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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

533 commits had been pushed across 42 repos by 90 authors. There were 834,083 additions and 1,715,333 deletions. Official weekly status updates can be found on roadmap.cardano.org.


Repos Updated

Commit Log

00:09:18 [30f27653] Fixes (cardano-db-sync)
00:12:23 [78548e46] Remove admin_user table (cardano-db-sync)
00:12:51 [1b3b76ac] Add config sanity checks to dbsync.sh and dbsync.sh itself to prereqs (guild-operators)
00:13:29 [2a1ca845] Deployed haddocks (cardano-node)
00:15:46 [666e0839] chore/Added mnemonic creator script (yoroi-mobile)
00:28:48 [8aed1995] Merge #3413 (ouroboros-network)
00:35:17 [eae635fa] Add config sanity checks to dbsync.sh and dbsync.sh itself to prereqs (guild-operators)
00:36:58 [36ed6edb] Merge branch 'alpha' into rpc2view (guild-operators)
00:38:25 [7ef36506] Move RPCs to view where makes sense (#1133) (guild-operators)
00:38:40 [91613217] move pretty printers to separate package (cardano-ledger-specs)
00:38:41 [883b2b6c] Merge branch 'alpha' into dbsyncscript (guild-operators)
00:40:42 [d762d008] New release version (guild-operators)
00:51:04 [390b407f] remove protocol rules from era mappings (cardano-ledger-specs)
01:01:15 [73cd7873] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
01:07:26 [e3786e08] migrate to useStrings (yoroi-mobile)
01:14:24 [1301f5d3] Automatic update for Wed Oct 13 01:14:24 UTC 2021 (stackage.nix)
01:15:23 [89a69afd] Update Hackage and Stackage (haskell.nix)
01:19:03 [281ac9e1] expose more of the ExUnits internals (cardano-ledger-specs)
01:22:34 [fae211ef] extract ScannerButton (yoroi-mobile)
01:24:00 [415a7a22] move PoolDistr and ProtVer to cardano-ledger-core (cardano-ledger-specs)
01:24:00 [ab4d6576] move getLeaderSchedule API from wallet to protocol (cardano-ledger-specs)
01:24:00 [c0eb3fb2] move pretty printers to separate package (cardano-ledger-specs)
01:24:01 [7fd7993a] remove protocol rules from era mappings (cardano-ledger-specs)
01:27:11 [1c052992] remove unused screen option (yoroi-mobile)
01:29:23 [34a70bf0] remove unused stylesheet (yoroi-mobile)
01:38:16 [ab296e7a] Add config sanity checks to dbsync.sh and dbsync.sh itself to prereqs (guild-operators)
01:43:26 [97b12673] clean up all css variables (yoroi-frontend)
01:45:49 [68d38280] Merge pull request #1678 from Emurgo/send-screen (yoroi-mobile)
01:46:02 [71bb9678] Merge branch 'develop' into mnemonic-duplicate-words (yoroi-mobile)
01:46:09 [084e4da2] Merge branch 'develop' into receive-address-view-rebase (yoroi-mobile)
01:46:24 [b96f1db4] Merge pull request #2422 from Emurgo/Ahmed/locked (yoroi-frontend)
01:55:35 [d8785a95] Merge branch 'master' into pavlix-tokio (rust-cardano-ouroboros-network)
01:57:54 [25c345a3] refactor and add readCssVar function (yoroi-frontend)
02:23:51 [8d3ce2fc] Merge pull request #1676 from Emurgo/receive-address-view-rebase (yoroi-mobile)
02:30:30 [f806df72] Merge branch 'develop' into update-catalyst-rebase (yoroi-mobile)
02:31:12 [b9331ad6] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
02:31:50 [5586ba7a] Merge pull request #1674 from Emurgo/update-catalyst-rebase (yoroi-mobile)
02:41:06 [baf659ec] Remove non plutus core components (plutus)
