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Friday, August 7, 2020

133 commits had been pushed across 31 repos by 40 authors. There were 23,041 additions and 9,762 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on roadmap.cardano.org.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

01:05:12 [5bfa97cb] Index (cardano-community.github.io)
01:15:44 [1809278e] Automatic update for Fri Aug 7 01:15:43 UTC 2020 (hackage.nix)
01:15:55 [d3534438] checkpoint (yoroi-frontend)
01:17:43 [129f93cf] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:32:58 [04730423] Change root to support-faq documentation (cardano-community.github.io)
01:36:51 [72ad297c] Update index.html (cardano-community.github.io)
02:36:58 [2ee822ce] Add ipv6 address (tools)
02:38:39 [c1d45f11] Add niv (tools)
02:40:48 [ec31d4bc] bump nixos (tools)
03:00:16 [fd12a3bd] replace deploy with shell.nix (tools)
04:33:48 [76668570] CAD-1393 node pin: debump to 1.17 for mainnet-candidate-3 (cardano-benchmarking)
04:48:22 [216ebbc2] expose pointer address information (cardano-serialization-lib)
04:50:02 [2c417fa2] expose pointer address information (#41) (cardano-serialization-lib)
04:52:08 [a3042ab3] bump to 1.1.0 (cardano-serialization-lib)
05:43:20 [ae9343be] Fix typo (cardano-serialization-lib)
06:27:05 [eb32bf4c] fix yarn.lock (daedalus)
06:35:19 [20df7de0] fix yarn.lock (daedalus)
07:02:17 [ad5f7896] Bump testing/jortestkit from `e6a3d0a` to `8221edc` (jormungandr)
07:37:30 [cdcc21ed] Add upper bound to recursion-schemes (plutus)
07:54:27 [3820356b] WIP (plutus)
07:59:12 [f942b541] Update nix-shell (plutus)
08:01:33 [47364e15] Move to docsify (support-faq)
08:02:19 [864a1885] Update materialization (plutus)
08:04:41 [60e41d63] Add plutus-contract-template (plutus)
08:05:51 [06379240] Create .nojekyll (support-faq)
08:08:39 [abb04ac3] Update Alignments (support-faq)
08:33:59 [1a9b94c1] Allow disabling autoscaling of relays (for mainnet) (cardano-ops)
08:51:56 [101343f3] pir-tc: Refactor NonRec, disable duplicate/recconflict checks (plutus)
08:56:19 [b65e276b] checkpoint (yoroi-frontend)
09:02:51 [792ada77] Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/input-output-hk/daedalus into develop (daedalus)
09:06:19 [6b33ed3d] BuiltinName -> StagedBuiltinName etcetera (plutus)
09:08:06 [d92519c4] Add missing CHANGELOG.md entries for 2.1.0 release (daedalus)
09:08:27 [0cd34863] Bump Daedalus version to 2.1.0 (daedalus)
09:11:31 [1f88fab8] Bump cardano-wallet to 4a4d0a65bf6102b03a20d70de9d42df0cbc4b799 (daedalus)
09:13:00 [5bc4a515] small fixes (yoroi-frontend)
09:31:29 [acbea19b] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix-ci' into release/2.1.0 (daedalus)
09:46:34 [b95fafed] Devcontainer updates (plutus)
09:53:21 [0ca88ede] Migrate staging nodes to new naming scheme (cardano-ops)
10:00:03 [ec67f0dd] Collect CLI coverage in pytest (cardano-node-tests)
10:03:08 [fb507a10] Merge pull request #24 from mkoura/mkoura/cli_coverage_pytest (cardano-node-tests)
10:10:20 [7244229d] Default hlint file (cardano-node)
10:10:20 [507644cc] Add hlint ci check (cardano-node)
10:26:52 [439cbac5] Merge branch 'hotfix/address-search-dynamic-byron' into develop (cardano-explorer-app)
10:28:39 [e17e4011] [issue-335] Split slots & blocks into separate columns (cardano-explorer-app)
10:36:25 [a78a41c4] Merge pull request #347 from input-output-hk/fix/issue-335-split-slots-and-blocks (cardano-explorer-app)
10:42:51 [6d32fe89] Remove StagedBuiltinName (plutus)
10:45:27 [8345196e] add jest test (yoroi-frontend)
