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Thursday, September 22, 2022

529 commits had been pushed across 49 repos by 98 authors. There were 833,127 additions and 59,228 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:10:28 [e9ae1998] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into nightly (cardano-js-sdk)
00:13:37 [e58b525a] Removing gitignore.nix flake input since it is not needed (#4099) (jormungandr)
00:15:18 [7e82d81d] ci: publish nightly [skip actions] (cardano-js-sdk)
00:17:21 [e8713314] fmt: alejandra (bitte)
00:28:32 [f1d2328b] fmt: alejandra (bitte)
00:46:12 [c8c9e106] not need to use gitignore.nix (vit-testing)
00:47:28 [8a03f031] build packages in parallel (vit-testing)
00:48:14 [c3b0f61a] fix: update tullia actions cue to reflect current lib (bitte)
00:52:01 [32ecb121] switch to use new cache (vit-testing)
00:53:09 [32fddc5e] typo (vit-testing)
01:02:38 [c664b186] fix: update tullia actions cue to reflect current lib (bitte)
01:07:51 [39aa684c] flake update and format flake.nix file (vit-testing)
01:10:20 [bf6f75da] bump: consul 1.11.2 --> 1.13.1 (bitte)
01:10:21 [47f104c0] fix: deprecated ui, tls related consul config (bitte)
01:10:22 [cdb7b43e] fix: consul deprecated acl.tokens.master use (bitte)
01:10:23 [01ec7b74] imp: set consul ui to routing only; fixup port types (bitte)
01:10:24 [845339ef] imp: adds tempo loglevel, service-graphs, span-metrics, scrape (bitte)
01:10:25 [9b286955] imp: adds traefik jaeger tracing (bitte)
01:10:25 [12c57300] fix: vm max labels per timeseries limit (bitte)
01:10:26 [fc25c058] imp: enable tempoApmTable on grafana >= 9.1.X (bitte)
01:10:27 [928e6f6c] fix: vendor grafana module for unstable (bitte)
01:10:28 [6629f76f] imp: traceToMetrics, traceToLogs, grafanaTracing (bitte)
01:10:29 [2c2c7d79] imp: prep for tempo module upstream (bitte)
01:10:30 [e6d02db7] cleanup, imp: gate firewall on openFirewall opt (bitte)
01:10:31 [71b715e9] wip: nomad tempo job (bitte)
01:10:32 [729f6257] fix: broken IMDSv2 tokens for containers on ec2 (bitte)
01:10:33 [71835089] imp: configure grafana to link with nomad run tempo SRV (bitte)
01:10:34 [5c0cbeec] fix: prefer zipkin on routing for tempo protocol (bitte)
01:10:35 [4a7cbe8d] cleanup: mv tempo module to bitte-cells (bitte)
01:10:36 [ede5ffe0] cleanup: scaler-guard shellcheck (bitte)
01:10:37 [19629ba7] fix: shfmt simplify induces shellcheck errors (bitte)
01:10:38 [0a21fa60] cleanup: s3-upload-flake svc was removed prior in favor of tf client plan/apply (bitte)
01:10:39 [9531e30f] cleanup: minor ease-of-use renames, drop deprecated pkgs, prefer awscli2 (bitte)
01:10:40 [dc2b5a0b] cleanup: mv loki profile to monitoring mod in prep for params (bitte)
01:16:15 [5c48fc44] Automatic update for Thu Sep 22 01:16:15 AM UTC 2022 (stackage.nix)
01:17:27 [a2cbbba6] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:21:32 [9021ccc1] That should setup all needed binary caches (vit-testing)
01:23:16 [a9d34ba5] missing shell (vit-testing)
01:37:49 [92e916b7] configure nix-direnv in gh actions (vit-testing)
01:39:03 [f6a796c3] deprecate: hydra build is broken and has a dep on patched nix 2.8.1 (bitte)
01:54:32 [8d4bcbee] add hydra cache (vit-testing)
02:00:22 [bb8c5713] add hydra.iohk.io binary cache (vit-servicing-station)
02:01:07 [93daa65b] add hydra.iohk.io binary cache (catalyst-toolbox)
02:01:38 [c9956efd] add hydra.iohk.io binary cache (jormungandr)
02:02:30 [e037228a] add hydra.iohk.io binary cache (jormungandr)
02:03:08 [9f84b026] add accept-flake-config (vit-testing)
02:05:36 [b8624c84] deprecate: hydra build is broken and has a dep on patched nix 2.8.1 (bitte)
02:11:54 [90c559cd] cargo update (vit-testing)
02:15:11 [ea217e1d] Revert "add accept-flake-config" (vit-testing)
02:15:34 [50cb9998] Revert "Revert "add accept-flake-config"" (vit-testing)
02:15:41 [d7aa7b5f] Revert "cargo update" (vit-testing)
02:16:28 [e9f183b1] Support both ghc-8.10 and ghc-9.2 (cardano-prelude)
02:16:29 [d075e03c] Update Github Actions CI (cardano-prelude)
02:16:29 [9f2b16e0] Update cardano-prelude-test.cabal (cardano-prelude)
02:16:29 [7915f737] Add missing microlens instances (cardano-prelude)
02:16:29 [00d1bd44] Compatibility function unsafeShortByteStringIndex (cardano-prelude)
02:16:29 [09515028] Update index-state and set constraints for canonical-json (cardano-prelude)
02:16:29 [ca149128] Update Nix (cardano-prelude)
02:16:57 [ddb87f7e] stuff (cardano-node)
02:30:17 [4edbed7e] stuff (cardano-node)
02:32:03 [cbe311c9] stuff (cardano-node)
02:35:37 [21c7ace9] stuff (ouroboros-network)
02:39:57 [1ff3d64e] stuff (ouroboros-network)
02:40:57 [ba673739] Support both ghc-8.10 and ghc-9.2 (cardano-prelude)
02:40:57 [d67c8a6c] Update Github Actions CI (cardano-prelude)
02:40:57 [8e0eda58] Update cardano-prelude-test.cabal (cardano-prelude)
02:40:57 [45385289] Add missing microlens instances (cardano-prelude)
02:40:57 [8de71aa2] Compatibility function unsafeShortByteStringIndex (cardano-prelude)
02:40:57 [2ab96645] Update index-state and set constraints for canonical-json (cardano-prelude)
