-tests (cardano-transaction-lib)
16:45:10 [97599d59] adding logs (catalyst-core)
16:47:10 [03516389] fmt (catalyst-core)
17:39:26 [7696f853] WIP Hasse diagram (ouroboros-network)
18:14:32 [83d388be] Added support for doctest in cardano-ledger-api (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:26:18 [c70cbdbc] chore: move examples (blockfrost-js)
18:45:58 [be4762ef] remove logging (catalyst-core)
18:46:24 [40a8995f] adding error (catalyst-core)
19:29:08 [383c44a3] retry counter (catalyst-core)
19:40:32 [1bd1d9e4] WIP Hasse diagram (ouroboros-network)
19:41:46 [60730819] MinEnum wrapper (ouroboros-network)
19:46:49 [e1aa25e9] derive NodeoToNodeVersion & NodeToClientVersion via MinEnum (ouroboros-network)
19:53:05 [9953750c] TOSQUASH Mermaid diagram for Propsal124 (ouroboros-network)
20:17:36 [dc12062c] more logging, retry = 30 (catalyst-core)
21:04:34 [e4bd4585] displaying config file (catalyst-core)
21:08:59 [e687cce1] Marconi index utxo for aditional slot info (plutus-apps)
21:16:49 [0d63a8d5] imp: expand builders +1 (ci-world)
21:39:33 [97c24265] Merge branch 'main' of github.com:input-output-hk/plutus-apps into 173/index-slot-info (plutus-apps)
21:41:03 [0490cdfc] add rnd gen (catalyst-core)
23:04:56 [04fd0113] 🟩 voting.summit.cardano.org is up (200 in 683 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:04:57 [41887621] 🟩 voter-service-AWARD-categories is up (200 in 823 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:04:59 [1aa6bd37] 🟩 voter-service-SPEAKERS-categories is up (200 in 734 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:04:59 [70d9bece] 🟩 voter-service-cast-vote is up (401 in 597 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:05:00 [fa835d44] 🟩 voter-service-get-captcha is up (200 in 567 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:05:19 [398c6538] 🟩 C1 Devnet Sidechain Explorer is up (200 in 556 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:19 [c1310a76] 🟩 C1 Devnet RPC is up (200 in 406 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:20 [e17341e0] 🟩 C1 Mainnet RPC is up (200 in 394 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:21 [38eddaad] 🟩 C1 Mainnet Sidechain Explorer is up (200 in 489 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:22 [dd798088] 🟩 A1 Devnet RPC is up (200 in 759 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:23 [1596c33b] Merge branch 'main' of github.com:input-output-hk (plutus-apps)
23:05:23 [82668a06] 🟩 A1 Devnet L2 Explorer is up (200 in 1029 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:24 [1e71d474] 🟩 A1 Mainnet RPC is up (200 in 355 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:25 [8995c5f9] 🟩 A1 Mainnet L2 Explorer is up (200 in 676 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:15:57 [f268c110] Merge pull request #2567 from cardano-tools-nft/9fc3507c-c191-488a-9888-4292a89f3f5d (cardano-token-registry)