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Merge #1325

1325: [DDW-460] Add status icons to the connecting screen r=nikolaglumac a=daniloprates

This PR implements Cardano Node status icons to the connecting/syncing screen.







  • The icons should appear both in the connecting and syncing screens. The connecting screen can be reached by restarting cardano in the Network Status screen.
  • The icons can have 4 colors:

    • Green: OK
    • Red: not OK or still loading
    • White/Gray (depending on the screen background): loading
    • Transparent: still not loading
  • If the first icon (Node state) has any other status rather than “running”, all the other icons should be transparent and don’t have a tooltip
  • This document contains the copy and translation for the tooltip texts

Review Checklist:


  • [ ] PR is updated to the most recent version of target branch (and there are no conflicts)
  • [ ] PR has good description that summarizes all changes and shows some screenshots or animated GIFs of important UI changes
  • [ ] CHANGELOG entry has been added and is linked to the correct PR on GitHub
  • [ ] Automated tests: All acceptance tests are passing (yarn run test)
  • [ ] Manual tests (minimum tests should cover newly added feature/fix): App works correctly in development build (yarn run dev)
  • [ ] Manual tests (minimum tests should cover newly added feature/fix): App works correctly in production build (yarn run package / CI builds)
  • [ ] There are no flow errors or warnings (yarn run flow:test)
  • [ ] There are no lint errors or warnings (yarn run lint)
  • [ ] Text changes are proofread and approved (Jane Wild)
  • [ ] There are no missing translations (running yarn run manage:translations produces no changes)
  • [ ] UI changes look good in all themes (Alexander Rukin)
  • [ ] Storybook works and no stories are broken (yarn run storybook)
  • [ ] In case of dependency changes yarn.lock file is updated

Code Quality

  • [ ] Important parts of the code are properly documented and commented
  • [ ] Code is properly typed with flow
  • [ ] React components are split-up enough to avoid unnecessary re-rendering
  • [ ] Any code that only works in Electron is neatly separated from components


  • [ ] New feature / change is covered by acceptance tests
  • [ ] All existing acceptance tests are still up-to-date
  • [ ] New feature / change is covered by Daedalus Testing scenario
  • [ ] All existing Daedalus Testing scenarios are still up-to-date

After Review:

  • [ ] Merge PR
  • [ ] Delete source branch
  • [ ] Move ticket to done on the Youtrack board

Co-authored-by: Danilo Prates [email protected] Co-authored-by: Nikola Glumac [email protected]