02:40:57 [d18d94b4] Update Nix (cardano-prelude)
02:45:19 [ecb5a5c7] stuff (ouroboros-network)
02:56:28 [0bd0a5dc] stuff (ouroboros-network)
02:59:23 [9a71b583] wip (yoroi-mobile)
03:00:46 [c6b7c683] Merge pull request #169 from input-output-hk/erikd/ghc-9.2 (cardano-prelude)
03:03:55 [d2f9cd0f] stuff (ouroboros-network)
03:04:20 [68e35bfb] stuff (ouroboros-network)
03:06:35 [0657badf] stuff (ouroboros-network)
03:49:26 [12171b82] docs: update README workflow badges (cardano-js-sdk)
04:34:50 [c2d43611] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 1674-use-nix-flakes-rather-than-niv-to-pin-dependencies (haskell.nix)
05:32:02 [d42d5f9b] Merge pull request #452 (cardano-js-sdk)
05:41:31 [512cfb47] stuff (ouroboros-network)
05:49:22 [c539a3df] stuff (cardano-node)
06:20:47 [eb8916db] Fix dates and weeks in Changelog (#790) (developer-portal)
06:39:11 [95a4bc53] feat(error): add stake address error (blockfrost-utils)
06:41:02 [df3d657b] feat(error): add pool error (blockfrost-utils)
06:43:36 [82344206] formatting: prettier (blockfrost-utils)
06:50:11 [d8192c41] rethrow-policies: fixed typos (ouroboros-network)
06:50:12 [5d9a5bde] rethrow-policies: added RethrowPolicyTracer (ouroboros-network)
06:50:13 [59a82bec] connection-handler: rethrow exceptions using ExceptionInHandler (ouroboros-network)
06:50:13 [a873ff9e] ouroboros-consensus: updated consensusRethrowPolicy (ouroboros-network)
06:50:14 [2949663d] ouroboros-newtork-framework: changed ExceptionInHandler (ouroboros-network)
06:50:14 [6b536840] ouroboros-consensus: added top level error tracer (ouroboros-network)
06:50:14 [d84ff7a8] Updated CHANGELOG files (ouroboros-network)
07:05:59 [04937eda] p2p diffusion: do not log ExceptionInHandler (ouroboros-network)
07:08:48 [82cab4db] fix(cardano-services): fixed an issue that was causing pool saturation to be always 0 (cardano-js-sdk)
07:13:30 [9b6d4e20] check exunits for eval tests (aiken)
07:16:33 [641a2f9b] refactor(input-selection)!: renamed cip2 package to input-selection (cardano-js-sdk)
07:23:20 [8eedd433] update CI Operating System (mithril)
07:26:29 [d34b19cf] add known problems when running the portal locally (developer-portal)
07:37:56 [e8be882b] Change the mempool IS to TVar (ouroboros-network)
07:38:57 [822616dd] add yarn.lock hints (developer-portal)
07:45:56 [a9f06ada] connection-handler: rethrow exceptions using ExceptionInHandler (ouroboros-network)
07:45:57 [440afba8] ouroboros-newtork-framework: changed ExceptionInHandler (ouroboros-network)
07:45:57 [38bbd8e8] ouroboros-consensus: added top level error tracer (ouroboros-network)
07:46:29 [77490da0] Merge pull request #8 from blockfrost/1000101/invalid_account (blockfrost-utils)
07:49:41 [9aeb965f] Add yarn build hint (developer-portal)
07:49:42 [b7069fd6] Merge pull request #522 from input-output-hk/jpraynaud/fix-devnet-dockerfile-2 (mithril)
07:50:06 [cc8618f6] Merge branch 'main' into CAD-4738-stm-monad-catch-instance (io-sim)
07:51:33 [86ab78ea] Merge pull request #454 from input-output-hk/fix/fix-pool-saturation-calculation (cardano-js-sdk)
07:54:51 [f4d6632d] refactor(input-selection)!: renamed cip2 package to input-selection (cardano-js-sdk)
07:57:27 [79c0d589] Add guideline questions (developer-portal)
07:59:11 [e72c10eb] diffusion: DiffusionTracer (ouroboros-network)
07:59:11 [cf8a8fb7] Updated CHANGELOG files (ouroboros-network)
08:02:08 [759d4584] Merge #3992 (ouroboros-network)
08:03:51 [6e0052bb] Add unit test for deprecated tx body format (cardano-node)
08:04:01 [351f3f39] Merge #4303 (cardano-node)
08:12:28 [66a20998] Remove terminology plugin (hydra-poc)
08:12:39 [f4d430d2] Add simple glossary page (hydra-poc)
08:13:28 [604fec8a] Merge branch 'koios-1.0.7' into minting-tx-metadata-to-object (guild-operators)
08:13:46 [3f222270] Revert changes on enrichment metadata script (hydra-poc)
08:13:54 [47707095] Minting tx metadata to object (#1533) (guild-operators)
08:13:58 [998a2f99] deploy: b7069fd6281f21052f90b80d149f743471c63bbe (mithril)
08:14:29 [f5add203] fix: getInstalledWalletExtensions undefined check (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
08:14:53 [ab4d28a6] 0.1.24 (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
08:16:43 [46a29266] TEMP: better snapshot names (ouroboros-network)
08:20:17 [e4cfc51e] Change the mempool IS to TVar (ouroboros-network)
08:20:29 [d4b2ec2e] fix block.next() jcli command (jormungandr)
08:23:04 [814159a6] Draft an eraHistoryWithSafeZoneEndingAt function (hydra-poc)
08:25:18 [5fdae57f] add adao logo (developer-portal)
08:27:42 [b174a3a1] remove transaction in SQLite (mithril)
08:31:34 [0a4784b8] cosmetics (scrolls)
08:40:06 [dca5671a] Merge pull request #3997 from input-output-hk/jdral/3946-anti-diff-prototype (ouroboros-network)
08:42:38 [8af10b5d] Enforce anti-diffs invariants through non-empty sequences. (ouroboros-network)
08:42:39 [5a1af36f] Better slot information in the `DiffSeq` datatype. (ouroboros-network)
08:42:39 [70e15cb7] Crude integration of anti-diffs in `consensus`. (ouroboros-network)