02:52:34 [a7436774] Update plutus code from week02 to 2021-10-08 PAB Release (plutus-pioneer-program)
02:53:15 [ad8b81f9] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into repo-split (plutus)
02:59:04 [3549deca] db-sync: Write the db-sync version number to the meta table (cardano-db-sync)
02:59:35 [12823feb] Update plutus code from week03 to 2021-10-08 PAB Release (plutus-pioneer-program)
03:08:35 [1f9809d7] Merge #2961 (cardano-wallet)
03:16:03 [d9a27fe5] Merge branch 'develop' into mnemonic-duplicate-words (yoroi-mobile)
03:18:35 [8f40d5c1] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
03:37:41 [c53b3d0a] fix lint PinInputKeyboard (yoroi-mobile)
03:38:11 [6683b97e] fix lint VotingBanner.stories (yoroi-mobile)
03:42:56 [6d775314] Updating Plutus commit hash (plutus-pioneer-program)
03:50:54 [5232036a] Using Key with more than 1 Word64, bits 3-6 working. (cardano-ledger-specs)
03:57:51 [ae89e9fd] remove lint rule (yoroi-mobile)
04:02:10 [89f8956f] added automated test results (cardano-node-tests)
04:03:30 [1c240b08] rename modal wrapper (yoroi-mobile)
04:15:53 [6ffa0686] Merge pull request #885 from input-output-hk/erikd/meta-version (cardano-db-sync)
04:22:57 [f41f517f] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
04:26:22 [75d937fb] Add R_X86_64_TLSGD linker fix from MR5561 to ghc 8.10.7 (haskell.nix)
04:26:29 [2a1fad77] Updates to Koios and setup process based on previous feedbacks (guild-operators)
04:27:31 [031b4056] Try #1268: (haskell.nix)
04:30:56 [4199f68e] Start work on mock LocalChainSync protocol (cardano-db-sync)
04:31:01 [49c6b3fa] playChainFragment: run a chain-sync client against a server (cardano-db-sync)
04:31:01 [b5c1a389] tests: Initial Byron config for mock testing (cardano-db-sync)
04:31:01 [6d83818e] simplify (cardano-db-sync)
04:31:01 [9106c778] simplify (cardano-db-sync)
04:36:46 [9644cfff] Merge branch 'alpha' into add-tx-metalabels (guild-operators)
04:43:19 [59af9fb7] Actually regenerate Nix (cardano-wallet)
04:43:47 [0fb4cffa] Add mock runner (cardano-db-sync)
05:01:41 [d884da4f] stats: hydra 1f9809d70b07b57f05951006843164ccf6bc1546 (cardano-wallet)
05:01:43 [0f3b915d] badge: hydra 1f9809d70b07b57f05951006843164ccf6bc1546 (cardano-wallet)
05:15:52 [78e95d1b] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
05:30:22 [014d0827] Make nix great again (hydra-poc)
05:36:39 [1afe13e3] Extract out function `verifyOutputSize`. (cardano-wallet)
05:36:42 [92ed7945] Extract out function `verifyOutputTokenQuantities`. (cardano-wallet)
05:36:42 [dcd9db0d] Give `SelectionIncorrect` errors a common prefix. (cardano-wallet)
05:36:42 [90faa922] Add `SelectionIncorrectOutputSizeExceedsLimit` to `verifySelection`. (cardano-wallet)
05:36:43 [bdc2a3f9] Add `SelectionIncorrectOutputTokenQuantityExceedsLimit` to `verifySelection`. (cardano-wallet)
05:36:43 [6a7e0c53] Use more concise prefix of `VerifySelection` for verification errors. (cardano-wallet)
05:36:43 [4ddaf11c] Extract out function `selectionAllOutputs` (cardano-wallet)
05:36:44 [0b244bbc] Add `SelectionIncorrectOutputTokenQuantityExceedsLimit` to `verifySelection`. (cardano-wallet)
05:36:44 [fa73b01a] Make comments consistent for selection verification functions. (cardano-wallet)
05:38:50 [12144edf] cardano-tracer: demo for local SSH forwarding. (cardano-node)
05:45:49 [25452450] Make `verifySelection` report all errors that it encounters. (cardano-wallet)
