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Sunday, November 19, 2023

199 commits had been pushed across 48 repos by 34 authors. There were 5,310,611 additions and 127,261 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:02:34 [5c191fda] chore: disable latest on release/1.35.7 branch (docker-cardano-node)
00:04:27 [e1328d2a] :bento: Update graphs [skip ci] (cf-cip1694-ballot-status)
00:04:34 [8c7eb6fe] :bento: Update graphs [skip ci] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
00:05:14 [00d18a86] flake.lock: Update (cardano-node)
00:10:10 [4623c96d] flake.lock: Update (vit-testing)
00:10:21 [dc5bc31d] Automatic Update (stackage.nix)
00:10:46 [7456a51a] :card_file_box: Update status summary [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
00:10:46 [89c046d2] :pencil: Update summary in README [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
00:11:38 [2d269365] :bento: Update graphs [skip ci] (cf-explorer-status)
00:12:28 [63052074] flake.lock: Update (vit-servicing-station)
00:13:24 [26eea78c] fix: freebsd peer analysis (nview)
00:14:07 [3672e093] Merge pull request #82 from blinklabs-io/chore/disable-latest (docker-cardano-node)
00:15:26 [0d859bff] flake.lock: Update (catalyst-toolbox)
00:17:43 [a71cc1df] flake.lock: Update (jormungandr)
00:18:11 [005a53be] :pencil: Update summary in README [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-cip1694-ballot-status)
00:18:12 [962fb9d5] :card_file_box: Update status summary [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-cip1694-ballot-status)
00:20:04 [635aef42] flake.lock: Update (cardano-git-rev)
00:20:09 [dd0c7b0a] flake.lock: Update (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
00:22:29 [af96c64c] flake.lock: Update (git-rev)
00:22:59 [6708a39e] flake.lock: Update (ci-world)
00:23:43 [b0f4f894] flake.lock: Update (devx)
00:24:06 [f0ab47fe] :card_file_box: Update status summary [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
00:24:06 [4ad1836b] :pencil: Update summary in README [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
00:25:48 [5267265b] flake.lock: Update (foliage)
00:49:47 [666f4c93] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:04:40 [55230ab4] Merge branch 'main' into update/main/all (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:04:40 [2d472f98] Revert commit(s) 0f8db6dc, 5b907ffc, 9ccdb11b, 2ef1f092, 6257070f, 4f9e4229, 08003498, f3eb23d0, 0badf9a4, 953161e2, 31e83751, 835ae3dc, da4391d3, d8840313, 5e97ff44, baf8499a, 4e2b5f5d, 3af474dc, 7f10212c, c6ca57bc, 45b6ea37, fb8b6824, f8bb81c4, ca652423, 7932da29, 7a4657c5, 5603ced0, ae4ccea9, f1614477, 58baccf1, cd63f5f8, a995840a, 4c202a55, 94fc3ff0, 6dcb41b0, dd9ef70f, b09611f2, b3b22f0e, 90010049 (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:04:49 [cb094903] Update logback-classic to 1.4.11 in main (open-enterprise-agent)
01:05:02 [497e6b63] Update jwt-circe to 9.4.4 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:05:09 [52889ba2] Update munit-zio to 0.2.0 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:05:15 [71f44548] Update sbt-native-packager to 1.9.16 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:05:22 [c1b6bdf8] Update zxing:core to 3.5.2 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:05:29 [0677f470] Update json-schema-validator to 1.0.87 in main (open-enterprise-agent)
01:05:36 [10b8c2f3] Update zio-json to 3.8.16 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:05:44 [8755edc2] Update tapir-http4s-server-zio to 1.9.0 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:05:53 [90a0b196] Update compilerplugin to 0.11.14 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:06:01 [d3ef142d] Update typesafe:config to 1.4.3 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:06:09 [62553736] Update zio to 2.0.19 in main (open-enterprise-agent)
