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Friday, February 26, 2021

493 commits had been pushed across 50 repos by 74 authors. There were 775,508 additions and 34,092 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on roadmap.cardano.org.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:02:59 [7de9d23f] db: Improve the way database inserts are done (cardano-db-sync)
00:11:32 [5541036d] shelley: tidy by folding/CSEing via a local definition (ouroboros-network)
00:11:32 [1ffb6001] consensus: add comment about keeping RunNode empty (ouroboros-network)
00:11:32 [2f55177d] consensus: add BlockSupportsMetrics, superclass of RunNode (ouroboros-network)
00:14:11 [7cb1380c] Merge #2930 (ouroboros-network)
00:19:24 [5ae19815] State of 2021-02-25 (fm-ouroboros)
00:25:29 [6a2ef8c0] Merge pull request #533 from input-output-hk/erikd/insert-checked-2 (cardano-db-sync)
00:44:04 [d6033e8f] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
00:46:19 [8f55be8a] E [ E' ] is the same whether by recursion on E or E' (plutus)
00:49:02 [9feb1191] Reduce export surface area (cardano-node)
00:50:26 [70e5a114] bump cardano libs (yoroi-mobile)
00:53:21 [09d99afa] Reduce export surface area (cardano-node)
01:10:40 [ae9e37cd] Reduce export surface area (cardano-node)
01:12:25 [14954a67] update (yoroi-mobile)
01:14:35 [0576e8cb] Automatic update for Fri Feb 26 01:14:34 UTC 2021 (hackage.nix)
01:16:21 [355cfb59] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:17:04 [1a181c89] Import cardano-submit-api from cardano-rest repo (cardano-node)
01:17:04 [784789a9] Fixes (cardano-node)
01:44:57 [8ceef624] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
01:52:26 [f8d3d04b] Connector: Multiasset support (+paginate/use bignums) (#1926) (yoroi-frontend)
01:53:39 [2d790dc2] Ergo connector UI (#1899) (yoroi-frontend)
02:04:57 [2126f324] Added class (CoreUtxow era tx body wit txout) (cardano-ledger-specs)
02:06:53 [05f6d349] Merge pull request #432 from input-output-hk/feature/asset-model (cardano-graphql)
02:07:50 [29371aee] chore(deps): bump ini from 1.3.5 to 1.3.8 in /docs (cardano-graphql)
02:13:56 [9cc69230] Add source-repository-package back (nix-tools)
02:15:20 [f3e24fc1] niv update nix-tools (haskell.nix)
02:17:39 [e52c9531] chore: remove unused table in Hasura metadata (cardano-graphql)
02:17:39 [ee1c68d3] chore: rename acronym to ticker (cardano-graphql)
02:25:47 [28f8086d] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
02:33:15 [784e3116] Use `equipartitionNatural` to simplify equipartitioning functions. (cardano-wallet)
02:36:28 [174b8fda] Make AnnotatedSignature type more strictly-typed (metadata-server)
02:36:31 [b8332f22] validator: attestation signatures using cardano-metadata-submitter (metadata-server)
02:36:34 [716d5185] WIP attestation tests (metadata-server)
02:37:35 [0b31b95a] Improve attestation tests (metadata-server)
02:38:18 [1498334b] Reduce export surface area (cardano-node)
02:38:32 [938aeb98] Re-instate preImage support (metadata-server)
02:38:47 [5db818e0] dissecting an extension gives you back the pieces and (E , E'[A]) -CC-> (E[E'],A) (plutus)
02:42:01 [eb00b809] WIP (metadata-server)
02:42:04 [e1a56432] Remove unused module (metadata-server)
02:46:46 [e4df8bb8] Update OneCoin and TwoCoin (metadata-registry-testnet)
02:47:49 [ec4a3830] Merge pull request #38 from input-output-hk/rhyslbw/OneCoin-TwoCoin-ticker-rename (metadata-registry-testnet)
02:53:43 [93bd84ba] Use `equipartitionNatural` to simplify equipartitioning functions. (cardano-wallet)
03:02:12 [ad5f0e63] Update nix-tools materialization (haskell.nix)
03:18:53 [573232ec] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
03:20:07 [20fc7868] More materialized files (haskell.nix)
03:24:54 [16415fba] More materialized files (haskell.nix)
03:25:55 [8e5dec9e] Minor adjustments (metadata-server)
03:35:33 [20361a48] Fixes. Reduce export surface area (cardano-node)
03:44:28 [9050c8ea] Merge branch 'alpha' into docker-docs (guild-operators)
03:47:00 [86b5c725] fixes (yoroi-mobile)
03:55:53 [107b42ab] Fixes. Reduce export surface area (cardano-node)
04:09:08 [4df29c85] Merge pull request #436 from input-output-hk/chore/rename-acronym-to-ticker (cardano-graphql)
