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Thursday, January 13, 2022

437 commits had been pushed across 45 repos by 90 authors. There were 91,792 additions and 36,269 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on roadmap.cardano.org.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:09:10 [38b7158b] Please create PicassoDrawing (cardano-token-registry)
00:12:26 [ecafd204] added link to YouTube playlist for lecture 1 (plutus-pioneer-program)
00:22:12 [4d2ddabd] Merge pull request #2611 from input-output-hk/lehins/bench-new-ledger-state (cardano-ledger)
00:33:24 [78e9c25e] add Haskell Benchmark (customSmallerIsBetter) benchmark result for 4d2ddabd1936d995afe25690a6d65755b095bcf2 (cardano-ledger-specs)
00:40:37 [b5066963] make sure the tokens go after the account funds (jormungandr)
00:41:08 [2513801e] [fix] Typo filename (yoroi-mobile)
00:41:57 [14f9ee0b] test_vote_flow_praos add token funds (jormungandr)
00:46:41 [df467ba8] [chore] Renamed navigation hook (yoroi-mobile)
00:51:16 [b9793914] [chore] Simplified removed intermediate component (yoroi-mobile)
00:53:02 [168ca793] Merge pull request #1844 from Emurgo/dashboard-typescript (yoroi-mobile)
00:58:20 [f95aa682] Bump @emurgo/cip4-js from 1.0.5 to 1.0.7 (yoroi-mobile)
00:58:43 [d7252f00] Bump @types/node from 16.11.14 to 16.11.19 (yoroi-mobile)
01:02:09 [08defdb7] [merge] Conflicts (yoroi-mobile)
01:06:36 [89ba3354] Merge pull request #1859 from Emurgo/navigation-send (yoroi-mobile)
01:07:00 [ed2377f2] Merge branch 'develop' into dependabot/npm_and_yarn/types/node-16.11.19 (yoroi-mobile)
01:07:01 [2f2f2d48] nixfmt: formatting update (cardano-stakepool-ops)
01:07:42 [41f253da] Merge pull request #1866 from Emurgo/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/types/node-16.11.19 (yoroi-mobile)
01:07:44 [69bd9b56] Bump @sentry/react-native from 1.4.5 to 3.2.11 (yoroi-mobile)
01:07:49 [73101d21] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
01:09:20 [572689af] Bump @storybook/addons from 5.3.21 to 5.3.22 (yoroi-mobile)
01:14:02 [6d808bc6] Merge from master (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
01:14:18 [77791128] Merge branch 'master' into feature/utxo-diff-since-point-endpoint (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
01:15:17 [3186c23b] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:16:34 [ed360b5a] remove old safe block endpoint reference (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
01:33:48 [30038156] Documentation of test practices, updateMaterialized, coverage (plutus)
02:28:39 [13f1ce44] consensus/docs: FastLaneSketch.md (ouroboros-network)
02:40:15 [223849c9] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
02:52:13 [78cbd5a0] fix: Log & continue on mapper errors (oura)
02:52:45 [643e27b1] nomad: removed nomad.policies (cardano-stakepool-ops)
02:55:16 [e9b88b99] fix: Log & continue on mapper errors (#53) (oura)
02:56:10 [229d5447] Merge branch 'main' into testdrive (oura)
03:18:37 [850a5403] Put stack.yaml > purescript-bridge back in sync with cabal.project (plutus-apps)
03:20:50 [ef8ab35b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
03:21:02 [eaa62e10] Stylish (plutus-apps)
04:02:03 [80bcacff] added automated test results (cardano-node-tests)
04:08:11 [87b7a605] Adds: acmeDnsCertMgr for traefik (bitte)
04:09:53 [069e049d] Clean up (bitte)
04:10:22 [2632c726] Adds: docker-registry age support (bitte)
04:25:25 [c4b4a941] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
05:12:00 [176c15a1] Get all plutus-apps/plutus dependencies building (cardano-wallet)
05:19:04 [210e4c03] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
05:34:06 [f7625612] DIBS TOken (cardano-token-registry)
05:46:54 [297cd9db] unversionedProtocolCodec simplified. (ekg-forward)
06:05:55 [4b343cf5] Revert `pfoldr` change, Add `pfoldrLazy` (plutarch)
06:23:14 [d6c17447] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
06:25:24 [d32d5d92] trace-forward: new API for acceptor's part. (cardano-node)
06:32:41 [3404b13b] bump (cardano-node)
06:33:33 [f7d64f62] blip (tools)
06:41:26 [a020705f] Clearer information on hoisting operators (plutarch)
06:43:48 [2a1d271f] Fix syntax highlight (plutarch)