01:06:17 [e0b561cd] Update zio-http to 3.0.0-RC3 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:06:24 [aeda98fd] Update zio-interop-cats to in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:06:31 [815be6f1] Update zio-json to 0.6.2 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:06:39 [9bdfb6df] Update zio-logging to 2.1.15 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:06:46 [d796e9af] Update zio-metrics-connectors-micrometer to 2.2.1 in main (open-enterprise-agent)
01:06:53 [cfe939bc] Update zio-mock to 1.0.0-RC12 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:07:01 [94ddc1e9] Update zio-prelude to 1.0.0-RC21 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:07:10 [af2317d2] Update quill-doobie to 4.8.0 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:07:18 [53139204] Update vault-java-driver to 6.2.0 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:07:25 [d7339039] Update micrometer-core to 1.11.6 in main (open-enterprise-agent)
01:07:34 [a88d4431] Update circe-json-schema to 0.4.1 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:07:41 [ac3cb431] Update bcpkix-jdk15on to 1.77 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:07:48 [e1ad7b83] Update bcprov-jdk15on to 1.77 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:07:56 [ea7984fc] Update didcomm to 0.3.2 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:08:04 [47a538bd] Update flyway-core to 9.22.3 in main (open-enterprise-agent)
01:08:11 [ccbaaabd] Update http4s-blaze-server to 0.23.15 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:08:20 [4f9f6caa] Update resteasy-core to 6.2.6.Final in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:08:27 [77474fac] Update keycloak-admin-client to 22.0.5 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:08:35 [3d19a24e] Update postgresql to 42.6.0 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:08:43 [04724c13] Update munit to 1.0.0-M10 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:08:48 [8715f63a] Update sbt-scalafmt to 2.5.2 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:08:50 [95dd8ae8] Update scalafmt-core to 3.7.17 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:09:02 [471b91ce] Reformat with scalafmt 3.7.17 (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:09:02 [cab77709] Add 'Reformat with scalafmt 3.7.17' to .git-blame-ignore-revs (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:09:08 [b1bb5bd6] Update scalatest to 3.2.17 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:09:13 [bea5d967] Update mockito-4-11 to in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:09:16 [65886517] Update sbt-coveralls to 1.3.11 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:09:19 [aa732caa] Update sbt-scoverage to 2.0.9 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:09:24 [4465ef42] Update slf4j-api to 2.0.9 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:09:30 [b3a3f5e8] Update doobie-hikari to 1.0.0-RC4 in main (atala-prism-building-blocks)
01:40:39 [b064da60] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
02:04:56 [f499e8a9] Move dbscripts SQL to koios-artifacts repo, replace hard-coded `cardano-community` references with G_ACCOUNT variable (guild-operators)
02:15:08 [d6d8fd24] Remove ByronEraOnly witness to ByronTxValidationError constructor (cardano-api)
