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Sunday, September 25, 2022

105 commits had been pushed across 30 repos by 28 authors. There were 107,206 additions and 57,476 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:10:56 [64af89fb] flake.lock: Update (cardano-world)
00:13:25 [c754aaa9] flake.lock: Update (vit-testing)
00:16:02 [081ad541] flake.lock: Update (vit-servicing-station)
00:18:39 [e3736ced] flake.lock: Update (catalyst-toolbox)
00:20:56 [7092013a] flake.lock: Update (jormungandr)
00:23:51 [08596588] feat: output total budget spent from cli (aiken)
00:25:54 [5e7009af] flake.lock: Update (ci-world)
00:33:50 [2031e345] Merge pull request #50 from txpipe/rvcas/tx_simulate (aiken)
00:35:36 [25790287] Release 0.0.13 (aiken)
00:47:42 [79603388] recursive tx balancing and redeemer cost estimate (Helios)
01:15:58 [3d563b21] Automatic update for Sun Sep 25 01:15:58 AM UTC 2022 (stackage.nix)
01:17:10 [92e314dc] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:40:16 [01a7e258] stuff (ouroboros-network)
03:15:04 [c423befb] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
04:14:00 [2ec61449] stuff (ouroboros-network)
04:25:36 [06e3bd6a] added most of the remain functions for Cip30 to mok (cardano-transaction-lib)
05:16:27 [e6ca384d] added foreing metods to CIP30Wallet (cardano-transaction-lib)
07:11:42 [984cb626] Create release.yml (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
08:04:08 [39938a04] Aligning Koios Java Client 1.14 with Koios Instance 1.0.7 (koios-java-client)
08:35:31 [43f9da23] Fixme estimateScriptsCost (hydra-poc)
08:45:41 [42a2d81f] Fixme estimateScriptsCost (hydra-poc)
08:47:29 [a0a2f23f] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
09:13:09 [35dd5f61] time_t is 64bit in emscripten now (haskell.nix)
09:13:27 [a7156d03] New release: cardano-signer 1.6.1 (cardano-signer)
09:14:31 [ab08b6e8] Try #1710: (haskell.nix)
09:15:11 [8f991a25] fixes (scrolls)
09:35:30 [07723b16] removed 'CBOR' from byte array (CIPs)
09:52:28 [bb9d9cb0] Fix DNS name validation for hostnames with underscores (guild-operators)
09:54:32 [6bf359a5] Update release.yml (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
10:09:40 [63c833df] Update release.yml (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
10:30:07 [a78761d7] WIP: Newer plutus, mlabs-tooling.nix (plutarch-plutus)
10:30:59 [487e3535] Update release.yml (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
10:31:59 [99a2c08d] chore(main): release 1.0.0 (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
11:34:10 [472c0ed9] Fix error: qca2 has been removed, because it depended on qt4 (haskell.nix)
11:49:25 [0cbbd962] ifdLevel 2 (haskell.nix)
11:55:16 [0c6373b3] Add spdx 3.18 materialization (haskell.nix)
11:55:57 [36441deb] Try #1710: (haskell.nix)
13:07:47 [aaae0c7e] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
13:13:40 [56db8f96] SCP-4424 Example using reference script for Marlowe transactions. (marlowe-cardano)
13:13:40 [f06e02fc] Temporarily hack to allow `mainnet`. (marlowe-cardano)
13:13:40 [54f956b5] Enabled `mainnet` for `marlowe-cli`. (marlowe-cardano)
13:16:19 [3da294d5] Fix tx_metalabels casting, closes koios-artifacts#95 (guild-operators)
13:19:41 [073b80e8] Auto-execute/withdraw uses reference scripts, if possible. (marlowe-cardano)
13:19:42 [1093426a] Updated materialized. (marlowe-cardano)
13:19:42 [fe45bba0] Successful execution of stabilized collective loan. (marlowe-cardano)
13:45:06 [2888e10c] Fix tx_metalabels casting, closes koios-artifacts#95 (#1535) (guild-operators)
14:03:00 [1ca7361c] ifdLevel 3 (haskell.nix)
14:04:19 [81523fd8] Try #1710: (haskell.nix)
14:23:23 [0793cf31] governance voting TODO (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
14:44:36 [0254d636] New release: cardano-signer 1.7.0 (cardano-signer)
14:46:21 [45f34720] New release: cardano-signer 1.7.0 (cardano-signer)
14:54:35 [3b1a915b] topologyUpdater - Custom Peers: Fix DNS name validation for hostnames with underscores (#1534) (guild-operators)
15:30:52 [f6dab619] Add CIP--HeptaSean-DomainValidation (CIPs)
15:30:52 [45352944] CIP Domain Validation: Add forum link as Comments-URI (CIPs)
15:30:52 [248f4497] CIP Domain Validation: Remark on domain token policies (CIPs)
15:30:52 [36388148] CIP Domain Validation: Allow arrays in token metadata (CIPs)
