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Saturday, May 27, 2023

198 commits had been pushed across 22 repos by 37 authors. There were 733,408 additions and 6,419 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on essentialcardano.io.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:00:57 [61b6e77f] wip: testing ci v2 (catalyst-core)
00:03:24 [8e45d3a8] wip: testing ci v2 (catalyst-core)
00:06:16 [fb612587] wip: testing ci v2 (catalyst-core)
00:10:07 [1040f180] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
00:10:07 [93d43688] Automatic Update (stackage.nix)
00:12:46 [79615e04] Added cardano-cli-7.1.0 (cardano-haskell-packages)
00:19:00 [7f7c82a9] :bento: Update graphs [skip ci] (uptime)
00:21:03 [bf7bbd02] deploy: fb61258784d9582c08ee2379ce9751f45d42ae51 (catalyst-core)
00:25:57 [7cf1e363] deploy: 19f25da2d8b6a003a94219570af402b462c76caf (catalyst-core)
00:26:12 [14540327] refactor: uses container for all steps and builds cache (catalyst-core)
00:36:37 [edc4400d] wip: adds remaining earthfiles (catalyst-core)
00:42:31 [8e0974e0] Rela aarch64 none (#1960) (haskell.nix)
00:51:26 [5a7b70ee] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
00:51:35 [1a502734] wip: testing building +all (catalyst-core)
00:56:39 [975dd332] Add GHC 9.6.2 and 9.2.8 (haskell.nix)
00:58:17 [ad383bca] ifdLevel 1 (haskell.nix)
01:00:11 [166c4ad4] Update hackage-nix (cardano-haskell-packages)
01:00:57 [dec98429] Update haskell-nix (cardano-haskell-packages)
01:06:09 [4971a108] deploy: 00ae5e6cb90f341f338d3e2ede53e9dc954a3f0c (catalyst-core)
01:10:38 [782fcdb2] wip (hydra-poc)
01:10:38 [7ba2fbb6] Add mainnet scripts (hydra-poc)
01:10:38 [0fb63c34] mainnet-deploy (hydra-poc)
01:10:38 [a9e58c72] Increase volume size for mainnet (hydra-poc)
01:10:39 [1453d7a8] wip (hydra-poc)
01:10:39 [cf3de5c9] Make scripts to work for preview. (hydra-poc)
01:10:39 [65f34950] Create tfvars file if not exists (hydra-poc)
01:11:33 [1e064140] Add draft test for building drafted commit tx (hydra-poc)
01:11:33 [1947d560] Add initial implementation of draftCommitTx (hydra-poc)
01:11:33 [bdab94e0] Add base e2e draft for external ommit (hydra-poc)
01:11:34 [f89f97b0] Introduce rest api callback (hydra-poc)
01:11:34 [036e5ea4] Fix http server http method and client call from e2e (hydra-poc)
01:11:34 [45621202] Start work on the http response (hydra-poc)
01:11:34 [1f36ca07] Add APIRestInputReceived server log (hydra-poc)
01:11:34 [c42d5521] Introduce the http call to get Draft commit tx (hydra-poc)
01:11:35 [a042081a] Sign the commit tx and introduce external key (hydra-poc)
01:11:35 [f3869dcb] Move rest callback to Server (hydra-poc)
01:11:35 [1e750770] Introduce Chain handle to draft commit tx (hydra-poc)
01:11:35 [0ba5e50c] Balance the commit transaction (hydra-poc)
01:11:36 [a2a4b2f8] Use commit instead of commitTx (hydra-poc)
01:11:36 [24d76b03] Checkpoint - missing script input after balancing (hydra-poc)
01:11:36 [9fc90b94] Remove all warnings (hydra-poc)
01:11:36 [609e9517] Dirty solution that works (hydra-poc)
01:11:37 [487db945] Move http server types to appropriate place (hydra-poc)
01:11:37 [4b8c56a7] Refactor draftTx (hydra-poc)
01:11:37 [64a730ed] Remove unneeded todo (hydra-poc)
01:11:37 [484eeac9] Minor fix error and warnings (hydra-poc)
01:11:37 [04a7a67b] Remove MonadCatch constraint (hydra-poc)
01:11:37 [0d951ee8] Remove spec not needed (hydra-poc)
01:11:38 [6c3f68a0] Alter to/from json instances for RestServerOutput (hydra-poc)
01:11:38 [98ac5e45] Add new server inputs/outputs to api.yaml (hydra-poc)
01:12:06 [6721e18d] Add changelog entry (hydra-poc)