04:32:17 [8f04ef23] Move dbscripts SQL to koios-artifacts repo, replace hard-coded `cardano-community` references with G_ACCOUNT variable (guild-operators)
04:34:32 [ae9550ad] deploy: 9abb099675324fb3c0d7de6cfd68962ff10283c2 (hydra)
04:48:02 [b212a58a] Merge pull request #1532 from Plutonomicon/gergely/update (cardano-transaction-lib)
04:49:43 [35aa46c8] Deploying to gh-pages from @ Plutonomicon/cardano-transaction-lib@b212a58a544d979b5e49dfe5db7f623a2c69e25b πŸš€ (cardano-transaction-lib)
07:31:36 [237d88bb] Move dbscripts from guild-ops repo, add asset-txo-cache against whitelisted assets (koios-webartifacts)
07:48:00 [206b2096] Move dbscripts from guild-ops repo, add asset-txo-cache against whitelisted assets (koios-artifacts)
09:16:47 [e0430345] Create dummy value for currentProtocolParametersInRecentEras in benchmarks (cardano-wallet)
09:17:56 [b86ea6b9] Some corrections (sanchonet)
09:33:05 [663678b8] Create dummy value for currentProtocolParametersInRecentEras in benchmarks (cardano-wallet)
09:48:05 [6e912891] [ADP-3229] Create dummy value for currentProtocolParametersInRecentEras in bench… (#4247) (cardano-wallet)
09:48:41 [445ca3b8] Correction vote-actions.mdx (sanchonet)
11:08:43 [9dfc6461] [Γ€ bas with forks] depend on tagged versions (formal-ledger-specifications)
11:08:44 [91e6611a] MidnightExample.HSLedger: revert anonymous Show instances (formal-ledger-specifications)
11:08:44 [91ace15a] Re-enable Tactic.DeriveComp (formal-ledger-specifications)
11:08:45 [78a817a8] Try not re-exporting Class.* modules even from Ledger.Prelude (formal-ledger-specifications)
11:08:45 [115d42ab] Try not re-exporting Class.* modules from Prelude (formal-ledger-specifications)
11:26:13 [ec498391] Create Create Change (cardano-token-registry)
11:44:34 [bcf0ec97] Create Change try 8 (cardano-token-registry)
11:51:57 [df538cba] [ADP-3214] Put responsibility for migrations into `withLoadDBLayerFromFile` (#4230) (cardano-wallet)
11:57:40 [faedfafc] Create Change try 9 (cardano-token-registry)
12:02:00 [d0855509] Create 9ee870cac81daaf39d99cc2f44b9dd3a121d9da791781cae76f1eab2 (cardano-token-registry)
12:04:12 [244735db] Create Change try 11 (cardano-token-registry)
12:05:50 [a94038a6] Create Change try 12 (cardano-token-registry)
12:10:08 [cd6c0e34] Merge pull request #3660 from przembot/przembot/liqwid-agix-wmt-min-market (cardano-token-registry)
12:11:02 [33da810c] Merge pull request #3661 from labradortoken/master (cardano-token-registry)
12:12:18 [9a95ab30] Merge pull request #3662 from calistrum/master (cardano-token-registry)
12:13:23 [9d8a9c6d] Merge pull request #3664 from spiritcnft/master (cardano-token-registry)
12:30:17 [1c7926ae] Merge branch 'staging' into patch-1 (developer-portal)
12:33:45 [67fd0d24] Merge pull request #3659 from eric821031/master (cardano-token-registry)
12:38:16 [e09a89fc] Add missing members to governance manager (yoroi)
12:42:26 [60999b9a] Add options (yoroi-mobile)
12:46:26 [5590842c] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
13:01:38 [fbb8f89c] Fixed withdrawal to use remote delegation info (yoroi-frontend)
13:08:25 [f7e8834b] Merge branch 'develop' into feat/YOEXT-647/swap-ui-page (yoroi-frontend)
13:17:39 [0a91ca48] Update packages/yoroi-extension/.flowconfig (yoroi-frontend)
13:27:51 [f1baf01a] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/production' into chore/YOEXT-868/bump-node-ver (yoroi-frontend)
13:38:36 [7566ce60] feat: integrate Byron phase-1 validations (#123) (dolos)
13:44:17 [40f8b220] package-lock update (yoroi-frontend)
13:57:37 [88d1633e] Fastlane deploy test (yoroi)
14:06:38 [7f223dc0] Added Contrib (marlowe-agda)
14:16:10 [3b68e491] Fastlane deploy test (#2906) (yoroi-mobile)