07:01:17 [0af8aa8f] cabal.project: Add upper bound on hashable package version (cardano-wallet)
07:05:47 [6c696e44] Merge pull request #72 from input-output-hk/decode_qr (catalyst-toolbox)
07:11:03 [4637d709] added token checking before running import (catalyst-toolbox)
07:11:03 [f9bdcd03] support coti & ada requested funds (catalyst-toolbox)
07:11:03 [e7ea42af] support specifying sponsors to challenge by url (catalyst-toolbox)
07:18:22 [b5686081] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
07:20:37 [68972349] adjust scores.csv file (catalyst-toolbox)
07:21:43 [0cf6e601] make scores file optional (catalyst-toolbox)
08:12:19 [d87946c2] Increase timeout for fetching tip in restoration benchmark (cardano-wallet)
08:15:00 [0e8c8294] Increase timeout for connection to node in e2e tests (cardano-wallet)
08:23:34 [24f1526f] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
08:36:21 [d58c4094] Slighlty improved display of script errors (hydra-poc)
08:41:42 [e1f4f133] Bump strum from 0.21.0 to 0.22.0 (#3765) (jormungandr)
08:42:48 [64057ee0] Bump os_info from 3.0.7 to 3.0.9 (jormungandr)
08:43:11 [82142b61] Bump assert_cmd from 1.0.7 to 2.0.3 (jormungandr)
08:43:20 [618be23d] Bump symmetric-cipher from `7482052` to `7dd062c` (jormungandr)
08:45:42 [7fa5f22b] Bump reqwest from 0.11.4 to 0.11.9 (#3762) (jormungandr)
08:45:47 [4ea66770] Bump tokio from 1.14.0 to 1.15.0 (jormungandr)
09:01:01 [c5d0331c] Continue improving rendering of errors in the tx spec module. (hydra-poc)
09:06:44 [39afd137] feat(wallet): add optional NFT metadata to Wallet.assets$ (cardano-js-sdk)
09:08:41 [6df8fe08] Bump warp from 0.3.1 to 0.3.2 (#3727) (jormungandr)
09:09:52 [236e5eb8] Bump bytes from 1.0.1 to 1.1.0 (jormungandr)
09:10:18 [13ba29b9] Bump tokio from 1.14.0 to 1.15.0 (jormungandr)
09:10:35 [28555c2e] Record Nick's feedback. (ouroboros-network)
09:10:37 [475d8e6b] Updated category for Cardahub (essential-cardano)
09:13:21 [5e19b440] Merge #3565 (ouroboros-network)
09:16:19 [bccc389e] Merge pull request #88 from input-output-hk/scores_optional (catalyst-toolbox)
09:19:11 [aec3be3f] Improve display of script execution result (hydra-poc)
09:19:27 [882db5f8] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
09:21:30 [d442924b] allow to specify block0 time (rather than use current time as reference) (vit-testing)
09:22:50 [523e89be] KES secure forgetting (cardano-base)
09:35:34 [59dd4659] Choose more realistic memory max units for fixture tests. (hydra-poc)
09:48:33 [239bf004] Update software_upgrade.sh (guild-operators)
09:49:21 [53dd17ab] fix(cip2): property tests generate quantities > 0 (cardano-js-sdk)
09:53:35 [f320baad] [wip] Try to trim down the datum size of commit tx (hydra-poc)
09:56:25 [28653c35] Incorporate Nick's feedback into the design. (ouroboros-network)
09:56:35 [6b42b1bc] persist Run Output no longer than necessary (cicero)
10:01:08 [0436b076] fix comments (jormungandr)
10:01:15 [e8a01036] Fixing issue when restarting the docker image (cardano-ogmios)
10:01:21 [73e72587] fix broken links (plutus-apps)
10:05:43 [1ac66dfe] software_upgrade.sh (guild-operators)
10:12:32 [d2739c2f] Fix commitTx specs now that the datum only contains txouts. (hydra-poc)
10:13:27 [3d870281] chore: update example with require syntax (blockfrost-js)
10:13:43 [20db1f69] Merge #3495 (cardano-node)
10:18:43 [945a1885] trace-forward: new API for acceptor's part. (cardano-node)
10:20:30 [14339eef] Turn MetadataTab into a component (marlowe-cardano)
10:20:34 [95eee3a0] Fix purescript formatting (marlowe-cardano)
10:20:37 [9522a112] Add sortable component / hoook (marlowe-cardano)
10:20:39 [88e836d6] Add monoidal `Array` builder (marlowe-cardano)
10:20:41 [0d3f94fb] Add finalization helpers for initite lists (marlowe-cardano)
10:20:44 [89df085a] Minor naming improvements of `Halogen.Sortable` pieces (marlowe-cardano)
10:20:46 [4b4ddc6b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
10:20:46 [80524904] Add drag and drop sorting to metadata tab (marlowe-cardano)
10:24:12 [ed2154d9] cardano-node software upgrade (guild-operators)
10:32:38 [a5fd1e70] Convert commit to untyped validator, as an experiment. (hydra-poc)
