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Saturday, September 25, 2021

124 commits had been pushed across 29 repos by 29 authors. There were 10,811 additions and 6,060 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on roadmap.cardano.org.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:08:46 [b07f9b8c] add NFT-MACHINE to the showcase (developer-portal)
00:47:22 [70063f16] Version bump for ios, plus fix for the MAX_TX_BYTES import (yoroi-mobile)
01:13:43 [cafe6e10] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:17:48 [9d349f94] added result to README (lobster-challenge)
01:30:21 [e5f6f989] Version bump for android (yoroi-mobile)
01:38:34 [a70cb639] Update to GHC 8.10.7 (cardano-prelude)
01:47:49 [16353112] Add GitHub CI and cabal.project. (cardano-config)
01:55:04 [b0b8f86c] WIP (yoroi-mobile)
04:02:04 [8823939e] added automated test results (cardano-node-tests)
05:32:51 [c826d36f] Add type `UTxOSelection` to represent an in-progress UTxO selection. (cardano-wallet)
05:32:52 [3d300f82] Add generators and shrinkers for type `UTxOSelection`. (cardano-wallet)
05:32:52 [3a82dd04] Add test suite for type `UTxOSelection`. (cardano-wallet)
05:32:53 [e3020893] Use `UTxOSelection` to replace `SelectionState` in `Balance` module. (cardano-wallet)
06:21:17 [1c862867] fund6 backend (vit-ops)
06:41:09 [e131905f] Update yarn.lock (cardano-ogmios)
06:46:44 [8c5eff1a] revert to rust iogo for now until go version is fixed (vit-ops)
07:01:11 [bc8b8445] Fixes #125, delegationAndRewards no longer throws on empty response. (cardano-ogmios)
07:07:54 [76466cc9] Add 'maxPayload' to 'ConnectionConfig', with sensible default. (cardano-ogmios)
07:15:08 [b9f7ce6a] Test to assert mainnet configuration is valid (cardano-node)
07:24:35 [260b103f] Fixes #119: add example queries to the user guide. (cardano-ogmios)
07:27:02 [af339bf2] Always use ghcup to install GHC and cabal (cardano-node)
07:28:45 [fa78680f] Add `genFunction` combinator to `Test.QuickCheck.Extra`. (cardano-wallet)
07:33:14 [ee682b05] Fixes #85: add helpers to target specific sub-types for Byron blocks. (cardano-ogmios)
07:34:35 [fc4bdbbe] Fix typo in presentation paragraph: of -> for (cardano-ogmios)
07:34:53 [770a1235] Add function `coarbitraryTxIn` to `Tx.Gen`. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:53 [359084e6] Generalize `runRoundRobin` to accept a typed state transition. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:53 [8e8c0120] Add functions `{disjoint,filter,partition}` to `UTxO` type. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:54 [5cda0184] Add functions `{disjoint,filter,partition}` to `UTxOIndex` type. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:54 [4f3d571c] Add type `UTxOSelection` to represent an in-progress UTxO selection. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:54 [538df8c0] Add generators and shrinkers for type `UTxOSelection`. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:55 [2cdabed4] Add test suite for type `UTxOSelection`. (cardano-wallet)
07:34:55 [8c65620f] Use `UTxOSelection` to replace `SelectionState` in `Balance` module. (cardano-wallet)
07:46:33 [6aad0746] minor documentation tweaks on Ogmios. (developer-portal)
07:50:16 [1ab0a44d] Always use ghcup to install GHC and cabal (cardano-node)
