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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

644 commits had been pushed across 56 repos by 113 authors. There were 4,323,484 additions and 3,423,930 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:18:22 [fca7f757] New translations en-US.json (Portuguese, Brazilian) (yoroi-mobile)
00:20:54 [82722491] Use 'quickcheck-transformer' (plutus)
00:33:44 [75064941] locli & workbench: org-mode export, cross-referencing & massive refactoring (cardano-node)
00:59:54 [cb6374e7] Bump cardano-node dependency to 1.35.0-rc4 (cardano-wallet)
01:18:26 [1697f5cc] Automatic update for Wed Jun 22 01:18:26 AM UTC 2022 (stackage.nix)
01:19:17 [473b0b85] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:28:28 [9af97bc4] locli & workbench: org-mode export, cross-referencing & massive refactoring (cardano-node)
01:32:00 [ee776e8c] Rework stuff (plutarch)
01:32:09 [d39657c9] New translations en-US.json (Portuguese, Brazilian) (yoroi-mobile)
01:35:47 [333b1f31] Bump cardano-node dependency to 1.35.0-rc4 (cardano-wallet)
01:38:26 [1142a273] Fix nix (plutarch)
01:39:43 [b425237b] locli & workbench: org-mode export, cross-referencing & massive refactoring (cardano-node)
01:59:57 [87f87810] wip: initLocal tf state fn (bitte)
02:02:47 [7031f908] Script for uploading an event dump file to S3 (plutus-apps)
02:04:50 [c7f40e1b] Script for running a local node in buildkite (plutus-apps)
02:07:17 [1564e0fa] Script for running local node and dump job (plutus-apps)
02:12:37 [305e385d] Buildkite pipeline for script dump job (plutus-apps)
02:24:00 [b32360fc] Update code to compile with 1.35.0-rc4 (cardano-wallet)
02:30:43 [70443e97] feat(e2e): add generic factory for providers (POC) (cardano-js-sdk)
02:34:15 [c27cc54d] Try #1520: (haskell.nix)
02:35:26 [b48fa86b] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
02:41:38 [703fe38b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
03:11:58 [0b7f7c04] Merge pull request #582 from Plutonomicon/master-backport (cardano-browser-tx)
04:00:58 [2a89c689] Build ghci/ghc with internal interpreter (#1520) (haskell.nix)
04:10:08 [289c73f2] locli & workbench: org-mode export, cross-referencing & massive refactoring (cardano-node)
04:11:49 [ca1780f9] Use `modules` arg `contentAddressed` flag (haskell.nix)
04:34:58 [7a1f993f] tests | Fixed test for post alonzo txout format (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
05:08:03 [e1924500] Calculate Min ADA (yoroi-frontend)
05:08:23 [23b59f65] Merge branch 'Ahmed/multi-assets' of https://github.com/Emurgo/yoroi-frontend into Ahmed/multi-assets (yoroi-frontend)
05:37:34 [cbaa205c] Merge branch 'develop' into merge-develop (cardano-browser-tx)
05:42:09 [242396a7] Update balanceTx golden data (cardano-wallet)
05:42:30 [013c0c3e] Merge pull request #587 from Plutonomicon/merge-develop (cardano-browser-tx)
06:11:57 [3320dc13] cardano-addresses release (cardano-documentation)
06:14:08 [bfdaa7ef] Update 362706e09f908e1470b90278cb50bcd834b4c2f8d489431a8965ddb84b756265436f696e metadata (cardano-token-registry)
06:18:46 [6eabf99e] Update 2021-the-year-robots-and-graffiti-came-to-a-decentralized-smarter-cardano.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:19:03 [a0947116] Update a-closer-look-at-the-cfund.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:19:18 [3f504746] Update actus-smart-contracts-in-marlowe.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:19:46 [422e808b] Update atala-scan-blockchain-based-product-authentication.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:20:03 [3448df8c] Update babel-fees-denominating-transaction-costs-in-native-tokens.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:20:29 [963c4862] Update boosting-cardanos-throughput-with-script-referencing.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:20:58 [40e71522] Update bringing-erc20-to-cardano.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:21:23 [46a13f20] Update cardano-at-consensus-a-look-ahead.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:21:58 [8b0cbf49] Update cardano-enters-the-age-of-ai-as-it-welcomes-grace-the-ai-robot-designed-to-revolutionize-global-healthcare.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:22:21 [2b93962a] Update cardano-marks-its-launch-with-tokyo-event.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:22:38 [26c03340] Update cardanos-foundational-research-overview.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:23:36 [6d4ab1e3] Update combinator-makes-easy-work-of-shelley-hard-fork.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:24:25 [4a6859ac] Update concurrency-and-all-that-cardano-smart-contracts-and-the-eutxo-model.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:24:42 [1eb06dfa] Update coti-to-issue-djed-stablecoin-on-cardano.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:25:10 [2166b871] Update defi-demystified.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:26:04 [1d8b534b] Update diving-deeper-into-the-marlowe-playground.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:27:18 [b559028b] Update and rename from-classic-to-genesis-the-implementations-of-ouroboros-explained.md to from-classic-to-chronos-the-implementations-of-ouroboros-explained.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:28:32 [1faacdbc] Update everything-you-always-wanted-to-know-about-impermanent-loss-and-were-afraid-to-ask.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:29:26 [61a5be69] Update guest-blog-collaborating-on-cardano-interoperability.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:29:42 [56736c9e] Update how-cardanos-transaction-fees-work.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:29:59 [13af5d32] Update how-were-scaling-cardano-in-2022.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:30:17 [501f5bb6] Update hydra-cardanos-solution-for-ultimate-layer-2-scalability.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:30:53 [8e1a3803] Update implementing-hydra-heads-the-first-step-towards-the-full-hydra-vision.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:31:07 [6e98c1a7] Update increasing-the-transaction-throughput-of-cardano.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:31:22 [bca389fb] Update interoperability-is-key-to-blockchain-growth.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:31:43 [4bd74184] Update lace-speed-simplicity-and-seamless-flow.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:37:40 [c19747be] fixup! test(wallet): adds a transaction chaining dedicated e2e test (cardano-js-sdk)
06:45:24 [29d134c5] Bump shell-quote from 1.6.1 to 1.7.3 (react-globe-events-visualiser)
06:45:49 [27da9b49] [EC Api] - Added: Cardano staking and how it works? (essential-cardano-content)
