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Sunday, May 22, 2022

70 commits had been pushed across 18 repos by 21 authors. There were 53,814 additions and 5,203 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:09:25 [50e4b7a4] flake.lock: Update (vit-testing)
00:09:45 [bafb0409] Adding CIP-0054 to candidates (CIPs)
00:11:27 [6d47e134] flake.lock: Update (vit-servicing-station)
00:16:30 [7f4f3a5e] flake.lock: Update (jormungandr)
00:34:26 [a7c64349] add: gh & reuse as integrations (devshell-capsules)
01:01:30 [51fd6638] updated dead link to ADA testnet faucet (developer-portal)
01:22:54 [e61b56f8] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
02:11:09 [d39bcdcd] imp(docs): cleanup and structure (cardano-world)
02:23:12 [fc949eba] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
02:24:01 [5920625e] imp(docs): explain the packaging principles (cardano-world)
04:48:51 [b56b9619] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
05:02:37 [517db3e7] imp: add release script (cardano-world)
06:48:52 [f84ed987] Added Nano S Plus to the hw.rules (scripts)
07:02:34 [484031c8] Add jpeg.store to sponsors. (cardano-ogmios)
07:42:16 [e2ac6381] Document eventEmitterToGenerator design decision from the TypeScript client. (cardano-ogmios)
07:42:33 [7344cdb5] Bump versions to 5.4.0 (cardano-ogmios)
07:51:36 [1a991f96] deploy: 7344cdb5cc54a1c60174830d42d18449daead488 (cardano-ogmios)
08:41:53 [c768b92c] Update CHANGELOG for v5.4.0 (cardano-ogmios)
08:42:38 [addc33af] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
08:43:22 [b8d6a10e] deploy: c768b92cec731571c8aa7f22c5ff04523036d99d (cardano-ogmios)
09:28:06 [4296e2be] Slightly rework README. (cardano-ogmios)
09:29:58 [b5e8306a] deploy: 4296e2be9ef185bea6867625c389ebb5cc13e9d3 (cardano-ogmios)
09:38:43 [bc3311b3] ifdLevel 2 (haskell.nix)
09:39:05 [05a9baf0] Try #1476: (haskell.nix)
11:19:07 [dbafa7f2] [EC Api] - Added: Accelerate and pitch your Project to investors - SeedStar (essential-cardano-content)
11:45:39 [bea603a8] Merge pull request #44 from t1lde/patch-1 (plutonomicon)
11:45:59 [727790c9] Merge pull request #42 from Plutonomicon/fix-broken-links (plutonomicon)
11:48:29 [4883a3f7] Deploy to gh-pages (plutonomicon)
12:12:20 [8d3de1ea] workbench: update, clean up and bring structure to profile definitions (cardano-node)
12:12:20 [9437bb21] tx-generator.service: allow float tps values (cardano-node)
12:12:20 [9b462c7c] workbench: make the genesis cache less unnecessarily dependent on profile variance (cardano-node)
12:12:20 [431e9720] workbench: add & integrate cardano-tracer service (cardano-node)
12:12:20 [dd30c4a3] flake.nix: disable workbench tests (cardano-node)
12:13:19 [2f84ba28] Merge #3879 (cardano-node)
12:14:46 [53b91a1d] tx-generator updates for Babbage (cardano-node)
12:14:46 [07ea93f8] workbench: add Babbage (cardano-node)
12:38:24 [0eaf7b8c] ifdLevel 3 (haskell.nix)
12:39:08 [50ccf155] Try #1476: (haskell.nix)
12:59:38 [1428039c] Address 'TODO': add link to CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md (developer-portal)
13:00:32 [2850607f] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
13:18:28 [862cbd24] Remove Render module (cardano-node)
13:36:35 [f71daf18] add few more developer tools + 'deprecate' csl for cml (developer-portal)
14:35:06 [6eb2cdb1] Translate withdrawals in toCardanoTxBody. (plutus-apps)
14:36:28 [e1248a02] Fix compiling. (plutus-apps)
14:39:05 [42576c02] Merge #3879 (cardano-node)
14:59:09 [8aaacc80] Debug output for transaction submit (cardano-node)
15:22:06 [4b1f3bd1] Inline some render functions (cardano-node)
15:30:57 [5be9f040] Inline some render functions (cardano-node)
15:33:55 [e1172b26] Inline some render functions (cardano-node)
15:34:12 [0d965840] Remove Render module (cardano-node)
16:07:40 [7f3536bb] Add freetype2 to pkgconf-nixpkgs-map (haskell.nix)
16:09:29 [fa3780ea] Test roundtrips of TxBodyContent txOuts (cardano-node)
16:09:29 [9fa8e9fb] Resolve datum hashes to TxOutDatumInTx for babbage txs in fromLedgerTxOuts (cardano-node)
16:09:29 [71ff8653] Fix txbody roundtrip for ScriptV1 upgrades (cardano-node)
16:09:30 [6743e23c] Add missing languages to scriptLanguageSupportedInEra for BabbageEra (cardano-node)
16:09:30 [43f31aed] Allow scripts in any language as refeference scripts (cardano-node)
16:09:30 [5ea5dead] Improve prop_roundtrip_txbodycontent_txouts (cardano-node)
16:54:26 [42257409] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
16:55:32 [6d7cb1db] Merge #3879 (cardano-node)
17:11:02 [1a4b9956] Add files via upload (metadata-registry-testnet)
17:45:39 [3d8b9900] pass positive API test (cardano-wallet)
19:44:10 [1f6f3990] Merge #3879 (cardano-node)
20:39:02 [db5cfd4a] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
21:07:02 [e2014fc8] [EC Api] - Added: How to add mining pool (essential-cardano-content)
21:23:48 [93b739eb] fixup! Regenerate nix (cardano-wallet)
21:31:17 [6bffe913] Add support for total transactions count reducer (scrolls)
21:34:30 [73a1f3c2] Add support for total transactions count reducer (scrolls)
21:34:43 [3f060b3d] Merge pull request #211 from arunwebber/master (metadata-registry-testnet)
22:10:06 [04d28400] Add negative tests (cardano-wallet)
23:49:27 [5d5dd410] [EC Api] - Added: DripDropz Governance vote (essential-cardano-content)