07:50:29 [03f1ea80] deploy: fc4bdbbec4577f7efa349f90001df1d0a19d9423 (cardano-ogmios)
08:02:13 [c3511033] Always use ghcup to install GHC and cabal (cardano-node)
08:09:22 [15139423] Remove haskell actions (cardano-node)
08:17:29 [ba758693] add monoid for remote data (plutus-use-cases)
08:45:38 [0048897d] cardano-tracer: small cleanup. (cardano-node)
08:50:03 [fa8a8947] Remove haskell actions (cardano-node)
08:50:38 [14d99bcd] Remove haskell actions (cardano-node)
09:07:10 [da289ba3] Upgrade to ghc-8.10.6 in Github Actions (cardano-node)
09:08:15 [f2424ce8] Upgrade to ghc-8.10.7 in Github Actions (cardano-node)
09:20:31 [ed7fdbf6] Merge #3236 (cardano-node)
09:49:35 [8ba0d3bf] Fix connection test after introducing 'maxPayload'. (cardano-ogmios)
09:51:19 [fe111465] deploy: 8ba0d3bfd7f7019ecbb31c5db11ae511b308bb93 (cardano-ogmios)
09:54:36 [ce736632] Add test suite for type `UTxOSelection`. (cardano-wallet)
09:54:36 [7cb430c7] Use `UTxOSelection` to replace `SelectionState` in `Balance` module. (cardano-wallet)
10:05:36 [0cedd8a6] Deployed haddocks (cardano-node)
10:08:12 [46134d92] Initial commit based on PR from @orpheus-antpool (guild-operators)
10:18:20 [2cbacf36] Drop $ prefix in shell code blocks (hydra-poc)
10:38:30 [3d9d5fef] Add type `UTxOSelection` to represent an in-progress UTxO selection. (cardano-wallet)
10:38:31 [43c0638c] Add generators and shrinkers for type `UTxOSelection`. (cardano-wallet)
10:38:31 [95eedca2] Add test suite for type `UTxOSelection`. (cardano-wallet)
10:38:31 [977d2157] Add type error test suite for `UTxOSelection`. (cardano-wallet)
10:38:32 [b12191c5] Use `UTxOSelection` to replace `SelectionState` in `Balance` module. (cardano-wallet)
11:09:14 [9b47d3c5] add contract resp monoid instance (plutus-use-cases)
11:12:05 [fb120bb7] Add a short demo/README.md (hydra-poc)
12:17:06 [5ece6712] wip use contract resp (plutus-use-cases)
13:03:35 [75080e7f] Add a contributing/questions section to README (hydra-poc)
13:08:49 [3394c9ed] Code for meerging multiple arrays all at once. inOrder, mergeNodes, etc. (cardano-ledger-specs)
13:09:28 [b4d80e54] Add an intro to docs/README.md (hydra-poc)
13:34:21 [0466fe5c] deploy: b4d80e54a07c0b73b92d9c7d8ebe065715ce109b (hydra-poc)
13:45:27 [f2dda555] Merge pull request #4002 from input-output-hk/hrajchert/coming-soon (plutus)
13:45:42 [e1df3707] production: Bump plutus to f2dda55560a24cd58200eb788f6da5ddf6f7b0a0 (plutus-ops)
13:56:59 [818592ad] Bump GHCJS to 8.10.7 (haskell.nix)
14:28:03 [b2f042fb] test(cip2): test failure properties, refactor test utils, rm some dead code (cardano-js-sdk)
14:28:03 [8f3f20ba] fix(cip2): ensure there are no empty change bundles, add some test info to README (cardano-js-sdk)
14:53:23 [05866025] Bump API version to 0.2.2 (vit-servicing-station)
14:55:07 [96b26d92] Release 0.3.3 (vit-servicing-station)
14:55:49 [3b78bd02] Bump API version to 0.2.2 (vit-servicing-station)
14:56:38 [d2c59716] Bump version to 0.3.4-dev (vit-servicing-station)
15:44:55 [2d4a2e32] Removed LegacyWalletTemplate (jormungandr)
15:44:55 [b86bc284] Removed Role (jormungandr)
15:44:56 [dd786097] Moved all non-test code to jormungandr-testing-utils (jormungandr)
15:46:27 [b4673a0c] Renamed network_builder to network (jormungandr)
15:46:29 [83338b68] Moved `network` out of `common` (jormungandr)
15:46:30 [0a7dbcd9] Move modules out of `common` (jormungandr)