08:42:39 [8bd9bb7c] TEMP: better snapshot names (ouroboros-network)
08:44:32 [abe7845b] Benchmarking instrumentation (cardano-node)
08:44:32 [947148d6] Optimize Silence (cardano-node)
08:44:32 [184441a4] Optimize Silence -2- (cardano-node)
08:50:38 [6a559be3] Update docs/portal-contribute.md (developer-portal)
08:50:55 [a2c1e4bb] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
08:51:26 [8c4b384c] add adao interview to dev blog (developer-portal)
08:54:33 [943bf19f] Fix npm writing (developer-portal)
08:55:08 [140b0091] add why contribute section (developer-portal)
08:55:30 [834a6034] Change the mempool IS to TVar (ouroboros-network)
08:58:15 [ca277b48] Merge branch 'master' into feature/update-snapshot-submiting (vit-servicing-station)
09:03:49 [2f3b6634] Enforce anti-diff invariants through non-empty sequences. (ouroboros-network)
09:05:02 [95272dea] Remove `Data.Map.Diff.Strict.Internal` module. (ouroboros-network)
09:08:13 [44e6dbee] add wait & retry SQL strategy for DB lock (mithril)
09:13:20 [1757c000] Changed severity of 'DiffusionErrored' log message (cardano-node)
09:14:03 [801d6fca] Update downstream dependencies in `ouroboros-consensus-test`. (ouroboros-network)
09:14:47 [5409c632] Add modules: (cardano-node)
09:14:48 [a72672e2] Remove SocketPath definition from cardano-node (cardano-node)
09:14:49 [d63fc024] Propagate cardano-api's SocketPath definition in cardano-cli (cardano-node)
09:14:49 [8163003b] Remove unused error constructors from ShelleyTxCmdError (cardano-node)
09:14:49 [d0eaf840] Remove all duplicate textShow implementations (cardano-node)
09:14:50 [0ec700f0] Update cardano-submit-api with SocketPath from cardano-api (cardano-node)
09:16:03 [54f1ca3a] DL property compiles but fails to run (hydra-poc)
09:24:19 [ee3d6918] Check time handle can convert slots within latest era (hydra-poc)
09:30:12 [0f900299] scale down adao logo (developer-portal)
09:30:19 [69939e54] Added changelogs for 1.34.x and 1.35.x to master (cardano-node)
09:31:46 [a20e7415] Refactor eraHistoryWithSafeZone to follow the drafted scenario (hydra-poc)
09:32:00 [33cafcc5] wip (plutus-apps)
09:36:09 [404d6584] Better slot information in the `DiffSeq` datatype. (ouroboros-network)
09:38:24 [3db5f6b2] Update downstream dependencies in `ouroboros-consensus-test`. (ouroboros-network)
09:41:00 [5a6fed51] Revert "notes, skip this commit" (plutus-apps)
09:43:03 [b28913c8] Revert part of b5627dc23a64420e86cc93e9c1c51f0ea39c89ed (plutus-apps)
09:46:15 [e3f4d1c8] add wait & retry SQL strategy for DB lock (mithril)
09:46:37 [61e82d41] Initial commit (cardano-signer)
09:46:47 [62daa3ce] Fix after Jeff's review (engineering)
09:48:05 [b1cd5bcb] Revert more of b5627dc23a64420e86cc93e9c1c51f0ea39c89ed (plutus-apps)
09:50:14 [d745c4d8] fixup! test(e2e): rewards test (cardano-js-sdk)
09:50:20 [4a422db1] Fix for Forge Tracer (cardano-node)
09:50:44 [bcb80a77] Fix unused imports (cardano-transaction-lib)
09:52:19 [5ccb8e37] Read test URL options (cardano-transaction-lib)
09:56:51 [35947c35] add SQLite min version in documentation (mithril)
09:58:37 [8c211838] JS backend status update (engineering)
09:58:49 [eaf87abb] feat: Use Redis transaction for all updates in block (#79) (scrolls)
09:59:33 [ecf2938c] Fix cardano-api interface for asset-related types (#709) (plutus-apps)
09:59:51 [f2aaf4e7] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to ecf2938c8d5ccb554043b02e845271c1cdf4f8a9 (plutus-ops)
10:02:15 [357152a3] Done with ShelleyMA (cardano-ledger)
10:03:02 [3941a72c] Moving cardano-signer to own repository (cardano-signer)
10:03:45 [d5710aab] Crude integration of anti-diffs in `consensus`. (ouroboros-network)
10:03:47 [2a0f088c] TEMP: better snapshot names (ouroboros-network)
10:05:04 [7051e4d3] entrypoints: Add --fail flag to all curl invocations (cardano-world)
10:05:04 [81af3e6b] cardano: Disable p2p for preview and preprod networks (cardano-world)
10:05:56 [433cd816] WIP (cardano-ledger)
10:09:22 [7655acf5] Remove old matomo values that were meant for testing (clockworks-world)
10:11:13 [26ac38d6] Created release 1.6.0 and removed bins from rootdir (cardano-signer)
10:11:14 [593a9ec8] Merge pull request #521 from input-output-hk/greg/518/sqlite_dead_locks (mithril)
10:11:29 [904bb01d] Fix plutus-playground-server test (plutus-apps)
10:13:18 [6ce28dce] more tests (plutus-apps)
10:14:46 [08956dea] addressWithNetworkTagFromBech32 implemented (cardano-browser-tx)
10:18:23 [edf99a8e] PLT-646 Deprecated the TotalFunds effect of WalletEffect. (#718) (plutus-apps)
10:18:38 [6c81ebc6] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to edf99a8e28c5aa066dd5223236bb706b7077442b (plutus-ops)
10:20:09 [db53f038] Refactor implementation of TimeHandle slotFromUTCTime (hydra-poc)
10:25:21 [c545aa2e] [EC Api] - Added: Cardano upgrades: when is a hard fork not a hard fork (essential-cardano-content)
10:26:04 [59b433fa] [EC Api] - Added: Cardano upgrades: when is a hard fork not a hard fork (essential-cardano-content)
10:27:37 [3e02c65e] Fix file names / folder problems introduced in #788 (developer-portal)
