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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

867 commits had been pushed across 71 repos by 114 authors. There were 10,809,499 additions and 5,296,293 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:02:26 [53a6f583] Add getContractById to RestAPI (marlowe-runtime-ts)
00:09:10 [cea323dd] Automatic Update (stackage.nix)
00:10:33 [f5b7a920] :bento: Update graphs [skip ci] (cf-explorer-status)
00:21:06 [5665986a] :card_file_box: Update status summary [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
00:21:06 [6cc5b609] :pencil: Update summary in README [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
00:38:11 [bfedc60a] chore(deps): bump coursier/setup-action from 1.3.0 to 1.3.4 (armadillo)
00:38:42 [20943e37] bump: iohk-nix for sanchonet updated ledger peer slot (cardano-parts)
00:39:26 [ca54ac98] imp: add db tools to node machines (cardano-parts)
00:40:21 [d623ae3e] imp: take an optional kes period for pool creation (cardano-parts)
00:40:47 [403741fe] fix: earthly integration tests use dind container (catalyst-core)
00:40:47 [ed51d3ad] imp: scrape cardano-node machines to grafana cloud (cardano-parts)
00:44:27 [6f520f7d] imp: recreate sanchonet playground pool after network respin (cardano-playground)
00:46:15 [8deda54c] imp: bump to node 8.4.0-pre (cardano-playground)
00:48:33 [451b04f8] ci: use earthly satellite to run tests (catalyst-core)
00:50:11 [8e42ccd7] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
00:58:11 [0bfb13a4] Initial commit (example-appwallet)
00:59:18 [12e6ccff] example send tokens with app wallet (example-appwallet)
01:16:00 [f77c9cdc] changelog: remove accidental duplicated Fixed (aiken)
01:16:19 [eb0b4dd6] update lock files (aiken)
01:16:19 [ced818c4] checkpoint commit (aiken)
01:16:19 [1ca34991] chore: rename type (aiken)
01:16:19 [1cab479b] fix: dependency hoisting for cyclic functions (aiken)
01:16:19 [0b38855c] add new enum for hoistablefunctions (aiken)
01:16:19 [b8737a10] add one more test for unbound generics (aiken)
01:16:19 [98423707] Add new acceptance test scenario: 066 (aiken)
01:16:19 [38d15c67] Update changelog (aiken)
01:16:19 [ae305352] feat: Update cyclic functions to be aware of being in a cycle. (aiken)
01:16:19 [8e75007a] changelog: remove accidental duplicated Fixed (aiken)
01:16:19 [534eb62a] fix: There was a stack overflow due to passing unbound types to a function (aiken)
01:16:19 [74b8ab62] chore: add comments (aiken)
01:16:19 [f4310bcf] feat: finished up mutual recursion (aiken)
01:16:19 [0fb9837d] chore: change UserFunction to HoistableFunction to prepare for mututal recursion (aiken)
01:16:19 [a4aa51ed] WIP: first part of mutual recursion is done. (aiken)
01:16:19 [794fc930] remove unused structs (aiken)
01:16:19 [2f80d071] fix: minor stuff including fixing the var name used in modify_cyclic_calls (aiken)
01:18:50 [b6edd664] add success tx urls (example-appwallet)
01:32:03 [2fa7de71] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
01:41:55 [d59161dd] release 8.4.1 (cardano-node)
01:42:04 [dc3c3fcd] Added dependent-sum-template- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
02:18:01 [42d103d4] Added dependent-sum-template- (cardano-haskell-packages)
02:21:26 [a696b498] Update from 42d103d45f4a3240e53c461a4cde0145c0655b52 (cardano-haskell-packages)
02:45:07 [a3992c4a] Disable fortify for musl build of text package (haskell.nix)
03:52:54 [6f2c54a9] Try to handle the UTxO is too fragmented issue (helios)
03:58:46 [0776ad24] fixup! refactor(core): add conway core types (cardano-js-sdk)
03:59:25 [6c1e115b] feat(core): upgraded serialization classes to support conway era fields (cardano-js-sdk)
04:01:31 [9898808e] fixup! refactor(core): add conway core types (cardano-js-sdk)
04:01:45 [ff06abaa] feat(core): upgraded serialization classes to support conway era fields (cardano-js-sdk)
04:03:37 [1eb18c93] Delete UpdateProposalSupportedInEra. Use ShelleyToBabbageEra instead (cardano-api)
04:03:41 [88d4daa2] Rename fromLedgerTxUpdateProposal to maybeFromLedgerTxUpdateProposal to more clearly indicate it may not return a value (cardano-api)
04:07:33 [680f0db1] Merge pull request #259 from input-output-hk/newhoggy/replace-CertificatesSupportedInEra-with-ShelleyBasedEra (cardano-api)
04:19:08 [4c55186c] Update from 42d103d45f4a3240e53c461a4cde0145c0655b52 (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
04:24:08 [80207346] Merge pull request #267 from input-output-hk/newhoggy/export-getTxBodyContent (cardano-api)
04:33:53 [b731c18c] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
04:40:30 [6218c845] Delete UpdateProposalSupportedInEra. Use ShelleyToBabbageEra instead (cardano-api)
04:40:36 [ce4af0ac] Rename fromLedgerTxUpdateProposal to maybeFromLedgerTxUpdateProposal to more clearly indicate it may not return a value (cardano-api)
04:42:16 [7051addc] Merge pull request #266 from input-output-hk/newhoggy/new-function-alonzoEraOnwardsToMaryEraOnwards (cardano-api)
04:42:47 [b1373086] Merge pull request #263 from input-output-hk/newhoggy/replace-TxMetadataSupportedInEra (cardano-api)
04:43:17 [797eb378] Delete TxScriptValiditySupportedInEra. Use AlonzoEraOnwards instead (cardano-api)
04:46:32 [feb90d24] deploy: 11dc6aeb68b909e070fc6eb366b4734e090b62c1 (hydra-poc)
04:49:15 [31f96eb3] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hkm/bump-pins (haskell.nix)
04:52:38 [d46ba7b5] Wind back ghc 9.8 git commit for now (haskell.nix)
05:01:30 [e251c837] Replace WithdrawalsSupportedInEra with ShelleyBasedEra (cardano-api)
05:14:17 [26b9f1f1] Merge pull request #258 from input-output-hk/newhoggy/replace-UpdateProposalSupportedInEra-with-ShelleyToBabbageEra (cardano-api)
05:45:08 [999250ba] WIP (plutus)
05:52:34 [c4fc635b] Replace WithdrawalsSupportedInEra with ShelleyBasedEra (cardano-api)
05:53:30 [e6275d4d] Updated CHaP and hackage references (hydra-sim)
05:58:47 [6ea6fa46] Delete TxScriptValiditySupportedInEra. Use AlonzoEraOnwards instead (cardano-api)
06:06:41 [f009c92c] Merge pull request #260 from input-output-hk/newhoggy/replace-WithdrawalsSupportedInEra-with-ShelleyBasedEra (cardano-api)
06:09:36 [2a3a8707] Feat/lw 7930 show selected pools at the top (#518) (lace)
06:18:48 [bf703fd3] deploy: 26b9f1f1fce78e3990a4da7417d8fd04b011b97d (cardano-api)
06:27:56 [fcb5d28b] Make it build with ghc-9.6 (plutus)
06:36:47 [13e939c0] WIP (iogx)
06:37:32 [ee1d96b2] wip (plutus)
06:43:38 [0d4d20c5] required (iogx)
06:44:13 [8613454a] Check that `NewCommittee` actions are sensible when they are proposed (formal-ledger-specifications)
06:44:13 [aded9f32] Fix: treasury withdrawals were included in the wrong map (formal-ledger-specifications)
06:44:13 [900a1bba] Rename protocol parameters to be in line with the CIP (formal-ledger-specifications)
06:44:36 [cf867bf7] refactor(docs): Remove generated debug file from repo (catalyst-ci)
06:45:34 [0aca1bb6] refactor(cspell): Move cspell linter to its own earthfile (catalyst-ci)
06:46:05 [6347792e] refactor(mdlint): Move markdown linter to its own earthfile (catalyst-ci)
06:50:10 [af16f09a] bump rustc version (catalyst-gh-tools)
06:51:07 [2fea308c] test (catalyst-gh-tools)
06:54:25 [c3b9eafd] wip (iogx)
06:55:02 [b3d8e9de] WIP (plutus)
07:09:07 [d1a0d7c6] Merge pull request #1256 from input-output-hk/damien/798/add-anyhow-context-in-client-services (mithril)
07:15:04 [da618fdb] deploy: d1a0d7c65a46f72317af7c7249aedc40a8bd43ef (mithril)
07:15:19 [d45e6093] fix (catalyst-gh-mdbook-doc)
07:17:37 [584a5bdd] deploy: f009c92c7bd27323ac534217782c7413fd4b4229 (cardano-api)
07:20:48 [014f688a] [EC Api] - Added: Layer 2 scaling solutions on Cardano. (essential-cardano-content)
07:24:52 [d242591c] Use more high level functions for sending/receiving (hydra)
07:32:38 [0b113f82] ifdLevel 1 (haskell.nix)
07:34:18 [dc696187] Merge pull request #4673 from input-output-hk/coot/haddock-fix (ouroboros-network)
07:35:24 [ee2db14d] Use Alonzo-style TxOut encoder when possible (cardano-ledger-specs)
07:45:49 [d2bc3ef0] cleanup (catalyst-gh-mdbook-doc)
07:49:28 [3145f1e0] Merge pull request #2 from input-output-hk/fix/build (catalyst-gh-mdbook-doc)
07:52:21 [97577338] Merge pull request #4664 from mtullsen/galois/issue-3835-no-expose-FileDescriptor (ouroboros-network)
07:52:21 [e94e3548] Merge pull request #4664 from mtullsen/galois/issue-3835-no-expose-FileDescriptor (ouroboros-network)
07:53:03 [ec418c04] wip (iogx)
07:53:42 [068432c2] wip (plutus)
07:55:35 [bfd70746] wip (plutus)
08:00:09 [d9cf23c1] Various stuff (ouroboros-consensus)
08:00:15 [a4ed7d36] Bump ledger (ouroboros-consensus)
08:04:03 [dbbd963a] chore: remove mui joy css class pkg (yoroi-frontend)