04:13:28 [e155d9df] Multi-asset UI (#1193) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:44 [849b88cd] New translations en-US.json (German) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:46 [cd84c813] New translations en-US.json (Slovak) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:47 [b678a57f] New translations en-US.json (Croatian) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:48 [db82f1df] New translations en-US.json (Indonesian) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:50 [f5277e98] New translations en-US.json (Portuguese, Brazilian) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:51 [cb93f05e] New translations en-US.json (Chinese Traditional) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:52 [0b17d923] New translations en-US.json (Chinese Simplified) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:53 [ec47462d] New translations en-US.json (Turkish) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:54 [9c37660a] New translations en-US.json (Russian) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:56 [a510aece] New translations en-US.json (French) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:57 [3cca96d9] New translations en-US.json (Dutch) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:58 [6aff9997] New translations en-US.json (Korean) (yoroi-mobile)
04:13:59 [0438cafa] New translations en-US.json (Japanese) (yoroi-mobile)
04:14:00 [37e1c48c] New translations en-US.json (Italian) (yoroi-mobile)
04:14:02 [f2c4589d] New translations en-US.json (Greek) (yoroi-mobile)
04:14:03 [7086a242] New translations en-US.json (Czech) (yoroi-mobile)
04:14:04 [db9d33dd] New translations en-US.json (Spanish) (yoroi-mobile)
04:21:33 [51844eaa] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
04:25:39 [00e3313f] Issue 2396 Make Mary Era the default (cardano-node)
04:43:30 [92f9b82f] Patch updates for docs , mainly for layout (guild-operators)
04:47:34 [607ec074] Remove function `equipartitionTokenMap`. (cardano-wallet)
04:51:10 [0cfb86f7] Rename `maxTokenQuantity` to `maxTxOutTokenQuantity`. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:37 [955a7faa] Add function `equipartitionTokenMap`. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:38 [82af987a] Add function `equipartitionTokenMapWithMaxQuantity`. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:38 [3ec513e9] Add function `unsafePartitionCoin`. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:39 [88a6f15f] Add function `unsafePartitionNatural`. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:39 [54b8d6a7] Add function `equipartitionCoin`. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:40 [96a74713] Add function `equipartitionTokenBundle`. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:40 [f13d368e] Add function `equipartitionTokenBundleWithMaxQuantity`. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:40 [05dada01] Extract out function `equipartitionTokenQuantity`. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:41 [627b2dde] Consolidate documentation for equipartitioning functions. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:41 [ded55a59] When making change, split up any change maps with excessive token quantities. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:42 [b834804f] Add unit tests for the maximum token quantity. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:42 [4116e143] Use `equipartitionNatural` to simplify equipartitioning functions. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:42 [1856c43b] Remove function `equipartitionTokenMap`. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:43 [03811708] Rename `maxTokenQuantity` to `maxTxOutTokenQuantity`. (cardano-wallet)
05:05:43 [d5093c2b] Inline function `prop_equipartitionNatural_fair_inner`. (cardano-wallet)
05:13:01 [b9454787] Suppress hlint "Use camelCase" warning for `RoundRobinSpec`. (cardano-wallet)
05:17:13 [5042f185] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
06:04:22 [918606eb] New translations en-US.json (Dutch) (yoroi-mobile)
06:11:55 [8ac1bf8f] Extract out list-processing part of `splitMapsWithExcessiveQuantities`. (cardano-wallet)
06:16:05 [9cf72cba] Extract out list-processing part of `splitMapsWithExcessiveQuantities`. (cardano-wallet)
06:19:40 [a02470df] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
06:27:48 [250df5ea] WIP (metadata-server)
06:36:30 [284c70ab] Make tests run in Shelley Era to get them to pass (cardano-node)
07:06:56 [4b240969] WIP (metadata-server)
07:17:27 [5e64de5f] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
07:29:06 [84650863] Update cardano-db-sync-best-practices.md (docs-cardano-org)
07:30:51 [731e26f5] Update index.rst (docs-cardano-org)
07:32:42 [605d679f] WIP (metadata-server)
07:42:52 [fdf28993] Merge branch 'develop' into remove-socket-file (daedalus)
07:44:07 [b65bc38f] Merges develop, Adds CHANGELOG (daedalus)
07:56:59 [d9286b97] Revise Glow tutorial (testnets-cardano-org)
08:00:26 [ea580ac8] [DDW-500] Update Daedalus version (daedalus)
08:01:08 [5c6542cf] Merge #2538 (cardano-wallet)
08:21:13 [0b0092fc] Update nix build plan (plutus)
08:21:34 [84c0a62e] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
08:25:44 [011caefe] Merges develop (daedalus)
08:28:55 [631eae65] update doc (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
08:36:05 [015f86fa] Make sure we close DBs in Wallet Sqlite Specs (cardano-wallet)
08:39:48 [07712d30] use vote_encrypting_key made from all member public keys instead of single (jormungandr)
