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Sunday, January 16, 2022

74 commits had been pushed across 20 repos by 26 authors. There were 23,062 additions and 4,609 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on roadmap.cardano.org.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:23:43 [a5e383df] fixup! Port to Database.Esqueleto.Experimental (cardano-db-sync)
00:46:37 [f570e2cf] TOSQUASH: fix byron tx hash computation :( (ouroboros-network)
00:49:47 [0ca72dd5] Fix documented input for utxoForTransactions (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
01:08:33 [032b52ce] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
01:14:59 [a768d5d1] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:20:17 [144f6b96] GERO (cardano-token-registry)
01:38:48 [b6d98d9a] TOSQUASH: fix Shelley tx hash computation too >:| (ouroboros-network)
01:39:33 [7827b84b] db-analyser: WIP --extract-genesis-tx-output-ids (ouroboros-network)
01:52:24 [213a2f45] Fix resolve all inputs based on BlockGroupedData (cardano-db-sync)
01:52:53 [315ca20f] Fix missing collateral (cardano-db-sync)
02:40:44 [c9b23ec7] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
03:19:25 [dfd07953] Merge pull request #1009 from input-output-hk/kderme/fix-insert-redeemer (cardano-db-sync)
03:20:49 [d0f6dbb1] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
04:01:57 [73f5011e] added automated test results (cardano-node-tests)
04:24:46 [3f1ce5d1] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
05:18:06 [e4dd8443] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
06:09:49 [8bdd934f] add price data poller (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
06:22:38 [5a135f79] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
06:24:54 [ee9138a9] TOSQUASH account for phase-two-invalid Alonzo txs (ouroboros-network)
06:25:46 [1d727150] cardano/tools: WIP add txin-delta-timeline-analyser tool (ouroboros-network)
07:17:38 [024130d2] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
07:41:00 [e6d70cc4] TOSQUASH refine in-mem analysis output (ouroboros-network)
09:09:46 [a6850e56] Display wallet name (yoroi-frontend)
09:18:18 [7b9c56c1] Remove unused code (yoroi-frontend)
09:22:28 [cac93714] Update WalletRow component props types (yoroi-frontend)
09:31:33 [d4d8a1af] Update walletChecksum (yoroi-frontend)
09:34:55 [e3f0762e] Seew (offchain-metadata-tools)
09:37:22 [8f03c267] Fix flow (yoroi-frontend)
09:46:10 [4240f8c8] Render token amount (yoroi-frontend)
10:04:52 [bf5adb16] Add loading state before displaying the balance (yoroi-frontend)
10:19:06 [c815d5bc] Remove loadingSpinner (yoroi-frontend)
10:37:50 [e05f1fbd] Update API docs (guild-operators)
10:39:18 [f018f88e] Update tx array description (guild-operators)
10:45:54 [746bd0ac] Remove unused code (yoroi-frontend)
10:49:19 [83573160] Fix asset_address_list endpoitn (guild-operators)
10:50:26 [f533f9c7] Update DappConnectorStore (yoroi-frontend)
10:58:12 [6e7d7dca] Real estate investment token (cardano-token-registry)
11:06:52 [0d19a7aa] Update UI bug (yoroi-frontend)
11:15:02 [cd2d322f] Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/Emurgo/yoroi-frontend into Ahmed/fix-websites-page (yoroi-frontend)
11:31:07 [58c8034b] Add wallet id for the current synced wallet (yoroi-frontend)
11:33:30 [76721b0e] Update navigation function (yoroi-frontend)
12:03:42 [8901ce51] Add query running check to active_stake_cache (guild-operators)
12:30:00 [a1fc227f] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
12:51:02 [4a7fdcf2] Cardogeo (cardano-token-registry)
13:24:48 [025bd699] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
14:16:41 [f1d9b07b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
15:19:04 [a51d6a23] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
15:46:00 [a19d0707] Add RTTMapper.sh (essential-cardano)
16:28:57 [bf8ddfab] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
17:25:19 [461cc582] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
17:30:10 [7c6a0186] Upgrade dependencies to cardano^1.33.0 + support for local transaction monitoring. (cardano-ogmios)
17:37:48 [57d4874b] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
18:21:52 [aa219015] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
18:30:30 [dc0b6778] init pagination (cicero)
19:14:47 [fafa26fd] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
19:39:53 [4dfd1d89] SCP-3272: Additionnal documentation on different ways to setup the PAB. (plutus-apps)
20:04:55 [23f18daa] Get rid of useless additional reasoning when backtracking (equivalence-reasoner)
20:16:35 [c4598791] WIP add age-tracking analysis (ouroboros-network)
20:19:29 [08e8e236] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
20:51:52 [357a9c8f] Request to register Ada Quest native tokens called "QUEST" (cardano-token-registry)
21:00:10 [b88aacad] test suite for tx query, but test broken (cardano-browser-tx)
21:03:34 [c98f6248] SCP-3217 slide presentation and documentation revisions (marlowe-cardano)
21:15:39 [0506dce2] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
21:27:43 [12c14a6d] Create LICENSE (cardano-token-registry)
21:27:57 [7c7fc512] Create LICENSE (cardano-token-registry)
21:36:10 [e6ade0a3] Refactor laws tests into larger suite (plutus)
22:18:16 [64c361ff] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
22:19:17 [cfc4eaa7] fix(mapper): Panic on inter-stage channel error (oura)
22:21:00 [35360e0d] imp CIP-1855: complement with CIP-0005 prefixes (CIPs)
22:30:14 [83896b59] fix(mapper): Panic on inter-stage channel error (#70) (oura)
22:37:10 [68bf7882] imp CIP-1855: complement with CIP-0005 prefixes (CIPs)
22:40:23 [77833ef8] fix wording in CIP-1855 (CIPs)
23:18:43 [7d8b6156] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
23:40:39 [0dc43065] Add Note [How to add a built-in function: simple cases] (plutus)