08:09:38 [1785db99] Fix typos (#3) (catalyst-voices)
08:16:10 [36b1ace4] Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/Emurgo/yoroi-frontend into feat/YOEXT-679/catalyst-voting-revamp (yoroi-frontend)
08:16:51 [2de852e4] wip (iogx)
08:16:57 [0f7a302c] Update cabal/Nix files to use cardano-api- (cardano-cli)
08:17:32 [e1c76d07] update versions (mithril)
08:18:06 [7a516ede] WIP (iogx)
08:19:44 [1ba5f022] Merge pull request #28 from hrajchert/hrajchert/PLT-7501-remove-fpts-from-rest-client (marlowe-runtime-ts)
08:20:49 [d929d074] Merge branch 'develop' into feat/YOEXT-677/revamp-assets-page (yoroi-frontend)
08:21:17 [a7a7fcaf] wip (plutus)
08:22:34 [c8ef2b0f] wip (iogx)
08:25:05 [990cd879] WIP (plutus)
08:27:50 [d7b0c914] Fix 8.10 (ouroboros-consensus)
08:29:19 [3cbd0e55] ifdLevel 2 (haskell.nix)
08:30:05 [d3221367] Merge pull request #1257 from input-output-hk/greg/798/protocol_init_store (mithril)
08:31:27 [aba8eda8] Merge branch 'develop' into feat/swap-cancel (yoroi-mobile)
08:33:58 [1c61b678] udpate and fix issues (yoroi-mobile)
08:34:29 [4b541975] fix(ui): revamp stepper component (yoroi-frontend)
08:34:36 [65d76f27] Update explorer version (mithril)
08:34:36 [5c58b2cd] Fix file size units in explorer (mithril)
08:34:37 [62cabb94] deploy: d322136759532961ab393b53f9e1ed386c2e5c31 (mithril)
08:35:13 [a498b94e] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
08:35:17 [d48896c3] test(extension): refactor selectors for transaction details POM (lace)
08:36:13 [3e64aa0e] new-committee: use committee cold key (cardano-cli)
08:36:13 [e5981ffc] cardano-cli: maybeFeatureInEra->maybeEonInEra (does not build) (cardano-cli)
08:37:05 [5e0766cb] wip (plutus)
08:37:17 [0a7129be] Fix test (marconi)
08:39:25 [4a143aa8] fix(extension): remove insufficient balance check from dapp popup (lace)
08:41:52 [b5b25504] merge develop (yoroi-mobile)
08:42:48 [1890b057] Merge branch 'develop' into add-feedback-screen (yoroi-mobile)
08:43:12 [b358e82b] deploy(docker): increase tag version to 9 and add tailwind conf (dapps-certification-web)
08:43:34 [3aef37a9] Merge pull request #4661 from mtullsen/galois/issue-3834-refactor-runM (ouroboros-network)
08:43:55 [2af90825] Merge pull request #1536 from Plutonomicon/klntsky/liqwid/generic-cip30 (cardano-browser-tx)
08:44:14 [5eb56c52] deploy(be): increase docker image to 9.1 (dapps-certification)
08:45:31 [3913334e] feat(assets): align assets amounts to the right (yoroi-frontend)
08:46:06 [ef1485a8] Deploying to gh-pages from @ Plutonomicon/cardano-transaction-lib@2af9082571c54d9a108eded5b0bba76f4e87fb05 🚀 (cardano-browser-tx)
08:46:38 [a9651969] Merge pull request #4666 from input-output-hk/coot/vector (ouroboros-network)
08:46:53 [6473870b] chore: resolve flow errors (yoroi-frontend)
08:47:35 [43c2190d] Integrate Consensus changes (cardano-api)
08:47:35 [2e649c69] Add s-r-p for Ledger and Consensus (cardano-api)
08:47:35 [c2a7f652] input-output-hk/cardano-cli#288 Add support for conway era protocol parameters (cardano-api)
08:47:35 [d1b0dcf8] Temporarily revert Plutus range bumps (cardano-api)
08:47:56 [fcb659df] Merge pull request #4673 from input-output-hk/coot/haddock-fix (ouroboros-network)
08:50:35 [162bcd3d] cardano-cli: more adaptation to renamings (cardano-cli)
08:52:18 [8753b075] ouroboros-network-framework: updated against typed-protocols changes (ouroboros-network)
08:52:18 [84f0b028] check-stylish: added ignore file (ouroboros-network)
08:52:18 [896f882f] network-mux: Mux's Channel - added tryRecv (ouroboros-network)
08:52:18 [b67e3bf9] Updated cabal.project file (ouroboros-network)
08:52:19 [01d18bff] ouroboros-network-framework: added unbounded buffered channel (ouroboros-network)
08:52:19 [a355b6c5] ouroboros-network-framework: extend driver tests (ouroboros-network)
08:52:19 [33595807] ouroboros-network-framework: stateful driver implementation (ouroboros-network)
08:52:19 [6f1dcf32] ouroboros-network-framework: added runConnectedPeersWithLimits (ouroboros-network)
08:52:23 [eac79193] Fix Reliability log test (hydra-poc)
08:55:22 [e7b8947d] feat(cardano-services): Added optional metadata fetch feature from SMASH server (cardano-js-sdk)
08:55:24 [ff8ff05e] refactor(cardano-services)!: Moved env varibles out of package.json for a cleaner file. (cardano-js-sdk)
08:56:16 [b0dbdd03] feat(tx): align tx details columns at the same level (yoroi-frontend)
08:59:36 [3a124e68] fix tests (yoroi-mobile)
09:00:01 [51a4ed26] ouroboros-protocol-tests: stateful cborg utilities (ouroboros-network)
09:00:01 [f3d6c66b] ouroboros-network: updated against typed-protocols changes (ouroboros-network)
09:00:02 [f65238a5] ouroboros-network: updated chain-sync and cddl components (ouroboros-network)
09:00:02 [65a36537] tx-submission2 tests: switch client & server sides (ouroboros-network)
09:00:02 [8c851179] tx-submission2 tests: name client & server traces (ouroboros-network)
09:00:02 [9f337388] channelDelay: wait before and after reading from the channel (ouroboros-network)
09:00:02 [2ea8d433] ouroboros-network-framework: name some tvars & threads (ouroboros-network)
09:00:02 [26be36b0] ouroboros-protocol:test: updated against typed-protocols changes (ouroboros-network)
09:00:03 [da749a1b] chain-sync: added mapChainSyncClientPipelinedSt (ouroboros-network)
09:00:03 [e6e8a5cf] tx-submission2 tests: use unbounded channel (ouroboros-network)
09:00:03 [5c76bb04] block-fetch tests: fixed termination tests (ouroboros-network)
09:00:03 [738bb3cb] block-fetch tests: fix termination of blockFetchExample1 (ouroboros-network)
09:00:03 [c8db8c43] tx-submission test: fixed a deadlock due to pipelining (ouroboros-network)
09:00:03 [7a8ccab7] chain-sync: added mapChainSyncClientSt (ouroboros-network)
09:00:03 [8d8abde8] chain-sync: added unsafeCoerceClientPipelinedStIdle (ouroboros-network)
09:00:04 [bf817638] Added stateful driver tests (ouroboros-network)
09:00:04 [8f4bf706] Reorganise the Test.Ouroboros.Network.Driver module (ouroboros-network)
09:00:04 [cb637f62] Added simple driver tests (ouroboros-network)
09:00:04 [8b6bf584] ouroboros-network-framework: added mkMiniProtocolCbFromPeerSt (ouroboros-network)
09:00:04 [bfc50b49] DO NOT MERGE: cabal.project (ouroboros-network)
09:01:07 [43ae0f85] update proc-macro2 (catalyst-core)
09:03:52 [6efeca84] wip (iogx)
09:04:20 [7b5321c1] WIP (plutus)
09:09:11 [3f46f432] Fix broken build from changed GOV' rule (formal-ledger-specifications)
09:11:16 [6000ee58] deploy: d3dc460c3df74cb8eb6e91c89bb569280c203587 (catalyst-core)
09:13:18 [5101c6c2] deploy: 43ae0f85ba7becb658b2082c2312b639fa5ddf83 (catalyst-core)
09:13:31 [6b157126] Merge branch 'main' into feat/NPG6475-cat-data-service-client (catalyst-core)
09:14:58 [02324ddc] Make what the "stress test" runs clearer (hydra-poc)
09:17:37 [045a195b] chore: BN improv / ISA (yoroi-mobile)
09:20:01 [edff0aeb] deploy: 6373b6910efd3e503e5de5fb795240f979eab8b2 (catalyst-core)
09:22:43 [db838ec1] wip2 (iogx)
09:23:06 [e0324416] WIP (plutus)
09:24:26 [4f2e4569] remove repeat code for adding constraints (cardano-db-sync)
09:26:04 [53eb05a4] io-sim-por: code style & comments (io-sim)
09:26:04 [776ed449] io-sim:test use Async to schedule & sync tasks (io-sim)
09:26:04 [606ed507] io-sim-por: include Effects in the SimTrace (io-sim)
09:26:04 [da743947] io-sim: BlockedReason (io-sim)
09:26:04 [4534b6ea] io-sim-por: use ST monad rather than unsafePerformIO (io-sim)
09:26:05 [67000500] io-sim-por: Moved types to Control.Monad.IOSimPOR.Types (io-sim)
09:26:05 [2bbeeb13] io-sim-por: improved StepInfo haddocks (io-sim)
09:26:05 [04158c02] io-sim-por: converted effectWakeup to a set (io-sim)
09:26:05 [448098a4] io-sim-por: wrong step in the log (io-sim)
09:26:05 [446623ce] io-sim-por: added unit test for issue #113 (io-sim)
09:26:05 [699677a0] io-sim: use threaded rts in tests (io-sim)
09:26:05 [9b472681] io-sim-por: refactor updateRaces (io-sim)
09:26:06 [7eac27c9] io-sim-por: added EventRaces (io-sim)
09:26:06 [42fc7978] io-sim-por test: trace TVar's value (io-sim)
09:26:06 [0fb902e1] io-sim-por: fixed counterexample in issue #113 (io-sim)
09:26:06 [18eb0fc8] io-sim-por: renamed ThreadId type to IOSimThreadId (io-sim)
09:26:06 [d1d2eb95] io-sim: debug mode (io-sim)
09:26:06 [56ce0167] io-sim-por: parallelism in the lazy ST monad (io-sim)
09:26:07 [07290189] io-sim-por: added exploreSimTraceST (io-sim)
09:26:07 [4497edc6] io-sim(-por): added ppSimEventType (io-sim)
09:26:07 [96d0f3d8] io-sim-por: return internal errors (io-sim)
09:26:07 [2b35ab3b] io-sim-por: don't follow threads which are after any of the races (io-sim)
09:26:07 [1af1f0ca] io-sim-por: fixed trace of deschedule calls (io-sim)