08:46:53 [6be18aa9] Fix dependencies on sublibs (nix-tools)
08:48:27 [d7f9fa29] niv update nix-tools (haskell.nix)
08:48:59 [437caa52] Merge pull request #531 from input-output-hk/big-bench (chain-libs)
08:53:55 [318b3377] Get rid of warning (plutus)
08:53:59 [aa18607c] Remove sublib dep work around (haskell.nix)
08:57:46 [67f3e6fd] Make sure we close DBs in Wallet Sqlite Specs (cardano-wallet)
09:03:18 [d7022aaa] 5c6542cfa1c937caf95fe687bdb5ba6c1f5f8098 (cardano-wallet)
09:03:18 [0c9b35e8] Merge branch 'gh-pages-deploy' into gh-pages (cardano-wallet)
09:05:41 [c9837c31] WIP (metadata-server)
09:09:56 [a5f25f6d] SCP-1951: Fix bug in balancing code (plutus)
09:11:05 [b96ab387] DDW-500 Implement design for native tokens - refactoring logic for add/remove/update fields on form (daedalus)
09:11:32 [7ab2c9e1] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/ddw-500-implement-design-for-native-tokens' into feature/ddw-500-implement-design-for-native-tokens (daedalus)
09:14:23 [38354b51] Build plz? (metadata-server)
09:14:29 [798978e0] DDW-500 Implement design for native tokens - refactoring logic for add/remove/update fields on form (daedalus)
09:17:00 [0962a764] Try this? (metadata-server)
09:17:52 [04e065d0] create dir prior to create file (jormungandr)
09:18:46 [1ad629b4] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
09:21:22 [513b87d3] Add testing tutorial to index (plutus)
09:25:41 [fbabd844] make necessary adjustment for private voting in vitup (vit-testing)
09:26:03 [23217aef] move all setup related things to isolated module (vit-testing)
09:26:18 [8608b8fc] refactor public test and add private (vit-testing)
09:26:38 [4d10c7b5] clean up code (vit-testing)
09:29:48 [00d2d461] [DDW-584] Changelog update and code style improvement (daedalus)
09:31:15 [65ea9656] [DDW-500] Improve the tooltip (daedalus)
09:31:27 [a2e7254b] Merge branch 'feature/ddw-500-implement-design-for-native-tokens' of github.com:input-output-hk/daedalus into feature/ddw-500-implement-design-for-native-tokens (daedalus)
09:33:54 [db585e68] Merge pull request #52 from input-output-hk/instances-specs (ops-lib)
09:34:41 [5f61f7b4] Fix single sided challenge type generation for plan (vit-servicing-station)
09:39:04 [664656d7] Kill more graphql leftovers on testing libs (vit-servicing-station)
09:42:57 [802a911b] more modular instance type selection. (cardano-ops)
09:47:28 [0b90234e] Merge pull request #351 from input-output-hk/modular-instances (cardano-ops)
09:48:35 [aca5c9fd] Or this? (metadata-server)
09:48:50 [8c9d4be1] [DDW-569] Remove unnecessary condition checking for menu disability (daedalus)
09:48:56 [2c280daf] multi-instance support (cardano-ops)
09:49:56 [220e78b5] Actually probably this (metadata-server)
09:50:29 [c348d780] Merge branch 'develop' into chore/ddw-569-move-itn-redemption-to-daedalus-application-menu (daedalus)
09:51:16 [537c26ea] Fix section link (plutus)
09:51:27 [1a72f91e] Merge pull request #143 from danielSanchezQ/remove-graphql (vit-servicing-station)
09:53:11 [eaca4210] Convex union of combined values (plutus)
09:53:58 [482ad391] Set selected send token to state (adalite)
10:00:33 [e3aac930] [DDW-569] Remove unnecessary sidebar menu item (daedalus)
10:00:43 [3530c00b] Dialog compatibility improvement (guild-operators)
10:09:22 [d6bfe776] general cleanup (infra-ops)
10:13:38 [c9c10ab8] Use Cabal 3.4 (#103) (nix-tools)
10:15:39 [7edb589f] Merge #2537 (cardano-wallet)
10:17:04 [e01d5f0c] Dialog compatibility improvement (#816) (guild-operators)
10:17:51 [5a8b623f] niv update nix-tools -b master (haskell.nix)
10:19:01 [91c7f41a] Try #1058: (haskell.nix)
10:20:01 [a8e4bb9d] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
10:22:27 [3ba24f53] Allow prometheus scrapeConfigs to be defined on each nodes. (ops-lib)
10:23:35 [c204238c] use bracket-style resource acquisition for the db connection pool (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [8016b2f5] Regenerate nix (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [8b6fe3ef] newConnectionPool -> withConnectionPool (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [0ac20e59] Add tests for aroundAll (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [e97ef4b0] Split Test.Utils.Resource.unBracket from Test.Hspec.Extra.aroundAll (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [e497dfef] Let bench:db work using withConnectionPool (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [7461cbe6] Straighten out connection pool logging a little (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [526dbc61] No need for mask in runQuery (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [b45e2093] Don't get stuck when deleting wallets (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [176114fc] Elide retryOnBusy logging (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [b370440e] Fix MsgApplyBlocks logging (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [781515c7] Simplify sqlite connection setup (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [28db8f46] Switch checkpoint cache from IORef to MVar (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [be16292f] Straighten out SqliteContext (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [b371af2f] Lightly refactor checkpoint cache (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [d2db975b] Decouple DBFactory from DBLayer a little (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [ffbaa441] DBLayer: Attempt to make the checkpoint cache threadsafe (cardano-wallet)