06:46:22 [9989e16e] Update mithril-a-stronger-and-lighter-blockchain-for-better-efficiency.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:46:42 [d387f0f9] Update native-tokens-to-bring-new-utility-to-life-on-cardano.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:46:58 [9e396b09] Update network-traffic-and-tiered-pricing.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:47:15 [1456babb] Update new-certification-levels-for-smart-contracts-on-cardano.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:47:31 [fe419ae8] Update no-surprises-transaction-validation-on-cardano.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:47:47 [9ad70211] Update no-surprises-transaction-validation-part-2.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:50:27 [ddd38284] Update our-million-dollar-baby-project-catalyst.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:50:43 [54753f19] Update plutus-application-backend-pab-supporting-dapp-development-on-cardano.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:51:09 [77ed989d] Update plutus-fee-estimator-find-out-the-cost-of-transacting-on-cardano.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:52:05 [8b87ca72] Update the-ouroboros-path-to-decentralization.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:52:22 [8ec5d0c7] Update today-will-feel-like-a-destination-yet-a-new-exciting-journey-begins.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:52:46 [33d09343] Update vasil-upgrade-the-state-of-play.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:53:01 [205ba94d] Update welcome-to-the-age-of-realfi.md (essential-cardano-content)
06:57:41 [2b3b19a7] feat(core): accept common ipfs hash without protocol for nft metadata uri (cardano-js-sdk)
06:57:41 [1eb116c8] chore(cardano-services): rm duplicate dependency (cardano-js-sdk)
06:57:42 [35c71d29] refactor(cardano-services): hoist metadata queries to a new MetadataService (cardano-js-sdk)
06:57:42 [af8f94ac] feat(cardano-services): add getNftMetadata service (cardano-js-sdk)
07:13:36 [4dbd7f42] Content tweaks (essential-cardano-content)
07:15:06 [2447bbb6] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feat/ddw-1025-matomo-poc (daedalus)
07:15:18 [0f7d39a2] Merge pull request #524 from input-output-hk/cexplorerio/contrib/cardano-staking-and-how-it-works-1655880349179 (essential-cardano-content)
07:21:33 [c0ce4a1c] item-17 | Implement total collateral (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
07:21:55 [12db2c3b] item-18 | Add Reference inputs (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
07:24:00 [df676bd8] ref | CBOR refactorings (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
07:24:09 [904f3658] removed the additional debug tracers (cardano-node-tests)
07:24:21 [c5562348] item-16 | Add to txhash builder and signtx (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
07:24:21 [d0bf8c23] ref | Typos and minor improvements (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
07:25:19 [6448e7be] item-16 | Fix Outputs (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
07:29:18 [67b03382] added back the debug tracers + TurnOnLogging=false (cardano-node-tests)
07:30:12 [27aac9ec] ref | Introduce substates for output and some typos (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
07:38:12 [3b6518ab] [DDW-809] Use fixed package versions (daedalus)
07:43:08 [e1276aef] Process PR comments (ouroboros-network)
07:58:05 [d42176e9] Use `modules` arg `contentAddressed` flag (haskell.nix)
08:01:43 [c14b8734] feat(core): added a generic factory class to handle provider strategy selection in a more opaque way (cardano-js-sdk)
08:02:38 [4e91c28b] Merge branch 'alpha' into node-1.35-alpha (guild-operators)
08:04:17 [1b7e1c41] [DDW-1110] Update to 1.35.0-rc4 (daedalus)
08:10:49 [035c7dbd] Merge pull request #325 from input-output-hk/olgahryniuk-patch-13 (cardano-documentation)
08:13:34 [2762ef15] chore(web-extension): update keyAgentProperties (cardano-js-sdk)
08:14:20 [b636fe24] add additional info in spending counters mismatch errors (chain-libs)
08:18:10 [8d0912a9] Added MonadMVar (io-sim)
08:26:31 [125773ab] RTView: notifications (email) (cardano-node)
08:33:30 [01189103] RTView: notifications (email) (cardano-node)
08:33:30 [62b82e3b] Added Description section to PR template (ouroboros-network)
08:39:43 [018c217a] CHANGELOG: add note about coins_per_utxo_size (word vs byte) (openapi)
08:44:24 [346fc9a5] Comment the failing tests (plutus-apps)
08:47:20 [adb8d5ef] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
08:48:38 [642a8548] /scripts/{hash}: type now uses `plutusV1`, `plutusV2` instead of just `plutus` (openapi)
08:57:10 [db7be8de] Fix purescript nami (plutus-apps)
08:57:36 [663634f0] fix: quote article title containing a colon (essential-cardano-content)
08:59:33 [92c08daa] Merge pull request #525 from input-output-hk/alexg/fix/quote-article-title (essential-cardano-content)
09:02:56 [03cad08d] PIC - reward address lookup (guild-operators)
09:03:06 [063bdab7] Merge branch 'alpha' of https://github.com/cardano-community/guild-operators into db-sync-13.0.0 (guild-operators)
09:06:16 [6903fd88] [EC Api] - Added: Cexplorer: Cardano explorer (essential-cardano-content)
09:06:18 [d0da869e] Update transaction.rs (jormungandr)
09:06:37 [79c6fbc0] Merge pull request #526 from input-output-hk/olgahryniukiohkio/contrib/cexplorer-cardano-explorer-1655888775522 (essential-cardano-content)
09:12:12 [55de6339] Process PR comments (ouroboros-network)
09:13:52 [b5f8115b] Scaffold DbChangelog tests (ouroboros-network)
09:14:11 [72e5f8c4] tests | Added missing elements from tests (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
09:14:51 [8bd734c1] [DDW-809] Ensure all local storage data is reset (daedalus)
09:15:40 [bdcce072] [DDW-809] Add tracking for routes and stake pool actions (daedalus)
09:15:41 [1b21d4f4] [DDW-809] Update Terms of Service (daedalus)
09:17:18 [824417df] [DDW-809] WIP (daedalus)
09:17:49 [e288b433] [DDW-809] Bring back missing files (daedalus)
09:18:55 [774d68b1] when not -> unless (cardano-transaction-lib)
09:19:34 [ac5b7241] [DDW-809] Bring back missing files (daedalus)
09:19:35 [2450b3ee] [DDW-809] Fix issues (daedalus)
09:19:35 [afd0472f] [DDW-809] Make the dev instance ready for use for QA (daedalus)
09:21:59 [b89f3510] Change to last good cardano-ledger commit (cardano-wallet)
09:22:02 [f1c2702f] Fix comments (cardano-transaction-lib)
09:22:07 [3eb74e05] Merge branch 'mike/txoutrefs_v2' of github.com:Plutonomicon/cardano-transaction-lib into mike/txoutrefs_v2 (cardano-transaction-lib)
09:25:40 [8cd640ac] Fix import (cardano-transaction-lib)
09:26:33 [7a531fc1] [DDW-809] Implement more event tracking (daedalus)
09:28:08 [fdefa7b6] [DDW-809] Fix issues (daedalus)
09:28:10 [5b248dc0] [DDW-809] Cleanup (daedalus)
09:29:28 [6fda1d0c] [DDW-809] Cleanup discreet mode provider (daedalus)
09:30:44 [e782fdcc] add support for reference inputs (cardano-clusterlib-py)
09:31:03 [52793913] Process PR comments (cardano-node)