10:33:56 [4e75381a] Revert "Convert commit to untyped validator, as an experiment." (hydra-poc)
10:37:01 [d73fb025] Update README.md (blockfrost-js)
10:42:57 [726121b0] Update spago-packages.nix deps (marlowe-cardano)
10:47:42 [fae0c2b0] docs: Add testdrive example for Elasticsearch setup (oura)
10:48:28 [1190396f] Merge #3496 (cardano-node)
10:50:29 [7573402c] Minor fixes. Abstract common methods in proposers and vCA aggregation files. (catalyst-toolbox)
10:53:37 [ee238ab2] fix broken links (#245) (plutus-apps)
10:53:56 [7efb1ddc] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to ee238ab2875d6452a4e457d452aa9fef48861a3b (plutus-ops)
10:57:14 [bc4da20c] [wip] Try to limit number of parties in collectComTx (hydra-poc)
10:58:04 [6a91ac30] Add finalization helpers for initite lists (marlowe-cardano)
10:58:10 [384dc802] Minor naming improvements of `Halogen.Sortable` pieces (marlowe-cardano)
10:58:10 [d721d0a4] Add drag and drop sorting to metadata tab (marlowe-cardano)
10:58:10 [b8f07c7a] Update spago-packages.nix deps (marlowe-cardano)
11:00:22 [720eeb93] [DDW-614] Add story to test wallet summary rewards (daedalus)
11:01:46 [8b65cc4b] docs: Add testdrive example for Elasticsearch setup (#54) (oura)
11:03:08 [9b3d706d] Fix failure when some of the items of tuple is None (cardano-node-tests)
11:08:04 [a4d5ff13] [DDW-614] Fix flow issues (daedalus)
11:08:18 [0da1e498] WIP: add a "catch"-handler to undebruijnification (plutus)
11:11:56 [4fc64740] Merge pull request #870 from mkoura/fix_test_blocks (cardano-node-tests)
11:12:23 [d7f15773] fix outputs renamed to output (cicero)
11:13:26 [cbf80388] Merge branch 'staging' into master (plutarch)
11:15:59 [6a532923] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
11:17:30 [b3b45f51] Merge pull request #103 from Plutonomicon/plist (plutarch)
11:19:11 [1498a6cc] docs: Add testdrive example for webhook setup (oura)
11:19:51 [58f40920] Merge pull request #104 from Plutonomicon/guide (plutarch)
11:21:21 [6e6aedec] Test for `query stake-snapshot` command (cardano-node-tests)
11:25:16 [293ebe22] docs: Add testdrive example for webhook setup (#55) (oura)
11:27:31 [82de459a] chore(deps): bump clap from 3.0.6 to 3.0.7 (oura)
11:27:39 [bb8ac612] chore(deps): bump reqwest from 0.11.8 to 0.11.9 (oura)
11:28:24 [3701adbc] Merge pull request #871 from mkoura/test_stake_snapshot (cardano-node-tests)
11:30:19 [883b8902] Update PicassoDrawing (cardano-token-registry)
11:32:29 [725380f7] Merge pull request #179 from blockfrost/chore/readme-example (blockfrost-js)
11:32:46 [e2e1c1f9] Merge pull request #57 from txpipe/dependabot/cargo/reqwest-0.11.9 (oura)
11:33:27 [8d35f2f5] Remove some comments (yoroi-frontend)
11:33:37 [26858a23] nix stdlib: fix onInputChange behavior (cicero)
11:33:52 [4bdc003b] nix stdlib: add TODO comment for new behavior (cicero)
11:34:36 [231e1fa8] Remove getConnectedWebsites function (yoroi-frontend)
11:34:47 [cce1285a] Merge pull request #56 from txpipe/dependabot/cargo/clap-3.0.7 (oura)
11:44:39 [417d0fe9] chore: openapi (blockfrost-js)
11:44:52 [8a42cc53] chore: Remove extra testdrive files (oura)
11:45:56 [434ae01f] /run/{id}: fix template error (cicero)
11:46:17 [23612ef9] chore: Ignore local testdrive environment (oura)
11:50:50 [a0313e33] fix: errors (openapi)
11:52:37 [4afc438d] Merge pull request #185 from blockfrost/fixes (openapi)
11:57:05 [d994c9a3] fix: errors (openapi)
11:58:27 [94660064] Merge pull request #186 from blockfrost/fixes (openapi)
11:58:41 [3ba08c01] fix: errors (blockfrost-js)
12:01:40 [107ddcbb] Add more ranking information to StakePoolSummary (cardano-wallet)
12:01:41 [47ba3deb] Add simple in-memory cache for stake distribution (cardano-wallet)
12:01:41 [b6abaa70] Add Debug message for `GetRewardProvenance` query (cardano-wallet)
12:01:41 [e615b29d] Add variant of `threadDelay` with `NominalDiffTime` (cardano-wallet)
12:01:41 [5ae87c33] Add `Control.Cache` for caching long running actions (cardano-wallet)
12:01:41 [9400b3d2] Add retries to local state query caching (cardano-wallet)
12:01:41 [4db8ab97] Add NO_CACHE_LOCALSTATEQUERY env variable for testing (cardano-wallet)
