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Saturday, September 24, 2022

117 commits had been pushed across 21 repos by 31 authors. There were 140,737 additions and 105,197 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:01:53 [dbb10bb9] merge: sync develop (yoroi-mobile)
01:10:35 [c2947d86] Deployed haddocks (ouroboros-network)
01:15:07 [7a4b8115] Automatic update for Sat Sep 24 01:15:07 AM UTC 2022 (stackage.nix)
01:16:16 [0dc61cb4] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
03:07:25 [f2e33c1f] Revert "make it build mk2" (ouroboros-network)
03:20:41 [3ac3572f] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
04:58:22 [42ea8495] Merge pull request #453 from input-output-hk/docs/update-ci-badges (cardano-js-sdk)
05:13:38 [d6f903b3] clean up tests (plutus-apps)
05:18:25 [7123c7c6] Update materialization (haskell.nix)
05:30:11 [4e7a8d04] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
05:30:52 [6a9076a8] Update materialization (haskell.nix)
05:48:00 [4fc8701f] Update nix-tools flake.lock (haskell.nix)
06:39:55 [5990fee1] Fix #1674: use Nix flakes rather than Niv to pin `nix-tools` dependencies (#1694) (haskell.nix)
06:44:59 [a5b3b7fe] Bump haskell.nix used in nix-tools flake (haskell.nix)
06:45:41 [87c00a5b] Try #1709: (haskell.nix)
08:30:00 [4b2b4600] Bump haskell.nix used in nix-tools flake (#1709) (haskell.nix)
08:33:26 [7b51a3cf] Top-Level README | Fix CIP-0005 status (CIPs)
08:34:51 [ec5fcfea] bump ledgerjs version (yoroi-frontend)
08:48:12 [97efec76] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
08:58:23 [340e8a44] bump ledgerjs version (yoroi-frontend)
09:04:33 [a5b01c7a] Update issue templates (io-sim)
09:08:22 [780af137] Move rewardTypeToSource from cardano-db to cardano-db-sync (cardano-db-sync)
09:45:05 [a35debb9] Add aws configuration to run latest nodes (hydra-poc)
09:45:05 [c0a491c8] Fix hydraw signing key (hydra-poc)
09:45:05 [5b5de2f8] Fix file provisioners for genesis and protocol-parameters (hydra-poc)
09:45:05 [decc7d51] Fix ports (hydra-poc)
09:45:05 [13af06aa] Add fuel-testnet script (hydra-poc)
09:45:06 [d8d5105d] Add run instance script (hydra-poc)
09:45:06 [e2ca97c2] Remove userdata script and make fuel-testnet to run on demand (hydra-poc)
09:45:06 [4e9ad746] Add peers vk (hydra-poc)
09:45:06 [33da37e1] Wrap up for consistency with gcp (hydra-poc)
09:45:06 [1cff8a8d] Add .gitignore (hydra-poc)
09:45:06 [183bd67e] Add login and scp scripts (hydra-poc)
09:45:07 [64a9f6ad] Make user annonymous and consistent across scripts (hydra-poc)
09:45:07 [59bee7c3] Rename hydra keys to match the what the tool generates (hydra-poc)
09:45:07 [246210d8] Rename cardano keys to match hydras (hydra-poc)
09:45:07 [8ed73cd0] Add promtail-config.yml and Fix prometheus.yml volume path (hydra-poc)
09:45:07 [a661c754] Add README.md ~ first draft (hydra-poc)
09:45:07 [94f8bb70] Minor fix on prometheus and promtail volumnes paths (hydra-poc)
09:45:07 [852daacc] Add useful commands to README (hydra-poc)
09:45:08 [a0839c33] Improve opening-head section on README (hydra-poc)
09:45:08 [2ea44790] Upgrade hydra-node image base on latest published by arnaud (hydra-poc)
09:45:08 [ae712e75] Improve README on opening a head (hydra-poc)
09:45:08 [9db55a50] Add arnaud peer ip configuration (hydra-poc)
09:45:08 [502b7752] Fix mithril stuff during testnet configuration (hydra-poc)
09:45:08 [e5a776bb] Added convenient maintenance helpers (hydra-poc)
09:45:09 [afe7af63] Add new aliases for helpers (hydra-poc)
09:45:09 [5fa6fb39] Provisioner directories instead of files (hydra-poc)
09:45:09 [4d804790] Update README (hydra-poc)
09:45:09 [89d5b943] Separate versions to its own file (hydra-poc)
09:45:09 [1d99449b] Change script chmod to executable (hydra-poc)
09:45:09 [52318366] Improve remote-exec to give permission to script files (hydra-poc)
09:45:10 [02e95c9b] Publish logs to CloudWatch service (hydra-poc)
09:45:10 [9776a1bc] Add hydra env vars to bashrc (hydra-poc)
09:45:10 [4cc5e230] Fix docker compose aws group logs after renaming (hydra-poc)
09:45:10 [8b984399] Update README (hydra-poc)
09:45:10 [f6e1adc5] Update README.md to fix typos and add some missing information (hydra-poc)
09:45:10 [baba042a] Revert rename in login script (hydra-poc)