09:31:40 [967bd45b] Revert "[DDW-809] Cleanup discreet mode provider" (daedalus)
09:34:47 [56af1419] [DDW-809] Cleanup discreet mode provider (daedalus)
09:34:48 [5f993079] [DDW-809] Fill in changelog (daedalus)
09:34:48 [433f8889] [DDW-809] Remove leftover comma (daedalus)
09:36:54 [0b9145a6] update calculate_tx_fee call with fields related to collaterals (cardano-clusterlib-py)
09:39:10 [ddbab4bd] add support for reference inputs (cardano-clusterlib-py)
09:40:22 [570a9d4c] move double satisfaction things to separate module and make work with validation changes (plutus-apps)
09:44:02 [b72d3970] node-measured flake input: follows self ("/"). (cardano-node)
09:47:53 [fb457445] [DDW-809] Clean up (daedalus)
09:49:52 [60c5f96a] fix tests (chain-libs)
09:50:09 [fa4e5285] fix tests (chain-libs)
09:56:26 [72fe3403] modified assert section (chain-libs)
09:58:19 [647f5255] add support for reference inputs (cardano-clusterlib-py)
10:00:41 [15732add] node-measured flake input: follows self ("/"). (cardano-node)
10:05:29 [66804709] PoolPeekCoin (cardano-token-registry)
10:07:43 [e96411fd] Fix flake lock for cardano-node-workbench (cardano-node)
10:09:14 [33a9c104] PIC: adjust owner/reward addr lookup (guild-operators)
10:15:12 [14e14825] Fix script_redeemers (guild-operators)
10:17:04 [572e6e10] Format nix & haskell in `make format`, check haskell in `make check-format` (cardano-browser-tx)
10:17:38 [3470261f] Bump HLS to (cardano-wallet)
10:17:43 [835d2175] Format haskell code (cardano-browser-tx)
10:20:40 [181ce5c3] Bump HLS to (cardano-wallet)
10:20:51 [dc2b4d5a] changed ccvault to eternl (essential-cardano)
10:23:30 [1555a063] Fix protocol parameters (plutus-apps)
10:23:53 [a4d9d99c] add Transaction store code (cardano-wallet)
10:23:54 [3bb253b6] reduce names length (cardano-wallet)
10:23:54 [95049b98] reduce names length (cardano-wallet)
10:23:54 [4ac2bbed] 2nd review round (cardano-wallet)
10:24:58 [c16a74b1] Fix tx_info [WIP] (guild-operators)
10:25:52 [16c7e23d] Fix compilation error (cardano-transaction-lib)
10:26:15 [7e32c647] Update tx_info param name (guild-operators)
10:30:08 [16401f98] Updates for epoch related changes (guild-operators)
10:32:07 [bb28d4f3] fixup! fix(wallet)!: store keeps track of in flight transactions (cardano-js-sdk)
10:36:55 [d32c6e11] fixup! feat(cardano-services): implements rabbitmq new interface (cardano-js-sdk)
10:37:02 [877220a9] Try #1494: (haskell.nix)
10:37:53 [8ae0cfd0] fixup! refactor(rabbitmq): now the package respects all the repository standards (cardano-js-sdk)
10:39:22 [cdd7a65a] SCP-4012 Create images and compose file for marlowe-run + marlowe-playground (marlowe-cardano)
10:41:22 [32f76a0a] Erase entered amount when deselect a token (yoroi-frontend)
10:41:25 [ba3e63b6] Merge #3347 (cardano-wallet)
10:42:27 [86cfb5ed] fixup! fix(wallet)!: store keeps track of in flight transactions (cardano-js-sdk)
10:45:40 [b219360c] Test buildkite on PR branch (marlowe-cardano)
10:47:40 [27857cf0] fixup! SCP-4012 Create images and compose file for marlowe-run + marlowe-playground (marlowe-cardano)
10:54:11 [ece102de] fix stylish (cardano-wallet)
10:58:27 [a0b37213] fixup! SCP-4012 Create images and compose file for marlowe-run + marlowe-playground (marlowe-cardano)
11:01:22 [b448b862] Added a26022096c6a8052987dabbfa94849ab7886cf0bb7840044e017d5be4b756265436f696e metadata (cardano-token-registry)
11:02:45 [4b704dde] Added 362706e09f908e1470b90278cb50bcd834b4c2f8d489431a8965ddb84b756265436f696e metadata (cardano-token-registry)
11:03:07 [23b9301a] fixup! SCP-4012 Create images and compose file for marlowe-run + marlowe-playground (marlowe-cardano)
11:04:28 [4d039d15] fix unused imports (plutus-apps)
11:04:54 [6241984d] Add DL quantifier using a custom generator (quickcheck-dynamic)
11:06:33 [fdf6ba9d] fixup! feat(cardano-services): implements rabbitmq new interface (cardano-js-sdk)
11:07:48 [a0009be1] add Transaction store code (cardano-wallet)
11:08:10 [0dd6d754] Try #1528: (haskell.nix)
11:09:40 [09938473] Remove NonEmptyArray (cardano-transaction-lib)
11:09:52 [68024d56] Release 0.6.0 (hydra-poc)
11:13:10 [50632ff9] add proposer rewards and python stuff (catalyst-toolbox)
11:17:08 [0809ea9b] changelog (cardano-transaction-lib)
11:17:31 [36eec32d] Update nix/overlays/build-tools.nix (cardano-wallet)
11:18:58 [3d4a3a46] fix clippy (catalyst-toolbox)
11:19:09 [4993d520] fixup! SCP-4012 Create images and compose file for marlowe-run + marlowe-playground (marlowe-cardano)
11:19:25 [67fd0572] Start fleshing out conflict-free liveness property (hydra-poc)
11:20:20 [783601ec] Merge #3814 (ouroboros-network)
11:24:55 [ff72dd18] Merge pull request #296 from input-output-hk/test/update-db-snapshot-with-block-3556390 (cardano-js-sdk)
11:25:45 [ca4fcee6] fixup! SCP-4012 Create images and compose file for marlowe-run + marlowe-playground (marlowe-cardano)
11:27:16 [514ba81c] deploy: 68024d5655e032f0d75cc00fb5bffb9578ae3a82 (hydra-poc)
11:27:17 [a1fa80c5] feat(core): accept common ipfs hash without protocol for nft metadata uri (cardano-js-sdk)
11:27:17 [91365240] chore(cardano-services): rm duplicate dependency (cardano-js-sdk)
11:27:18 [c001b98a] refactor(cardano-services): hoist metadata queries to a new MetadataService (cardano-js-sdk)
11:27:18 [8e8bfbe2] feat(cardano-services): add getNftMetadata service (cardano-js-sdk)
11:29:18 [ae4a4852] Apply suggestions from code review (cardano-wallet)
11:34:28 [f7f19268] deploy: ff72dd18175cc9c6b7bdd179f986ed3d559651b9 (cardano-js-sdk)
11:34:47 [260838eb] chore(webhooks): wording of bounty program banner (blockfrost.dev)
11:36:54 [d2c68ff6] remove python modules (catalyst-toolbox)
11:39:05 [5f922f2b] fix(webhooks): nice url for index page (blockfrost.dev)
11:41:31 [1545761a] wipe witness signature if rejected (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
11:46:42 [29c2c5ba] ContractModel: Detect Double Satisfaction Problems (#501) (plutus-apps)
11:47:02 [4684d34e] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to 29c2c5ba185754e348d76fd87e4cf3403800bed4 (plutus-ops)
11:48:55 [4ca1a53b] chore(webhooks): wording (blockfrost.dev)
11:52:40 [71351aff] fix flake.nix (jormungandr)
11:55:42 [99a1da80] SCP-3845: Create new plutus-script-utils package with script data and script hashing functions along with typed plutus script wrappers. (#447) (plutus-apps)
11:55:49 [6b658693] Update GHC version to 8.10.7 to get Mac builders unstuck. (#460) (plutus-apps)
11:55:49 [e2577394] SCP-3631: Make protocolParameters configurable (#455) (plutus-apps)
11:55:49 [d8348aaa] Fix typo in `Pretty` instance for `WriteBalancedTxResponse` (#465) (plutus-apps)
11:55:50 [f4dcd8fa] Add TimeValidity emulator test for different protocol versions (#466) (plutus-apps)
11:55:50 [25d64688] plutus-pab: Set response timeout to 60 sec of HTTP requests (plutus-apps)
11:55:50 [3988654a] Fix flakey CertifyingAndWithdrawingPlutus test with longer waits for Linux (#477) (plutus-apps)