12:01:41 [b477d836] Fix cache, add CACHE_LOCALSTATEQUERY_TTL env var (cardano-wallet)
12:01:41 [b4f49e2b] Change treatment of new pool registration certificates (cardano-wallet)
12:08:56 [dea65d75] Update integration tests for stake pool metrics (cardano-wallet)
12:08:56 [b740f411] Change data source for pool cost and margin (cardano-wallet)
12:08:56 [6a40bccf] Fix deprecation warning (cardano-wallet)
12:08:56 [f997c335] Add `--cache-listpools-ttl` command line argument (cardano-wallet)
12:08:56 [f2334718] Add cache invalidation to `Control.Cache` (cardano-wallet)
12:08:56 [c7737cf5] Use the new `GetRewardInfoPools` (cardano-wallet)
12:09:03 [7a62e066] Products in PLC, mostly (plutus)
12:09:05 [289caa98] Try adding a projection optimization (plutus)
12:09:05 [c7011d4c] Tiny improvement: use empty products in NonStrict (plutus)
12:09:57 [5975a909] Sums in PLC, mostly (plutus)
12:11:50 [23d23478] Fix reviewer suggestion on Shelly.Compatibility (cardano-wallet)
12:14:14 [e2ad51b9] WIP: add a "catch"-handler to undebruijnification (plutus)
12:15:20 [7d9c7ff0] Merge pull request #1081 from phrankerco/phrankerco-cherry-3 (cardano-token-registry)
12:15:22 [0a357d05] [DDW-857] Initial setup (daedalus)
12:15:22 [a0426000] [DDW-857] Git actions (daedalus)
12:15:23 [252b5457] [DDW-857] Update node engine (daedalus)
12:16:02 [82426b09] [DDW-857] Update CHANGELOG (daedalus)
12:17:43 [f991d4de] CIP-0005 | Rename `signer_vkh` to `req_signer_vkh` (CIPs)
12:20:42 [28113df3] Merge branch 'develop' into biometrics-startup (yoroi-mobile)
12:21:01 [d6905229] [DDW-857] Make random and date deterministic (daedalus)
12:21:20 [34be5716] Merge pull request #1091 from CBTCBridge/CBTC (cardano-token-registry)
12:21:47 [8db3bf29] Merge pull request #1092 from CBTCBridge/CETH (cardano-token-registry)
12:22:15 [1032fd21] Sums in PLC, mostly (plutus)
12:22:45 [9ce1dc68] [DDW-857] Fix CI (daedalus)
12:22:52 [da2c509e] Merge pull request #1093 from CBTCBridge/CUSDC (cardano-token-registry)
12:23:12 [e04b4bc9] Merge pull request #1094 from CBTCBridge/CUSDT (cardano-token-registry)
12:23:44 [19457d20] tx-generator: use new JSON format in tx-generator-service (cardano-node)
12:24:15 [631ca779] SCP-3047: Adds a free-variable handler to (un)debruijnification (plutus)
12:24:28 [85f73776] Minor fixes. Use options headings. (catalyst-toolbox)
12:26:37 [b4eeb0ff] Refine sorting order (cardano-wallet)
12:29:04 [2eed8062] Merge pull request #1102 from Chris-Graffagnino/master (cardano-token-registry)
12:30:34 [dfef3431] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/staging' into plist-opti (plutarch)
12:30:34 [a56bfde5] Merge pull request #1104 from julongdragon/master (cardano-token-registry)
12:31:37 [e2f3b5fc] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
12:32:57 [4e351cd4] Merge pull request #1106 from aada-finance/master (cardano-token-registry)
12:33:20 [8a184a68] Merge pull request #1107 from LHelge/master (cardano-token-registry)
12:36:14 [d651a471] Merge pull request #1111 from CatKinsonCoin/master (cardano-token-registry)
12:37:12 [b7398bb9] Merge pull request #1113 from cardano-tools-nft/8e4955fd-ac9f-4a87-836b-cd2219f40b4d (cardano-token-registry)
12:40:33 [2baef511] adding DB sync version for node 1.33.0 (cardano-documentation)
12:42:22 [7eaf8c3e] [DDW-892] Use fresh locale while rebuilding the application menu (daedalus)
12:43:03 [e089b1d9] Merge pull request #87 from Plutonomicon/plist-opti (plutarch)
12:47:27 [ea7b4b30] Implement: (cardano-node)
12:47:33 [5ecfc7b6] Implent kes-period-info command in the cli. This command runs a series (cardano-node)
12:47:33 [6d480c1f] Update min utxo value in register-stake-pool.sh (cardano-node)
12:48:01 [eb190d12] Version and build bump, plus release script update (yoroi-mobile)
12:53:08 [4de2de84] Merge #3496 (cardano-node)
12:54:21 [14784726] Read wallets list from the store (yoroi-frontend)
12:56:19 [34730898] CBOR support to transaction build and transaction build-raw commands. (cardano-node)
12:56:51 [ff2b12bf] Version and build bump, plus release script update (yoroi-mobile)
12:59:41 [39b9a9a0] SCP-3220 adjusted path in .nix file and revised comment (marlowe-cardano)
