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Saturday, July 4, 2020

39 commits had been pushed across 12 repos by 16 authors. There were 17,278 additions and 447 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on roadmap.cardano.org.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:00:26 [da1d5b1c] cc9b576f61acf352d16914cd2b66d1fc5bbbd943 (cardano-wallet)
00:00:27 [0857eb42] Merge branch 'gh-pages-deploy' into gh-pages (cardano-wallet)
00:01:51 [667442d4] Bump version from 2020.6.5 to 2020.7.6 (cardano-wallet)
00:13:19 [1d7e01c3] New translations en-US.json (Turkish) (yoroi-frontend)
00:33:49 [8078cf05] Merge pull request #1852 from input-output-hk/KtorZ/bump-release/2020-07-06 (cardano-wallet)
00:34:33 [515fe846] 8078cf054141ea1642bc80679411a1a229f15a31 (cardano-wallet)
00:34:34 [ed087ffd] Merge branch 'gh-pages-deploy' into gh-pages (cardano-wallet)
00:40:01 [34930b13] 8078cf054141ea1642bc80679411a1a229f15a31 (cardano-wallet)
00:40:01 [8de79661] Merge branch 'gh-pages-deploy' into gh-pages (cardano-wallet)
00:42:04 [dd219950] 8078cf054141ea1642bc80679411a1a229f15a31 (cardano-wallet)
00:42:04 [50793032] Merge branch 'gh-pages-deploy' into gh-pages (cardano-wallet)
00:57:36 [1e0f1a27] Merge #1390 (cardano-node)
01:06:25 [d3d4dcbb] cardano-wallet: bump to v2020-07-06 (daedalus)
01:15:24 [0a3ea628] Automatic update for Sat Jul 4 01:15:23 UTC 2020 (hackage.nix)
01:17:22 [393678f3] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:33:11 [9d3cd3ea] New translations en-US.md (Turkish) (yoroi-frontend)
02:35:52 [c7736060] download stack resolver if a sha256 is provided (#748) (haskell.nix)
02:39:33 [3e7e9de1] wip (cardano-db-sync)
02:49:50 [a16cb3cd] wip (cardano-db-sync)
08:15:53 [6fc99874] update for latest version of cardano-client (cardano-db-sync)
11:09:52 [0ee74b4e] [issue-306] Fix German translation for new tx info (cardano-explorer-app)
11:21:38 [7338170c] fix: Throw descriptive error when querying `currentEpoch` instead of allowing the type violation (cardano-graphql)
11:23:52 [8a4ee052] fix: Increase size of cardano-node logs (cardano-graphql)
12:19:58 [a4716fb4] switch to shelley_testnet_v2 (daedalus)
12:32:23 [8da21596] fix typo (daedalus)
14:08:19 [584ca8fb] Wallet upgrade option added for backwards compatibility (guild-operators)
14:22:38 [bec10690] genesis support removed (guild-operators)
15:04:13 [abd7fcc7] Add react-native wrapper for our serialization lib (adrestia)
15:09:20 [24c7eb2c] Split up by API type (adrestia)
15:14:42 [dda54aaa] Fix shelley_testnet_v2 network identification (daedalus)
15:40:05 [303e17e0] Docs and output update (guild-operators)
15:49:00 [ff9372ab] Hardcode raw network (daedalus)
16:26:02 [30c411ac] Hardcode environment testnet value (daedalus)
17:31:00 [298f91d6] assign correct network discrimination to withdrawals (cardano-wallet)
17:35:14 [c8950286] Bump cardano-wallet dependency to fix the hardcoded network issue (daedalus)
18:09:26 [7e6df243] Bump cardano-wallet dependency to fix the hardcoded network issue (daedalus)
18:12:32 [104d1746] Merge #1854 (cardano-wallet)
18:54:27 [e5d38033] Fix wallet balance by removing manual addition of the rewards (daedalus)
19:22:25 [6e131e99] inaugural commit (bitte-cli)