10:23:35 [7f724686] Add a query lock temporarily to let the checkpoint cache work (cardano-wallet)
10:25:24 [59f15c45] [DDW-500] Adds blank asset name state (daedalus)
10:27:03 [3d8b13a5] Parametise Mantis VMs (mantis-explorer)
10:30:34 [a721a7c7] Standardized using able_to_mint (age-usd)
10:33:44 [3c94ceec] Feature/multi assets (#380) (cardano-explorer-app)
10:35:08 [9411fe01] cleanup of old reserve ratio checking logic (age-usd)
10:36:18 [0214498b] Try to restart CI job (plutus)
10:37:16 [064544bf] Merge branch 'kwxm/turn-off-cost-model-tests' of github.com:input-output-hk/plutus into kwxm/turn-off-cost-model-tests (plutus)
10:40:08 [a1961686] Update 2021-02-25_07-00-00_glow-install-en.md (testnets-cardano-org)
10:43:10 [0fb73d88] Create CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md (cardano-ogmios)
10:43:29 [c2164636] deploy: 0fb73d88a9d25f425cc41d7a30ae3216332a62f2 (cardano-ogmios)
10:45:13 [e059f88e] Parametise Mantis VMs (mantis-faucet-web)
10:47:20 [9c83fd81] Allow prometheus scrapeConfigs to be defined on each nodes. (ops-lib)
10:51:42 [ee63ab37] Merge pull request #509 from cardano-foundation/nahern-patch-50 (testnets-cardano-org)
10:51:44 [79350969] fix crash for users with itn wallets in store (yoroi-mobile)
10:55:19 [97e350b9] New translations en-US.json (French) (yoroi-mobile)
10:58:21 [ce304588] Parametising Mantis VMs (mantis-faucet-web)
11:00:28 [f083bf0f] fix crash for users with itn wallets in store (#1200) (yoroi-mobile)
11:03:36 [eabbdc7c] chore: bump versions, update changelog (cardano-explorer-app)
11:04:23 [c0295f62] Fix computation of missing value spent (plutus)
11:06:09 [e45ff29a] Merge #2537 (cardano-wallet)
11:06:24 [6cb210bb] Merge branch 'release/1.4.0' (cardano-explorer-app)
11:08:38 [71219d16] linking to haddock docs (plutus)
11:10:37 [5706df28] WIP - send tokens successfully (adalite)
11:11:37 [9ebdb573] Turn the cost model tests into a benchmark (#2784) (plutus)
11:11:43 [4c63fa73] Make node.{cpus, memory} available without module system (ops-lib)
11:12:36 [71528eb6] Moving and renaming various things. (plutus)
11:15:00 [d521ce4a] Cleaned up comments (age-usd)
11:17:09 [0aac92bd] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
11:17:33 [3077fe88] Provide non-trivial handshake timeouts (ouroboros-network)
11:18:13 [6af5b16c] bump bitte (vit-ops)
11:22:52 [92d89636] chain-vote: fix GroupElement::zero deserialization (chain-libs)
11:24:26 [a92e2c88] add sponsors page & server dashboard gif visualization (cardano-ogmios)
11:24:26 [7e30c814] only exit health monitoring on async exceptions. retry connecting when connection with the node is lost. (cardano-ogmios)
11:24:27 [7dd7bcd9] fix git-th's tags list (cardano-ogmios)
11:24:27 [f0a37f55] add CHANGELOG for 3.0.0 & bump version(s) to 3.0.0 (cardano-ogmios)
11:25:56 [17fb47e3] deploy: f0a37f550d0e9ab81cbef36558d8e5727d5ede80 (cardano-ogmios)
11:26:56 [238602c6] update proposals.json (vit-testing)
11:28:09 [d562d9cb] update deps (vit-testing)
11:28:20 [40debd55] add default paths to import data (vit-testing)
11:28:34 [3563d883] ignore snapshot data (vit-testing)
11:31:40 [84562884] [DDW-500] Adds token fetching state on tx details (daedalus)
11:32:10 [f2077639] Incorporate revelations to the update payload. (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:33:26 [0ed37524] [DDW-560] Fix InlineEditingInput field for change handling (daedalus)
11:41:13 [dd301ebf] minor fixes (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
11:41:37 [5796dd05] update doc (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
11:41:37 [ec25a0a5] update changelog (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
11:42:18 [e6f45db1] avoid use of cue cmd in deploy (vit-ops)
11:42:21 [8d2d56dd] Revert "update `rand` stack and migrate to `curve25519-dalek-ng`" (chain-libs)
11:42:26 [12541d82] Use Annotated decoder for PParams and PParamsDelta (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:42:26 [c0bbb686] Drop duplicate TxBody serialisation tests. (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:44:26 [8c878d46] update artifacts for catalyst-test (vit-ops)
11:44:38 [8bdb5728] update artifacts for catalyst-dryrun (vit-ops)