11:55:50 [09743394] Add default definition for initialInstances (#478) (plutus-apps)
11:55:50 [d18f3b68] Export full PABEnvironment (#421) (plutus-apps)
11:55:50 [0c4b260d] plutus-contract emulator: Modifying addOutputs to replicate what cardano-wallet and cardano-node do, i.e., new outputs due to balancing are append to the list and not prepend (#474) (plutus-apps)
11:55:51 [6c96c2fc] [chain-index]: export all servant client functions (#485) (plutus-apps)
11:55:51 [44659c8c] Add plutus-streaming package (#476) (plutus-apps)
11:55:51 [c7e3c548] Initial DatumHash -> Datum index implementation. (#480) (plutus-apps)
11:55:51 [382ab46e] ContractModel: Report symbolic values as their symbolic names (#452) (plutus-apps)
11:55:51 [fa66454f] Add AdjustUnbalancedTx effect (#419) (plutus-apps)
11:55:51 [d7ed7c51] chore(deps): bump nixbuild/nix-quick-install-action from 13 to 14 (#491) (plutus-apps)
11:55:52 [21a3ded6] Move typeable further downstream of StateModel (#494) (plutus-apps)
11:55:52 [b5f3783e] Updated Github pull request template (#495) (plutus-apps)
11:55:52 [0c3c5c6e] PLT-45: plutus-tx-constraints (#490) (plutus-apps)
11:55:52 [e322e49b] PLT-255 Fixed plutus-pab integration test (#496) (plutus-apps)
11:55:52 [eba253b1] [PLT-87] marconi: Log progress of synced blocks (#489) (plutus-apps)
11:55:53 [73421c76] Comment MustSatisfyAnyOf. (#497) (plutus-apps)
11:55:53 [ffb25ad8] Static analysis to find unnecessary locations (#458) (plutus-apps)
11:55:53 [0db7dd99] Remove acidental change (#506) (plutus-apps)
11:55:53 [41a0b73d] chore(deps): bump nixbuild/nix-quick-install-action from 14 to 15 (#508) (plutus-apps)
11:55:53 [aa101f2b] Utxo indexer (#493) (plutus-apps)
11:55:53 [67d6d558] PLT-381 Fix the value of epochSlots and add a comment (#509) (plutus-apps)
11:55:54 [614d4e68] PLT-380 Replace TChan with bounded queue (#502) (plutus-apps)
11:55:54 [dc91fd2d] PLT-271: Use of pure cardano-api transaction in emulator (#503) (plutus-apps)
11:57:03 [7c35b35e] Add min ada tooltip (yoroi-frontend)
11:57:47 [a9cd67d1] Add `logAeson` function (cardano-transaction-lib)
11:58:03 [caa5014b] PLT-42 Added cabal-fmt to pre-commit hooks & reformatted all existing… (#505) (plutus-apps)
11:58:07 [f98b695a] A story of two indexers (#511) (plutus-apps)
11:58:07 [1fc67785] simplify cabal-fmt.nix and update docs (#515) (plutus-apps)
11:58:07 [4cc78686] chore(deps): bump nixbuild/nix-quick-install-action from 15 to 16 (#518) (plutus-apps)
11:58:08 [168ddbdb] Add pre-commit to shell.nix (#514) (plutus-apps)
11:58:08 [6cbc47ae] Fix PAB CliSpec with conflicting ports between two test cases (#520) (plutus-apps)
12:00:38 [691f8efb] Merge pull request #100 from saratomaz/readonly_reference_inputs (cardano-clusterlib-py)
12:01:13 [9c26999a] Merge pull request #105 from saratomaz/update_calculate_tx_fee_call (cardano-clusterlib-py)
12:06:59 [f27274ca] cleanup, add glossary, almost done slow programs (hs-opt-handbook.github.io)
12:08:36 [5ce4faa6] Deploying to deploy from @ input-output-hk/[email protected]40 🚀 (hs-opt-handbook.github.io)
12:11:54 [8b33942d] Merge branch 'babbage' into plutus-datum-json-support (cardano-serialization-lib)
12:11:55 [1c0d1f90] WIP (cardano-wallet)
12:16:18 [fec73cba] Merge #3347 (cardano-wallet)
12:18:40 [6d7c34c9] Added changes to get collateral pop up (yoroi-frontend)
12:21:09 [3948e07e] suspoend hls checks in CI (cardano-wallet)
12:21:43 [01c68a97] New Crowdin updates (#2028) (yoroi-mobile)
12:22:28 [7b8d9c41] rm cabal.project.old (cardano-wallet)
12:22:31 [5b0c3b44] Remove default LMDB limits from consensus. (ouroboros-network)
12:23:16 [f0dd611b] ignore cabal.project.old artifact (cardano-wallet)
12:24:09 [945f5ac7] Merge pull request #3821 from input-output-hk/jdral/CAD-4540-remove-default-lmdb-limits (ouroboros-network)
12:24:29 [471b29a4] rm check-cabal.project.sh (cardano-wallet)
12:25:00 [84234493] ignore check-cabal.project.sh artifact (cardano-wallet)
12:25:23 [fe3fba6d] Update the /v1/sendstats endpoint for pooltool (cncli)
12:27:27 [de1aa369] tx-generator: WIP new tracing (cardano-node)
12:27:27 [95c8f273] tx-generator: tracer fixes (cardano-node)
12:27:27 [9885711a] tx-generator: use generics for functions (cardano-node)
12:27:27 [cad33658] tx-generator remove legacy tracers (cardano-node)
12:29:15 [1366e560] Update CSL version (11.0.0-alpha.1 -> 11.0.0-beta.1) (cardano-transaction-lib)
12:30:35 [ca2afe37] Update lib/core/src/Cardano/Wallet/DB/Store/Transactions/Model.hs (cardano-wallet)
12:31:03 [f5023751] Configure default LMDB limits. (cardano-node)
12:36:03 [cdc13d05] Add bracket-style helpers (cardano-transaction-lib)
12:42:02 [6d79bb9b] Update `CHANGELOG.md` (cardano-transaction-lib)
12:42:06 [36bd9e5a] chore: add cardano-db-sync and postgres to docker-compose file (cardano-js-sdk)
12:42:07 [b08ddbee] feat(cardano-services): support loading secrets in run.ts for compatibility with existing pattern (cardano-js-sdk)
12:42:07 [32092ec6] build: add Dockerfile with http-server target (cardano-js-sdk)
12:43:19 [dee44114] Script for uploading an event dump file to S3 (#530) (plutus-apps)
12:43:36 [5035d131] Script for running a local node in buildkite (#531) (plutus-apps)
12:43:38 [061e4619] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to dee441146e6145e9b77b5ff7548ff9f26bad05b2 (plutus-ops)
12:43:53 [5a4aaf6e] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to 5035d131d637e9ae4d2e427c4f57c39944234ff9 (plutus-ops)
12:44:07 [6b0e88be] Script for running local node and dump job (#532) (plutus-apps)
12:44:14 [117b5439] add Transaction store code (cardano-wallet)
12:44:28 [bb40fcf5] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to 6b0e88be1af25677bd58969fcd09a1eea02d7cb2 (plutus-ops)
12:45:07 [79b1aac5] Add hyperlink in the tooltip (yoroi-frontend)
12:45:37 [2855f6a1] Update obsolete readme and add Dockerfile (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
12:45:46 [bc4f1694] use compile-time constants for buffers (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
12:46:31 [f0548d7e] Remove gratuitous log file (#525) (plutus-apps)
12:46:49 [ba703c6d] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to f0548d7ef6fc7c113f5fa3f386302787c86069d7 (plutus-ops)
12:50:37 [3a590a58] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:input-output-hk/plutus into zliu41/buildkite (plutus)
12:53:27 [108235c6] ForgeInKnownSlot now doesn't tick (ouroboros-network)
12:53:27 [23a9faf9] The mempool now returns a ticked ledger state (ouroboros-network)
12:53:57 [a943f5c0] Add a comment (plutus)
12:55:14 [7a87c444] add tx meta store code (cardano-wallet)
12:55:33 [625d6a86] stats: hydra fec73cba9f5bcec3dc334680b70a5051950a34c4 (cardano-wallet)
12:56:04 [fdb847ae] bump to rc4 (tools)
12:58:46 [ade3b25e] [DDW-1076] Clean up logs (daedalus)
12:59:53 [65434e4c] add transaction super store code (cardano-wallet)
13:01:42 [358fb5fa] Buildkite pipeline for script dump job (#533) (plutus-apps)