14:22:24 [d985a5a9] chore: actually add CoC and CODEOWNERS this time (cardano-node-api)
14:57:02 [4c545aa8] feat: cardano-node-api env variables for ports (ansible-cardano)
15:12:17 [bc5e2699] Merge pull request #26 from blinklabs-io/feat/cardano-node-api-env (ansible-cardano)
15:20:29 [10d0d6bb] chore(release): nightly (yoroi-mobile)
15:41:52 [aea75dc9] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
15:59:04 [985d1e35] Add `getNextEpochCommitteeMembers` to `EraGov` typeclass (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:35:59 [c310aeed] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
17:10:32 [7d6c9b26] feat: more configuration for cardano-node (ansible-cardano)
17:19:05 [2167393f] feat: cardano-node topology (ansible-cardano)
17:19:31 [fb671080] Update 0280d7b46b8ca9e36040dcb2a61e40a66fdeed6836cc5e9ffbc3a11a465a434f494e.json (cardano-token-registry)
17:19:48 [d2112075] Merge pull request #1167 from input-output-hk/abailly-iohk/1039/closed-tx-dropped (hydra)
17:22:05 [b973ed45] 0280d7b46b8ca9e36040dcb2a61e40a66fdeed6836cc5e9ffbc3a11a465a434f494e.json (cardano-token-registry)
17:24:54 [d5f13700] Separate property checked for logging schemas (hydra)
17:28:22 [a30626cd] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
17:39:02 [fcae9ca1] Merge pull request #1166 from input-output-hk/abailly-iohk/simplify-json-schema-spec (hydra-poc)
17:42:16 [ca185ecc] io-sim: execAtomically (io-sim)
17:42:16 [4f59536d] io-sim: code style (io-sim)
17:42:17 [01747804] io-sim: strict labels in execNewTVar calls (io-sim)
17:42:17 [0aca8432] io-sim: strict StmTxResult type (io-sim)
17:47:11 [330ee810] deploy: d211207584f9bb7243a16e8fcce3d5a64ad47598 (hydra-poc)
18:05:49 [5876c0da] deploy: fcae9ca186a41008f4c0ea222cc3c42be23874f6 (hydra)
18:25:33 [0efa321f] Delete mappings/0280d7b46b8ca9e36040dcb2a61e40a66fdeed6836cc5e9ffbc3a11a465a434f494e.json (cardano-token-registry)
18:49:43 [d7594c6a] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
18:57:37 [0d2a380e] Revert node version (yoroi)
18:58:47 [356a9fc8] feat: cardano-node topology (ansible-cardano)
18:59:21 [605aadf3] Merge pull request #27 from blinklabs-io/feat/cardano-node-more-config (ansible-cardano)
18:59:31 [7acc7f54] Remove @cardano-sdk/util (yoroi)
19:03:55 [e5488811] io-sim: more strict execAtomically (io-sim)
19:04:16 [20c306ff] Typo, replace "one che use" with choose (foliage)
19:06:55 [00dbed97] Typo recommended (foliage)
19:12:46 [a8f18e08] Create The core component (cardano-node)
19:19:12 [8af2e56e] Create cryptographic library (daedalus)
19:30:52 [2eeaa825] Add example catalyst staking usage (yoroi)
19:32:10 [d69d54e7] Fix head ignoring in HeadLogic (hydra-poc)
19:33:27 [5bb11413] Cleanup (yoroi)
19:39:51 [6021b3ad] Fix api schema for IgnoredHeadInitializing (hydra)
19:45:18 [318f3ace] Refactor API (yoroi)
19:57:10 [907aefd2] Make the NodeSpec tests pass (hydra-poc)
20:23:59 [d85a7fd5] feat: introduce eval command (dolos)
20:27:59 [8172426c] Merge pull request #28 from blinklabs-io/feat/cardano-node-topology (ansible-cardano)
20:33:46 [eb4f6d3b] add docs (dolos)
20:35:16 [1bf5a424] feat: introduce eval command (#126) (dolos)
20:52:27 [ca19d7b4] Update nightly.yml (yoroi-mobile)
20:53:16 [0425e186] Update nightly.yml (yoroi-mobile)
20:56:18 [c4e25407] chore(release): nightly (yoroi-mobile)
20:58:35 [22d4f1ca] Add more tests (yoroi-mobile)
20:59:27 [eb2caaca] fix lint warnings (dolos)
21:02:27 [1d853c88] chore: fix lint warnings (dolos)
21:02:33 [05f37728] Published open-role validator on mainnet. (marlowe-cardano)
21:04:48 [9cf9b7b2] deploy: 1d853c88a7c81982e03dc2b2a4d695da5e4177d1 (dolos)
