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Merge #289

289: Derive all logging and node configuration from a single yaml file r=deepfire a=Jimbo4350

This PR aims to reduce the cardano-node cli to the following:

Usage: cardano-node --topology FILEPATH --database-path FILEPATH
                    --genesis-file FILEPATH [--delegation-certificate FILEPATH] 
                    [--signing-key FILEPATH] --socket-dir FILEPATH 
                    [--host-addr HOST-NAME] --port PORT
                    --config NODE-CONFIGURATION [--help] [--help-tracing] 
  Start node of the Cardano blockchain.

The --config parameter takes a yaml file that defines the logging and the node configuration but currently not the tracers.


  • In order to keep this PR from being even bigger, I will make a follow up PR to include the ability to turn off and on tracers (and change individual verbosities).
  • Futher work needs to be done to rework the cardano-cli cli. Current changes made to it are temporary in order to keep this PR from getting larger.


Co-authored-by: Jordan Millar [email protected] Co-authored-by: Duncan Coutts [email protected] Co-authored-by: Kosyrev Serge [email protected]