09:29:31 [13926ff6] io-sim: added CHANGELOG.md file (io-sim)
09:29:31 [ca367f4c] io-sim: expose Timeout type (io-sim)
09:30:09 [dfd1fdb7] chore: BN improv / ISA (#2712) (yoroi-mobile)
09:30:56 [0a353288] Merge branch 'develop' into feat/swap-cancel (yoroi-mobile)
09:31:25 [5d156518] strict-mvar: removed HLINT option (io-sim)
09:32:11 [f961b478] Update apps/wallet-mobile/src/features/Swap/common/useSwapTx.ts (yoroi-mobile)
09:32:24 [ca2d42d5] feat: create a local docker-compose stack for single tenant testing (atala-prism-building-blocks)
09:32:24 [805b0279] fix: use toJson facade due to issues with json() method in k6 (atala-prism-building-blocks)
09:32:25 [5048de14] feat: wip remote perf test script interacting with teleport and argo (atala-prism-building-blocks)
09:33:34 [e3e82fe9] wip (plutus)
09:34:29 [afd5d9d4] Update 2023-09-22-internship.md (engineering)
09:36:10 [31242729] fix: Github pages docs generation | NPG-0000 (#575) (catalyst-core)
09:36:29 [bbf54371] wip (plutus)
09:37:10 [5241ca1e] Update 2023-09-22-internship.md (engineering)
09:37:39 [d797159f] add datum for hw signing (yoroi)
09:38:02 [6b4b2806] Removed Draft Docs for fix/github-pages (catalyst-core)
09:38:18 [4fd3b56e] FIX tyop (hydra)
09:38:18 [8050a22c] FIX typo (hydra)
09:38:18 [671cf61a] Clarification (hydra)
09:38:18 [72631213] Add ADR about current design of network resilience layer (hydra)
09:38:18 [81c6daea] Amend the ping process (hydra)
09:38:18 [6d5a0fdc] Remove note about garbage collection (hydra)
09:38:18 [263d25f1] FIX typo (hydra)
09:38:18 [b6f7c702] These two items rather qualify as "decisions" than as consequences (hydra)
09:38:18 [fd781c8c] Remove some implementation details (hydra)
09:38:18 [ccb6f94b] link to Ouroboros exemple (hydra)
09:38:18 [17c0a24c] Added authors (hydra)
09:38:18 [f50f66bc] clarification (hydra)
09:38:18 [feed707b] Minor fixes/clarifications (hydra)
09:38:18 [a74fc67b] Fix status word (hydra)
09:40:41 [bd750018] Update 2023-09-22-internship.md (engineering)
09:43:00 [e5927f4b] Merge pull request #1082 from input-output-hk/adr/network_reliability (hydra)
09:43:45 [04b8a9ce] wip (plutus)
09:44:51 [5d31fdfa] WIP trying to model the network (hydra)
09:44:51 [08b6ad17] WIP initiating a network model (hydra)
09:44:52 [1df7c2b8] Better naming (hydra)
09:44:52 [df98d23c] Move type errors further (hydra)
09:44:53 [ee66139a] WIP ensuring some stuff (hydra)
09:44:53 [a9b469d5] First working skeleton (hydra)
09:44:54 [b695ad43] test(extension): refactor LW-4879 (lace)
09:44:54 [87a6d95c] WIP try to express a property (hydra)
09:44:55 [20f338a4] Introduce message id for reliability layer (hydra)
09:44:55 [4fe6b435] SOme experiment (hydra)
09:44:56 [35553a77] Track each peer message index (hydra)
09:44:56 [38dfd33e] Introduce Authenticated messages (hydra)
09:44:57 [0ff9711a] Test message filtering as a property (hydra)
09:44:57 [e03b7804] Keep a list of last seen message ids (hydra)
09:44:58 [0029dcc0] Implement resending of unacked messages (hydra)
09:44:59 [d060cab5] Convert resent messages test to a property (hydra)
09:44:59 [074ab929] Wire Reliability network layer into hydra-node (hydra)
09:45:00 [0f5081f6] Allow network component to handle different in/out messages (hydra)
09:45:00 [24d19f1a] Check content of messages resent (hydra)
09:45:01 [cffc6a2b] Check resent messages are consistent with original ones (hydra)
09:45:02 [baf6b762] Use one map to track all ack messages (hydra)
09:45:02 [86b92419] Add some logging to reliability layer (hydra)
09:45:17 [ca8cbca7] wip (plutus)
09:46:36 [47a0c5d2] deploy: 31242729c6c7df9776cb503b98ed884d51f32761 (catalyst-core)
09:46:43 [5b6d0e76] feat: add tx metadata + feedback screen (#2700) (yoroi-mobile)
09:47:11 [7ab81090] wip (plutus)
09:47:25 [a076513c] Minor fixes/clarifications (hydra)
09:47:27 [bda4ca35] Split heartbeat incoming and outgoing network layers (hydra)
09:47:28 [afa83a48] Use Vectors instead of Lists (hydra)
09:47:28 [f44e13a9] Added some comments to Reliability layer (hydra)
09:47:29 [7d6ca632] Add helper for constructing new acks (hydra)
09:47:29 [6797f274] Use Vector as the main data structure (hydra)
09:47:30 [95a06bc9] Re-read acks upon sending (hydra)
09:47:31 [09cf33e7] Ensure changes to vector clock are atomic (hydra)
09:47:31 [7483b6d2] Simplify traces for Reliability (hydra)
09:47:32 [b650b2d8] Simplify authentication layer to not require passing a wrapped message (hydra)
09:47:32 [d2e09db7] Wire heartbeat into reliability (hydra)
09:47:33 [c7b8fba1] Make ReliabilitySpec compile (hydra)
09:47:34 [3cba0bbd] Randomly drop messages to simulate network failures (hydra)
09:47:34 [4db5c032] Rename Msg to ReliableMsg (hydra)
09:47:35 [28f9187e] Revert "Randomly drop messages to simulate network failures" (hydra)
09:47:35 [313a68d5] Minor warnings cleanup (hydra)
09:47:36 [f703c420] Simplify parameters passing to reliability network for parties (hydra)
09:47:36 [fa084b39] Fix Reliability unit tests (hydra)
09:47:37 [b2966aac] Extract dedicated module for hydra-node's networking stack (hydra)
09:47:38 [12eb9549] Split message resend into separate function (hydra)
09:47:38 [6a03d4b2] Add documentation to various network modules and functions (hydra)
09:47:39 [e00a75ac] Ensure fixture parties are sorted as expected (hydra)
09:47:40 [4519a5b1] Throw in case we can't find party index (hydra)
09:47:40 [f42d6146] Remove redundant imports leftover (hydra)
09:47:41 [dfde5cfa] Ignore malformed messages (hydra)
09:47:41 [ee6676d7] Refactor: Abstract the receiption of messages from Alice (hydra)
09:47:42 [7fd878a5] Organize tests by direction (sending vs receiving) (hydra)
09:47:43 [5eecdd57] FIXME note (hydra)
09:47:43 [d1388a32] Refactor: rely on abstract aliceReceives for property (hydra)
09:47:44 [b6473a78] More meaningfull renames (hydra)
09:47:45 [dfb0e693] Introduce a log message for sent messages (hydra)
09:47:45 [f8b3eee3] Prepare test for clearing the message queue (hydra)
09:47:46 [b98468e7] Introduce deleteSeenMessages (hydra)
09:47:47 [36008fa5] Remove seen messages (hydra)
09:47:47 [d364812a] Use Map to store sent messages (hydra)
09:47:48 [9899576d] WIP Draft a network stress test (hydra)
09:47:48 [ba887039] Implement a network "stress" test (hydra)
09:47:49 [f36ee7d8] Try fixing "stress test" by reducing list of messages size (hydra)
09:47:50 [0d422b6d] Waiting to see Bob trace mentioning the right amount of messages from Alice (hydra)
09:47:50 [0da401f4] All tests passing (hydra)
09:47:51 [45592b9e] Minor cleanup of code (hydra)
09:47:51 [04556bdb] Fix Reliability log test (hydra)
09:47:52 [896b5493] Make what the "stress test" runs clearer (hydra)
09:47:53 [80308e5e] Rename field (hydra)
09:47:53 [8d765f25] Updated CHANGELOG (hydra)
09:47:54 [12afd8b0] Remove unneeded test (hydra)
09:47:54 [05183488] Improve Reliability logs to better legibility (hydra)
09:50:46 [375b5b53] new-committee: use committee cold key (cardano-cli)
09:50:46 [a26544f2] cardano-cli: maybeFeatureInEra->maybeEonInEra (does not build) (cardano-cli)
09:52:12 [a269bc44] Merge pull request #1261 from input-output-hk/jpraynaud/fix-explorer-display-units (mithril)
09:53:01 [ef16bfb1] adding earthfile (catalyst-core)
09:54:29 [7473a0a8] cardano-cli: more adaptation to renamings (reread carefully!) (cardano-cli)
09:56:01 [97ab14d5] deploy: a269bc44fc337346c685430c38ef5432b8ce99a4 (mithril)
09:57:15 [e3ae9baf] WIP (plutus)
09:57:51 [5d4651be] add proposal types (catalyst-core)
09:57:53 [045336e2] Merge branch 'main' into feat-vit-testing-earthly-target (catalyst-core)
09:59:59 [bc8563cd] Refactor open orders (yoroi-mobile)
10:01:00 [112b70c3] PLT-7515 fix title of web page (marlowe-run-lite)
10:04:06 [2901bc24] Merge branch 'develop' into feat/swap-cancel (yoroi-mobile)
10:04:11 [5cd1dd0e] Merge pull request #3296 from Emurgo/feat/YOEXT-799/cip95-signTx (yoroi-frontend)
10:04:59 [cf382c59] Update ledger-api-1.6 and ledger-conway-1.9 (ouroboros-consensus)
10:07:58 [bd8dcc7b] Temporarily remove cardano-cli GH 299 blocker (cardano-node-tests)
10:08:58 [c25ebc0f] deploy: 5d4651be9044563a4325fc326d6bde3104704403 (catalyst-core)
10:09:10 [9a5c7487] Fix broken build from changed GOV' rule (#224) (formal-ledger-specifications)
10:10:46 [91d5f555] deploy: c58c8a03de059dbbb86048b7cf45b1a50198c797 (catalyst-core)
10:11:04 [97bd436e] WIP (cardano-ledger-specs)
10:11:15 [d345e691] Fix lint issues (yoroi-mobile)
10:14:14 [47c3c837] bumped to 0.2.0-alpha-3 (marlowe-runtime-ts)
10:14:15 [78441f81] refactor(core): add conway core types (cardano-js-sdk)
10:14:15 [50eed717] feat(core): upgraded serialization classes to support conway era fields (cardano-js-sdk)