13:06:55 [b2a885e9] add TODO for feature (cicero)
13:11:11 [acc732f6] Merge pull request #275 from input-output-hk/nahern-patch-9 (cardano-documentation)
13:17:18 [e3ffd791] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/SCP-3220' into SCP-3219 (marlowe-cardano)
13:21:18 [15a7fefe] more ada and value helpers, addLovelaces init without explicit types (cardano-browser-tx)
13:23:33 [f03856de] Changelog update (daedalus)
13:23:54 [4bdc6ac2] [DDW-861] Add ticker divider (daedalus)
13:25:38 [3988ca00] fix(cip2): property tests generate quantities > 0 (cardano-js-sdk)
13:26:59 [9e2bc716] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
13:29:02 [785e51a3] Merge branch 'schemathesis-ci' (cicero)
13:29:12 [5d373cc3] tx-generator: remove support for legacy JSON format (cardano-node)
13:29:51 [47902ab2] Added Plutarch.Rec.TH.deriveAll and simplified the examples (plutarch)
13:32:06 [4670e105] [DDW-892] Changelog update (daedalus)
13:34:10 [992a0715] ./bin/format (plutarch)
13:40:02 [eb844172] XXX dont merge (ouroboros-network)
13:50:27 [7f137699] Turn some p2p traces on by default (cardano-node)
14:05:10 [e53e51d2] Limit number of parties to commit to 3 (hydra-poc)
14:08:25 [f2be6ecb] [DDW-892] Move changelog entry at the top of the list for fixes (daedalus)
14:17:34 [8b6cd61a] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
14:22:07 [79a7e932] Added instance PlutusType (PRecord r) (plutarch)
14:26:15 [dcd36064] Fix min Ada bug. (plutus-apps)
14:31:41 [27842fa3] Fixed peer selection counters misconfiguration (cardano-node)
14:36:13 [a358fdca] [DDW-857] Pause animation at the end for screenshot (daedalus)
14:36:27 [53d176ca] Use `PartialTypeSignatures` to deal with the `Tickish` mess (plutus)
14:39:12 [c5eb5c51] integration test for submitting tx encoded as hex (cardano-wallet)
14:45:47 [a1d555b2] Merge pull request #160 from input-output-hk/fix/cip2-property-quantities (cardano-js-sdk)
14:46:55 [3f2ef902] Merge pull request #156 from james-iohk/daedelus-decrypt (cardano-js-sdk)
14:48:36 [8481568d] Merge pull request #3078 from input-output-hk/piotr/adp-1171/testing (cardano-wallet)
14:50:10 [98a56377] deploy: a1d555b2126341ac9181697900e250b125072e51 (cardano-js-sdk)
14:50:51 [ffa1bb4e] Update client deps to fix playground (plutus-apps)
14:52:54 [fef082c0] deploy: 3f2ef9028a88f8ea4b3e4c6059de2a7ffdbd8306 (cardano-js-sdk)
14:58:48 [b631c9ca] CBOR support to transaction build and transaction build-raw commands. (cardano-node)
15:00:53 [1fd3737f] started working on uniswap model and testing token creation (plutus-apps)
15:05:10 [ce19537f] Increase timeout for fetching tip in restoration benchmark (cardano-wallet)
15:05:14 [29a9b30b] Increase timeout for connection to node in e2e tests (cardano-wallet)
15:06:50 [6bf124bf] cardano-tracer: logging/monitoring service for node (cardano-node)
15:12:28 [d8a9adb8] addsignatures function with relevant ord instances (cardano-browser-tx)
15:12:46 [8c4439c5] [DDW-857] Pause animation at the end for screenshot (daedalus)
15:13:57 [20b5d0db] Remove invalid haddock comment. (cardano-ledger-specs)
15:15:57 [fdb8e346] Year, new package owners. (cardano-node)
15:16:53 [c47a57c1] fix: add nix-diff to devshell (to also use it without diff-bitte-script) (bitte-cli)
15:17:30 [715eecac] imp: add node class & always used the nomad token, if available (bitte-cli)
15:19:01 [817eeb4f] imp: add pwgen to bitte shell (bitte-cli)
15:19:52 [d6a73889] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
15:24:12 [f1feeb5b] connection-manager & inbound governor transition tracers (cardano-node)
15:28:06 [67bd2fd5] Keep TxIn serialised in commit UTXO for the sake of simplicity (hydra-poc)
15:28:44 [8aed39b8] Limit number of success for costly hashing test (hydra-poc)
15:31:07 [abd46fe8] Fix min Ada bug. (#246) (plutus-apps)
15:31:29 [106b6f7d] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to abd46fe8911963d2146e9790f93a73cf0060d896 (plutus-ops)
15:32:50 [5c956c31] Minor cleanup of project structure (marlowe-cardano)
15:33:22 [170823c1] Nonstrict sums (plutus)
15:33:22 [6f7a16ff] Adjusted tests for chnages to RewardAns (cardano-ledger-specs)
15:34:21 [bcfa4752] ormolise after fixing tests (cardano-ledger-specs)