01:12:07 [6ef27e8a] Change wording in draftTx dummy handle (hydra-poc)
01:12:08 [1f552a61] Include new keys in data-dir (hydra-poc)
01:12:08 [8102d1ac] Remove unneeded deps (hydra-poc)
01:12:08 [a97ee4f2] Remove external key pair (hydra-poc)
01:12:08 [59b1d6cb] Improve on api.yaml wording (hydra-poc)
01:12:08 [81851b04] Revert the State module (hydra-poc)
01:12:08 [6ddf629d] Small refactor and haddocks (hydra-poc)
01:12:09 [69cea198] Extract request handler (hydra-poc)
01:12:09 [2be659e0] Add json roundtrip tests for new http types (hydra-poc)
01:12:09 [07776a15] Extract rest types into separate module (hydra-poc)
01:12:09 [e613be37] Use explicit imports in Scenarios.hs (hydra-poc)
01:12:10 [df5d067f] Rename new http server types (hydra-poc)
01:12:10 [ea3f9298] Add golden tests for new types (hydra-poc)
01:12:10 [28132b09] Improve on json schema (hydra-poc)
01:12:10 [97105159] Rename FailedToDraftTx to FailedToDraftTxNotInitializing (hydra-poc)
01:12:10 [2b2bef94] Remove genAdaOnlyOutput and make genTxOutAdaOnly accept a public key (hydra-poc)
01:14:57 [fcb1d1f4] WIP: draft a spending tx for script (hydra-poc)
01:14:57 [c65f37a3] Create another external commit scenario for scripts (hydra-poc)
01:14:57 [d4ce7977] Follow up on temporary sanity check: Spend the script on L1 (hydra-poc)
01:46:40 [31aec940] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
02:07:55 [7d5a9445] wip: push images and assemble output (catalyst-core)
02:13:47 [bc83ea4f] fix: fixes image-name path and AWS errors (catalyst-core)
02:16:48 [906267f9] Include order patch is needed for ghc 9.6.2 (haskell.nix)
02:18:57 [fe924a02] ifdLevel 0 (haskell.nix)
02:21:29 [e34cf0dd] ifdLevel 1 (haskell.nix)
02:22:02 [8d42d048] wip: take 2 on assemble job (catalyst-core)
02:24:59 [234bd2d1] wip: fix upload/download (catalyst-core)
02:30:11 [a23f0630] wip: fixes for loop (catalyst-core)
02:33:13 [9ccbb67a] Merge pull request #3133 from cardano-tools-nft/update_pupa_decimals (cardano-token-registry)
02:33:46 [7cdc4c4d] Merge pull request #3134 from cardano-tools-nft/update_espers_decimals (cardano-token-registry)
02:34:28 [7f8b95f3] Merge pull request #3135 from ancianoencrypto/master (cardano-token-registry)
02:44:34 [4ab2530d] deploy: 86e73190ca670e6d4c1a9d1cdf006bddbfcfd5a0 (catalyst-core)
02:46:37 [ab161255] wip: generate unique file name (catalyst-core)
02:52:22 [267b8c95] wip: testing ci v2 (catalyst-core)
03:01:12 [9dd142c0] wip: testing ci v2 (catalyst-core)
03:15:59 [94dd8ac9] deploy: cc14e4e8e11fd4174374a77a43aa102120d6b0f3 (catalyst-core)
03:17:41 [3ed480e8] wip: cleanup (catalyst-core)
03:24:47 [dea95851] wi[: fix actions (catalyst-core)
03:26:30 [9ab5d6da] wip: checkout actions (catalyst-core)
03:27:52 [90a96b83] wip: fix copy (catalyst-core)
03:44:36 [ea360167] deploy: 90a96b83a35bd5c5122c0bd69122d4972faa6bfd (catalyst-core)
03:55:22 [d9580724] deploy: be1d46efe06f1a7d7b7b0a1b5a7b11086ce5fe29 (catalyst-core)
04:16:24 [fa76a8e9] fix for new voting key cmd (scripts)
04:34:37 [e2bf0ad2] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
04:39:03 [091265ff] deploy: 85e650ca951feba2b3f139eda4bc58cafeab07f9 (hydra-poc)
05:46:30 [fc07b444] Materialized files (haskell.nix)
06:42:13 [09285a1c] Incorporating Roman's comments and adding new sections (NFTs-working-group)
06:43:20 [4034d163] Merge branch 'CIP-Cardano-Threat-Intelligence' of https://github.com/MIxAxIM/Certification-working-group into CIP-Cardano-Threat-Intelligence (NFTs-working-group)
06:44:44 [bfcc6f4f] Incorporating Roman's comments and adding new sections (NFTs-working-group)
06:47:55 [34c8188f] Incorporating Roman's comments and adding new sections (NFTs-working-group)