10:16:11 [4c97b328] Merge pull request #30 from input-output-hk/bumped-0.2.-alpha-3 (marlowe-runtime-ts)
10:17:44 [7afc69c1] Reset after tx is submitted (yoroi-mobile)
10:20:38 [f1b4ccff] ifdLevel 3 (haskell.nix)
10:24:40 [212d6ce1] feat(core): show mnemonic order error in each part of the flow (#522) (lace)
10:25:43 [2c9b5728] Update eras/alonzo/impl/src/Cardano/Ledger/Alonzo/Scripts/Data.hs (cardano-ledger-specs)
10:27:20 [3f761e13] remove repeat code for adding constraints (cardano-db-sync)
10:30:54 [96b8ab4f] Merge pull request #1535 from Plutonomicon/klntsky/remove-typed-interfaces (cardano-transaction-lib)
10:31:03 [8748fc83] Remove logs and refactor open orders (yoroi-mobile)
10:32:13 [c641fb3b] PLT-7515 add syncing label when first load of table (marlowe-run-lite)
10:33:26 [e3c0deaa] Remove unused imports and other warnings (hydra)
10:39:22 [30fc3998] Update flake.lock (cardano-node-tests)
10:41:14 [d188702c] fixes, add voteplan and ballot_type (catalyst-core)
10:43:37 [7ab74c62] Update eras/alonzo/impl/src/Cardano/Ledger/Alonzo/Scripts/Data.hs (cardano-ledger)
10:44:38 [6c4e4eb6] Fix slippage (yoroi-mobile)
10:44:45 [b53e30f2] Delete TxScriptValiditySupportedInEra. Use AlonzoEraOnwards instead (cardano-api)
10:46:28 [a90f1520] Fix modal (yoroi-mobile)
10:47:17 [07fcd0f2] Merge pull request #1962 from input-output-hk/update_flake_lock (cardano-node-tests)
10:48:08 [f8641542] Fix spacing (yoroi-mobile)
10:49:19 [8b06e024] asd (marconi)
10:50:37 [121d01ec] adding earthfile (catalyst-core)
10:50:38 [75fbabc9] Simplify (yoroi-mobile)
10:51:16 [3420ac16] Updated for 9a5c7487142669cdea3de8343d96a2b242ba86af (formal-ledger-specifications)
10:51:27 [a3286aab] Fixup (cardano-browser-tx)
10:52:27 [3aa15330] deploy: d188702c093ed8b0dbf978ac3ef49fbde1d72ff8 (catalyst-core)
10:53:48 [cc602eed] Deploying to gh-pages from @ Plutonomicon/cardano-transaction-lib@a3286aabf43acf301effb349e31a4f257ee34419 🚀 (cardano-browser-tx)
10:54:18 [ec240fcc] Implement analytics events for receive section and dapp connector (#564) (lace)
10:55:37 [0b76ef0f] WIP (marconi)
10:55:42 [be0e99ed] Update eras/alonzo/impl/src/Cardano/Ledger/Alonzo/Scripts/Data.hs (cardano-ledger-specs)
10:56:13 [b27c1213] feat: Add earthfile for vit-testing | NPG-0000 (#576) (catalyst-core)
10:57:04 [ada3b0dd] Upgrade to cardano-api- (cardano-cli)
10:58:01 [f6d2e935] Merge branch 'main' into feat-vit-servicing-station-earthly-target (catalyst-core)
10:58:08 [65dbdcd1] Removed Draft Docs for feat-vit-testing-earthly-target (catalyst-core)
10:58:58 [77045974] Merge pull request #3754 from input-output-hk/aniketd/alonzo-style-serialization-when-possible (cardano-ledger-specs)
10:59:37 [57396997] Add a command to calculate DRep metadata hashes (cardano-cli)
10:59:40 [2b36c056] Add an impossible case that otherwise would mask a bug (cardano-ledger-specs)
10:59:40 [e05ccde8] Add recent changes to the changelog for the upcoming cardano-node-8.5 node release (cardano-ledger-specs)
10:59:40 [47a21027] Remove duplicate definitions (cardano-ledger-specs)
10:59:40 [cfb5fd6b] Simplify incremental stake computation a little bit (cardano-ledger-specs)
10:59:40 [f564d16b] Account for the backport release implemented in #3752 (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:02:06 [5c2a8c57] add Haskell Benchmark (customSmallerIsBetter) benchmark result for 77045974cbaee0ff8fc84c75e89c775472fb41cf (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:02:34 [f22dd2f0] test(extension): fix UnlockWallet test (lace)
11:03:02 [ea8e0c1b] Fix tutorial (marconi)
11:04:25 [be99be77] Replace CollateralSupportedInEra with AlonzoEraOnwards. Delete collateralSupportedInEra (cardano-api)
11:05:41 [d1c47e38] chore: follow kind naming convention (atala-prism-building-blocks)
11:06:08 [e526743d] deploy: b27c12130effc88052d83ec6200e25fd69e64198 (catalyst-core)
11:06:32 [1dff587f] chore: use updated DEFAULT_WALLET_SEED variable (atala-prism-building-blocks)
11:07:29 [c77feb2b] Merge pull request #911 from input-output-hk/refactor/conway-core-types (cardano-js-sdk)
11:08:19 [90bc114a] deploy: 6524280a8691691687ff270be0fdca4a0ff39b85 (catalyst-core)
11:10:27 [414c5657] deploy: f6d2e935a5f4d97c59d061f3bc7c74c8e2b6ca92 (catalyst-core)
11:10:45 [729b4099] Navigate to submittedTx after tx is signed (yoroi)
11:10:48 [60447b40] hide traces (cardano-api)
11:13:03 [4f2810da] refactor(docs): Slit docs into common python setup and docs specific stuff. (catalyst-ci)
11:13:04 [a1934229] Revert BottomSheetModal changes (yoroi)
11:14:48 [6a467346] Fix tests (marconi)
11:16:43 [188fe014] Refactor variables (yoroi-mobile)
11:18:03 [493326c6] feat(agent): new ADMIN_TOKEN env (atala-prism-building-blocks)
11:18:55 [2c0e4bc5] Update libs/cardano-ledger-core/src/Cardano/Ledger/Keys.hs (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:19:27 [81df252e] Update eras/conway/impl/testlib/Test/Cardano/Ledger/Conway/ImpTest.hs (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:19:31 [e4f642ce] keep track of `ranCreateConsumed` (cardano-db-sync)
11:19:33 [b361df93] feat(agent): new API_KEY_SALT env (atala-prism-building-blocks)
11:20:04 [8a1d19fb] locli: fix plutus object parse (cardano-node)
11:20:07 [78f7e99e] Update eras/conway/impl/testlib/Test/Cardano/Ledger/Conway/ImpTest.hs (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:20:54 [aba599d3] chore: bump minimum Node.js version to v16, use v18 in Dockerfile (cardano-js-sdk)
11:21:57 [fbfea026] Update eras/conway/impl/testlib/Test/Cardano/Ledger/Conway/ImpTest.hs (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:22:12 [6f4e35ba] Update eras/conway/impl/testlib/Test/Cardano/Ledger/Conway/ImpTest.hs (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:22:31 [e22b868c] Update libs/cardano-ledger-core/src/Cardano/Ledger/Keys.hs (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:22:48 [4fc868f5] Update eras/conway/impl/testlib/Test/Cardano/Ledger/Conway/ImpTest.hs (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:23:01 [6ba3125b] Update eras/conway/impl/testlib/Test/Cardano/Ledger/Conway/ImpTest.hs (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:23:48 [4f482a32] Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/input-output-hk/dapps-certification-web into PLT-7646 (dapps-certification-web)
11:25:00 [f8863fee] [EC Api] - Added: From Code to Coins: The Art of Defi Development (essential-cardano-content)
11:25:02 [9c57b677] Update libs/cardano-ledger-core/src/Cardano/Ledger/Keys.hs (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:26:01 [98525188] [EC Api] - Update: From Code to Coins: The Art of Defi Development (essential-cardano-content)
11:29:34 [5360d185] Simplify implementation of evaluateTransactionExecutionUnitsShelley (cardano-api)
11:30:43 [5d27776a] feat: Add earthfile to vit-ss | NPG-000 (#577) (catalyst-core)
11:31:03 [6b509158] Merge branch 'main' into NPG-8136-add-snapshot-analysis-metrics-as-json-logs-in-voting-node-ideascale-importer (catalyst-core)
11:32:24 [74351e12] Fix log schemas and test (hydra-poc)
11:32:58 [99e87bd6] Removed Draft Docs for feat-vit-servicing-station-earthly-target (catalyst-core)
11:33:15 [e55dcc06] fix(swap): Slippage (#2714) (yoroi-mobile)
11:33:33 [611147f0] Merge branch 'develop' into feat/swap-cancel (yoroi-mobile)
11:34:22 [3b4b527c] Ongoing rework on create contract flow (marlowe-run-lite)
11:35:20 [97c3e618] Fix build (marlowe-run-lite)
11:36:00 [c4c9ae84] refactor(wallet): use already calculated stake key hash (cardano-js-sdk)
11:36:00 [ba77cd36] refactor: keep it dry between ownSignaturePaths and requiresForeignSignatures (cardano-js-sdk)
11:36:00 [3249147a] refactor: dry StubKeyAgent (cardano-js-sdk)
11:36:00 [980a1617] test(wallet): group unit tests for requiresForeignSignatures (cardano-js-sdk)
11:36:08 [f774d56d] WIP (marconi)
11:39:01 [40a999ae] Cleanup of commented lines (dapps-certification-web)
11:39:43 [4c3ac323] Version bump: 4.22.610 (yoroi-frontend)
11:39:54 [2e6e1fcd] asd (marconi)
11:41:36 [ef53253f] deploy: 6b509158e52fe78d28267abbaae24c5587a559cb (catalyst-core)
11:41:49 [c7e23467] weo (marconi)
11:42:39 [5a5544cc] Updated (cardano-ledger-specs)
11:43:18 [c69da06c] deploy: 5d27776a70f41152049d9fc7a86f0db3ff7d1b36 (catalyst-core)
11:45:37 [9447b383] deploy: 1e8ef4e7e9098393939b3ba5c6ae0e82af478bac (catalyst-core)
11:48:22 [e1726589] Add EpochNo (marconi)
11:49:13 [bd8ec851] Upgrade to cardano-api- (cardano-cli)
11:51:07 [9f5163a1] Fix Peer Sharing issue #4642 (ouroboros-network)
11:51:12 [66cbbb97] Fix IPv6 enc/decoding (ouroboros-network)
11:51:15 [1918cb38] Use monospace font in contract input (marlowe-run-lite)
11:56:03 [d7ce7534] Fixes limit recalc and parseFromText edge cases (yoroi)