13:01:59 [98649485] plutusStaging: Bump plutus to 358fb5fafd2aa20184493df8b5633051e2116b87 (plutus-ops)
13:05:26 [556960c1] Render min ADA (yoroi-frontend)
13:08:01 [423ea6c8] Using package-lock to develop (yoroi-frontend)
13:09:24 [647f6d8c] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
13:10:25 [2ddefad0] Merge #4071 (cardano-node)
13:11:23 [9d5c81fe] scp-4141 Fix warning crash (marlowe-cardano)
13:11:33 [0a1e7ee0] Add instructions for Docker build (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
13:12:09 [833b93a4] use compile-time constants for buffers (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
13:12:13 [b488f958] Merge #3350 (cardano-wallet)
13:12:45 [5bf01a35] Ensure we don't generate 2 parties with identical keys (hydra-poc)
13:12:48 [180d8e59] un-CPS 'sizeSplit*' functions (plutus)
13:15:21 [bb5c2200] merge main and fix conflicts (vit-servicing-station)
13:18:29 [f018f1f9] plutip/servers: refactoring (cardano-browser-tx)
13:18:43 [8686ab88] tests for reference input using build-raw command (cardano-node-tests)
13:19:56 [ff70d110] tx-generator remove legacy tracers (cardano-node)
13:19:58 [4fa36474] Bootstrap Architectural Design Records (ADR) in our documentation (plutus-apps)
13:21:31 [c5253ce1] /action/{id}: fix zero value displayed for satisfying fact (cicero)
13:23:24 [04628650] Hide min-ADA label when sending all tokens (yoroi-frontend)
13:23:43 [e6221b49] Update src/components/LanguagePicker/LanguagePicker.tsx (yoroi-mobile)
13:24:20 [7694c653] Update src/components/LanguagePicker/LanguagePicker.tsx (yoroi-mobile)
13:24:34 [7ff6fb4e] Update src/components/LanguagePicker/LanguagePicker.tsx (yoroi-mobile)
13:24:40 [736aa678] Update src/components/LanguagePicker/LanguagePicker.tsx (yoroi-mobile)
13:24:56 [0fbc4ec7] Update src/FirstRun/LanguagePickerScreen/LanguagePickerScreen.tsx (yoroi-mobile)
13:27:09 [221a8ed1] return nil instead of zero value to prevent bugs (cicero)
13:27:31 [396d8113] Avoid use of exeFrom (lazyness issue seems fixed) (cardano-world)
13:30:54 [df484521] Merge #3823 (ouroboros-network)
13:31:00 [9c703259] run prettier (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
13:35:37 [5cad973b] fix haddock (cardano-wallet)
13:44:36 [7525000b] add created_at key to fact type (tullia)
13:45:45 [8a3734ff] currentSprintMarlowe: Bump marlowe to 9d5c81fe2942bbd3d628b07a020da299fe15f50d (plutus-ops)
13:46:49 [53d90841] Updating flake lock (jormungandr)
13:52:37 [74608f28] deleted Marlowe content, updated project name (plutus-apps)
13:56:40 [b7db45da] Updated cabal.project file (ouroboros-network)
13:56:42 [19dd3cab] network-mux: Mux's Channel - added tryRecv (ouroboros-network)
13:56:42 [3da200a2] ouroboros-network-testing: stateful cborg utilities (ouroboros-network)
13:56:42 [fc07709f] ouroboros-network-framework: updated against typed-protocols changes (ouroboros-network)
13:56:42 [19ddb5e3] ouroboros-network-framework: stateful driver implementation (ouroboros-network)
13:56:42 [f975ff83] ouroboros-network-framework: added unbounded buffered channel (ouroboros-network)
13:56:43 [2cb98aff] ouroboros-network-framework: added runConnectedPeersWithLimits (ouroboros-network)
13:56:43 [2cff9dc3] ouroboros-network-framework: extend driver tests (ouroboros-network)
13:58:00 [0f8cb2a3] Parse fault ogmios responses #584 (cardano-browser-tx)
13:58:17 [dc1766ab] The mempool now returns a ticked ledger state (ouroboros-network)
14:00:15 [04442df0] Some simplification (cardano-transaction-lib)
14:01:16 [b1868103] fixup! fixup! test(wallet): adds a transaction chaining dedicated e2e test (cardano-js-sdk)
14:04:57 [d3d84528] /invocation/{id}: fix empty transformation log (cicero)
14:18:56 [56633f07] Fixed issues when running lint (yoroi-frontend)
14:21:17 [d7a7fee9] [DDW-1109] Prevent segfaults on Darwin in `GC_*` code when launching `nix-shell` (daedalus)
14:23:46 [11396526] Merge #3348 (cardano-wallet)
14:29:11 [5a7d69e1] Merge #4034 (cardano-node)
14:29:27 [c8f42286] tx-generator: implement support for new tracing (cardano-node)
14:29:39 [6d5f0f1b] tx-generator remove legacy tracers (cardano-node)
14:31:44 [b5ea26bd] [wip] Write a simple QD model for HeadLogic (hydra-poc)
14:31:50 [99caa355] [wip] Making some progress on model, now trygin to execute test (hydra-poc)
14:31:51 [2a00ca1b] WIP: make StateModel play nicely with IOSim (hydra-poc)
14:31:53 [ba6136f3] WIP: fixing shrinking so that it does something (not ideal at the moment) (hydra-poc)
14:31:54 [1a796a85] WIP: unsafeCoerce hack to get arund QuickCheck's PropertyM being a tad insane (hydra-poc)
14:31:55 [754d70f2] Try to get rid of some Typeable constraints but still having troubles (hydra-poc)
14:31:57 [6d7a16e4] Fix Model so that it can run in hspec :tada: (hydra-poc)
14:31:58 [7718d00c] Add Commits to the model (hydra-poc)
14:32:00 [cbc36edd] Add Commit and Abort actions (hydra-poc)
14:32:01 [41473c0c] Wait for Init to perform Commit (hydra-poc)
14:32:03 [d340becd] Write first assertion on the model: assert commits consistency. (hydra-poc)
14:32:04 [b3050483] Correctly compare node's state with model (hydra-poc)
14:32:06 [139da3a7] Improve error message on failed assertion (hydra-poc)
14:32:07 [1cb03f8e] Fix recording of server outputs in TestHydraNode (hydra-poc)
14:32:09 [a5495d57] Move state-model assertion in separate function (hydra-poc)
14:32:10 [1d71b90b] Assert Head is opened with the right commits (hydra-poc)
14:32:12 [e741258f] Try labelling transitions to enrich the model output. (hydra-poc)
14:32:13 [1c5fc8c4] Add more labels for transitions and generate more tests (hydra-poc)
14:32:14 [e3d12fdf] Simplify testing machinery for StateModel (hydra-poc)
14:32:16 [63a9606d] Unify Model to have a single consensus state (hydra-poc)
14:32:17 [07f12905] Improvements to model-based test output (hydra-poc)
14:32:18 [6b65a489] Simplify Action type as a wrapper around ClientInput (hydra-poc)
14:32:20 [9dd59593] Reject transition by default (hydra-poc)
14:32:21 [d7a387c5] Work towards generating transaction on Open (hydra-poc)
14:32:23 [a98d6ead] [wip] Implement perform on NewTx (hydra-poc)
14:32:24 [9ffe2102] Rework model to use abstract representation of Ledger/UTxO (hydra-poc)
14:32:26 [2ad09979] [wip] Update generator and nextState to new tx model (hydra-poc)
14:32:27 [f3ec9006] Continue plumbing mock payment model into real world. (hydra-poc)
14:32:29 [ace8fd85] Implement missing typeclasses for Payment (hydra-poc)
14:32:30 [c494bb2a] Implement concrete perform action for 'NewTx'. (hydra-poc)
14:32:31 [e465a67f] Wait for UTxO to be non-empty before performing a new transaction. (hydra-poc)
14:32:33 [4a89deb1] Add safety pre-condition to 'NewTx' (hydra-poc)
14:32:34 [6321e65a] Add some tracing to debug infinite loop. (hydra-poc)
14:32:36 [ff02e8cb] Merge #3952 (cardano-node)
14:32:36 [fed99eff] Wait for transacation to be confirmed after performing NewTx. (hydra-poc)
14:32:37 [34ce355f] Add source of failure in CommandFailed output (hydra-poc)