06:49:51 [611a4146] More materialization (haskell.nix)
07:00:39 [29cad13e] Remove removed constructor (hydra-poc)
07:20:05 [79f3aa69] Minor fixes (NFTs-working-group)
07:21:53 [d5f3e1bf] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
07:42:56 [4deea68c] Merge pull request #46 from kukkok3/master (scripts)
08:20:36 [3eee1426] Update hackage-nix (#302) (cardano-haskell-packages)
08:21:00 [5ee81a7d] Update haskell-nix (cardano-haskell-packages)
08:22:17 [12439c32] Use getProjectBase to fix tests (cardano-node)
08:22:17 [df76fd59] Add golden files to nix (cardano-node)
08:25:40 [2f374bd8] Added cardano-cli-7.1.0 (cardano-haskell-packages)
08:34:07 [6db2d321] Update from 3eee142666dee5e0f783a58a93cd590e3b31917d (cardano-haskell-packages)
08:34:14 [e6692e8d] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
08:47:38 [6ca30028] Merge pull request #3137 from paetobe/master (cardano-token-registry)
09:50:40 [84009d26] Added cardano-cli-7.1.0 (#301) (cardano-haskell-packages)
09:51:01 [26a6a68d] Update haskell-nix (cardano-haskell-packages)
10:02:14 [ac74c6db] Update from 84009d26831e5050113e997978f7f09672f845b4 (cardano-haskell-packages)
10:11:31 [99137e5d] Use getProjectBase to fix tests (cardano-node)
10:23:30 [a29716d5] More materialization (haskell.nix)
10:29:40 [4af48d03] More materialization (haskell.nix)
10:30:00 [07bcd2c0] ifdLevel 2 (haskell.nix)
10:40:26 [79037955] Update tests (haskell.nix)
10:42:27 [3437fdb1] Update tests (haskell.nix)
10:50:49 [acc39e27] ifdLevel 3 (haskell.nix)
11:27:38 [e57b0204] Update tests (haskell.nix)
11:49:20 [788702bb] Update dependencies (cardano-cli)
12:10:25 [ce0ae264] New version (cardano-cli)
12:11:04 [e802a02c] Added cardano-cli- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
12:23:25 [f8f57fb0] Update tests (haskell.nix)
12:40:02 [62a92247] Update tests (haskell.nix)
12:46:35 [97438a19] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
12:52:20 [a8bfb664] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
12:57:46 [cb353d76] Update haskell-nix (cardano-haskell-packages)
13:06:48 [b798a57d] Update from cb353d764740e5c48121243f25eb626cd8715cd9 (cardano-haskell-packages)
13:18:50 [553e949f] Update tests (haskell.nix)
13:26:21 [5d6b227c] Update GH Plugin for Buildkite (cardano-node-tests)
13:56:17 [ba25d1e8] Update tests (haskell.nix)
14:11:03 [6a06f964] Add GHC 9.6.2 and 9.2.8 (#1969) (haskell.nix)
14:24:50 [15d84a9a] Removed extraneous contract file. (marlowe-starter-kit)
14:26:57 [93b7201e] Updated URL to Marlowe Playground. (marlowe-starter-kit)
14:28:34 [67f7c0f1] Merge pull request #14 from input-output-hk/bwbush/playground-url (marlowe-starter-kit)
14:41:58 [d1a52351] feat: allow well-known network by name (oura)
14:45:19 [6431bf06] Added cardano-cli- (cardano-haskell-package-repo)
14:48:33 [b1a8ef61] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
14:59:25 [a34ac8e1] Update GH Plugin for Buildkite and benchmark queue (cardano-node-tests)
15:00:58 [2e4b648a] Make it case insensitive (oura)
15:01:43 [ff25cc44] feat: allow well-known network by name (#606) (oura)
15:13:25 [7b67e30e] fix(deno): allow bit integers in payloads (oura)
15:14:01 [ec751245] Update GH Actions Buildkite Plugin (cardano-node-tests)
15:14:36 [fd1200c1] fix(deno): allow big integers in payloads (#607) (oura)
15:15:33 [6225f72b] chore(deps): bump google-cloud-googleapis from 0.7.0 to 0.8.0 (oura)
15:15:35 [57c2bc93] chore(deps): bump aws-sdk-lambda from 0.14.0 to 0.28.0 (oura)
15:31:07 [b243c3e8] fixup! feat(input-selection): added new greedy input selector (cardano-js-sdk)