11:57:28 [4220e6b5] squash! feat!: update for Conway transaction fields (cardano-js-sdk)
11:58:53 [6a67b504] keep track of `ranCreateConsumed` (cardano-db-sync)
12:02:06 [a30dca57] refactor(extension): change copy for ShowPassphraseDrawer component (lace)
12:03:56 [235d94aa] Use consistent button styling (marlowe-run-lite)
12:06:12 [4f1e1d05] PLT-7515 fix copy of contract details page (marlowe-run-lite)
12:06:42 [b4f7930d] fix(staking): remove no longer used test snapshot (lace)
12:07:35 [abb05a4e] test(e2e): update cip95 dapp (cardano-js-sdk)
12:07:35 [13c95d8f] feat(dapp-connector): use namespaced extensions api (cardano-js-sdk)
12:07:36 [3f5713c1] refactor(wallet): add type return to extendedCip95WalletApi (cardano-js-sdk)
12:07:45 [34f64a06] Remove commit validator (hydra-poc)
12:07:58 [19240cce] Add test to check plutus blueprint hash against the code reference in script info (hydra-poc)
12:09:13 [ec3f0313] Minor layout fix (hydra-poc)
12:09:13 [35609047] Flesh out vulnerability resolution process (hydra-poc)
12:09:13 [66630ae1] Remove multiple contact points (hydra-poc)
12:09:13 [f556e3bb] Remove sentence about privacy (hydra-poc)
12:09:13 [0a06d9b8] Expect submission in GitHub only (hydra-poc)
12:09:13 [b96801a4] Remove section about legal protection (hydra-poc)
12:09:13 [f95ac5ed] Draft security vulnerability disclosure policy (hydra-poc)
12:11:46 [c4f3ca6a] Added ImpTest DSL for writing unit tests (cardano-ledger-specs)
12:16:02 [92544ce3] refactor all the things (capkgs)
12:18:39 [2fa9f38d] input-output-hk/cardano-cli#299 Fix 'MissingRedeemers' error (cardano-api)
12:18:42 [a9ff96af] Added ImpTest DSL for writing unit tests (cardano-ledger)
12:21:23 [96cc331d] Fix integration tests failures. (cardano-wallet)
12:23:07 [71b47694] Restrict 'drep metadata hash' to Conway onwards (cardano-cli)
12:23:17 [bf5eb77d] add github action (capkgs)
12:25:56 [07a1b43d] Fix test (yoroi-mobile)
12:26:39 [cd9b980f] update blst macos install docs (cardano-db-sync)
12:27:14 [3632df9c] PLT-7515 add back to list link on contract details page (marlowe-run-lite)
12:27:56 [2d046de6] Update lesson 5 with new withdrawal flow (marlowe-starter-kit)
12:28:44 [81479de3] PLT-7638: Sync on demand (purescript-marlowe-runtime-client)
12:30:35 [ad31f96f] Add FromValue specs. (fine-types)
12:30:50 [33baf451] PLT-7515 change disabled nav pills from gray to opacity 0.5 (marlowe-run-lite)
12:31:16 [16a252c6] add Ballot type (catalyst-core)
12:32:53 [8d849742] chore: hydra-experiments. (hydra-java)
12:35:36 [4f277ade] Beautificate, as suggested by @newhoggy (cardano-cli)
12:37:06 [adb6e0dc] PLT-7515 update copy and buttons on apply inputs form (marlowe-run-lite)
12:37:35 [28622677] #299 Fix 'MissingRedeemers' (cardano-cli)
12:38:25 [6e7c61ac] Disable stylish-haskell header formatting (lsm-tree)
12:38:36 [3a86cabf] Added ImpTest DSL for writing unit tests (cardano-ledger-specs)
12:38:45 [d258d0f4] #299 Fix 'MissingRedeemers' (cardano-cli)
12:39:59 [98045130] chore: Add missing snapshot importer docs (catalyst-core)
12:40:20 [bb057882] add github action (capkgs)
12:40:43 [d62518fb] Add gitignore for lesson 7 (marlowe-starter-kit)
12:42:35 [03cac51a] PLT-7515 update buttons on make deposit form (marlowe-run-lite)
12:42:42 [912173b7] deploy: 16a252c663bcf656374861ed4ef882de5e4022ad (catalyst-core)
12:43:50 [7f6441ef] Add test to check plutus blueprint hash against the code reference in script info (hydra)
12:44:10 [346636f2] PLT-7515 update buttons on make notification form (marlowe-runner)
12:45:18 [781f324d] feat!: update for Conway transaction fields (cardano-js-sdk)
12:49:55 [22a9d4f4] Add FromValue specs. (fine-types)
12:50:00 [2ff89bcb] New ByronAndAllegraEraOnwards eon (cardano-api)
12:50:01 [442d6092] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
12:50:16 [ca24c44b] deploy: ea1e2600eaf236a21728454e481162f77719532a (catalyst-core)
12:52:11 [5bd7d181] deploy: 9804513067dc6aef19a4afe694898f1e9baa3982 (catalyst-core)
12:52:44 [a33699b4] PLT-7515 fix styling of connected wallet text (marlowe-run-lite)
12:52:50 [d683547e] Use bundled cardano-cli revision by default (cardano-node-tests)
12:52:56 [cf1c2ec1] New ShelleyEraOnly eon (cardano-api)
12:52:57 [33f3adb4] Remove IsByronToAllegraEra, IsByronToAlonzoEra, IsByronToMaryEra and IsMaryEraOnwards (cardano-api)
12:54:09 [dcb7656d] PLT-7515 fix styling of connected wallet text (marlowe-run-lite)
12:55:44 [16affece] Reformat code (hydra-sim)
12:55:45 [3b204fd1] Fix npm importmap (marlowe-ts-sdk)
12:55:47 [648ffc8c] Remove redundant dependencies from infra-test (ouroboros-consensus)
12:57:34 [ba2a7fed] Merge pull request #1963 from input-output-hk/use_bundled_cli (cardano-node-tests)
12:58:41 [5c155fbd] Updated hackage index (typed-protocols)
12:58:54 [06513607] Removed not needed GHC extensions (typed-protocols)
13:01:08 [0dbb8c46] [EC Api] - Added: Enhanced Integration of Wrapped Smart Contracts (essential-cardano-content)
13:07:04 [27df686c] Upgrade to cardano-api- (cardano-cli)
13:08:59 [10a8995a] Fix warnings in the code (ouroboros-consensus)
13:09:30 [f5004e0d] add supprted providers (yoroi-mobile)
13:09:31 [c1f10660] Merge pull request #1520 from input-output-hk/update-install-docs-blst (cardano-db-sync)
13:10:46 [fbe122dc] New caseByronAndAllegraEraOnwardsOrShelleyEraOnly function (cardano-api)
13:15:45 [01928ffd] Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/main' into feature/lw-7032-dialog-without-checkbox (lace)
13:19:27 [1fb2d425] Fixes limit recalc and parseFromText edge cases (#2715) (yoroi-mobile)
13:19:50 [1fe3e6fd] refactor(ogmios): update observableChainSync and TxSubmitProvider (cardano-js-sdk)
13:20:18 [9cd9a2fa] build(cardano-services-client): run lint on build only if required (cardano-js-sdk)
13:22:00 [8260e297] Refactor: make Alice and Bob code look similar in tests (hydra)
13:23:24 [6a3a4632] Allow to create more than 1 connection without closing the instance and trashing all the database. (atala-prism-wallet-sdk-ts)
13:24:27 [02085dc3] Merge pull request #933 from input-output-hk/chore/bump-dockerfile-nodejs-version (cardano-js-sdk)
13:24:50 [6a161a1f] fix(staking): reorganize drift warning banner component and helpers (lace)
13:25:28 [c319ed8d] refactor(ui): update dialog storybook docs (lace)
13:25:54 [858f48c3] added docs folder with docusaurus project (#256) (cardano-multiplatform-lib)
13:26:16 [74038893] Remove the old Computational in favour of the new representation (formal-ledger-specifications)
13:28:44 [20abb82d] review suggestions (musig2)
13:29:04 [e65770e3] refactor(ogmios): ogmios Tip is transformed to SDK Tip (cardano-js-sdk)
13:29:18 [08ba0fea] Delete ValidityUpperBoundSupportedInEra and ValidityNoUpperBoundSupportedInEra (cardano-api)
13:30:16 [8f2706af] refactor(staking): add `stakePool` to draft portfolio type (lace)
13:30:25 [d110ca71] wip (iogx)
13:31:51 [a20bbc12] ip (marconi)
13:31:58 [cf7a1d43] refactor(staking): merge type and non-type imports (lace)
13:32:24 [c4cb93a4] add icon for muesliswap (yoroi-mobile)
13:32:32 [e0ba46e6] Merge branch 'develop' into feat/swap-cancel (yoroi-mobile)
13:32:45 [95b915d8] refactor(staking): remove unused targetWeight constant (lace)
13:35:50 [7099d125] ip (marconi)
13:36:36 [36b9a140] `pCardanoEra` → `pLegacyCardanoEra` (cardano-node)
13:40:01 [7d207907] Support gitRev in version in marconi-chain-index (marconi)
13:40:54 [893ff887] Refactor password check (yoroi-mobile)
13:42:41 [bfb1cd12] Make Bob send a few message and see what happens (hydra)
13:44:41 [857926d1] added static exes (plutus)
13:45:22 [fa6bf0f5] WIP (marconi)
13:50:52 [59e5b9c6] Merge pull request #268 from input-output-hk/mgalazyn/fix/missing-redeemers-when-sending-transaction (cardano-api)
13:53:14 [153ebe22] add constant file and deposit fee token id (yoroi-mobile)
13:54:18 [53c072bb] Add configuration directive for multiple block producers (mithril)
13:56:31 [695e57fa] Use react-query and suspense (yoroi-mobile)
13:58:58 [230a0b53] Update recommended Mithril relay listening port (mithril)
13:59:16 [7f9c8521] New AllegraEraOnwards eon (cardano-api)
13:59:45 [1e47078d] Merge pull request #921 from input-output-hk/refactor/LW-7438-cli (cardano-js-sdk)
14:02:44 [cfecfcc4] refactor(core): prepares the types for typeorm stake pool provider with ros interface (cardano-js-sdk)
14:03:01 [b769d2ae] add github action (capkgs)
14:03:36 [a5f720c6] refactor(projection-typeorm): add explicit block slot field to pool registrations and retirements (cardano-js-sdk)
14:03:38 [e7d6020e] feat(core): add era summary to epoch slots calc return value (cardano-js-sdk)