10:30:43 [f4be9d73] Adding a note that this section is in progress (cardano-documentation)
10:35:06 [ec7a96fa] Update 09-collateral-mechanism.mdx (cardano-documentation)
10:36:59 [2ed0ce55] Make the revamp the default theme (yoroi-frontend)
10:42:28 [16459dce] Update storebook (yoroi-frontend)
10:44:42 [a7751602] updated the start time for the preview env (cardano-node-tests)
10:44:45 [ad17554c] Update open graph image names (developer-portal)
10:47:47 [c9d70b7e] More complete documentation on github pages (cardano-node-tests)
10:50:42 [78235136] updating the UTXO definition (cardano-documentation)
10:53:10 [92a73844] More complete documentation on github pages (cardano-node-tests)
10:53:19 [2d5935c7] CTL -> Ctl. CTL.Contract -> Contract (cardano-transaction-lib)
10:53:50 [4ed1ca1b] fixup! test(e2e): rewards test (cardano-js-sdk)
10:54:41 [c5a161c5] Format (cardano-transaction-lib)
10:55:03 [e42ce313] test(e2e): rewards test (cardano-js-sdk)
10:55:45 [f29d5f79] Add update on Conway (cardano-updates)
10:56:02 [5b977023] Update information on mempool integration pivot (cardano-updates)
10:58:58 [9459d92e] Update CHANGELOG.md (cardano-transaction-lib)
10:59:32 [c2ac362a] Revert rename in login script (hydra-poc)
11:01:44 [3832eaa5] First working inline datum with V2 (plutus-apps)
11:08:10 [983a37c0] NPG 3275 explorer vote plan test by id (#4090) (jormungandr)
11:11:09 [8db0789e] format (cardano-transaction-lib)
11:16:58 [dd5932dc] deploy: 593a9ec8e064859faa7683f737e1d6bfb9d16401 (mithril)
11:18:30 [90b0d7c0] Add disclaimer at top level of README (hydra-poc)
11:20:52 [74c451e0] Minor changes (hydra-poc)
11:23:08 [2146e721] Make it build. Not necessarily correct. (ouroboros-network)
11:25:46 [af3cb978] Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:Plutonomicon/cardano-transaction-lib into amir/998-publickey-to-from-data (cardano-transaction-lib)
11:25:57 [d3708b9e] Merge branch 'develop' into jy14898/module-org (cardano-transaction-lib)
11:27:09 [29633886] workbench: changes needed to support a new backend (cardano-node)
11:27:28 [c52467f3] Update repos (haskell-package-automation)
11:28:47 [56e34873] Added cardano-client- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:49 [fc865920] Added monoidal-synchronisation- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:50 [9179eab5] Added network-mux- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:50 [a207fbab] Added ntp-client- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:51 [dac9d4a2] Added ouroboros-consensus- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:52 [66e61e96] Added ouroboros-consensus-byron- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:53 [a0090c0b] Added ouroboros-consensus-byronspec- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:53 [cb6d49dc] Added ouroboros-consensus-byron-test- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:54 [01da19fa] Added ouroboros-consensus-cardano- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:55 [d533f8a7] Added ouroboros-consensus-cardano-test- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:55 [165ccc31] Added ouroboros-consensus-cardano-tools- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:56 [f37a9442] Added unsoundswitch- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:57 [4e927d11] Added ouroboros-consensus-mock- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:57 [2dbe3e38] Added ouroboros-consensus-mock-test- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:58 [d639fb7d] Added ouroboros-consensus-protocol- (ghc-next-packages)
11:28:59 [35d31f8b] Added ouroboros-consensus-shelley- (ghc-next-packages)
11:29:00 [99bb9dfb] Added ouroboros-consensus-shelley-test- (ghc-next-packages)
11:29:00 [2b8c7f8d] Added ouroboros-consensus-test- (ghc-next-packages)
11:29:01 [6ee16e2c] Added ouroboros-network- (ghc-next-packages)
11:29:02 [4e620d2d] Added ouroboros-network-framework- (ghc-next-packages)
11:29:02 [f20146d7] Added ouroboros-network-testing- (ghc-next-packages)
11:30:17 [cbcc6bd2] Fixed one problem (plutarch-core)
11:33:24 [41ecc9bc] Update from f20146d7588e36fe0be57436f0e919350cd5bc3b (ghc-next-packages)
11:33:58 [6b9a54ec] Fix document sections (cardano-node-tests)
11:39:42 [6f4c96b4] bump to latest versions of git dependencies (vit-testing)
11:44:57 [1e9a0799] fixup! feat(core): ogmios to core translation of block type (cardano-js-sdk)
11:48:11 [e8db7e22] Revert unnecessary change (cardano-node)
11:48:30 [05295a98] Fix for Forge Tracer (cardano-node)
11:48:30 [25278987] workbench | tracing: fix Forge.Loop severity (cardano-node)
11:48:58 [aa0a0418] Revert "more tests" (plutus-apps)
11:50:54 [3d0de343] Remove some prints (plutus-apps)
11:50:59 [9943bb54] fix clippy (jormungandr)
11:51:09 [4f68272b] Refactor section from README which was causing confusion (hydra-poc)
11:54:17 [04591ead] Revert part of 33cafcc54 (plutus-apps)
11:54:31 [60a9465c] Use @dkijania suggestion (vit-testing)
11:54:32 [bde991a1] Revert to loop with threadDelay (plutus-apps)