11:44:44 [ef12c8aa] e45ff29a02b2c48d906dfe441df4f8a253cab7ff (cardano-wallet)
11:44:45 [cf3ac2e8] Merge branch 'gh-pages-deploy' into gh-pages (cardano-wallet)
11:44:54 [bad50d80] Fix "Can join and quit Stake Pool" (cardano-wallet-rb)
11:45:07 [ec88c07a] Applying review comments. (plutus)
11:45:32 [f23c8149] Current height fix (age-usd)
11:47:05 [888fcfd2] [DDW-560] Update changelog (daedalus)
11:47:33 [db31c748] fix benchmark compilation (chain-libs)
11:49:06 [68ed4b34] more fixes and updates (infra-ops)
11:53:04 [bc88b4f5] clean up code (vit-testing)
11:53:12 [0d85e3c9] [DDW-579] Improve code style (daedalus)
11:54:35 [a02c7694] Merge branch 'develop' into chore/ddw-579-undelegated-wallet-shown-as-delegated-on-delegation-center-screen (daedalus)
11:54:38 [d3fc4b3f] New translations en-US.json (zh-Hans) (yoroi-frontend)
11:55:28 [7a216646] New translations en-US.json (Chinese Simplified) (yoroi-mobile)
11:58:34 [d1196b3d] Fix "Can join and quit Stake Pool" (cardano-wallet-rb)
11:59:05 [fc33400f] Merge pull request #535 from input-output-hk/revert-532-update-rand (chain-libs)
12:00:09 [ba5e68f5] chain-vote: fix GroupElement::zero deserialization (chain-libs)
12:00:39 [cfe149c7] Restructure ensuring code into function calls (vit-servicing-station)
12:00:46 [5cfdb5c8] build(deps): update quickcheck_macros requirement from 0.9 to 1.0 (chain-libs)
12:00:50 [05bab65c] build(deps): update bech32 requirement from 0.7 to 0.8 (chain-libs)
12:00:54 [ff20b416] build(deps): update strum requirement from 0.19.2 to 0.20.0 (chain-libs)
12:01:04 [1f89ebb5] build(deps): update quickcheck requirement from 0.9 to 1.0 (chain-libs)
12:02:48 [72121d92] Revert "Revert "update `rand` stack and migrate to `curve25519-dalek-ng`"" (chain-libs)
12:03:09 [35cf82f0] [DDW-569] Fix changelog (daedalus)
12:05:53 [7dcdd5ad] [DDW-579] Fix changelog (daedalus)
12:07:59 [d72aa0d5] Merge pull request #9 from input-output-hk/evm (mantis-explorer)
12:08:21 [5cc064f8] [DDW-560] Fix changelog (daedalus)
12:08:33 [9da14f10] Merge pull request #8 from input-output-hk/mantis-devnets (mantis-faucet-web)
12:08:53 [b72331d5] wip (plutus)
12:08:59 [ab143b4f] [DDW-500] Fix JP translations, Refactor send form (daedalus)
12:10:44 [cdf73899] Merge #2956 (ouroboros-network)
12:19:07 [0d2ad4fb] Make node.{cpus, memory} available without module system (ops-lib)
12:22:35 [976f6fd5] CAD-1310 stronger types (cardano-benchmarking)
12:23:40 [74cad801] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
12:25:51 [92a14db7] bump vit station version (vit-testing)
12:27:56 [de7e7fe3] update artifacts for catalyst-dryrun (vit-ops)
12:31:39 [8347754e] Make node.{cpus, memory} available without module system (ops-lib)
12:32:18 [f6ac8548] Parametise Mantis VMs (mantis-ops)
12:34:04 [acba1d10] try to fix the rerunning nix bug in nomad nix driver (bitte)
12:34:14 [d253bf55] add vault-backend pkg (bitte)
12:34:57 [9c204aff] New translations en-US.json (Spanish) (yoroi-mobile)
12:43:01 [75109c80] fix path in fixtures (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
12:43:08 [a4f34400] do not allow withdrawals for operator (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
12:43:08 [2b9bae8c] do not allow owner witnesses for operator (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
12:43:08 [9a04af7e] add pool retirement test (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
12:43:08 [7179801d] relax requirements on witnesses (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
12:45:59 [4c3389cd] New translations en-US.json (Spanish) (yoroi-mobile)
12:46:15 [05099172] Changed blockly toolbox XML representation for a JSON one (plutus)
12:48:42 [254fbfc3] OR this (metadata-server)
12:50:26 [ac25c482] tidying/reorganising lemmas (plutus)
12:50:33 [29adbb32] Changed blockly toolbox XML representation for a JSON one (plutus)
12:52:46 [382c2e48] OR this?? (metadata-server)
12:52:49 [98415b40] make the input touchable (yoroi-mobile)
12:56:24 [d3e54932] Make node.{cpus, memory} available without module system (ops-lib)
12:58:29 [8a0a6e88] Merge #2536 (cardano-wallet)
12:59:16 [eeb42020] style fix (yoroi-mobile)
13:01:25 [153c92d6] Export `sipRevelations` field. (cardano-ledger-specs)
13:06:02 [9a09df4b] typo (yoroi-mobile)
13:07:32 [91eb4a0d] Merge pull request #1198 from Emurgo/nicarq-patch-1 (yoroi-mobile)
13:11:26 [83779be2] add validations for unit's decimals (cardano-metadata-submitter)
13:18:28 [8c327c23] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
13:19:15 [af0c12c3] lint fix (yoroi-mobile)
13:22:02 [01f080f9] Fix fee calculation (adalite)
13:25:57 [a82aab75] Comment out plutus-core-test-cost-model in haskell.nix (plutus)
13:26:56 [cfdba922] Allow prometheus scrapeConfigs to be defined on each nodes. (ops-lib)
13:27:02 [c35de43b] Ma update (#1201) (yoroi-mobile)
13:28:03 [1c548160] another attempt at fixing nomad (bitte)