14:03:39 [aa85b4c0] refactor: rename pool metrics table fields from apy to ros (cardano-js-sdk)
14:04:01 [713bded9] rename key (yoroi-mobile)
14:04:13 [a25cd757] feat(projection-typeorm): add stake pool rewards store (cardano-js-sdk)
14:04:15 [97413dfe] feat(cardano-services): integrate the stake pool rewards store in the projector (cardano-js-sdk)
14:05:35 [1a626286] Make `StmAggregateSignatureError` and `StmSignatureError` public in mithril-stm (mithril)
14:07:36 [8235e0ae] refactor(staking): make Banner onclick handlers discriminating union, remove redundant file (lace)
14:08:34 [ad89944c] Merge branch 'develop' into swap-updates/fixes (yoroi-mobile)
14:10:34 [7b971227] Remove redundant type class constraint (ouroboros-consensus)
14:11:02 [48470ac8] Update `signer_builder` tests (mithril)
14:12:38 [22357743] More wip (atala-prism-building-blocks)
14:14:22 [c0505884] added earth file (catalyst-core)
14:15:10 [fa731ddd] Have a shorter slot duration in Shelley, while keeping a longer one in Byron. (cardano-wallet)
14:15:50 [adc53a61] Update `multi-signer` tests (mithril)
14:16:26 [d67763a7] New AllegraEraOnwards eon (cardano-api)
14:16:26 [6dd84df7] New ShelleyEraOnly eon (cardano-api)
14:16:27 [b34bd5a5] Delete AuxScriptsSupportedInEra (cardano-api)
14:17:23 [af11b3b8] Refactor PeerSelection.RootPeersDNS (ouroboros-network)
14:18:21 [29c591b9] Update ledger-api-1.6 and ledger-conway-1.9 (ouroboros-consensus)
14:20:15 [b2b914df] Stylish (ouroboros-network)
14:20:33 [ba7f8c05] FIX ADR number (hydra)
14:21:57 [02b8549d] Add summaries for all endpoints (marlowe-cardano)
14:23:22 [eb57d4fb] Fix and document test cluster's systemStart value (cardano-wallet)
14:24:23 [f8630094] Adapt more code to newer libraries and GHC (hydra-sim)
14:24:44 [93a2cf6d] Merge pull request #10 from input-output-hk/dcoutts/haddocks (lsm-tree)
14:25:17 [a5e54bbc] Refactor open orders (yoroi-mobile)
14:25:39 [f5f786b8] New caseShelleyEraOnlyOrAllegraEraOnwards function (cardano-api)
14:26:17 [f2f3d3f2] Describe network resilience status (hydra)
14:26:26 [5089026e] Changed `LedgerConsensusInterface` type (ouroboros-network)
14:27:26 [fe849950] openapi-cli installation (catalyst-core)
14:28:03 [e33bc930] refactor(staking): drop "@assets" alias from staking package (lace)
14:28:22 [a3e958b1] Simplify definition of auxData (cardano-api)
14:28:48 [4d5f6c9a] PLT-871: ThunkRecursions conservative mode (plutus)
14:28:49 [81ac0ba9] chore: bypass server crash on sql data validation (PLT-7678) (dapps-certification)
14:29:19 [b3215fff] Add exponential test case (plutus)
14:29:37 [af6d3983] Added UseLedgerPeers indirection layer (ouroboros-network)
14:30:04 [e9cbd5cb] Fixes ouroboros-network-testing Script strict API (ouroboros-network)
14:30:05 [b7c4f76b] Use Governor state instead of MockEnv (ouroboros-network)
14:30:05 [00af0b7a] Pass maybe Peer Advertise value to EstablishedPeers tasks (ouroboros-network)
14:31:52 [35961502] ETCM-5268 Deploy latest substrate node - Active Flow (sidechains-infra)
14:33:23 [2f3c3225] Adds PublicRootPeers and BootstrapPeers (ouroboros-network)
14:33:28 [92311808] Moves BigLedgerPeers to PublicRootPeers (ouroboros-network)
14:33:28 [2c9f139f] Added check for no assertion failures in diffusion (ouroboros-network)
14:33:29 [14776ab3] Added PeerTrustable flag to local root peers (ouroboros-network)
14:33:29 [6beb560c] Added test to verify correctness of the IER (ouroboros-network)
14:33:29 [299b366e] Implement Two-Tier Monitoring for Governor's State (ouroboros-network)
14:35:32 [a9089151] Added bootstrap peers source (ouroboros-network)
14:37:34 [e183dac1] Added UseBootstrapPeers flag (ouroboros-network)
14:38:14 [4ee6f3d5] Stylish (ouroboros-network)
14:38:14 [c44f388a] Moved BootstrapPeers flag to cardano-api (ouroboros-network)
14:38:29 [70a3aeb6] Merge branch 'main' into test/LW-8588 (lace)
14:39:13 [9a9be11b] Add KES keys rotation process for signer node (mithril)
14:47:33 [2c55813b] Add operation IDs to all endpoints (marlowe-cardano)
14:48:29 [67a23be0] fix(sqlite): fixing the sqlite-lock issue by keeping one connection (PLT-7673) (dapps-certification)
14:50:29 [9919e1c2] first setup (mithril)
14:54:03 [7a74e4de] Drop using `p` in favor of using `q` for points (ouroboros-high-assurance)
14:57:50 [e8ace9e5] Introduce `AlonzoEraUTxO` and deprecate `getDatum` in favor of `getSpendingDatum` (cardano-ledger-specs)
15:01:31 [09127196] Change `𝒞⇩1` to `𝒞'` in `roll_back` (ouroboros-high-assurance)
15:02:23 [6118c191] PLT-7638: refactored loop (purescript-marlowe-runtime-client)
15:03:41 [e2977249] deploy: 59e5b9c60a94a668c972780a606c18015dd83893 (cardano-api)
15:05:25 [043166ee] Improve the order of imports (ouroboros-high-assurance)
15:06:06 [5bc6a670] Add compile time instance declarations for ToTyp (fine-types)
15:06:08 [6be1409d] Add toTyp vs toValue unit tests (fine-types)
15:06:40 [c9230653] Add haskell export FromValue class (fine-types)
15:08:02 [900347eb] Log when we ignore a message (hydra)
15:10:46 [a60ea10d] feat(staking): dynamic CTA button text for staking management drawer (lace)
15:10:53 [d2cda6bc] Add compile time instances declarations for FromValue class (fine-types)
15:10:55 [e45411fc] Add FromValue specs. (fine-types)
15:11:10 [84464da9] Change `𝒞` to `C` (ouroboros-high-assurance)
15:13:25 [a271a050] WIP (hydra)
15:18:33 [20d4ddb5] Improve layout of `case` term in `server_program` (ouroboros-high-assurance)
15:18:35 [274a4557] Remove unused si-timers dependency (ouroboros-consensus)
15:22:29 [45cf3509] Change `r` to `b` in `server_program` (ouroboros-high-assurance)
15:25:38 [fd3982d5] Add fromValue test in fine-type-test package. (fine-types)
15:27:22 [d2bebec6] Improve the layout of nested `if`s in `server_program` (ouroboros-high-assurance)
15:28:05 [b62f7783] Improve response schema names (marlowe-cardano)
15:30:50 [359ae8f0] Merge pull request #1093 from input-output-hk/fix_adr_number (hydra)
15:32:42 [06dec3e8] Put `for` clauses on lines of their own (ouroboros-high-assurance)
15:33:39 [91f889cb] Merge pull request #25 from input-output-hk/0.2.0-beta (marlowe-runtime-ts)
15:33:49 [64c021da] Add toTyp vs toValue unit tests (fine-types)
15:34:16 [17df5f2f] Remove lib me.vican.jorge:dijon:0.6.0 (open-enterprise-agent)
15:36:55 [9ec2f64a] redirect: more (openapi)
15:37:09 [e45f150d] Update `signer_builder` tests (mithril)
15:37:09 [be5e4c3d] Make `StmAggregateSignatureError` and `StmSignatureError` public in mithril-stm (mithril)
15:37:09 [31baedba] Update `multi-signer` tests (mithril)
15:38:43 [fdc68742] TOSQUASH build ledger state registration `NP` manually (ouroboros-consensus)
15:42:03 [948770e7] Move `phase.splits` to the beginning in `extra_splits` (ouroboros-high-assurance)
15:43:09 [0726289e] Update crates versions (mithril)
15:44:29 [dfa2f105] Run scalafmt (atala-prism-building-blocks)
15:45:00 [6f1eae64] Merge pull request #934 from input-output-hk/build/LW-7438-run-lint-if-required (cardano-js-sdk)
15:45:54 [010644cd] This is driving me crazy: (hydra)
15:46:27 [79d96fc7] Update nixpkgs and ghc pins (#2067) (haskell.nix)
15:48:00 [9de24f3b] [ADP-3176] Add ToTyp class (#38) (fine-types)
15:50:19 [4f8d7dac] imp: add a secrets check to the pre-push job (cardano-parts)
15:53:55 [42a68451] PLT-7515 hide vertical scroll bars on contract and state yaml views (marlowe-run-lite)
15:54:12 [bd02e925] Document type variables in parameters of the locale (ouroboros-high-assurance)
15:55:45 [b590dec3] redirect: statis (openapi)
15:59:43 [0f8cfd5e] redirect: fix (openapi)
16:00:33 [01accca9] Fix srp ref to jacco's repo (plutus)
16:00:41 [3bb8c891] Deploying to gh-pages from @ cardano-foundation/fine-types@9de24f3b2ae3961615177b9f9db8352216ca2998 🚀 (fine-types)
16:00:57 [a3f05045] Merge pull request #1260 from input-output-hk/damien/798/get-rid-of-string-error-comparison-in-tests (mithril)
16:01:41 [afce32b8] Comment (plutus)
16:02:37 [66f33a68] Add initial draft (cardano-browser-tx)
16:05:24 [9402173d] redirect: fix (openapi)
16:05:33 [c58237b8] wip (plutus)
16:05:33 [4d0d4b68] Wip add property tests. (plutus)
16:05:34 [31c9180e] f (plutus)
16:06:36 [b23d3e19] Add create contract spinner overlay (marlowe-run-lite)
16:07:07 [b89be4fe] ledger: specialize Address, INLINEABLE exports (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:07:41 [a7c5005f] refine `rewardWallet` test helper assumptions (cardano-wallet)
16:08:05 [cee13eea] Fix cost of transaction when joining a pool (cardano-wallet)
16:08:07 [d2201b1a] deploy: a3f05045422006b77f5979744ed718c4269de1e4 (mithril)
16:08:09 [e60392ce] deploy: 359ae8f0b5d2d7671f6c9240bb28142feec91eda (hydra)
16:15:40 [c37be725] release 8.4.1 (cardano-node)