11:13:41 [f0819227] another test - the intrinsically kinded normalizer doesn't change the kind... (plutus)
11:26:15 [ecfcbb6c] improve usability a bit (bitte-cli)
11:27:37 [29b3e3b4] Forgot to update Benech.hs (plutus)
11:28:36 [721f5a65] SCB: Streaming JSON data via websockets. (plutus)
11:28:36 [81df082e] SCP-839: Don't display completed contracts. (plutus)
11:28:36 [8e45fe36] SCB: Refactoring the frontend State type. (plutus)
11:28:36 [a357382e] SCB: Reducing the network traffic caused by calling an endpoint. (plutus)
11:28:36 [f7ff7c43] SCB: Refactoring the websocket-handling. (plutus)
11:28:37 [5cc0757b] FE: Websockets now automatically reconnect if there's a network dropout. (plutus)
11:33:24 [d3ec67d1] [DDW-345] Fix Ada Redemption styling issues (daedalus)
11:35:26 [6edc1db3] Only run hlint on linux on CI (cardano-node)
11:36:36 [e82355b1] Initial conversion of network design doc from Google docs (ouroboros-network)
11:40:35 [0d96db43] Some test and debug. Before simplifying the test setup as suggested by Edsko. [skip ci] (decentralized-software-updates)
11:55:50 [fc203a68] Repair Agada (maybe)) (plutus)
11:59:57 [2600bded] Wrong way (plutus)
12:06:35 [f048c624] Insert the remaining comments from the Google doc version (ouroboros-network)
12:25:44 [6870d676] console log pubkeys in not net mode (adalite)
12:27:01 [de495056] [DDW-345] Enable Yoroi Shelley wallet restoration (daedalus)
12:30:06 [f728190a] [DDW-345] Translation manager (daedalus)
12:34:16 [e9c6cfdb] FE: Websockets now automatically reconnect if there's a network dropout. (plutus)
12:34:16 [4bacd810] SCB: Improved display of contract headings. (plutus)
12:35:13 [9dd1ce17] testing that the type normalizer is sound (plutus)
12:35:40 [48897849] [DDW-345] Disable Yoroi Shelley wallet restoration (daedalus)
12:38:38 [b459bb3c] Implement a new version of 'runApp' that uses iohk-monitoring (plutus)
12:42:58 [e42bb41e] Merge pull request #2138 from input-output-hk/fix/ddw-345-fix-ada-redemption-styling-issues (daedalus)
12:46:29 [750c8f96] initial rebuild during provision (bitte-cli)
12:50:12 [bb764472] Add export (plutus)
12:58:05 [af055927] Repair Agada (maybe) (plutus)
13:05:56 [06dd16b0] Simplify the latex preamble (ouroboros-network)
13:22:10 [c830378a] add URL routing to Marlowe Playground (plutus)
13:22:10 [3ecdafe6] update marlowe client deps (plutus)
13:26:47 [6c96fdd6] Replace the table of contents (ouroboros-network)
13:50:10 [4b345223] Tidy up section names and labels (ouroboros-network)
14:09:01 [3aee19c2] Add another check for #660 issues (haskell.nix)
14:09:45 [f85067cc] [DDW-345] Fix Ada Redemption styling issues - Part 2 (daedalus)
14:14:13 [7d34a096] Merge branch 'release/2.1.0' into fix/ddw-345-fix-ada-redemption-styling-issues (daedalus)
14:14:58 [bedcfb43] [DDW-345] Remove unecessary code (daedalus)
14:24:07 [19197146] Reimplement 'genBlock'. (cardano-ledger-specs)
14:28:54 [6a19cf3f] Made some changes to the 'TxOut' pattern, in particular the function 'viewCompactTxOut' which (cardano-ledger-specs)
14:32:43 [2d54d887] Added a commented ot line so it is easy to switch from benchmarking or profiling. (cardano-ledger-specs)
14:44:37 [3c3e8361] Fix all cross-references (ouroboros-network)
14:57:24 [b5e572e5] Fix types of some meta attributes (haskell.nix)
15:12:10 [240c493e] add lock impl and correct init (cardano-transactions)
15:17:14 [5d535685] Update README.rst (cardano-shell)
15:17:52 [46ea969c] Tool for reporting CLI coverage (cardano-node-tests)
15:20:10 [23ba76dc] Merge pull request #25 from mkoura/mkoura/cli_coverage_compare (cardano-node-tests)