13:28:25 [3f61875a] another attempt at fixing nomad (vit-ops)
13:31:30 [6fa446e1] Merge #2954 (ouroboros-network)
13:36:10 [8db2e305] recursive closing of eval ctxs in reduction, progress, notboth (plutus)
13:38:24 [0acce480] [CAD-2651] Fix/improve caching. (smash)
13:38:48 [0be437d1] Try #153:+ (smash)
13:40:36 [58be53b7] Merge branch 'master' into kwxm/turn-off-cost-model-tests (plutus)
13:50:46 [4a16bcdb] add hydra jobs (vit-ops)
13:55:52 [a052c6f5] more hydra jobs (vit-ops)
13:57:09 [074b3349] Fixture wallets (cardano-wallet-rb)
14:06:38 [77e057fe] add auto-incrementing sequence number as per CIP (cardano-metadata-submitter)
14:06:57 [189267c9] rename 'anSignatures' into 'signatures' (cardano-metadata-submitter)
14:08:31 [4467b460] Add support for revealing SIP's. (cardano-node)
14:10:23 [d291897e] less hydra jobs (vit-ops)
14:12:33 [55b28735] more fixes (vit-ops)
14:12:48 [ea56bcea] Merge pull request #507 from MuKnIO/staging (testnets-cardano-org)
14:13:36 [a35aedf1] Update 2021-02-25_07-00-00_glow-test-network-en.md (testnets-cardano-org)
14:17:28 [07a0e537] Merge pull request #510 from cardano-foundation/nahern-patch-51 (testnets-cardano-org)
14:17:31 [0e5d618f] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
14:19:06 [441d1efa] Consistent file names (cardano-node)
14:21:07 [08bc9e83] Make node.{cpus, memory} available without module system (ops-lib)
14:21:56 [7f89443b] Update Megacoin fields (metadata-registry-testnet)
14:23:40 [ab52817e] Merge pull request #37 from input-output-hk/jl/update-megacoin (metadata-registry-testnet)
14:24:14 [be283e42] pretty-print policy on validation failure (cardano-metadata-submitter)
14:29:09 [dae1b576] Add a test. (plutus)
14:30:04 [080aca21] multi-instance support (cardano-ops)
14:31:01 [d1d06727] Use Annotated decoder for PParams and PParamsDelta (cardano-ledger-specs)
14:31:01 [8899b835] Drop duplicate TxBody serialisation tests. (cardano-ledger-specs)
14:32:45 [94a406bd] Plz (metadata-server)
14:32:45 [75d690ba] remove dead-code and unused dependencies (cardano-metadata-submitter)
14:39:36 [6fa5b86a] Add repr for ClusterLib (cardano-node-tests)
14:44:58 [b3212e35] Merge pull request #398 from mkoura/cardano_mode_default (cardano-node-tests)
14:46:03 [58ed5811] [DDW-560] Fix InlineEditingInput field validation (daedalus)
14:55:58 [9854c9ea] Restructure for prototype based config and documentation (cardano-node)
14:56:51 [574e379b] a sketch of determinism of reduction for functional/recursive EC closure (plutus)
14:59:35 [e05f2bc0] update artifacts for catalyst-perf (vit-ops)
15:00:57 [8a6208d0] Clean up Morpho.Config.Logging (ECIP-Checkpointing)
15:02:10 [81f27150] Add Testcoin (metadata-registry-testnet)
15:03:19 [5dc99808] Merge branch 'develop' into chore/ddw-552-line-breaks-on-the-address-from-exported-pdf (daedalus)
15:04:00 [4233d0f7] Merge pull request #39 from input-output-hk/jl/update-megacoin (metadata-registry-testnet)
15:05:59 [8b61e0f1] WIP - max amount calculation (adalite)
15:06:42 [5c190e2c] consensus: comment about new args in Ouroboros.Consensus.Node (ouroboros-network)
15:09:12 [db033320] update expected metadata (cardano-wallet-rb)
15:11:41 [1299804b] Move Morpho.Node.Features.Node.run to Morpho.Node.Run (ECIP-Checkpointing)
15:11:45 [72ae6b6e] use explicit & canonical binary encoding (CBOR) for property's value serialization (cardano-metadata-submitter)
15:12:10 [3d235383] Back in the ring (metadata-server)
15:17:01 [264e1aae] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
15:19:49 [023f2aab] more fixes (infra-ops)
15:29:04 [ddd16fc5] change dropdown native token name (testnets-cardano-org)
15:34:47 [ee575517] introduce SharedState (cardano-wallet)
15:34:47 [f4b0f4c9] add mkSharedState (cardano-wallet)
15:34:47 [943bf6cf] work on impl scaffolding to cover later (cardano-wallet)
15:34:48 [c63e5485] add replacing script template with script keyhash (cardano-wallet)
15:34:48 [a998d7b8] first rough implementation of mkSharedState with calculation of address candidates (cardano-wallet)
15:34:48 [072343e4] rethink shared state (cardano-wallet)
15:34:49 [bdd25b0a] add newSharedState (cardano-wallet)
15:34:49 [ea7974bf] addCosignerAccXPub impl (cardano-wallet)
15:34:50 [39ac40b0] further improvements to extendSharedState (cardano-wallet)
15:34:50 [b3440a7c] slim shared state and add isShared (cardano-wallet)
15:34:50 [e14f63b9] add first property test (cardano-wallet)
15:34:51 [a74834fa] add another property for shared state (cardano-wallet)
15:34:51 [6c4e883c] even more properties (cardano-wallet)
15:34:51 [eb0f8966] add last property tests (cardano-wallet)
15:34:52 [65220b7c] add docs, update to new cardano-addresses and comply with review - part 1 (cardano-wallet)
15:34:52 [65471024] Regenerate nix (cardano-wallet)
15:34:52 [52d12269] use address gap and mimick methods as a prelude for potential reuse with Sequential (cardano-wallet)
