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Saturday, November 21, 2020

75 commits had been pushed across 15 repos by 17 authors. There were 11,288 additions and 2,983 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on roadmap.cardano.org.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:10:41 [64dfd250] Test 2 (daedalus)
00:39:10 [514fc092] Adds more logging (daedalus)
00:56:45 [f1024510] Fix initial step in reachability analysis (plutus)
00:58:07 [dbe5877a] Merge branch 'develop' into chore/ddw-410-cancel-running-fee-estimation-api-requests-once-new-request-is-made (daedalus)
01:02:52 [ac567507] Automatic update for Sat Nov 21 01:02:52 UTC 2020 (stackage.nix)
01:12:24 [fa781319] Automatic update for Sat Nov 21 01:12:23 UTC 2020 (hackage.nix)
01:14:14 [c52845ff] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:31:29 [faf23998] Test 3 (daedalus)
01:37:50 [8ea2af4e] Revert (daedalus)
01:57:40 [a03880b6] chore: update cardano-db-sync Docker image for testing (cardano-graphql)
09:51:57 [0ed280b8] added tls resources to integration tests (jormungandr)
09:52:43 [ffce121f] use path instead of ChildPath (jormungandr)
09:57:50 [6a6ab312] fix tls test (jormungandr)
10:00:54 [7a19c26b] Start work on genesis rule presentation (ouroboros-network)
10:19:48 [a581bf87] Merge branch 'develop' into chore/ddw-430-smart-tooltips (daedalus)
10:26:16 [ec7dbc77] clean up (jormungandr)
10:27:33 [f24860d8] Splitting the common Gists module into types and views. (plutus)
10:57:51 [3cf0f6e8] Refactoring View.purs, in preparation for moving things around and restyling. (plutus)
11:04:53 [0f94cb78] Start thinking about when genesis is enabled (ouroboros-network)
11:10:15 [541e262f] Test 4 (daedalus)
11:24:02 [ca17fb5a] Test 5 (daedalus)
11:37:43 [826b8898] DDW-430 - Smart tooltips - fixing hover border (daedalus)
12:06:59 [b3b23b9d] epoch card design update and refactoring (yoroi-frontend)
12:07:16 [4e34f9fb] summary section refactoring and design updates (yoroi-frontend)
12:10:33 [6cdb9693] DDW-430 - Smart tooltips - restore dialog story + adding missing param on stake pools dummy data to fix broken storybook (daedalus)
12:12:08 [4a9c4254] Describe when genesis mode is enabled (ouroboros-network)
13:01:13 [107e27b3] Finish first draft (ouroboros-network)
13:29:47 [fb90da90] Merge branch 'develop' into fix/ddw-431-newsfeed-shadow (daedalus)
13:58:19 [19f840e4] DDW-431 - Newsfeed shadow fixes - fix for scrollbar starting position (daedalus)
14:15:44 [c5f802d9] Merge branch 'develop' into chore/ddw-427-issues-on-redeem-rewards-screen (daedalus)
14:51:41 [8cd06c83] Merge pull request #2478 from input-output-hk/hrajchert/fix-end-line-number-error (plutus)
15:54:28 [6fb24708] add new test (mantis)
15:55:14 [fc87d88d] Generalise toShelleyStakeAddr to work for any ledger era (cardano-node)
15:57:48 [12fd2338] Move and generalise toShelley{Metadata,MetadataHash} functions (cardano-node)
16:00:47 [b10061d4] Generalise toShelleyWithdrawal over all ledger eras (cardano-node)
16:12:33 [101157cf] lint fix (yoroi-frontend)
16:14:57 [1d32e245] Move toShelleyUpdate to the ProtocolParameters module (cardano-node)
16:16:37 [431ffbc3] Add info to current delegation (adalite)
18:28:14 [32ae6edd] flow (yoroi-mobile)
18:32:33 [82e00103] Misc UI changes (#1060) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:20 [3f798207] New translations en-US.json (French) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:22 [ab08bb23] New translations en-US.json (Russian) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:24 [f7259a6a] New translations en-US.json (Chinese Simplified) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:25 [5ad7f9be] New translations en-US.json (Croatian) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:27 [579ba056] New translations en-US.json (Indonesian) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:29 [d9e4a37d] New translations en-US.json (Portuguese, Brazilian) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:31 [26310930] New translations en-US.json (Chinese Traditional) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:33 [46bfc24e] New translations en-US.json (Turkish) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:34 [d48e0824] New translations en-US.json (Dutch) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:36 [77fd3871] New translations en-US.json (Spanish) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:38 [8ccb2dad] New translations en-US.json (Korean) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:40 [4d2fb0e9] New translations en-US.json (Japanese) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:41 [1ed398b2] New translations en-US.json (Italian) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:43 [f4aa93ad] New translations en-US.json (Greek) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:45 [bcb06dec] New translations en-US.json (German) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:47 [7d00c80b] New translations en-US.json (Czech) (yoroi-mobile)
18:35:48 [d0537035] New translations en-US.json (Slovak) (yoroi-mobile)
18:42:19 [3225463e] Change type of Praos extra entropy update parameter (cardano-node)
18:53:27 [dfdb7122] Add functions to convert from Shelley update proposal types (cardano-node)
18:54:45 [c918bc4c] New translations en-US.json (Dutch) (yoroi-mobile)
18:55:46 [73a6ebf8] Change representation of UpdateProposal to use the API types (cardano-node)
19:00:10 [9fff1ad3] Export UpdateProposal and protocol params from the API (cardano-node)
19:05:26 [efbc3e1d] New translations en-US.json (German) (yoroi-mobile)
19:05:28 [64b309db] New translations en-US.json (Dutch) (yoroi-mobile)
19:14:34 [e9b2245f] Generalise to/fromShelleyUpdate over all ledger eras (cardano-node)
19:45:33 [3ae0fa6a] New translations en-US.json (Spanish) (yoroi-mobile)
19:55:27 [5a8d40d7] New translations en-US.json (French) (yoroi-mobile)
19:55:29 [cb299f33] New translations en-US.json (Spanish) (yoroi-mobile)
20:05:57 [9f05fa33] New translations en-US.json (French) (yoroi-mobile)
23:23:02 [e29ce3c5] Change the API's stake pool metadata URL type to match ledger type (cardano-node)
23:23:57 [eff876e5] Merge branch 'develop' into feature/transaction-metadata (cardano-explorer-app)
23:26:42 [c25d967a] Merge branch 'develop' into feature/transaction-metadata (cardano-explorer-app)
23:29:59 [92b81589] Add a fromShelleyPoolParams to allow conversion both ways (cardano-node)
23:36:18 [1354aa37] Add to/fromShelleyCertificate conversion functions (cardano-node)
23:53:45 [452adae7] cncli validation logic fix & logMonitor hardening (guild-operators)