14:32:39 [8708f760] Wait for head to be open before performing new tx. (hydra-poc)
14:32:40 [5e9bf313] Fix new-tx pre-condition: make sure value is correct. (hydra-poc)
14:32:42 [3a4abc3e] Compare map of aggregated addr->values instead of list of txout (hydra-poc)
14:32:43 [ec7c0d9e] Check equality of balances after some txs (hydra-poc)
14:32:44 [2465a855] Capture logs of TesthydraNode in TVar. (hydra-poc)
14:32:46 [7f3ea142] Dump node logs when ModelSpec tests errors out (hydra-poc)
14:32:47 [f214db5b] Adapt TUI to changed output (hydra-poc)
14:32:49 [1207d4d3] [wip] Track snapshot production to understand Model property failure (hydra-poc)
14:32:50 [a337fd72] [wip] Introduce NewSn event to ensure event queue is filled (hydra-poc)
14:32:52 [0239d368] Check there's always a leader for every snapshot number (hydra-poc)
14:32:53 [f4f4c4a9] Filter outputs with empty values in model (hydra-poc)
14:32:54 [a036cd96] Make Model similar to UTxO (hydra-poc)
14:32:56 [b0f669fb] Improve reporting of error in case no UTxO is available (hydra-poc)
14:32:57 [f0d8248c] Do not throw error when there's no UTxO (hydra-poc)
14:32:59 [d2834ce7] Dump logs captured in IOSim when property fails (hydra-poc)
14:33:00 [f001e17d] Custom show instance for Payment to improve error reporting (hydra-poc)
14:33:02 [e8eda0c5] Revert "[wip] Track snapshot production to understand Model property failure" (hydra-poc)
14:33:03 [132edcc8] Start fleshing out conflict-free liveness property (hydra-poc)
14:33:05 [57bc30ca] Ensure we don't generate 2 parties with identical keys (hydra-poc)
14:33:06 [2edf6e56] [wip] debugging (hydra-poc)
14:34:50 [c67fbe99] Update ODC, Use CLI options instead of config (cardano-transaction-lib)
14:37:27 [ad7aac93] Example for Multisigning (cardano-transaction-lib)
14:38:00 [64dcd91f] Merge pull request #24 from vacuumlabs/v4.1.2-fix (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
14:38:57 [bb12c868] add additional info in spending counters mismatch errors (#825) (chain-libs)
14:39:08 [e4a13167] Update changelog (cardano-transaction-lib)
14:39:53 [a51c9153] locli | API: clean up CDF field nomenclature (cardano-node)
14:39:53 [4f24b19e] locli: factor rendering & granular plain text output (cardano-node)
14:39:53 [061169c8] locli & workbench: CDF exports & various cleanups (cardano-node)
14:39:53 [fcf4dba0] workbench: fix colorise (cardano-node)
14:39:53 [84cb9dc0] shell.nix: use shell from the flake as default; -A cluster-shell for the workbench-carrying shell (cardano-node)
14:39:53 [106a355c] locli & workbench: org-mode export, cross-referencing & massive refactoring (cardano-node)
14:42:03 [91a05573] fix: Send token stuck (yoroi-mobile)
14:43:17 [d3bf2d59] stats: hydra b488f958a7c001b25b831e157fff4c7494c565dd (cardano-wallet)
14:43:45 [49dff17b] [bump] v4.1.2 (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
14:47:03 [3dd13cda] fix test (cicero)
14:47:15 [d060d00b] [WIP] convert CI+CD pipeline to tullia (cicero)
14:48:07 [5b358f2b] chore: Bump versions (yoroi-mobile)
14:48:44 [ae4a69fb] my tests failing (vit-servicing-station)
14:48:55 [b292c873] Merge branch 'develop' into e2e-signing-data (yoroi-frontend)
14:52:09 [3e5919cd] unused utxos inversion (cardano-browser-tx)
14:57:57 [f0d5980e] plutip/servers: remove unsafePartial (cardano-transaction-lib)
14:59:47 [53731f06] Turn off the test in plutus-pab-executables (plutus-apps)
14:59:51 [297fc0ef] Script for uploading an event dump file to S3 (#530) (plutus-apps)
14:59:58 [262eab66] Script for running a local node in buildkite (#531) (plutus-apps)
15:00:03 [b9adb83e] Script for running local node and dump job (#532) (plutus-apps)
15:00:08 [4a2e4719] Buildkite pipeline for script dump job (#533) (plutus-apps)
15:01:08 [446c22bc] Generate mainnet event dump (plutus-apps)
15:07:50 [5b10c7bf] cardano-faucet (cardano-world)
15:09:15 [73823b8f] Update Palette.stories.tsx (yoroi-mobile)
15:15:40 [58421057] check collateral output feature using build (cardano-node-tests)
15:25:57 [660e6ce7] Update Theme.stories.tsx (yoroi-mobile)
15:27:38 [6d47a100] Merge pull request #586 from Plutonomicon/klntsky/479-handle-ctl-errors (cardano-transaction-lib)
15:30:46 [a8deebc6] wip: initLocal tf state fn (bitte)
15:31:31 [b5c0f269] workbench | supervisor: prevent 'cardano-tracer' process from leaking in case of node start failure (cardano-node)
15:31:41 [7912aa13] fix: avoid tf fail exit to enforce state hash check/commit/cleanup (bitte)
15:31:45 [758fb4d5] deploy: 2ddefad0ae6db566fb0f04b729a5dd2b1f51d3ac (cardano-node)
15:33:58 [e04cb892] Update Typography.stories.tsx (yoroi-mobile)
15:34:12 [3278b5c4] plutip/servers: use helper functions (cardano-transaction-lib)
15:34:17 [cc3cee09] fix: after Julianos's new review (yoroi-mobile)
15:42:18 [408ce37f] Update to `master` (cardano-browser-tx)
15:44:35 [b6701a47] Don't recreate instances due to ami changes (bitte)
15:48:12 [bfe4391d] workbench | lib-cabal: only set WORKBENCH_PROFILED if it's not set already (cardano-node)
15:48:55 [32b55a93] [ci][add] NanoS+ build (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
15:51:41 [ec66e612] Merge #3336 #3351 (cardano-wallet)
15:52:01 [79f8143f] stats: hydra 1139652636036051dfd6138236281136e7e92fd5 (cardano-wallet)
15:53:17 [c67d5bc2] Get the test back (plutus-apps)
15:53:41 [aeed5283] Merge pull request #25 from LedgerHQ/bump (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
15:53:46 [1533e09a] nondeterministic tests? (vit-servicing-station)
15:55:39 [32d4b8be] Don't recreate subnets due to az changes (bitte)
16:03:58 [0aabc3f4] Change `DeltaCheckpoints` type to be a list (cardano-wallet)
16:06:16 [da3e1f62] fix: adding testID property to language select button (yoroi-mobile)
16:07:49 [7550d1eb] Merge branch 'develop' into YOMO-179-revamp-language-selector (yoroi-mobile)
16:09:30 [025a495d] Add 'argsKind' and refactor 'minimalType' (plutus)
16:13:48 [c4f7d91b] TransactionOutput: support inline datums, update de-/serialization code (cardano-transaction-lib)
16:14:04 [3751c6ec] workbench: consistent shell variable prefix: all workbench env vars are now WB_* (cardano-node)
16:17:14 [e763c23a] RTView: notifications (email) (cardano-node)
16:22:10 [129b79ea] deploy: ff02e8cb6966c619f9494896f390278af554e8d9 (cardano-node)
16:23:00 [34caa45c] Update CardaniaFounderBlue for ticker (cardano-token-registry)
16:26:28 [2c89a3aa] Merge pull request #3 from cardano-community/pooltool (cncli)
16:30:22 [d84be6dc] BlockFetch client: isolate impl of `BlockFetchConsensusInterface` (ouroboros-network)
16:30:23 [cf18320a] LogicalClock: extract utility to trace current tick (ouroboros-network)
16:32:01 [3852f45f] Factor `while` out of ssh invokation (bitte)
16:32:03 [bfcb73ff] Redirect some noise to /dev/null (bitte)
16:32:04 [cdaf89ee] DRY (bitte)
16:34:44 [366d130b] refactor: adding the button text to globals (yoroi-mobile)