15:43:44 [e7ed6171] Implement most of `interpretTerm` and `permuteTerm` (plutarch-core)
15:45:09 [d9c0bbeb] Update GH Actions Buildkite Plugin (cardano-node-tests)
15:47:31 [77384768] fixup! feat(input-selection): added new greedy input selector (cardano-js-sdk)
16:23:54 [8ff8a4b0] Cardano Scams (cardano-token-registry)
16:24:29 [ca15b470] Merge pull request #20 from dcSpark/rinor/c1-mainnet_upgrade (milkomeda-c1-evm-passive)
16:36:19 [1944e2d7] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
17:15:33 [798c97f2] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
17:40:00 [0966a312] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
18:10:57 [7dc8eb2b] feat: adds support for parsing image names from Earthfile targets (catalyst-core)
18:14:23 [c9fd83cf] Add Maybe postgres service into PlutipConfig (cardano-transaction-lib)
18:20:34 [2ba27d21] fix: strips Earthfile from paths when -i flag is used (catalyst-core)
18:27:46 [e4ee5470] wip: testing ci v2 (catalyst-core)
18:33:36 [16a08d5e] wip: testing ci v2 (catalyst-core)
18:42:09 [6dcb9b34] fix: transforms images into a space delimited string (catalyst-core)
18:47:09 [ec647400] fix: compresses JSON output (catalyst-core)
18:55:16 [3a4c01e6] wip: testing ci v2 (catalyst-core)
18:57:01 [92765933] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
19:09:54 [612209ba] deploy: 3a4c01e6c4098c035d1bec19d4c0a8ff07eb9e6c (catalyst-core)
19:11:52 [9d1a6bf4] deploy: 46706eeeac865c36e1a8b80890022604debd0bde (catalyst-core)
19:16:26 [fd0d4300] wip: fixes deployment payload (catalyst-core)
19:27:28 [be0fd5eb] fix: updates deployment jq string (catalyst-core)
19:30:46 [044dc3c6] wip: testing ci v2 (catalyst-core)
19:32:18 [5cf1150e] fix: fixes output names (catalyst-core)
19:38:25 [17f87a58] fix: fixes debug echo (catalyst-core)
19:41:36 [e41011a4] wip: cleanup (catalyst-core)
19:56:05 [6491d8bd] deploy: e41011a45034c06cba59c005a13d6ea97a2f3d91 (catalyst-core)
20:00:30 [97024628] deploy: 91d2a3db74fb851affe68b138bd991c5211b076d (catalyst-core)
20:25:07 [0a453511] Ignore log errors using method instead of fixture (cardano-node-tests)
20:34:38 [729a4ee7] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
20:40:41 [4695d54a] Merge pull request #1847 from input-output-hk/ignore_log_errors_method (cardano-node-tests)
21:47:17 [ad623779] feat: generate schema (openapi)
22:38:25 [a2396134] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
22:45:05 [a747f695] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
22:45:16 [610d3120] Add files via upload (cardano-token-registry)
22:45:20 [2e4ecc94] FrogCoin (cardano-token-registry)
22:50:28 [359538ad] Add initial outline of general extra services (cardano-transaction-lib)
23:05:11 [bc8cb879] 🟩 C1 Devnet RPC is up (200 in 100 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:11 [366c94cb] 🟩 C1 Devnet Sidechain Explorer is up (200 in 106 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:12 [09831b92] 🟩 C1 Mainnet Sidechain Explorer is up (200 in 123 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:12 [58c4afbc] 🟩 C1 Mainnet RPC is up (200 in 84 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:13 [7f5c5089] 🟩 A1 Devnet RPC is up (200 in 458 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:13 [d98622c7] 🟩 A1 Devnet L2 Explorer is up (200 in 484 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:14 [49afd3f4] 🟩 A1 Mainnet L2 Explorer is up (200 in 87 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:05:14 [08e8bf45] 🟩 A1 Mainnet RPC is up (200 in 115 ms) [skip ci] [upptime] (uptime)
23:13:16 [4df5e947] feat: better parsing for TX outputs (go-ouroboros-network)