16:21:34 [71c55e37] typed-protocols: use application specific singletons for protocol states (typed-protocols)
16:23:13 [9751e958] TOSQUASH: clarify comment in `mkTestProtocolInfo` (ouroboros-consensus)
16:25:20 [46a4f806] Show fees (yoroi)
16:31:14 [ac6f1344] Improve a bit code snippet (marlowe-run-lite)
16:34:00 [2e0ca163] refactor(core): remove insufficient funds message (lace)
16:34:33 [fb014e03] refactor(core): create ConfirmDRepRetirement (lace)
16:37:42 [649cf65e] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
16:39:08 [89706df9] Add placeholder for wallet connect modal (marlowe-run-lite)
16:40:17 [240c5446] fx (ouroboros-consensus)
16:42:29 [72c1dd75] Merge pull request #3753 from input-output-hk/lehins/improvements (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:46:34 [16cc139d] add Haskell Benchmark (customSmallerIsBetter) benchmark result for 72c1dd752a1761869e8f4b37aafa59858c191bd1 (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:49:15 [862e6903] Introduce a proper type for block trees (ouroboros-consensus)
16:49:41 [6e73e9fe] redirects: finalize, remove docs (openapi)
16:49:50 [1bcc9e85] fix: expect on tuples from data now checks for no more items after the last (aiken)
16:50:56 [847e11e7] Introduce helper `slotLength` (ouroboros-consensus)
16:51:07 [274d3b11] Allow multiple signatures (yoroi-mobile)
16:51:33 [6fb10789] redirects: fix build (openapi)
16:55:30 [7d2544dd] Refactor derivation paths (yoroi-mobile)
16:55:55 [5dced4e4] redirects: fix ci (openapi)
16:56:00 [379ba549] Remove unused improt (yoroi-mobile)
16:56:49 [eb5dde41] HardWonWisdom: the HFC interface (ouroboros-consensus)
16:56:57 [0f7fde10] MockedChainSyncServer relying on the block tree (ouroboros-consensus)
16:56:59 [1195d0e2] More readable tracing (ouroboros-consensus)
16:57:29 [400b2e17] Remove unused dependency io-class (ouroboros-consensus)
16:58:10 [88b7f291] Handle properly intersections further than our tip (ouroboros-consensus)
16:58:41 [8aaab3c8] More readable tracing (ouroboros-consensus)
17:01:58 [b8712038] Merge branch 'input-output-hk:master' into wip/status-quo (cardano-ledger-specs)
17:02:39 [a7c53b12] Fix ci (yoroi-mobile)
17:06:08 [87a37f0a] redirects: fix lint (openapi)
17:07:31 [8d8f539c] nix flake update (cardano-db-sync)
17:08:02 [7316093e] Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into refactor/nix-cleanup (cardano-db-sync)
17:09:01 [1c2f0c42] redirects: fix build (openapi)
17:09:10 [cd44e0a3] typed-protocols: use application specific singletons for protocol states (typed-protocols)
17:09:40 [355c2b75] feat: Add snapshot analysis metrics as json logs in voting node ideascale importer | NPG-8136 (#569) (catalyst-core)
17:11:29 [06362ffb] redirects: fix tests (openapi)
17:11:38 [51989445] Removed Draft Docs for NPG-8136-add-snapshot-analysis-metrics-as-json-logs-in-voting-node-ideascale-importer (catalyst-core)
17:20:08 [5cdf654f] umap,babbage,alonzo: inline key functions (cardano-ledger-specs)
17:22:09 [3938a21e] deploy: 355c2b75ee1e6653f43b87bb86007b88382ca37f (catalyst-core)
17:23:45 [f945d677] Deprecate `getAllowedSupplimentalDataHashes` in favor of new `getSupplementalDataHashes` (cardano-ledger-specs)
17:24:49 [ce46d871] Imports clean-up (formal-ledger-specifications)
17:26:08 [b72b3e2c] Refix ci (yoroi-mobile)
17:27:27 [d626ddd2] Fix the LaTeX part. (formal-ledger-specifications)
17:27:28 [bcde52c2] Makefile: also generate HTML + Haskell code (formal-ledger-specifications)
17:30:13 [451183e6] Updated (cardano-ledger-specs)
17:31:24 [2a92e47c] Add descriptions to endpoints (marlowe-cardano)
17:38:06 [b2edc999] Added cardano-ledger-alonzo- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:38:06 [a244617c] Added cardano-ledger-allegra- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:38:07 [4a1b169d] Added cardano-ledger-mary- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:38:07 [4cb1aa87] Added cardano-ledger-conway- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:38:07 [8b3b3088] Added cardano-ledger-alonzo-test- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:38:07 [d5cdeea8] Added cardano-ledger-conway-test- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:38:07 [56193862] Added cardano-ledger-shelley- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:38:07 [d7d8aa62] Added cardano-ledger-babbage- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:38:08 [ad2ab209] Added cardano-ledger-binary- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:38:08 [7fc46107] Added cardano-ledger-pretty- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:38:08 [6158a0f9] Added cardano-ledger-api- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:38:08 [e88c55a0] Added cardano-ledger-core- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:38:08 [64848e2d] Added cardano-ledger-shelley-test- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
17:41:36 [a5e36e94] HardWonWisdom: the HFC interface (ouroboros-consensus)
17:41:37 [f4132222] Add fixed tx body (yoroi-mobile)
17:48:14 [607c31eb] Add open API description (marlowe-cardano)
17:49:04 [3cbe829d] refactor: remove insufficient funds warning; break down main component (lace)
17:50:46 [d3aa8c3a] moved DRepState to Core, fixed infinite loop (cardano-ledger-specs)
17:52:30 [ed401d9a] imp: add addnl cli aliases for block producers (cardano-parts)
17:53:05 [66b1b9c7] Fixup bounds and bump up version `cardano-protocol-tpraos` (cardano-ledger-specs)
17:53:08 [b632e37c] Fix lint issues (yoroi-mobile)
17:54:25 [fdfc6c58] typed-protocols: use application specific singletons for protocol states (typed-protocols)
17:55:07 [d2a54732] WIP (ouroboros-network)
17:55:07 [2a99a4c7] DO NOT MERGE: cabal.project (ouroboros-network)
17:55:43 [ef0ef72c] imp: add colmena ssh, pre-push bin, bump node-ng -> 8.4.1 (cardano-playground)
18:01:56 [d3593724] PLT-1393 Begin implementing an RPC API for the experimental indexers (marconi)
18:03:07 [7d8e77ba] Added cardano-protocol-tpraos- (cardano-haskell-packages)
18:04:23 [5f3372fa] Add getRequiredSignersfn with hardcoded values (yoroi-mobile)
18:12:09 [6196c1c3] Bump up version for `cardano-ledger-babbage-test` (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:12:09 [09ed8c6f] Post release CHANGELOG version bump (cardano-ledger-specs)
18:12:46 [90410fe3] Added cardano-ledger-babbage-test- (cardano-haskell-packages)
18:12:53 [b2b1b0c7] Add security and servers (marlowe-cardano)
18:18:33 [827692b0] Update changelog (marlowe-cardano)
18:19:16 [5fc78564] PLT-7515 redesign login page - broken (marlowe-run-lite)
18:23:11 [a2f269a8] General cleanup: Agda code (Ledger/) (formal-ledger-specifications)
18:23:12 [6ad1f712] General cleanup: Agda code (Midnight/) (formal-ledger-specifications)
18:26:31 [c21f4764] PLT-7515 redesign login page - broken (marlowe-run-lite)
18:32:38 [6b79d732] Fixed wrong reference to type of message (hydra)
18:36:05 [cc1e8ee6] feat(staking): add type safety on the state machine handlers level (lace)
18:36:32 [bf2954bd] Prepare getRequiredSigners (yoroi-mobile)
18:37:16 [008ce4ff] Merge branch 'develop' into koz/1491 (cardano-transaction-lib)
18:40:35 [9378da92] Fix lint issues (yoroi-mobile)
18:49:52 [c9ba71ac] Refactor cbor and signers (yoroi)
18:50:38 [95128dfd] Decouple local test cluster from cardano-wallet (#4120) (cardano-wallet)
18:54:33 [08baebd5] Remove mkCurrencySymbolUnsafe, use constructor instead (cardano-transaction-lib)
18:55:22 [29b84796] Minor fixes (marlowe-run-lite)
18:56:59 [56e6a456] ouroboros-network-framework: updated against typed-protocols changes (ouroboros-network)
18:57:01 [fd386c3a] ouroboros-network-framework: stateful driver implementation (ouroboros-network)
18:57:01 [62e3e319] ouroboros-network-framework: added unbounded buffered channel (ouroboros-network)
18:59:41 [a269a74a] Simplify aggregator integration tests by building dependencies ahead of use (mithril)
18:59:41 [6188678c] Use anyhow in aggregator integration tests (mithril)
18:59:41 [e353cf0d] Use anyhow in mithril-end-to-end (mithril)
18:59:47 [240fcd74] ouroboros-network-framework: added runConnectedPeersWithLimits (ouroboros-network)
18:59:52 [80688248] ouroboros-network-framework: extend driver tests (ouroboros-network)
19:03:23 [e729124d] Rely on `ouroboros-network-framework` to provide `runConnectedPeersPipelined` (ouroboros-consensus)
19:03:56 [cf23f8a7] PLT-7515 redesign login page - styles (marlowe-run-lite)
19:05:33 [432cef3f] Merge pull request #719 from input-output-hk/plt-5458-open-api-improvements (marlowe-cardano)
19:11:15 [d4ee4fd9] Started new DRepDistr in conway era module. (cardano-ledger-specs)