15:44:33 [5f1857bd] Fix libnuma dependency in rts.conf (haskell.nix)
15:50:05 [073fda88] Ditch StateMachine code for Head validator (hydra-poc)
15:54:07 [eef6026b] Merge pull request #158 from iadmytro/fix-blockfrost-collaterals (cardano-js-sdk)
15:54:41 [82dd2a5c] tests: duplicated_vote - add initial token (jormungandr)
15:55:05 [f7e5ba52] updates to the pioneers registration page (testnets-cardano-org)
15:55:07 [4363bc3b] Merge pull request #89 from Geometer1729/master (plutarch)
15:59:14 [3d741cbe] deploy: eef6026bed9e87f5c16360b68caab76333adee8e (cardano-js-sdk)
16:02:16 [7e7927c8] cardano-tracer: logging/monitoring service for node (cardano-node)
16:03:09 [bef0567d] organize imports (cicero)
16:03:10 [ade827de] fix test (cicero)
16:04:50 [232c9cba] Nonstrict sums (plutus)
16:05:00 [2006a4e3] use singular for db table names (cicero)
16:06:21 [f05fea0d] updating instructions (testnets-cardano-org)
16:09:10 [65bad0fd] Use `PartialTypeSignatures` to deal with the `Tickish` mess (#4331) (plutus)
16:09:19 [93c8f606] init draft for preBalanceTx (cardano-browser-tx)
16:09:43 [7338486c] WIP integrate Lexer.x into new parser. (plutus)
16:09:49 [82353d2f] Move lexer to core for all to import. (plutus)
16:09:49 [3cd1cf27] Remove ann. (plutus)
16:09:50 [2169109b] Add LiteralConst and ConArgs. (plutus)
16:09:50 [cbb8453d] WIP added kw parser. Found that more overhaul needed. (plutus)
16:09:50 [163874ef] Re-organzie dirs/files. (plutus)
16:09:51 [be1948c0] Remove Special (duplication with what's in ParserCommon. (plutus)
16:09:51 [6a0c3230] Remove unused allKeywords. (plutus)
16:09:52 [0c3574e0] wip. (plutus)
16:09:52 [d9e5145f] wip remove extensible uni and fun. (plutus)
16:09:52 [ee6d34fb] Work on PIR term parser. (plutus)
16:09:53 [0cde7f63] Fix ParseError. Add ShowErrorComponent to ParseError. (plutus)
16:09:53 [264a8be3] Reorg dirs/files for new parsers. Apply new parser for UPLC. (plutus)
16:09:53 [19f84512] WIP. Delete internal. (plutus)
16:09:54 [4d69ab5d] WIP change builtinType's syntax to "builtinType" instead of "con" (plutus)
16:09:54 [d67cd5d0] WIP add constant term parsers. (plutus)
16:09:54 [353d0d37] Add constant term parser. (plutus)
16:09:55 [c8465f73] Change back builtin type syntax to con. (plutus)
16:09:55 [20aae9c8] Move ty parser to ParserCommom. (plutus)
16:09:55 [b29700b3] Finish PIR term parsers. Need to fix tests. (plutus)
16:09:56 [c68126a8] WIP set up core parser. (plutus)
16:09:56 [68111741] WIP PLC parser. (plutus)
16:09:56 [3cae6c5b] WIP remove type and parsable. (plutus)
16:09:57 [3f32ef71] WIP add program and term parsers in plc parser. (plutus)
16:09:57 [bb486080] WIP remove parseProgramDef. (plutus)
16:09:58 [80ec7268] WIP separate out errors of parsing and other things. (plutus)
16:09:58 [c05ea948] WIP fix tests. (plutus)
16:09:58 [5dc10e56] WIP Remove parseTm. (plutus)
16:09:59 [b7446230] WIP remove TestFunction parameter. (plutus)
16:09:59 [3998368d] Make printType return Text instead of Doc. (plutus)
16:09:59 [36e23faa] Remove unused fns formatDoc and fileType. (plutus)
16:10:00 [b5d7dcb8] updateMaterialized. (plutus)
16:10:00 [b241c289] Add builtin fn list. Add try. (plutus)
16:10:00 [83f8d2cb] Remove unused pragma in Constant.Typed. (plutus)
16:10:01 [13cfd5ed] Make try work properly. (plutus)
16:10:01 [3717c513] Fix appTerm parser. (plutus)
16:10:01 [cc54684f] Fix con unit and integer parser. Partially fix conChar and tyInst. (plutus)
16:10:02 [45171bfd] Fix appType, parse hex digit for bs instead of charLiteral. (plutus)
16:10:57 [33ad884f] Add design consideration that resulted from Pawel/Damian pairing session (ouroboros-network)
16:11:05 [b8549d22] Merge pull request #694 from cardano-foundation/nahern-patch-79 (testnets-cardano-org)
16:11:34 [44f4018c] Merge master into staging (testnets-cardano-org)
16:15:48 [6aff97d5] Update client deps to fix playground (#247) (plutus-apps)
16:16:07 [1374be15] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to 6aff97d596ac9d59460aab5c65627b1c8c0a1528 (plutus-ops)
16:20:43 [8454d0dc] deploy: 073fda88c49d136ecb3b638549aabe8bb70e4fce (hydra-poc)
16:30:44 [aec6846a] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