11:58:08 [822d8b71] tx-generator: Fix selftest. (cardano-node)
11:59:17 [92e87775] typo (vit-testing)
11:59:30 [c0690549] Move plutus-streaming to local dependencies' section (plutus-apps)
12:04:55 [f6205d61] Fix typo in doc (mithril)
12:05:59 [ac5eca0e] Enable nothunk check in tests (ouroboros-network)
12:12:55 [f3b5e620] Fix issues reported by markdown linter (cardano-node-tests)
12:15:35 [1f03a504] Add test comments, clarify test names (they were the same before) (plutus-apps)
12:15:45 [a6787d01] [DDW-1140] Update trezor-connect to v9 (daedalus)
12:17:33 [931ac565] Add cabal back into the workbench shell (cardano-node)
12:17:36 [05abf566] Add markdownlint config (cardano-node-tests)
12:19:17 [002e0cab] Merge #4457 (cardano-node)
12:19:22 [0d176045] Refactor and add comments (io-sim)
12:21:24 [a863f15a] addressFromBech32 (cardano-transaction-lib)
12:22:16 [9978c0ae] Push Versioned inside Either (plutus-apps)
12:26:00 [e9b0c26b] Add update on db-analyser modification used to benchmark main operations (cardano-updates)
12:29:28 [b4db8419] Enable full 2nd phase validation. (#717) (plutus-apps)
12:31:22 [85666bfe] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to b4db8419559fbdeb7934b9a615682dd0c0ed9e7a (plutus-ops)
12:40:19 [33250bf3] flake.nix: add cardano-world as an input (cardano-node)
12:40:20 [482b9928] flake.lock: Update cardano-world (cardano-node)
12:45:49 [95b4a71d] tx-generator: Fix selftest. (cardano-node)
12:46:42 [1b187b97] [DDW-1139] Update trezor-connect to v9 (daedalus)
12:49:08 [da459cd2] WIP OCI for profiles (cardano-node)
12:49:08 [97348060] flake: Use custom cardano-world branch with cardano-tracer and tx-generator (cardano-node)
12:49:08 [96d2c06c] WIP cardano-tracer (cardano-node)
12:49:09 [af40706d] WIP tx-generator (cardano-node)
12:49:23 [01ac9c4e] Merge branch 'develop' into chore/ddw-1140-update-ledgerjs-to-v5.1.0 (daedalus)
12:50:21 [de30e555] Batch verification for multi sigs (mithril)
12:50:48 [71284f6e] [DDW-1139] Update changelog (daedalus)
12:50:54 [11e25725] Batch verification of STM certificates (mithril)
12:51:23 [188f0f4c] Add HasCallStack to time handle conversions (hydra-poc)
12:52:14 [56b0d8a2] [DDW-1140] Update changelog (daedalus)
12:54:28 [625bb12e] Add PyF>=0.11 constraint to cabal (plutus)
12:54:53 [e1ef362a] Update explanations to eraHistory fixtures (hydra-poc)
12:54:54 [4a232c93] Push Versioned inside Either (plutus-apps)
12:56:14 [110b4c3a] Update explanations to eraHistory fixtures (hydra-poc)
12:59:18 [5bb30cdd] Negative test cases (mithril)
13:02:49 [4c4bdd0a] Add Midnight example ledger (formal-ledger-specifications)
13:08:33 [e8ebba5d] Added PyF constraint (plutus)
13:10:38 [6b1ccb14] Put back cabalWrapped (cardano-node)
13:14:26 [f87a99ab] Add modules: (cardano-node)
13:14:26 [6a44ee7a] Remove SocketPath definition from cardano-node (cardano-node)
13:14:27 [aa4ffd3c] Propagate cardano-api's SocketPath definition in cardano-cli (cardano-node)
13:14:27 [f2e6b4a8] Remove unused error constructors from ShelleyTxCmdError (cardano-node)
13:14:28 [4f7b4617] Remove all duplicate textShow implementations (cardano-node)
13:14:28 [e6b080d0] Update cardano-submit-api with SocketPath from cardano-api (cardano-node)
13:16:10 [e983fb4d] fix(core): custom errors no longer hide inner error details (cardano-js-sdk)
13:18:25 [15f21608] Merge #4303 (cardano-node)
13:21:11 [a0c2f4b6] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
13:23:58 [6bc65b1d] cardano-api txbody module (cardano-node)
13:24:32 [0df2ee28] Propagate createAndValidateTransactionBody throughout cardano-api (cardano-node)
13:25:12 [b9a25c86] Propagate createAndValidateTransactionBody throughout cardano-cli (cardano-node)
13:25:17 [ceee707d] generate one tullia task for each hydra job (cardano-node)
13:26:13 [c96a7e16] returning an address (cardano-transaction-lib)
13:38:25 [510ceedb] Merge #4011 (ouroboros-network)
13:41:09 [2c85cd24] cleanup (cardano-transaction-lib)
13:44:20 [8f0a1ceb] Accept test outputs (plutus-apps)
13:47:39 [46a965d0] refactor: common stanzas in the cabal file (cardano-wallet)
13:51:32 [f8bffbf3] FIX odd jq installation issues (hydra-poc)
13:52:45 [5de599a0] refactor: cabal-fmt lib/wallet/cardano-wallet.cabal (cardano-wallet)
13:53:56 [420c4eb5] Merge #4467 (cardano-node)
13:57:16 [5cfbc610] Merge pull request #60 from Quantumplation/master (blockfrost-go)
14:02:08 [fa7dff24] publish certificates in ApiTransaction (cardano-wallet)
14:06:39 [42ea29dd] typed-protocols-examples: removed not needed constraint (typed-protocols)
14:08:58 [ae7faa79] add `KnownEras` closed type world (cardano-wallet)
14:09:29 [9dc3da01] Peer Sharing: Changes to Known Peers (ouroboros-network)
14:09:30 [076b4dcb] Update Dockerfile CI images (mithril)
14:11:15 [42b7d953] add EraValue type (cardano-wallet)
14:14:20 [67997dbc] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into chore/ddw-1140-update-ledgerjs-to-v5.1.0 (daedalus)
14:15:58 [9e1ddc94] Merge branch 'develop' into pb99u069/875-eliminate-try-catch (cardano-transaction-lib)