09:45:11 [6a8271ce] Add disclaimer at top level of README (hydra-poc)
09:45:11 [8e9612dc] Minor changes (hydra-poc)
09:45:11 [e3432f40] Refactor section from README which was causing confusion (hydra-poc)
09:45:11 [e71edf96] FIX odd jq installation issues (hydra-poc)
09:45:11 [0fa4bcb0] FIX odd jq installation issues (hydra-poc)
09:45:11 [f3beda76] Move logs group name to variables manifest (hydra-poc)
09:45:12 [f6a6b2d5] Use a fixed version of mithril due to errors on the latest image (hydra-poc)
10:32:20 [1a6de852] Replace `PyF` with `string-interpolate` (#4862) (plutus)
10:34:46 [bfc1a613] Add Redeemable(RED) v2 - Shareslake (cardano-token-registry)
10:34:48 [cbe16b52] Add failing test (hydra-poc)
11:33:45 [7884cdb2] Merge pull request #1271 from input-output-hk/erikd/rewardTypeToSource (cardano-db-sync)
12:19:48 [9cc7463b] Bump nixpkgs pins (haskell.nix)
12:20:43 [60e1bad7] Try #1710: (haskell.nix)
13:07:59 [f2b67fcb] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
13:26:12 [99f67ac9] stuff (cardano-node)
13:52:11 [5cf09c71] Auto-execute/withdraw uses reference scripts, if possible. (marlowe-cardano)
14:02:20 [f821bebe] ci: fix nightly jq step (cardano-js-sdk)
14:09:15 [ac66d895] cardano api related changes (cardano-node)
14:09:27 [edc3c7b1] cardano-cli related changes (cardano-node)
14:09:52 [2a2ffd34] Make ledger CDDL format the default in build and build-raw commands (cardano-node)
14:10:32 [988c9308] Remove OutputSerialisation datatype from cardano-cli (cardano-node)
14:10:41 [23e7d9d6] Update tx golden test with the CDDL format (cardano-node)
14:10:41 [26ba217d] Update vnext (cardano-node)
14:19:16 [81aa6bb2] Add unit test for deprecated tx body format (cardano-node)
14:54:06 [5f1a4ef4] Fix `Compile`, `CompileAp`, `IsPType`, `PConstructable` (plutarch-core-wip-draft)
14:58:06 [10c6591f] wip (plutarch-core-wip-draft)
15:05:49 [c1394dca] chore: CR refactor (yoroi-mobile)
15:11:19 [b6d4d62c] cardano-cli related changes (cardano-node)
15:13:37 [144e0442] Expand BalancedTxBody to include TxBodyContent (cardano-node)
15:14:43 [51cae023] Made runTxBuildRaw and runTxBuild pure functions (cardano-node)
15:42:44 [83707017] Refactor to render feedbacks log enough for the client to consume. (hydra-poc)
16:18:47 [27d7a5a3] Merge branch 'develop' into Luis-omega/update-odc (cardano-transaction-lib)
16:33:29 [becc31ee] removed unused import (cardano-transaction-lib)
16:44:43 [653677f7] added getNetworkId (cardano-transaction-lib)
16:44:43 [90101569] added getChangeAdrresses (cardano-transaction-lib)
16:56:16 [f297f1ab] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
17:13:47 [2a2fafb2] Not allow duplicated vote-key entries (CIP-0036) (CIPs)
17:24:12 [26b14d45] Update README.md (CIPs)
17:33:24 [6fe7e4c9] Adding KryptoThreadz (cardano-token-registry)
18:27:29 [f207042d] Little updates (yoroi-mobile)
19:01:40 [1e1b163f] Little updates (yoroi-mobile)
19:23:26 [d78ab8e1] [EC Api] - Added: SPO Guide on How to Secure Pledge and Rewards with Hardware Wallet (essential-cardano-content)
19:47:51 [ca2d8f0a] ada policy is now empty and mintValue includes 0 ada (aiken)
20:42:00 [09d2020b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
20:46:19 [c3896d64] feat: add mobile support to list component (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
20:46:47 [8807d9c1] 0.1.27 (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
20:54:58 [5a024493] Address two TODO items and refactor a bit (hydra-poc)
21:09:55 [3eb4fb75] fixed bugs (aiken)
21:17:40 [06d9f8ab] fix: mix primary color with white instead of using an alpha value (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
21:18:08 [e0038a4f] 0.1.28 (cardano-connect-with-wallet)
21:29:32 [46ed6c13] Fixme estimateScriptsCost (hydra-poc)
21:47:07 [fb0af3cf] fixed bugs (aiken)
21:59:58 [35d09c64] fixed time conversion (aiken)
22:01:01 [aa111f0a] fixed slot (aiken)
22:19:18 [3cb24a1d] update test mem and cpu assertions for eval tx tests (aiken)
23:34:37 [2317b19e] Wait until the button is visible before clicking on it (cardano-transaction-lib)
23:40:07 [8620332b] feat: move input from json to helper method (aiken)
23:52:40 [4166e27f] chore: v1 comments (aiken)
23:58:32 [764f72fb] ifdLevel 1 (haskell.nix)