15:28:23 [2c07f0e3] add witnesses list to Tx Shelley (cardano-transactions)
15:30:40 [60106464] WIP: trying out a simpler version of the property based testing [skip ci] (decentralized-software-updates)
15:43:28 [f838b2ed] WIP: Forecast tests (ouroboros-network)
15:58:04 [14708966] cardano-explorer-app: 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2 (cardano-ops)
16:03:04 [3dcc52fd] multi-region clusters (bitte)
16:17:18 [5757a550] highlight reported failure in integration scenarios by adding more assertions (cardano-wallet)
16:17:18 [d5b43356] report our withdrawals differently from external withdrawals. (cardano-wallet)
16:20:55 [94ba10be] Merge pull request #2140 from input-output-hk/fix/ddw-346-fix-ada-redemption-styling-issues-part-2 (daedalus)
16:22:14 [9eeab34e] Bump cardano-wallet to d5b43356e4dbe9267ede9c8e912da6c893bdda85 (daedalus)
16:28:56 [dd3b3706] Remove unicode invisible spaces (ouroboros-network)
16:29:04 [d22d52dc] support absolute directory paths in configuration files (cardano-node)
16:29:44 [6e8d64ef] Replace delta unicode char by latex math \Delta (ouroboros-network)
16:30:44 [28f808bf] Tidy up the latex presentation mode equations (ouroboros-network)
16:34:34 [ca60947b] test production type normalizer against agda model normalizer (plutus)
16:35:13 [c81dcc4f] mod - using post requests and not get requests. (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
16:47:25 [c8ab31c1] Tidy up lists (enumerated and itemised) (ouroboros-network)
17:35:52 [1aa5c4bc] [DDW-347] Fix Rewards Redemption when the API response is not as expected (daedalus)
18:08:32 [d28ab276] [DDW-347] Calling WBE directly (daedalus)
18:09:31 [b0353b6f] Revert "[DDW-347] Fix Rewards Redemption when the API response is not as expected" (daedalus)
18:14:00 [7cb31a83] New translations en-US.json (Turkish) (yoroi-frontend)
18:16:58 [3aa069ee] Merge branch 'release/2.1.0' into fix/ddw-347-fix-rewards-redemption-when-the-api-response-is-not-as-expected (daedalus)
18:17:20 [edff8f51] [DDW-347] Fix Rewards Redemption API response handling (#2141) (daedalus)
18:28:03 [1cd91a62] Update further-reading.md (docs-cardano-org)
18:32:12 [d42d8b85] Add keys() method to map structs (cardano-serialization-lib)
18:37:48 [b05d116b] add keys() method to generated table types (cddl-codegen)
18:38:33 [079c20aa] Merge pull request #10 from Emurgo/map-iterators (cddl-codegen)
19:05:15 [07cada65] Change ssh-keygen to use ed_25519 (Jormungandr-for-Newbs)
19:17:46 [63d30eaa] mod - using post requests and not get requests. (#26) (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
20:10:53 [5112e622] Removed an import (plutus)
20:14:35 [feb999c5] add c and jni binding (chain-wallet-libs)
20:41:49 [9bc3fd5e] [Bug] [PLC] [TypeCheck] Fixed a function breaking global uniqueness in the type checker (plutus)
20:45:13 [db01a196] [PLC] [Builtins] Allow binding type variables of any kind in the type of a built-in function (plutus)
21:51:13 [18855477] Update README.rst (smash)
21:51:41 [86a54e99] Merge pull request #1 from robcohen/robcohen-fix-space (smash)
21:55:03 [7cbaac10] Update ambassadors-program.md (docs-cardano-org)
22:49:16 [8a4dcffe] various cleanup (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
23:02:01 [08eabc7d] Adds a `nixops2` binary to the shell via overlay (ops-lib)
23:08:53 [a4323283] Adds a `nixops2` binary to the shell via overlay (ops-lib)
23:29:03 [9d36aae5] Adds a `nixops2` binary to the shell via ops-lib overlay (cardano-ops)
23:38:57 [f4281792] mod - ensuring order of reward addrs/amounts in mir certs. (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)