15:34:53 [af60ce5c] make AddressPool more abstract and absorb ParentContext in the code (cardano-wallet)
15:34:53 [e509b371] try to use typeRep (cardano-wallet)
15:34:54 [3756f4ba] move several things connected with script to separate module and use it in Sequential (cardano-wallet)
15:34:54 [be3ab038] use a GADT for capture AddressPool's 'ParentContext' (cardano-wallet)
15:34:54 [5344ba5f] align whole src codebase to new AddressPool definition (cardano-wallet)
15:34:55 [9cc944b8] aligning tests - part 1 (cardano-wallet)
15:34:55 [929a61a6] align SharedScriptSpec - part 1 (cardano-wallet)
15:34:55 [88e2fbb8] align SharedScriptSpec - part 2 and add listPaymentAddress to Shared (cardano-wallet)
15:37:40 [80ccfb79] Exhaustively match in VotePlan::is_governance (chain-libs)
15:40:13 [714baeac] WIP CAD-2693 supervisord: generate topology from parameters (cardano-node)
15:40:48 [186525d8] nixos fix restart of socket when restarting with multi-instance (cardano-node)
15:49:18 [66f4f47b] No intermediate Vec in Ledger::apply_vote_plan (chain-libs)
15:52:30 [d98693b9] add activity indicator in send screen (yoroi-mobile)
15:55:31 [1d85b589] WIP (cardano-metadata-submitter)
15:55:59 [be6b5591] Typos (marlowe)
15:59:10 [d5426435] Typo fix in pr template; remove Megacoin (metadata-registry-testnet)
16:03:55 [5652967f] Rename key ticker to acronym (metadata-registry-testnet)
16:04:57 [f304e2cb] Merge pull request #40 from input-output-hk/jl/update-testcoin (metadata-registry-testnet)
16:08:49 [eefcb304] WIP (cardano-metadata-submitter)
16:09:17 [3cb17ba3] nixos: fix runtime directory when instances > 1 (cardano-node)
16:10:20 [04a6c382] ETCM-532 update ets script (mantis)
16:22:12 [20cb76a8] Phantom punch? (metadata-server)
16:24:19 [d801b1d3] Only copy immutable db to new instances to avoid imcomplete writes (cardano-node)
16:24:46 [d5977cf3] Make a start on ContractModel tutorial (plutus)
16:29:01 [16247fd3] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
16:29:47 [21bd93b3] simplify code, especially with regard to serialization of registry entries (cardano-metadata-submitter)
16:33:16 [31f19cee] Only copy immutable db to new instances to avoid imcomplete writes (cardano-node)
16:37:53 [5a085a8e] rework Cardano.Metadata.Types module's organisation. (cardano-metadata-submitter)
16:44:54 [4d571457] Dependencies update (cardano-node-tests)
16:45:15 [9b07e33a] Create pool status files (cardano-node-tests)
16:51:40 [cd871b23] Update plutus-core.cabal (plutus)
16:53:29 [1e334f1a] Merge pull request #515 from cardano-foundation/staging (testnets-cardano-org)
16:58:25 [a396df0c] rest: Rename get_fragments_{statuses,logs} (jormungandr)
17:01:00 [05722832] chain-vote: fix GroupElement::zero deserialization (chain-libs)
17:01:45 [55e8c7e4] Please... (metadata-server)
17:06:49 [3865618c] Added Mary and Allegra instances (cardano-ledger-specs)
17:14:54 [eb1eee79] Merge pull request #22 from input-output-hk/feature-simplifications (ECIP-Checkpointing)
17:17:13 [677f44b6] PR feedback (yoroi-mobile)
17:18:50 [a86d5c06] add activity indicator in send screen (#1202) (yoroi-mobile)
17:22:36 [08a3c34f] Update comp-matrix.md (docs-cardano-org)
17:22:57 [3d11117e] update expected metadata (cardano-wallet-rb)
17:24:30 [ee13f05a] Only copy immutable db to new instances to avoid imcomplete writes (cardano-node)
17:26:46 [d7b72eaf] New Crowdin updates (#1192) (yoroi-mobile)
17:30:29 [72bc6569] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
17:34:33 [9f6a9924] Make protocolInfoMorpho a pure function (ECIP-Checkpointing)
17:41:56 [5b507510] No intermediate Vec in get_fragment_statuses (jormungandr)
17:42:24 [dd15ec41] Remove unused ViewMode (ECIP-Checkpointing)
17:43:55 [5e8d0a94] Increase cncli ptsendslots wait time after epoch boundary (guild-operators)
17:46:19 [7208a48d] add automated tests using mochajs (cardano-metadata-submitter)
17:46:44 [2fc15e62] Remove unused Update configuration parameters (ECIP-Checkpointing)
17:47:47 [1285b9fa] WIP: update dependencies (cardano-node)
17:52:02 [d82fa17a] add 'how to test' instructions to README (cardano-metadata-submitter)
17:52:33 [4d8ab6a6] Change the type of ncNodeId to CoreNodeId (ECIP-Checkpointing)
18:04:56 [6003e987] limit test threads to 1 (vit-testing)
18:05:06 [c267ac31] Removes unneccesary constraints from selector functions defined by patterns. (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:12:10 [65fe4c12] 4.0.0 (yoroi-mobile)
18:15:20 [cc9e8e01] allow to provide the policy as JSON file, matching format from cardano-cli (cardano-metadata-submitter)
18:19:17 [6620270a] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
18:22:49 [0f8423a2] adjust README to use a json file for policy in example (cardano-metadata-submitter)
18:35:06 [43f40cc9] multi-instance support (cardano-ops)
18:50:18 [87da59b4] One more time (metadata-server)