15:30:52 [891932af] CIP Domain Validation: Clarify DNS/HTTP(S) method (CIPs)
15:30:52 [4372eedc] CIP Domain Validation: Risk of stalling (CIPs)
15:30:52 [4f9bbf1c] CIP Domain Validation: More comments on example (CIPs)
16:54:48 [aa9cd3d7] zero length bytearray memsize 1 again (Helios)
16:56:38 [13ae7e01] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
18:08:42 [5c042fa0] feat(core): update cardano serialization lib to 11.0.5 (cardano-js-sdk)
18:16:54 [cab4fcd8] Update release.yml (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
18:18:13 [ceb7188a] chore(main): release 1.0.0 (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
18:38:30 [07821979] ignore commit - ci test (jormungandr)
18:41:08 [a4e65628] Update release.yml (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
18:42:07 [99caf274] Updated script for getting pool statistic (developer-portal)
18:42:22 [d94dec2c] chore(main): release 1.0.0 (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
18:56:34 [92181ffd] Additional condition for public-vote-keys (CIPs)
18:59:21 [7f9a8786] Update release.yml (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
19:00:37 [ed049753] chore(main): release 1.0.0 (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
19:05:11 [221f98dc] Set minimum weight (voting-power) value to 1 (CIPs)
19:12:52 [7066aef7] Update CHANGELOG.md (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
19:13:12 [f847e095] Update package.json (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
19:14:33 [b65df522] Merge pull request #4 from cardano-foundation/release-please--branches--main--components--cardano-connect-with-wallet (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
19:21:41 [cd8cbff7] Update release.yml (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
19:32:33 [1e9f1a30] Update release.yml (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
20:03:13 [4faf0384] Generate mainnet event dump (plutus-apps)
20:11:29 [bc462ee0] docs: improve readme (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
20:14:03 [c5dca5c1] test types (plutus)
20:18:52 [2e1b1ceb] MintingPolicyHash toBech32 (Helios)
20:19:28 [0fe655ad] version bump (Helios)
20:24:43 [656044c0] mvp (PicoSwap)
20:29:56 [e3ac2da0] Merge pull request #2398 from cardano-tools-nft/a8397a7f-6263-4bc4-b63d-949309dae2a3 (cardano-token-registry)
20:29:59 [7d77c411] wording (PicoSwap)
20:30:45 [9c4f9a39] Merge pull request #2399 from farshidkh1385/master (cardano-token-registry)
20:31:55 [2e5fd617] Merge pull request #2401 from miguelaeh/redeemable (cardano-token-registry)
20:33:23 [34763457] Merge pull request #2402 from frog357/master (cardano-token-registry)
20:33:52 [9f55fdd9] catch importmap error (PicoSwap)
20:35:59 [ada9a09c] HeliosLang -> Helios (PicoSwap)
20:39:22 [5333876c] better msg in case of no contracts (PicoSwap)
20:41:58 [1979c9b9] Refactor explorer module. Extract configuration struct for explorer. Added extension to multiaddr struct for better address formatting and finally make ExplorerProcess constructor return error (jormungandr)
20:43:05 [cace971e] added simple explorer client which is capable to send simple sanity request to explorer server (jormungandr)
20:43:36 [a17a22bd] update usages for ExplorerProcess new constructor impl (jormungandr)
20:44:01 [876bee2a] added possibility to start explorer by hersir (jormungandr)
21:11:17 [4c8fa7a0] fixed error handling in eval raw (aiken)
21:12:46 [bf9e517f] docs: add gif to readme. closes #5 (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
21:18:48 [98d98cef] Address some of Konstantinos' comments (plutus-apps)
21:21:08 [9726d2f0] fix: missing package-lock (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
21:22:18 [878a9700] chore(main): release 0.1.30 (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
21:30:50 [c9567063] Merge pull request #6 from cardano-foundation/release-please--branches--main--components--cardano-connect-with-wallet (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
21:41:53 [87cbe70d] chore(deps): bump serde from 1.0.144 to 1.0.145 (#439) (oura)
21:42:14 [525b8417] chore(deps): bump reqwest from 0.11.11 to 0.11.12 (#436) (oura)
21:44:20 [c08f6a84] Merge branch 'main' into lang (aiken)
23:59:15 [9eb7c0c3] update (Helios)