14:18:14 [971f1a8b] FIX odd jq installation issues (hydra-poc)
14:21:42 [672f5b4a] Update explanations to eraHistory fixtures (hydra-poc)
14:22:39 [f9b40c7c] Update constraints (marlowe-cardano)
14:22:39 [e44eb4a0] Restructure constraints (marlowe-cardano)
14:22:48 [fd609bbb] Problem with StateToken (typed-protocols)
14:24:18 [3c6eee2a] add `EraFun` type (cardano-wallet)
14:25:30 [8cf3b932] add 'EraFunK' type (cardano-wallet)
14:26:09 [fcb07928] Add smart constructor for metadata (marlowe-cardano)
14:27:17 [2b924119] WIP (plutus)
14:28:17 [b44753c7] Remove satisfiesConstraints (marlowe-cardano)
14:31:00 [2cdcafe8] add `InAnyCardanoEra` isomorphism with `EraValue` (cardano-wallet)
14:31:03 [599eba1a] add an `Era` rexporting module for `EraValue` modules (cardano-wallet)
14:31:12 [6768bdcf] Peer Sharing: Changes to Peer Selection Governor - Refactor (ouroboros-network)
14:31:30 [c4ce4e40] changelog (cardano-transaction-lib)
14:35:55 [f4a8c62b] Closing the wallet when going to wallet list (yoroi-mobile)
14:40:33 [946e811b] First draft of Examples.BalanceTxConstraints (cardano-transaction-lib)
14:42:41 [debc3ca3] move tullia into nix folder (cardano-node)
14:46:18 [789dd9d9] feat(wallet): add SmartTxSubmitProvider (cardano-js-sdk)
14:46:18 [e91a7466] refactor(wallet)!: group some TransactionReemitter props under TransactionsTracker-compatible obj (cardano-js-sdk)
14:46:18 [fc41fba0] feat(wallet)!: enchance inFlight$ transactions by adding submittedAt (cardano-js-sdk)
14:48:23 [4c69cc49] Merge pull request #276 from input-output-hk/jhbertra/constraints-adjustments (marlowe-cardano)
14:51:25 [2e748b3e] adding all block query (jormungandr)
14:51:48 [75245743] adding all block verifier (jormungandr)
14:51:56 [41ff6afe] Revert "Use correct URL piece for AssetAddresses" (blockfrost-go)
14:52:04 [a2d06f94] adding decode block helper function (jormungandr)
14:52:20 [e6c56bed] adding all block test (jormungandr)
14:53:21 [a8159c52] staging: Bump marlowe to 4c69cc4937abc1946c0743331b359fc920db42aa (plutus-ops)
14:53:43 [e4b050ce] Fix clippy warnings (mithril)
14:54:01 [3573de2e] WIP (cardano-node)
14:54:10 [d09ce138] Merge pull request #62 from blockfrost/revert-60-master (blockfrost-go)
14:54:43 [777ce58a] Merge pull request #61 from sean118/master (blockfrost-go)
14:55:04 [e2e09b73] Update dependencies (mithril)
14:55:26 [276ca2bf] Fix for Forge Tracer (cardano-node)
14:55:26 [68d07f9d] workbench | tracing: fix Forge.Loop severity (cardano-node)
14:55:27 [0a8fb7bb] feat(ogmios): createInteractionContextWithLogger util (cardano-js-sdk)
14:55:27 [eecb807d] fix(ogmios): correctly handle interaction context logging with createInteractionContextWithLogger (cardano-js-sdk)
14:58:41 [038adba2] tx-generator: common error type; migrate Genesis.hs (WIP) (cardano-node)
15:03:58 [4d64e305] Fixed failing property test on the `Plutus.Contract.Escrow` contract. (plutus-apps)
15:05:18 [fd7a6a1e] deploy: 002e0cab96fbbca9d7d12f7fdc34f75f60a34411 (cardano-node)
15:09:29 [c76125cd] Some thought experiments (cardano-ledger-specs)
15:17:32 [936111fe] tx-generator: linting (cardano-node)
15:17:37 [9a2b1f92] Merge #3510 (cardano-wallet)
15:20:34 [857358c8] fix wrong system in cicero tasks (cardano-node)
15:23:22 [17001390] Write about the Managed Hydra Head topology in docs (hydra-poc)
15:31:21 [e643bc3f] More complete documentation on github pages (cardano-node-tests)
15:32:06 [daeb6803] Sphinx doc (cardano-node-tests)
15:32:16 [54bf3ee4] Merge pull request #525 from input-output-hk/jpraynaud/517-fix-docker-ci-images (mithril)
15:33:23 [54c657c0] Mempool rewrite 1 of n (ouroboros-network)
15:34:54 [f4b5078a] Merge pull request #1378 from input-output-hk/github_pages_sphinx (cardano-node-tests)
15:35:57 [7d343929] Mempool rewrite 1 of n (ouroboros-network)
15:36:31 [97cc6c9d] feat(wallet)!: resubmit transactions that didn't have submission confirmed on load (cardano-js-sdk)
15:37:57 [65e34581] deploy: 420c4eb5d6efa4a6bf5fabc23d66080bdaa30353 (cardano-node)
15:38:59 [abdf1d2d] Define 'substEscape' in terms of the general substitution worker (plutus)
15:47:57 [5a3315d1] wip: ref inputs (cardano-wallet)
15:54:06 [18c41bc5] Add PirProg type and imports. (plutus)
15:54:11 [3133d5e3] Tidy up functions. (plutus)
15:54:11 [3132a71d] Fix Common's line length. (plutus)
15:54:12 [46a7f50a] Tidy up runPrint. (plutus)
15:55:51 [fef0970d] refactor CommitteeData in thor in order to allow to specify external CommitteKeys (jormungandr)
15:57:28 [5bc4e9bc] Refactor hersir: pull out all keys generation and allow to define external wallets or committess and voteplans, this will allow external clients to create their own keys which will be used for tally operations. (jormungandr)
15:57:46 [9dcbc93b] update tests with hersir changes (jormungandr)
15:59:44 [89fb0d38] deploy: 54bf3ee4573d85d4d22a583d5a9a4a499bbabe03 (mithril)
16:01:33 [46f719c8] Merge pull request #524 from input-output-hk/jpraynaud/trigger-terraform (mithril)
16:02:03 [fa909ec7] Sphinx doc (cardano-node-tests)
16:12:25 [e3b41e92] [Builtins] [Costing] Add 'paramMultiplyIntegerV2' (plutus)