16:35:17 [bfae3707] Merge pull request #696 from cardano-foundation/olgahryniuk-patch-37 (testnets-cardano-org)
16:58:07 [5ba7772d] Merge branch 'cardano-foundation:master' into master (cardano-token-registry)
16:58:17 [5f3d68c0] Merge pull request #695 from cardano-foundation/olgahryniuk-patch-37 (testnets-cardano-org)
16:58:49 [8083e11b] Merge master into staging (testnets-cardano-org)
17:09:56 [4b623d41] [DDW-857] Ignore Daedalus logo (daedalus)
17:15:01 [3c26ef79] expose plutus-apps in flake.nix (plutus-apps)
17:27:53 [de44b601] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
17:28:53 [5b7251f5] [DDW-857] Fix CI (daedalus)
17:30:28 [0a5a2f8f] Merge pull request #56 from input-output-hk/jhbertra/form-refactor (marlowe-cardano)
17:30:45 [aab21699] staging: Bump marlowe to 0a5a2f8f46fd8db32baf4325c8c016a98461d7e4 (plutus-ops)
17:41:04 [6091f217] Add more detailed instructions (plutus-pioneer-program)
17:48:55 [5a4fa535] [DDW-741] Fix package version (daedalus)
17:52:06 [16a8132e] Add more list benchmarks (plutarch)
18:12:44 [5787ffca] Align numeric columns to right for legibility (plutarch)
18:13:58 [567d29d5] Use tellEvent to create reward events every time the RewardPulser pulses. (cardano-ledger)
18:15:29 [74411328] Document how to view benchmarks in CI (plutarch)
18:18:16 [f61dfce6] Coding style changes (plutarch)
18:19:22 [e90bcd1d] Update comment (plutarch)
18:19:26 [6a207ed1] [DDW-857][DEBT] Integrate Chromatic (#2776) (daedalus)
18:20:23 [8830919f] Bump postcss from 7.0.39 to 8.2.13 (daedalus)
18:20:25 [0b71cf71] Bump node-forge from 0.10.0 to 1.0.0 (daedalus)
18:20:32 [b55b6c55] Bump follow-redirects from 1.14.5 to 1.14.7 (daedalus)
18:20:45 [f5d5eb15] Bump copy-props from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5 (daedalus)
18:20:54 [96a86858] WIP fix parsing of list and pair. (plutus)
18:22:53 [e5df6f77] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
18:23:10 [01afb6f1] Merge branch 'master' into koz/rational-tests (plutus)
18:25:27 [ab45481d] Added Plutarch.Rec.TH.deriveAll and simplified the examples (plutarch)
18:25:38 [8cf96513] cardano-tracer: logging/monitoring service for node (cardano-node)
18:26:06 [a1696bb9] Simplify collectCom property and commits TxOut generator (hydra-poc)
18:27:57 [a8588fc3] Update README.md (plutus-pioneer-program)
18:42:49 [39f1a45f] consensus/docs: FastLaneSketch.md (ouroboros-network)
18:42:49 [faa9ca8f] TOSQUASH: initial response to John's feedback (ouroboros-network)
18:43:11 [0867376a] Add uncons benchmarks (plutarch)
18:43:58 [3480ff4d] deploy: a1696bb92f3a926748f0a9e96ea2560b7de94d2b (hydra-poc)
18:44:22 [39144059] Remove lam benches (plutarch)
18:46:42 [b4a68774] expose docs and playground client (plutus-apps)
18:46:54 [cbf2be8f] CIP 34: Network Registry (#158) (CIPs)
18:48:19 [f20cb139] uncons: make everything return same value (plutarch)
18:49:28 [6fccece6] Merge pull request #2613 from input-output-hk/andre/babbage (cardano-ledger)
18:49:58 [e4e4bf47] s/pmatch'/pmatch/ (plutarch)
18:52:32 [5c6f3087] Add address module (marlowe-cardano)
18:54:13 [3709e2a9] cardano-tracer: logging/monitoring service for node (cardano-node)
18:58:21 [23cfcc53] add Haskell Benchmark (customSmallerIsBetter) benchmark result for 6fccece6415df6e8864985ddefdc30e0c1a6b8b6 (cardano-ledger)
19:01:12 [704dfe19] Merge branch 'develop' into feature/ddw-741-wallets-sorting (daedalus)
19:01:45 [e44e1d88] [DDW-741] Fix search field alignment (daedalus)
19:01:46 [d82ce64c] [DDW-741] Minor ui fixes (daedalus)
19:06:07 [6baef487] started working on uniswap model and testing token creation (plutus-apps)
19:15:06 [17043fbc] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
19:16:27 [1415cbfd] SCP-3219 adjusted nix derivation for build (marlowe-cardano)
19:16:33 [b3938d5f] Update rpc and api doc (guild-operators)
19:21:33 [bfce01a7] fix: free form type - typo (bitte)
19:27:12 [6853dceb] fixed broken test (plutus-apps)
19:31:52 [60b986a3] update materialized (plutus-apps)
19:37:45 [2cfa72cc] [DDW-741] Fix search icon (daedalus)
19:39:13 [51e50b3f] Account-wise active stake cache (#1268) (guild-operators)