19:16:43 [21eba262] Add a local alias for `runConnectedPeersPipelined` (ouroboros-consensus)
19:19:03 [ec30325f] ouroboros-network-protocols: updated against typed-protocols changes (ouroboros-network)
19:20:49 [72c10c74] wip (cardano-ledger-specs)
19:20:59 [32691acd] Copy the implementation of `runConnectedPeersPipelined` (ouroboros-consensus)
19:21:37 [40318ca2] ouroboros-protocol-tests: stateful cborg utilities (ouroboros-network)
19:23:11 [5963e970] Add todo (yoroi-mobile)
19:23:32 [b98e4a45] Fix lint (yoroi-mobile)
19:27:36 [74bf4581] ouroboros-network-protocol: updated tests against typed-protocols changes (ouroboros-network)
19:27:37 [5bbe9d50] ouroboros-network: updated chain-sync and cddl components (ouroboros-network)
19:27:37 [bd6a1adc] ouroboros-network-framework: name some tvars & threads (ouroboros-network)
19:27:37 [8239b0fa] tx-submission2 tests: use unbounded channel (ouroboros-network)
19:27:37 [6b289410] channelDelay: wait before and after reading from the channel (ouroboros-network)
19:27:37 [6fb57ce0] tx-submission2 tests: switch client & server sides (ouroboros-network)
19:27:37 [d171409f] tx-submission2 tests: name client & server traces (ouroboros-network)
19:27:38 [ee975e6b] Added stateful driver tests (ouroboros-network)
19:27:38 [83ca0fa6] block-fetch tests: fixed termination tests (ouroboros-network)
19:27:38 [3012d90c] tx-submission test: fixed a deadlock due to pipelining (ouroboros-network)
19:27:38 [03f27498] chain-sync: added unsafeCoerceClientPipelinedStIdle (ouroboros-network)
19:27:38 [d2ef61db] chain-sync: added mapChainSyncClientPipelinedSt (ouroboros-network)
19:27:38 [75d6006b] block-fetch tests: fix termination of blockFetchExample1 (ouroboros-network)
19:27:38 [b1bd40e5] chain-sync: added mapChainSyncClientSt (ouroboros-network)
19:27:39 [cec4baaf] ouroboros-network-framework: added mkMiniProtocolCbFromPeerSt (ouroboros-network)
19:27:39 [45ddb00a] Added simple driver tests (ouroboros-network)
19:27:39 [0c4710d0] Reorganise the Test.Ouroboros.Network.Driver module (ouroboros-network)
19:31:40 [9d24a74f] chore: equl async pkg version (yoroi-mobile)
19:35:58 [b3306c6e] Add EpochNo (#162) (marconi)
19:44:22 [f764c1be] Write open roles validator to marlowe transaction file (marlowe-cardano)
19:46:18 [0b3e1b48] ouroboros-network-framework: ProtocolTimeLimits (ouroboros-network)
19:46:18 [f1bb5e5f] DO NOT MERGE: cabal.project (ouroboros-network)
19:47:18 [357e74c7] DO NOT MERGE (ouroboros-consensus)
19:48:04 [e40e6840] WIP: Use typed-protocols- (ekg-forward)
19:52:12 [650f6c7a] expose payment_cred for addresses (cardano-serialization-lib)
20:03:13 [6c496470] Update zio, zio-test, zio-test-magnolia, ... to 2.0.18 in main (atala-prism-mediator)
20:03:19 [a23210b1] Further abstract cryptography and integrate apollo (atala-prism-wallet-sdk-kmm)
20:03:24 [e259620f] Merge branch 'develop' into koz/1515 (cardano-transaction-lib)
20:16:08 [b25ed88c] Make everything compile (atala-prism-building-blocks)
20:22:38 [46869922] Fix partial record selector usage (marlowe-cardano)
20:28:42 [e3445d3f] Merge branch 'main' into ATL-5193-update-zio-http (atala-prism-building-blocks)
20:30:54 [ab4885e4] PLT-7638: cleanup (purescript-marlowe-runtime-client)
20:31:21 [0b7e743d] Moved DRepDistr to Conway (from Core), Moved RatifyEnv to the same file, redid the Epoch rule for conway. (cardano-ledger-specs)
20:32:07 [94c800ef] Reduce nesting using helper, remove additional checks on config (cardano-transaction-lib)
20:32:27 [dfe1a72c] Remove unused whitespace (atala-prism-building-blocks)
20:36:26 [160c110b] Compute witnesses dynamically (yoroi-mobile)
20:36:28 [f9ee76c6] Include genesis items in chains (ouroboros-high-assurance)
20:38:08 [52d2ec2f] Use read pointers uniformly and in line with the spec (ouroboros-high-assurance)
20:45:09 [0735021a] PLT-7515 redesign login page - styles (marlowe-runner)
20:45:10 [7977c19d] Fix mock (yoroi-mobile)
20:45:35 [5abdd9e2] Merge pull request #13 from input-output-hk/login-page (marlowe-runner)
20:45:45 [646d2ff1] Fix nextEpochEligibleLeadershipSlots (cardano-api)
20:52:06 [bba9b4dc] More wip (atala-prism-building-blocks)
20:53:55 [69f08e2d] Make everything compile (atala-prism-building-blocks)
20:54:38 [051ff663] fix: Adding localhost environment variable in run.sh script for local development (#728) (atala-prism-building-blocks)
20:54:38 [1d1fd67c] Remove unused whitespace (atala-prism-building-blocks)
20:55:29 [e0322123] Merge branch 'main' into ATL-5193-update-zio-http (atala-prism-building-blocks)
21:14:04 [280bc1ae] Fix nix dependencies (cardano-db-sync)
21:14:46 [578aeacf] Update ZIO-http (atala-prism-building-blocks)
21:15:57 [1cbf82b7] scalafmtAll (atala-prism-building-blocks)
21:16:38 [f264697f] ScalafmtAll (atala-prism-building-blocks)
21:20:20 [fe834df4] Merge pull request #720 from input-output-hk/plt-7663-fix-marlowe-cli-run (marlowe-cardano)
21:21:34 [3f065574] PLT-7638: refactoring fetchContractsTransactions (purescript-marlowe-runtime-client)
21:22:49 [8df2f814] Add names to locale assumptions (ouroboros-high-assurance)
21:23:59 [98115595] Code format (open-enterprise-agent)
21:33:23 [c4ca3c89] Two tests failing (cardano-node)
21:36:37 [b3c80168] Update tapir, remove tapir legacy (open-enterprise-agent)
21:40:11 [05db295c] Fix incorrect value set to read pointer when rolling back (ouroboros-high-assurance)
21:45:25 [2b8a8a38] Further improve layout of nested `if`s in `server_program` (ouroboros-high-assurance)
21:52:48 [64270da5] Document resend algorithm (hydra-poc)
21:58:10 [522966be] Document vector of message ids (hydra-poc)
21:58:15 [6a73d928] feat: add getExtensions() to CIP-30 wallet API (cardano-js-sdk)
21:58:15 [085c515b] fix(dapp-connector): remove unnecessary bindings for CIP-30 initial API methods (cardano-js-sdk)
21:58:15 [293ea6b7] feat(cardano-services): Added optional metadata fetch feature from SMASH server (cardano-js-sdk)
21:58:15 [f6d47f7d] feat!: delegation distribution portfolio is now persisted on chain and taken into account during change distribution (cardano-js-sdk)
21:58:15 [2fe726cf] refactor(cardano-services)!: Moved env varibles out of package.json for a cleaner file. (cardano-js-sdk)
21:58:15 [11af48d5] ci: publish packages [skip actions] (cardano-js-sdk)
22:13:38 [c8f629e6] Remove `isTwoPhaseScriptAddress` as unused (cardano-ledger-specs)
22:17:01 [cc7e9512] Avoid duplication (cardano-ledger-specs)
22:18:52 [e203b029] f (cardano-ledger-specs)
22:21:00 [cbe0eca3] Rename error around Ogmios balance (cardano-browser-tx)
22:47:04 [3ebb820d] chore: bypass server crash on sql data validation (PLT-7678) (dapps-certification)
22:48:06 [91de512f] fix(sqlite): fixing the sqlite-lock issue by keeping one connection (PLT-7673) (dapps-certification)
22:52:45 [c3055a20] feat(cardano-services)!: Added optional metadata fetch feature from SMASH server (cardano-js-sdk)
22:55:15 [b3c86fe6] return reference to stake Credential (cardano-serialization-lib)
23:01:06 [8d0b7d81] deploy(docker): increase tag to 16 (dapps-certification)
23:02:02 [e5695ca6] 🟩 beta.explorer.cardano.org (mainnet frontend) is up (200 in 387 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:03 [2b1c9987] 🟩 preprod.beta.explorer.cardano.org (preprod frontend) is up (200 in 526 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:04 [3cc981ce] 🟩 preview.beta.explorer.cardano.org (preview frontend) is up (200 in 441 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:05 [84b6df26] 🟩 mainnet - API is up (200 in 459 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:06 [4f514ac2] 🟩 mainnet - Auth API is up (401 in 625 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:07 [c92aa052] 🟩 preprod - API is up (200 in 560 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:08 [7d7e6a90] 🟩 preprod - Auth API is up (401 in 614 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:09 [4ceb31e4] 🟩 preview - API is up (200 in 405 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:10 [44f1e303] 🟩 preview - Auth API is up (401 in 662 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:03:06 [214f168d] deploy(docker): increase tag version to 9 and add tailwind conf (dapps-certification-web)
23:09:30 [df154c35] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into angerman/fix-osx-thdll (haskell.nix)
23:11:28 [abe9747d] fix(sqlite): fixing the sqlite-lock issue by keeping one connection (PLT-7673) (dapps-certification)
23:11:28 [ecfb1237] deploy(docker): increase tag to 16 (dapps-certification)
23:14:37 [72582ec3] deploy(be): increase tag to 16 (dapps-certification)
23:40:52 [97fda2f7] Merge pull request #274 from input-output-hk/jordan/fix-next-leadership-schedule (cardano-api)