16:18:46 [6765dd29] deploy: 46f719c83044791a7d3057efafc32451bd12b559 (mithril)
16:21:39 [ec104412] update tests with hersir changes (jormungandr)
16:33:20 [fd2999c2] Move logs group name to variables manifest (hydra-poc)
16:34:20 [12b96338] Use a fixed version of mithril due to errors on the latest image (hydra-poc)
16:37:00 [8e90ccb8] stats: hydra 9a2b1f922a7c74d55438be5542f7d1bc0323bab7 (cardano-wallet)
16:39:54 [da257f54] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' into crfa (scrolls)
16:43:37 [2b8b3875] docs: Merge #3510 (cardano-wallet)
16:47:46 [a6824319] [Builtins] [Costing] Add 'paramMultiplyIntegerV2' (plutus)
16:53:39 [412bfa6c] Fix reference script support in ledger-constraints (plutus-apps)
17:01:19 [ad90e983] marconi CLI list index PLT-599 (plutus-apps)
17:04:28 [eff7b0f2] Fix comments (plutus-apps)
17:05:45 [462e1890] Add ownAddress (singular) (plutus-apps)
17:05:45 [06f2f8b2] Support reference scripts in TxIn (plutus-apps)
17:05:45 [1c5b067c] Add mustSpendScriptOutputWithReference (plutus-apps)
17:05:45 [d0a293b5] Test using reference scripts (plutus-apps)
17:05:45 [733e9140] Fix merge issues (plutus-apps)
17:05:45 [a20c772e] Direct conversion from ChainIndexTxOut to the new TxOut (plutus-apps)
17:05:45 [3e2537d3] Push Versioned inside Either (plutus-apps)
17:05:45 [4e74a13e] Accept test outputs (plutus-apps)
17:05:45 [64231eff] Fix reference script support in ledger-constraints (plutus-apps)
17:05:45 [6c8c70cd] Fix comments (plutus-apps)
17:06:13 [73b859aa] Merge branch 'PLT-448-mustSpendScriptOutputWithReference' of https://github.com/input-output-hk/plutus-apps into PLT-448-mustSpendScriptOutputWithReference (plutus-apps)
17:15:40 [520f8594] Fix line length of uplc and pir main. (plutus)
17:18:38 [509143d5] marconi CLI list index PLT-599 (plutus-apps)
17:22:29 [1574036b] Fix imports (cardano-transaction-lib)
17:28:04 [dd6030f6] bump: metal relevant package upgrades (bitte)
17:30:02 [1d2e09e8] Ctl.Plutus -> Ctl.Internal.Plutus (cardano-transaction-lib)
17:31:52 [d02d3119] Formatting (cardano-transaction-lib)
17:34:09 [e00e8896] MonadSTM: default implementations (io-sim)
17:41:04 [3c9d42b0] Update TODOs w.r.t. internal imports in examples (cardano-transaction-lib)
17:52:26 [11c2f9a8] SCP-4110 Added haddock documentation to Marlowe validators. (marlowe-cardano)
17:52:26 [2a2b6e33] SCP-4110 Completed haddock documentation for Marlowe semantics. (marlowe-cardano)
17:52:26 [e83326e6] SCP-4110 Updated hash of semantics validator. (marlowe-cardano)
17:53:43 [7732c11e] bump: ops-lib (bitte)
17:53:44 [42d810a0] wip: cicero tests (bitte)
17:53:45 [6b5c7a98] fix: infinite loop on flake check from world (bitte)
17:53:46 [ecee964e] imp: add tf plan builds to checks (bitte)
17:53:47 [116ec186] imp: remove hydraJobs, get checks properly added for build (bitte)
17:53:48 [d02b963c] cleanup: remove legacy ci (bitte)
17:53:49 [224a12de] imp: hydra -> spongix refs (bitte)
17:53:50 [59e94a73] fix: broken flake checks on nixosModules (bitte)
17:53:51 [ecb6e645] fix: deprecated flake output warnings (bitte)
17:53:52 [1a364885] cleanup: trim legacy docker attrs (bitte)
17:53:53 [994d7e57] imp: use flake-arch (bitte)
17:55:23 [ef39ee66] fmt: alejandra (bitte)
17:56:10 [34ac98ef] fix: update tullia actions cue to reflect current lib (bitte)
17:56:13 [cb9445b2] deprecate: hydra build is broken and has a dep on patched nix 2.8.1 (bitte)
18:00:20 [ac71a9f2] Add address and assets to Payout and TransactionScriptOutput (marlowe-cardano)
18:02:17 [9d446719] . (cardano-transaction-lib)
18:20:33 [a55a8e4d] Implement loadMarloweContext (marlowe-cardano)
18:27:03 [c97d550d] drop: hydra pkg/mod/role, update to cache role (bitte)
18:28:17 [6fc114a9] Close wallet when going to wallet list (yoroi-mobile)
18:39:05 [b8ad5698] use `purescript-spec` fork (cardano-transaction-lib)
18:44:02 [d2375ad0] PLT-807 Change behavior of MustPayToPubKeyAddress and MustPayToOtherScript w.r.t datum in transaction body (plutus-apps)
18:58:09 [80c0cd37] Introduce QSM tests (cardano-db-sync)
18:59:10 [5ac2c4a1] SCP-4151 Added missing shuffle to transaction datums. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:10 [dbeea0e2] SCP-4151 Added missing test case for merkleization specification. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:10 [7ddb47d6] SCP-4151 Addressed remaining FIXMEs in tests. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:11 [16e334d8] SCP-4151 Expanded use of merkleized contract/input in tests. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:11 [e412b65f] SCP-3522 Eliminated duplicate statements in `applyAllInputs`. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:11 [24a1723d] SCP-3522 Removed dead code. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:11 [91d03bc1] SCP-3522 Shorted error codes. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:11 [873b7ea5] SCP-3522 Removed duplicate code from validator. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:11 [ef95737e] SCP-3522 Reduced size of payout validator. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:11 [55d2180e] SCP-3522 Reduced validator sizes. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:11 [559c8966] SCP-3522 Deprecated typed validator in favor of untyped. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:11 [072b2127] SCP-4151 Added warning about altering Marlowe validator hashes. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:11 [97c2cd2d] SCP-4110 Renamed Marlowe validators. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:11 [28e5124e] SCP-4148 Synced Haskell semantics with Isabelle specification. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:12 [cacfff18] SCP-4270 Experimental capability to test against semantics oracle. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:12 [6258d618] Reverted bad auto-merge. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:12 [d7dd953a] Fixed stylish haskell. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:12 [e472f8c5] SCP-4110 Added haddock documentation to Marlowe validators. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:12 [dd2b80a1] SCP-4110 Completed haddock documentation for Marlowe semantics. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:12 [10a60af9] SCP-4110 Updated hash of semantics validator. (marlowe-cardano)
18:59:12 [0e98327e] SCP-4150 Cleaned up test cases and their documentation. (marlowe-cardano)
19:01:27 [b84fed59] MonadSTM.Strict: added TQueue & TBQueue (io-sim)
19:02:49 [237c29be] MonadSTM: added unGetTQueue & unGetTBQueue (io-sim)
19:03:22 [db9b8936] code improvements (scrolls)
19:13:06 [dd7a9592] Merge pull request #272 from input-output-hk/SCP-4151 (marlowe-cardano)
19:15:55 [10c22627] staging: Bump marlowe to dd7a9592aa84c2ce0ffbb3dfe203d3dcad5e61fd (plutus-ops)
19:26:08 [45a0cb6a] Merge branch 'master' into seungheonoh/extramap (plutarch-plutus)
19:29:20 [7992b6a8] Add Cardano Feature Api (marlowe-cardano)
19:31:00 [f37f74a3] Add Cardano Api conversion module (marlowe-cardano)
19:32:37 [b035c445] [DDW-1139] Fix installers (daedalus)
19:45:52 [70224a59] code improvements (scrolls)
19:54:52 [d4cfc62b] [EC Api] - Added: The EUTXO Handbook (essential-cardano-content)
19:58:55 [84f8bc9c] Examples.BalanceTxConstraints: Check change outs partitioned correctly (cardano-transaction-lib)
19:59:55 [3f651483] asset holders by asset id (scrolls)
20:02:22 [cce3f49a] Merge branch 'develop' into dshuiski/1036-ctu-failure-handling (cardano-transaction-lib)
20:02:59 [e681e54e] Merge branch 'dshuiski/1036-ctu-failure-handling' into dshuiski/1036-ctu-failure-handling (cardano-transaction-lib)
20:07:25 [410a84ef] db-analyser: use reapply not apply for --store-ledger (ouroboros-network)
20:11:20 [c32001b2] Merge pull request #573 from bladyjoker/bladyjoker/complete-v2-api-reexports (plutarch-plutus)
20:11:26 [86e39264] [DDW-1139] Fix installers (daedalus)
20:11:36 [ad0d1595] Merge branch 'staging' into t4/show-valid-range (plutarch-plutus)
20:14:52 [ca3612fe] Merge branch 'master' into t4/show-valid-range (plutarch-plutus)
20:17:34 [2f6c7ea8] Merge branch 'master' into feature/npg-1941-block-by-id (jormungandr)
20:19:09 [58d10731] fix conflicts (jormungandr)
20:19:16 [60b06c9d] Complete Cardano.Api conversion module (marlowe-cardano)
20:21:11 [9f484ad6] fix end line (jormungandr)
20:22:45 [64f325ab] feat(wallet)!: resubmit transactions that don't get confirmed for too long (cardano-js-sdk)
20:25:29 [d4f1952d] Make use of Cardano.Api translations where possible (marlowe-cardano)
20:27:30 [1213dfa0] Merge pull request #692 from input-output-hk/junko-oda/contrib/the-eutxo-handbook-1663876491654 (essential-cardano-content)
20:30:11 [b465b8d2] Merge pull request #1044 from Plutonomicon/dshuiski/1036-ctu-failure-handling (cardano-transaction-lib)
20:30:15 [b58bb36b] [DDW-1139] Fix installers (daedalus)
20:32:19 [9ec21098] Deploying to gh-pages from @ Plutonomicon/[email protected] 🚀 (cardano-transaction-lib)
20:43:35 [48d9ab2e] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
20:57:02 [8c1fe59f] Merge branch 'develop' into dshuiski/balancetx-constraints (cardano-transaction-lib)
20:57:39 [132f82d9] SCP-4424 Example using reference script for Marlowe transactions. (marlowe-cardano)
21:05:14 [480b538f] Close wallet when going to wallet list (yoroi-mobile)
21:27:55 [e53ff3bd] added Loxe to careers page (developer-portal)
21:28:28 [2477abac] fix fmt (jormungandr)
21:29:40 [5fb96b5b] [DDW-1139] Fix installers (daedalus)
21:32:40 [0b30d141] Improve CI (the nix part) (#304) (vit-testing)
21:35:46 [2e103a47] asset holders by asset id (scrolls)
21:38:32 [f678864d] Bump strum_macros from 0.23.1 to 0.24.3 (vit-testing)
21:38:35 [72ed2e9c] Bump bech32 from 0.8.1 to 0.9.1 (vit-testing)
21:39:02 [5cab3420] Bump assert_cmd from 1.0.8 to 2.0.4 (vit-testing)
22:06:49 [ebb7e663] wip (yoroi-mobile)
22:47:25 [335ed78d] wip (yoroi-mobile)
23:08:28 [380e9eca] [EC Api] - Added: Commenting on this article about Grace and AI (essential-cardano-content)
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