16:35:20 [a509b8bf] Merge branch 'YOMO-179-revamp-language-selector' of github.com:Emurgo/yoroi-mobile into YOMO-179-revamp-language-selector (yoroi-mobile)
16:35:35 [be12b029] update EvmFilters indexing (jormungandr)
16:36:49 [1391aff9] Fix help text formatting of add-test-output. (plutus)
16:39:43 [673a2252] CAD-4535 use correct ledger state in mempool revalidation (#3818) (ouroboros-network)
16:46:13 [388cb960] chore(deps-dev): bump async from 3.2.0 to 3.2.2 (cardano-graphql)
16:47:15 [bb32efd8] Ticker Decimal 0 is valid update (scripts)
16:53:05 [56163efb] Merge #3336 (cardano-wallet)
16:58:58 [f54d2396] Edit json to include decimals (cardano-token-registry)
16:59:07 [525869ef] Merge branch 'develop' into klntsky/583-update-odc-2 (cardano-transaction-lib)
17:00:00 [b0244976] Revert "refactor: adding the button text to globals" (yoroi-mobile)
17:04:05 [705445be] Tutorial about CA derivations (haskell.nix)
17:04:35 [fe4bf165] imp: initLocal tf state fn (bitte)
17:04:36 [d74aa91a] fix: avoid tf fail exit to enforce state hash check/commit/cleanup (bitte)
17:04:45 [7892badc] Bootstrap Architectural Design Records (ADR) in our documentation (plutus-apps)
17:07:31 [ca7ffed1] cardano-node-service: put the 'executable' service option in full control of the invocation string (cardano-node)
17:08:42 [a94ea78b] refactor: adding the button next text to globals (yoroi-mobile)
17:09:43 [15bd14d3] Add comment. (plutus)
17:10:28 [785e5d14] Add 0 decimal entry in the token registry (scripts)
17:11:12 [a89b1ef2] refactor: renaming the next text buttom variable name (yoroi-mobile)
17:11:59 [3f8249b4] feat: balance tx fails fast on txcoll or collRet (cardano-wallet)
17:15:39 [b02a95f8] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into effectfully/builtins/parsing-of-polymorphic-data (plutus)
17:25:38 [9e3549c1] Fix add-test-output's help text formatting. (#4728) (plutus)
17:26:55 [4fcc19ff] Cleanup/refactor (bitte)
17:27:53 [7c88cd57] [EC Api] - Added: What other wallets support staking? (essential-cardano-content)
17:30:55 [4b5c795b] refactor: Code sm..l (yoroi-mobile)
17:33:55 [7045540b] refactor: renaming language picker testID value (yoroi-mobile)
17:40:45 [04d78c31] workbench: centralise executable entry points (cardano-node)
17:43:58 [a03a34eb] Update CardaniaFounderGreen to add ticker (cardano-token-registry)
17:44:09 [5ca968a3] fix: broken jobs due to host volume re-chown (bitte)
17:46:50 [8514640e] Update CardaniaFounderRed to add ticker (cardano-token-registry)
17:51:25 [b5dbd742] workbench: centralise executable entry points (cardano-node)
18:00:29 [3b01aeb8] Added design document for plutus-ledger-constraints (plutus-apps)
18:05:15 [c03eb29b] Merge pull request #160 from input-output-hk/nomad-chown-fixup (bitte)
18:06:24 [057f335a] cluster-shell: fix missing executables (cardano-node)
18:12:10 [545f921d] Merge #3351 (cardano-wallet)
18:12:37 [ffd3867b] stats: hydra 56163efbdbbd5ca9653b044dedbcfcaaf71cf898 (cardano-wallet)
18:16:59 [a37a6c74] Kaizen Token Updated Meta (cardano-token-registry)
18:20:13 [9e55370c] Merge pull request #157 from input-output-hk/ignore_ami_changes (bitte)
18:20:28 [ac255675] chore: CR removed initialData (yoroi-mobile)
18:25:21 [ec2717a9] update bitte to fix nomad-volume chown (cardano-world)
18:29:35 [aa5b3f1a] Refactor conformance test infrastructure a little (plutus)
18:29:36 [3f8843df] Remove unused packages from cabal, stop catching exception in executable, remove zipWith3Exact from prelude. (plutus)
18:30:32 [7bedc447] Typography (#2027) (yoroi-mobile)
18:31:10 [cf2721a9] ProtocolParamUpdate: Remove d and extra_entropy setters (cardano-browser-tx)
18:39:05 [59c0639a] wip: refactor cache (cardano-js-sdk)
18:40:59 [decdec72] Update src/i18n/locales/en-US.json (yoroi-mobile)
18:41:49 [6ae7d6d7] wip: time settings provider (cardano-js-sdk)
18:49:02 [91fcfafb] PoC of MuSig2 implementation with libsecp256k1 (musig2)
18:52:28 [421f2955] KAIZEN Token Updated Meta Revised (cardano-token-registry)
18:54:15 [5ff6e35c] Merge branch 'develop' into theme (yoroi-mobile)
18:57:49 [196eef17] stats: hydra 545f921d3453bcf6fe855a57430676ef7bb8fade (cardano-wallet)
19:04:43 [ce9728ff] Correct min. Tickerlength for the TokenRegistry (scripts)
19:15:24 [8b315b86] Fixing the nightly channel for rustfmt (jormungandr)
19:20:16 [4dc036b8] Change example to xorByteString (plutus)
19:21:15 [cd1e8b7d] Fixing a flake check issue (jormungandr)
19:22:47 [79e06441] Change example to xorByteString (plutus)
19:25:54 [8357da8b] hydrate-app: tf state updated to serial 37 (cardano)
19:26:03 [5251e617] Formatting (plutus)
19:26:36 [057b622e] use custom environment if not set in db-sync (cardano)
19:27:19 [9446332b] switch terraform backend to local (cardano)
19:27:33 [8eab4e45] add db-sync creds for vasil-dev (cardano)
19:30:15 [e102e32c] Add some advice about R modelling (plutus)
19:34:08 [13093636] Add some advice about R modelling (plutus)
19:34:52 [faea9258] Add some advice about R modelling (plutus)
19:36:06 [27dbbf7b] More about memory (plutus)
19:36:30 [2fb6b82e] [YOMO-179] Language selector revamp (#2025) (yoroi-mobile)
19:40:31 [d79d9a28] Kwxm/costing/improve signature verification benchmarks (PLT-199) (#4721) (plutus)
19:40:39 [7695bdff] chore: Fix from the old navigator (yoroi-mobile)
19:41:26 [b2adc640] add db-sync/submit-api config for vasil-dev (cardano-world)
19:41:35 [9cabb57c] chore: Deleted unsused files (yoroi-mobile)
19:41:51 [214d9cff] remove vasil-qa db-sync secrets (cardano-world)
19:43:06 [9dfe3e4e] formatting fixes (cardano-world)
19:44:18 [438cf5fa] hydrate-app: tf state updated to serial 41 (cardano-world)
19:44:57 [05126c0d] Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/input-output-hk/plutus (plutus)
19:49:44 [7d14ec79] Update and rename Draft to CIP Transfer Stake Pool/README.md (CIPs)
20:01:30 [5a2bb8d1] Add a warning about model choice (plutus)
20:03:44 [aa939b81] Add a warning about model choice (plutus)
20:04:13 [471cc491] Add a warning about model choice (plutus)
20:13:23 [5a8dc4b4] Submit the CDDL Shelley Tx if it was sucessfully signed (cardano-node-tests)
20:16:08 [00005632] imp: initLocal tf state fn (bitte)
20:16:09 [02b2aec8] fix: avoid tf fail exit to enforce state hash check/commit/cleanup (bitte)
20:17:58 [c048c0d3] Merge pull request #1183 from mkoura/test_shelley_cddl_submit (cardano-node-tests)
20:20:20 [d09071bd] improve comments for ui_displayBusy (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
20:20:20 [d616fb29] addressUtilsByron.h removals (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
20:20:42 [68e4b1da] Add instructions for Docker build (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
20:20:42 [6ad06d4b] use compile-time constants for buffers (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
20:21:02 [4867072e] wipe witness signature if rejected (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
20:21:04 [9459f1b4] chore: dockerfile (cardano-rosetta)