19:43:15 [a1ead2dd] [DDW-741] Remove filled styling from search (daedalus)
20:07:21 [e8bd824a] Add a test for insert redeemer fix (cardano-db-sync)
20:08:49 [b47a47ad] plutusProduction: Bump plutus to 6aff97d596ac9d59460aab5c65627b1c8c0a1528 (plutus-ops)
20:20:26 [1ec2a8f1] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
20:20:29 [1656d4f5] fix some warnings (plutus-apps)
20:34:52 [e0f5a798] Merge branch 'develop' into feature/ddw-861-implement-new-token-picker (daedalus)
20:35:08 [487c57be] Refactor pipeline artifacts into module (oura)
20:36:23 [995c4a69] Fix missing collateral (cardano-db-sync)
20:37:01 [5c1a46fd] Test failed script (cardano-db-sync)
20:39:35 [cd11aae5] fix more compiler warnings (plutus-apps)
20:40:30 [b8187a27] Fix resolve all inputs based on BlockGroupedData (cardano-db-sync)
20:44:33 [32211985] Fix missing collateral (cardano-db-sync)
20:45:22 [c3bbbec5] Implicit split by any whitespace (cardano-node-tests)
20:46:54 [ce6cb43d] [DDW-861] Fix lint issues (daedalus)
20:49:02 [68abc08d] Add Argonaut instances (marlowe-cardano)
20:49:11 [c428b580] Add AddressBook (marlowe-cardano)
20:54:15 [305ce231] [chore] Bump serialization dependency (react-native-haskell-shelley)
20:54:27 [66e2b7b1] [chore] Bump package.json (react-native-haskell-shelley)
21:15:19 [b0e64acb] Reduce lib exposed surface (oura)
21:16:21 [c4640c86] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
21:18:41 [681c3582] Fix lint issues (oura)
21:19:39 [9c2b1e7b] Bump follow-redirects from 1.7.0 to 1.14.7 (symphony-2)
21:22:23 [c77b03c4] Fix resolve all inputs based on BlockGroupedData (cardano-db-sync)
21:22:23 [72c76443] Fix missing collateral (cardano-db-sync)
21:22:35 [2b58b635] [DDW-857][DEBT] Integrate Chromatic (#2776) (daedalus)
21:23:01 [3ceb9a86] tx-generator: remove support for legacy JSON format (cardano-node)
21:23:23 [37998cce] Hide internal functions (oura)
21:24:03 [1db11aee] [DDW-860] Validate form on enter keypress (daedalus)
21:24:05 [aa30611f] [DDW-860] Validate empty assets (daedalus)
21:25:55 [3a73db74] Merge branch 'develop' into feature/ddw-860-send-screen (daedalus)
21:26:30 [0f119807] Expose tuple args (oura)
21:30:51 [8bd16a88] chore: Prep for v1 (#58) (oura)
21:33:56 [766fa589] imp: update consul to 1.11.1 (bitte)
21:40:48 [fc6cd20d] [chore] Bump bindings (yoroi-mobile)
21:40:52 [623e15df] imp: update consul to 1.11.1 (bitte)
21:41:17 [07b3f561] feat: Add slot, hash and number to block start event (oura)
21:41:57 [9a63c4fb] imp: update consul to 1.11.1 (bitte)
21:43:24 [f332a001] CIP30: data sign add COSEKey to return value and change kid header (CIPs)
21:44:52 [3819f35a] feat: Add slot, hash and number to block start event (#59) (oura)
21:52:40 [30bfbd35] Disable the test for now, the numbers don't add up sometimes (cardano-node-tests)
21:58:11 [3dfe9c41] Merge pull request #872 from mkoura/skip_test_stake_snapshot (cardano-node-tests)
22:18:52 [c9db139d] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
22:31:30 [4f5029ba] feat: Add block / tx 'end' events (oura)
22:34:24 [8c0c132e] Fix lint issues (oura)
22:37:49 [565ca22f] feat: Add 'end' events for blocks and txs (#60) (oura)
22:38:37 [2250c0cf] Merge branch 'main' into testdrive (oura)
23:04:31 [7863b433] [DDW-862] Now RTS are activated when computer has less than 8gb RAM (daedalus)
23:07:12 [c5f3df1f] Merge branch 'develop' into rts-flags (daedalus)
23:08:33 [4ff50454] docs(webhook): Add webhook config doc (oura)
23:09:54 [4f308be5] WIP (daedalus)
23:12:41 [881c8729] Bump follow-redirects from 1.9.0 to 1.14.7 in /explorer-frontend (jormungandr-nix)
23:13:19 [e2d36522] docs(webhook): Add webhook sink configuration docs (oura)
23:18:38 [bec75fc9] docs(webhook): Add webhook sink configuration docs (#62) (oura)
23:19:08 [f39f550c] deploy: bec75fc905f315b63018388ead7b8b55d2f9be13 (oura)
23:19:09 [df55c6cc] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
23:34:26 [9bcfe503] Release version 1.0.0 (oura)
23:34:54 [fc81238a] Rework `PLift`, `asDefaultUni`, etc. and make examples compile (plutarch)
23:45:52 [465784e1] docs: Add missing entry to summary (oura)
23:47:56 [adfc98be] deploy: 465784e114c68e8a9f87e628a4d4325c597d50ba (oura)