18:56:01 [2221de2c] Update README (cardano-wallet-rb)
18:58:07 [673a7fd4] Schedule nightly workflows and remove running on PRs (cardano-wallet-rb)
18:58:29 [accf3e66] align SharedScriptSpec - part 3 (cardano-wallet)
18:59:11 [5efa91a5] Attestation signature and policy validation (metadata-server)
19:13:15 [42eb1201] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
19:16:33 [66ed9369] add more automated test scenarios, in particular w.r.t signatures (cardano-metadata-submitter)
19:17:27 [4638b454] Try #153:+ (smash)
19:20:41 [649efce0] explorer link updates (yoroi-frontend)
19:24:07 [d791474c] lint (yoroi-frontend)
19:25:34 [9fef50c9] Merge #2418 (cardano-node)
19:32:19 [64e5df7d] Merge #2536 (cardano-wallet)
19:40:29 [254a22f4] Merge pull request #24 from piotr-iohk/tests_against_platforms (cardano-wallet-rb)
19:45:12 [f453a87a] replace assets for alerts (adapools-yoroi-frontend)
19:46:30 [3b64b349] Add holes to blockly on block selection (plutus)
19:48:00 [ef8ed94e] node 1.25.1 (ikar)
19:48:41 [03834d3a] replace BoxedSubscribers with layered registry (jormungandr)
19:51:39 [856d5029] fix cardanowallet (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
19:52:54 [5715510b] Merge pull request #29 from input-output-hk/feature/attestation-sig-validation (metadata-server)
19:59:24 [afc6334f] Refactor concurrent network threads using Async.Concurrently (ouroboros-network)
19:59:27 [e20695fe] fix workflow (ikar)
20:00:02 [0dc065c1] WIP (metadata-registry-testnet)
20:02:23 [5d09f187] Bad attestation signature (metadata-registry-testnet)
20:04:56 [3b478c3e] fix TallyOptomizationTable setup (jormungandr)
20:05:13 [7ad9769c] update deps for reproduction (jormungandr)
20:07:09 [0c7c7359] Add a bad policy (metadata-registry-testnet)
20:07:47 [fcb689f9] Better size? (metadata-registry-testnet)
20:10:00 [41dee1fe] Support having no daLocalAddress (ouroboros-network)
20:11:40 [c55141c4] Try this (metadata-registry-testnet)
20:13:04 [6a5a8374] WIP (metadata-registry-testnet)
20:13:39 [16391591] Bad sig (metadata-registry-testnet)
20:16:36 [6cdb98b8] WIP (metadata-registry-testnet)
20:18:27 [d81993bb] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
20:21:55 [18171c3e] WIP (metadata-registry-testnet)
20:22:49 [8e8a29b9] Merge pull request #42 from input-output-hk/feature/hf-test-1 (metadata-registry-testnet)
20:22:55 [3869b5fc] add delegationTemplate to testing - part 1 (cardano-wallet)
20:25:09 [9f57204e] Merge pull request #153 from input-output-hk/ksaric/CAD-2651 (smash)
20:36:02 [d8f32324] Updates DNS for metadata server on mainnet (iohk-nix)
20:38:44 [b83c9a38] Added num able optimization for redeem rc (age-usd)
20:39:39 [f7b0a3ad] CAD-1310 add RunBenchmark (cardano-benchmarking)
20:45:30 [60fe72cf] Merge #467 (iohk-nix)
20:46:37 [a7b645e2] [DDW-500] Transaction story on Storybook (daedalus)
20:51:02 [fb45375c] WIP CAD-2693 supervisord: generate topology from parameters (cardano-node)
20:52:49 [89ce44f1] updateMaterizedDDDZEDZZZEEDD (plutus)
21:11:25 [2e73d161] [DDW-500] Format Asset Qty according to the decimals value (daedalus)
21:11:32 [62c20ba6] Add a new example prototype era. (cardano-ledger-specs)
21:14:58 [ff9e2295] add liftDelegationAddress and use it in property tests (cardano-wallet)
21:15:35 [0ba6e4db] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
21:19:09 [cc9026c8] WIP CAD-2693 supervisord: generate topology from parameters (cardano-node)
21:19:40 [3c645ad4] install jcli also (vit-testing)
21:19:59 [18e3b5e8] update iapyx warp deps (vit-testing)
21:27:32 [8723b17c] [DDW-500] Format Asset Qty according to the decimals value (daedalus)
21:50:08 [699b374d] [DDW-500] Avoid displaying Asset title in Tx wo assets (daedalus)
22:02:08 [c75907c6] Applied changes to ShelleyMA and Shelley files (cardano-ledger-specs)
22:03:21 [92868f67] get backend for gelf correctly (jormungandr)
22:18:51 [0a272091] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
22:20:45 [24923bf6] use same names to avoid silly mistakes (jormungandr)
22:44:29 [11c430ea] Update to latest ouroboros-network (cardano-node)
22:48:47 [494cfed7] [Costing] Testing memory consumption of polymorphic builtins (plutus)
22:51:04 [baefab75] [DDW-500] Allow disabling dummy data in dev mode (daedalus)
22:51:29 [970ce56b] 4.0.0 (#1204) (yoroi-mobile)
22:51:38 [460d8938] [DDW-500] Add no-tokens confirmation Tx in Storybook (daedalus)
22:58:55 [f3d92c5a] Flatten the holes (plutus)
23:00:34 [36d19737] WIP CAD-2693 supervisord: generate topology from parameters (cardano-node)
23:18:26 [95a3248b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
23:26:30 [8b2bc5e3] [DDW-500] Refactor send form data handling (daedalus)
23:33:11 [49a3bb63] [DDW-500] Fix tooltip Blank item styling (daedalus)
23:46:48 [2f9fef50] [DDW-500] Optimization (daedalus)
23:52:06 [843e6014] Add switch for search by ticker to .env variable (adalite)