20:23:27 [cc9b1eb1] add Cardano logo to menu (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
20:24:48 [a1aa96e8] unfinished (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
20:25:22 [24da47e0] New translations en-US.json (French) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:23 [cee0a839] New translations en-US.json (Russian) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:24 [652199ed] New translations en-US.json (Indonesian) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:25 [2e49ec8b] New translations en-US.json (Portuguese, Brazilian) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:27 [db301fd8] New translations en-US.json (Chinese Traditional) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:28 [df035f23] New translations en-US.json (Chinese Simplified) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:29 [cf883f0b] New translations en-US.json (Turkish) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:30 [27979ebd] New translations en-US.json (Slovak) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:31 [fcfd23de] New translations en-US.json (Dutch) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:33 [dd17fec6] New translations en-US.json (Spanish) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:34 [285d4546] New translations en-US.json (Korean) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:35 [1036d2c2] New translations en-US.json (Japanese) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:37 [faffb4f6] New translations en-US.json (Italian) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:38 [8983ea10] New translations en-US.json (Hungarian) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:39 [dc2d4703] New translations en-US.json (Greek) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:40 [437fcc06] New translations en-US.json (German) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:41 [58b8a31f] New translations en-US.json (Czech) (yoroi-mobile)
20:25:42 [ecc310d2] New translations en-US.json (Croatian) (yoroi-mobile)
20:32:35 [f2bfd114] Update README.md (CIPs)
20:34:41 [a663a114] Update README.md (CIPs)
20:37:53 [cd116f74] Use type alias for CardanoSigningKey (hydra-poc)
20:38:25 [39817c3b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
20:46:35 [3a7bf92f] Added StateToken data family an StateTokenI type class. (typed-protocols)
20:52:00 [052335e3] fixes (scrolls)
20:58:47 [11600454] Update plutus-core/cost-model/CostModelGeneration.md (plutus)
21:18:36 [9d30c16f] chore: dockerfile (cardano-rosetta)
21:20:08 [661fe1d4] balance per address (scrolls)
21:22:02 [627f9cfa] check collateral output feature using build-raw (cardano-node-tests)
21:22:50 [147194bc] Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/goverthrow/CIPs into koz/bitwise (CIPs)
21:26:23 [fa7064c4] chore: Dockerfile (cardano-rosetta)
21:31:17 [e3b53aa5] Merge pull request #229 from CardanoSolutions/feat/ts-client-babbage-block-helper (cardano-ogmios)
21:32:59 [6d20fa8c] Generate mainnet event dump (plutus-apps)
21:33:27 [d7077c68] deploy: e3b53aa5b2dac80fc80ea61982a6e555494399cb (cardano-ogmios)
21:34:26 [d9532654] chore: update editorconfig and gitignore for nix (oura)
21:34:35 [90dbad0c] chore: add flake with nix package (oura)
21:44:08 [947d2eeb] Move `WitVKey` into its own module in core. Make `wvkKeyHash` lazy. (cardano-ledger)
21:44:08 [c816317e] Moved `HKD` into `cardano-ledger-core` (cardano-ledger)
21:55:17 [c506e010] Moved `HKD` into `cardano-ledger-core` (cardano-ledger-specs)
21:56:45 [f1409773] chore: dockerfile (cardano-rosetta)
21:56:49 [f4f2509f] feat: add oura package, entrypoint, and oci-image (cardano)
21:57:09 [a63c2c38] Reference txins for minting, certs and withdrawal (cardano-clusterlib-py)
21:57:57 [d5be7605] imp: prioritize tf local plaintext state err/cmds over less common ones (bitte)
21:57:58 [aa13f060] imp: avoid SC2129 grouping swallow trap messages (bitte)
21:57:59 [2c11e53b] imp: add a prompt to avoid commit timeout errors w/ manual recovery (bitte)
21:58:00 [c1ebd8d8] imp: initLocal tf state fn (bitte)
21:58:01 [62fe5b21] fix: avoid tf fail exit to enforce state hash check/commit/cleanup (bitte)
22:05:22 [5a854e33] Moved `HKD` into `cardano-ledger-core` (cardano-ledger-specs)
22:06:58 [7b55b8ef] fix(wallet)!: store keeps track of in flight transactions (cardano-js-sdk)
22:07:31 [dcc5dcec] fix(wallet): do not mutate previously emitted inFlight transactions (cardano-js-sdk)
22:07:31 [ebc446b6] perf(wallet): share submitting$ subscription within TransactionsTracker (cardano-js-sdk)
22:18:23 [31ffe47c] made things compile (plutarch)
22:19:44 [8169e242] New translations en-US.json (French) (yoroi-mobile)
22:22:38 [164b83ee] workbench: restore the CI test; bug fixes all over the place (cardano-node)
22:38:02 [e3e0a67d] Yet another typo (plutus)
22:38:34 [1c8b211b] Merge branch 'kwxm/PLT-201' of github.com:input-output-hk/plutus into kwxm/PLT-201 (plutus)
22:39:39 [a3f2c82b] chore: dockerfile and entrypoint (cardano-rosetta)
23:06:07 [0173b7ae] Cleanup dead code: remove unused `StakeCreds` (cardano-ledger)
23:07:37 [c223474a] Merge pull request #2175 from cryptoproun/master (cardano-token-registry)
23:08:39 [dec66a78] Merge pull request #2177 from BraveHeartStakePool/master (cardano-token-registry)
23:08:59 [186abaa1] Remove unsed code (yoroi-frontend)
23:09:33 [9ba77664] Merge pull request #2178 from dmartinmo/a26022096c6a8052987dabbfa94849ab7886cf0bb7840044e017d5be4b756265436f696e-metadata (cardano-token-registry)
23:09:55 [04b14e26] More explanation (plutus)
23:10:23 [23796af6] Merge pull request #2179 from dmartinmo/362706e09f908e1470b90278cb50bcd834b4c2f8d489431a8965ddb84b756265436f696e-metadata (cardano-token-registry)
23:11:03 [60b7bd60] chore: Deleted old code, added dev resources (yoroi-mobile)
23:11:17 [baeef7dc] Merge pull request #2180 from Chris-Graffagnino/master (cardano-token-registry)
23:11:52 [e137cb21] Merge pull request #2181 from Chris-Graffagnino/green-update (cardano-token-registry)
23:12:23 [f75d2138] Merge pull request #2182 from Chris-Graffagnino/red-update (cardano-token-registry)
23:12:53 [79c05284] Merge pull request #2184 from KaizenCrypto/master (cardano-token-registry)
23:13:46 [39ec05d4] Merge branch 'develop' into dev-test-cleanup (yoroi-mobile)
23:17:18 [2c60c7cc] chore: Fix from the old navigator (yoroi-mobile)
23:19:42 [bd1fcd5b] chore: Bump android version (yoroi-mobile)
23:21:35 [92ad5840] feat: add oura package, entrypoint, and oci-image (cardano-world)
23:30:10 [2c81ba11] workbench: remote analysis & analysis fetching (cardano-node)
23:37:13 [6524d198] New translations en-US.json (Spanish) (yoroi-mobile)
23:47:24 [565facd9] Moved `HKD` into `cardano-ledger-core` (cardano-ledger)
23:47:24 [42822fc1] Cleanup dead code: remove unused `StakeCreds` (cardano-ledger)
23:57:46 [c3dbe783] workbench: remote analysis & analysis fetching (cardano-node)