21:33:44 [5c5d1b7d] Update nightly.yml (yoroi-mobile)
21:34:16 [de6f8e6b] Add GovernanceNavigator (yoroi-mobile)
21:35:17 [901d6f62] chore(release): nightly (yoroi-mobile)
21:37:43 [9db81e7d] Add HR (yoroi-mobile)
21:38:17 [35457ff5] Fix typo (yoroi-mobile)
21:42:19 [650ffde2] Add basic readme (yoroi-mobile)
21:53:38 [0ca370d5] Improve tests (yoroi)
21:54:14 [b4375173] Fix order (yoroi)
22:02:47 [a917a814] feat: connection manager (go-ouroboros-network)
22:08:27 [000f4697] Remove unnecessary await (yoroi)
23:01:45 [7b7ef1ee] 🟩 voting.summit.cardano.org is up (200 in 227 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:01:46 [2e052926] 🟩 event-api is up (200 in 490 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:01:46 [2eee146b] 🟩 user-verification-api is up (405 in 399 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:01:47 [9d998ce4] 🟩 blockchain-follower-api is up (200 in 305 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:01:48 [dbc5ebf2] 🟩 cast-vote-api is up (401 in 92 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:01:48 [fc282cf3] 🟩 get-votes-api is up (401 in 231 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:01:48 [3cc1daf4] 🟩 login-api is up (401 in 461 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:01:49 [bb488631] 🟩 get-vote-receipt-api is up (401 in 214 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-summit-evoting-status)
23:02:01 [f5c74e51] 🟩 preprod.beta.explorer.cardano.org (preprod frontend) is up (200 in 77 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:01 [253ad692] 🟩 beta.explorer.cardano.org (mainnet frontend) is up (200 in 210 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:02 [18d072d5] 🟩 preview.beta.explorer.cardano.org (preview frontend) is up (200 in 200 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:02 [7fda71ab] 🟩 mainnet - API is up (200 in 273 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:03 [f61ea89a] 🟩 preprod - API is up (200 in 137 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:03 [90ac2ff1] 🟩 mainnet - Auth API is up (401 in 513 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:04 [406c7b3d] 🟩 preview - API is up (200 in 214 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:04 [f2d8736b] 🟩 preprod - Auth API is up (401 in 342 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:02:05 [a8341976] 🟩 preview - Auth API is up (401 in 506 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-explorer-status)
23:05:27 [d5bc7257] 🟩 event-api is up (200 in 353 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-cip1694-ballot-status)
23:05:27 [fbcd5be0] 🟩 1694ballot.cardano.org is up (200 in 502 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-cip1694-ballot-status)
23:05:28 [d0b21628] 🟩 login-api is up (401 in 246 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-cip1694-ballot-status)
23:05:28 [c0e68fe4] 🟩 blockchain-follower-api is up (200 in 286 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-cip1694-ballot-status)
23:05:29 [af4ee47a] 🟩 get-votes-api is up (401 in 217 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-cip1694-ballot-status)
23:05:29 [ce0b259c] 🟩 cast-vote-api is up (401 in 210 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-cip1694-ballot-status)
23:05:30 [de6703c0] 🟩 get-vote-receipt-api is up (401 in 217 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (cf-cip1694-ballot-status)
23:14:03 [3dd8941c] Update build.gradle (yoroi-mobile)
23:16:13 [a7d89943] chore(release): nightly (yoroi-mobile)
23:50:16 [9ee4ec37] fix: remove extra comma from p2p topology (ansible-cardano)