15:46:30 [71ad59ce] Flattened common (jormungandr)
15:46:30 [e0abfc83] Removed unnecessary nesting (jormungandr)
15:46:30 [23d65bd2] Removed unused methods (jormungandr)
15:46:30 [19393121] Cleaned up topology module (jormungandr)
15:46:30 [b091529d] Single-wallet interface (jormungandr)
15:46:31 [f7b51b53] Cleaned up SpawnParams a bit (jormungandr)
15:46:31 [3c307886] It's alive (jormungandr)
15:46:31 [330e94b7] hersir works (jormungandr)
15:46:31 [e70693ed] Proper blockchain settings (jormungandr)
16:17:49 [df91fdd9] npm tiny bump + package-lock (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
16:44:05 [837e91ef] Cleanup (jormungandr)
16:52:58 [39abf6cf] Get rid of convenience method (jormungandr)
17:58:23 [2065cffd] Merge pull request #3997 from input-output-hk/mpj/correct-suppression-docs (plutus)
17:58:40 [65c2df55] staging: Bump plutus to 2065cffd1b493b9801967da674fd416dacb40381 (plutus-ops)
18:01:11 [8a6a413a] github: actions (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
18:03:43 [7bf7d677] github: actions (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
18:17:27 [0041010e] Add link to repo that will contain solidity implementation (djed)
18:26:07 [e8d07e99] Add link to dashboard and to issue tracker (djed-stablecoin-solidity)
18:27:51 [6a94938e] Improve link (djed-stablecoin-solidity)
18:28:43 [87603940] Improve link (djed)
19:05:55 [a796f76b] Trimmed down Controller interface (jormungandr)
19:35:56 [aa4a8b62] Fix clippy warning (jormungandr)
20:16:17 [62d5b683] Initial commit (djed-alliance-laissez-fair-paper)
20:20:18 [530ffd99] The Djed Alliance and its Laissez-Fair Governance (Draft Proposal) (djed-alliance-laissez-fair-paper)
20:20:27 [9744286e] Add DUO NFT Game (essential-cardano)
20:21:10 [6049ee13] Merge pull request #1 from aussiegingersnap/DUO-1 (essential-cardano)
20:22:14 [5413f944] Clean ReadMe (laissez-fair-paper)
20:23:53 [a3d3ac4e] Update essential-cardano-list.md (essential-cardano)
20:37:29 [03668862] Add Link to Djed Alliance Paper (djed)
20:54:30 [2f82e790] Add GitNFT for the Djed Alliance paper (djed)
21:30:01 [6bf87334] flakes tutorial: add buildInputs example (haskell.nix)
21:40:06 [be8fe0be] merge feat/issze-38 (blockfrost-dotnet)
22:16:24 [87d4bb65] gLV redesign and tput replacement (guild-operators)
22:20:33 [050b1ec1] Version bump 9.1.0 (cardano-serialization-lib)
22:35:34 [af442ea3] Flowgen update (cardano-serialization-lib)
22:38:29 [e8f9f91c] Updated serialization-lib version to 9.1.0 (yoroi-frontend)
22:42:04 [72440255] Version bump 4.7.310 (yoroi-frontend)
22:54:18 [9682e463] production: Bump plutus to 92ec4195662ad277ce48d8e503d84c57848f83f6 (plutus-ops)
23:02:28 [679eea17] Dummy commit (plutus)
23:03:40 [f6afd425] production: Bump plutus to 679eea175dd031407301b59a3e77424554d7d014 (plutus-ops)
23:04:11 [6ee65960] production: Bump plutus to 92ec4195662ad277ce48d8e503d84c57848f83f6 (plutus-ops)
23:07:44 [b3227a9a] pending tx fix (guild-operators)
23:18:47 [9fb1ac32] Fix warnings (blockfrost-dotnet)
23:19:09 [1f61cd0a] Add CardanoSharp extensions (blockfrost-dotnet)
23:21:17 [5b059b0c] Merge pull request #2415 from Emurgo/ruslan/serlib-up (yoroi-frontend)
23:30:57 [64ae9837] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/production' into ruslan/unblock-rewards (yoroi-frontend)