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47 commits this week Oct 14, 2019 - Oct 21, 2019

[DDW-914] DDW-914 Implement ‘Unmoderated stake pool data warning’ notification (#28)

  • [DDW-914] Basic logic

  • [DDW-914] 24h logic

  • [DDW-914] Separates the Container from the Layout

  • [DDW-914] Styling progress

  • [DDW-914] Mobx bindings and lint errors

  • [DDW-914] Consent given banner

  • [DDW-914] Storybook stories

  • [DDW-914] Removes ‘hide unmoderated data’ button

  • [DDW-914] Correct Network version for Storybook

[DDW-865]: Implement address details page design story (#30)

  • [DDW-865]: Implement address details page and update related components

  • [DDW-865]: Fix constant import

  • [DDW-865]: Update story decorator and related stories

  • [DDW-865]: Update changelog

  • [DDW-865]: Fix window undefined error for SSR

  • [DDW-865]: Fix address details page responsive design issue

  • [DDW-865]: Fix alignment issues on address details page

  • [DDW-865]: Fix alignment issue of total amount on address details page

  • [DDW-865]: Fix address ellipsis styles on transaction info panel