05:47:29 [20e6302d] ifdLevel 1 (haskell.nix)
05:48:14 [08a8d90d] Try #1268: (haskell.nix)
06:12:21 [71c6eac3] cabal.project: Remove un-needed source dependency (cardano-db-sync)
06:20:58 [b3dadbb5] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
06:25:44 [6c6fb555] Merge pull request #88 from input-output-hk/MetaLamp/nft-marketplace/typescript-generation-fix-assoc-map (plutus-use-cases)
06:32:08 [cb118749] Merge pull request #886 from input-output-hk/erikd/cabal (cardano-db-sync)
06:39:13 [f7f7d453] test(wallet): move withdrawal example to an integration test (cardano-js-sdk)
06:41:20 [09d2a271] trace-dispatcher, cardano-node: forwarding initialization (cardano-node)
06:44:53 [41e7023a] Merge #3425 (ouroboros-network)
06:46:12 [e5f06232] Fix duplicate block error (plutus)
06:49:23 [a060e9f3] fix code after update (plutus-use-cases)
06:50:10 [d20ed735] make fmt (plutus-use-cases)
06:51:59 [5ea51136] Merge pull request #3647 from input-output-hk/move_qr_code_module-port (jormungandr)
06:52:41 [3312fd56] refactor(wallet): create enums for event names (cardano-js-sdk)
06:53:39 [4f33b00e] Merge pull request #3646 from input-output-hk/max-expiry-settings-for-network-builder-port (jormungandr)
06:54:10 [2de50e27] Merge pull request #3650 from input-output-hk/fix_lints_on_catalyst-fund6-port (jormungandr)
06:55:14 [44c357b8] Update protocolVersion to 6.0 (cardano-wallet)
06:56:02 [fc64cf32] Add `maximumCost` to `VerifySelectionDeltaInvalidError`. (cardano-wallet)
06:58:18 [63a19575] Split builder into smaller helpers (vit-testing)
06:58:47 [c5cb0d5e] add todo about DiffMilliSeconds (plutus-use-cases)
06:58:55 [8c5a7a08] Report the generated selection within `prop_performSelection_onSuccess`. (cardano-wallet)
07:00:26 [12ef958f] add first impl try (vit-testing)
07:09:41 [b8cabfb2] io-sim: Data.List.Trace.Trace type (ouroboros-network)
07:09:41 [7bba9783] io-sim: added pretty printers (ouroboros-network)
07:09:41 [b772d4c4] io-sim: log EventMask (ouroboros-network)
07:09:41 [7d49c3a3] io-sim: label Async's TVar (ouroboros-network)
07:09:41 [3e327013] io-sim: fixed a typo (ouroboros-network)
07:09:41 [303b31fc] p2p-governor: Process synchronous hot promotion errors (ouroboros-network)
07:09:41 [3b13e5b5] MuxMode module with various 'MuxMode' singletons (ouroboros-network)
07:09:41 [f6d8667c] Hot / Warm / Established distinction (ouroboros-network)
07:09:41 [d58c1059] NodeToNodeV_8 version for full duplex connection (ouroboros-network)
07:09:41 [6b672552] io-sim-classes: Eq instances for stm's mutable varibles (ouroboros-network)
07:09:41 [37757ec2] connection-manager: types & implementation (ouroboros-network)
07:09:42 [685eabc6] connection-manager: ConnectionHandler (ouroboros-network)
07:09:42 [88f57e00] connection-manager: server (ouroboros-network)
07:13:43 [e019aff7] Expose ability to configure mempoolCapacityOverride (ouroboros-network)
07:16:55 [4ab053e3] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
07:20:16 [ca5d1869] Refactor basic review points (catalyst-toolbox)
07:22:13 [79696768] Ca to CommunityAdvisor refactor (catalyst-toolbox)
07:23:59 [924efe70] added mainnet sync test values (cardano-node-tests)
07:24:31 [a7b643a3] Merge #2972 (cardano-wallet)
07:29:47 [1639d4f0] Add missing sha256 to make nix happy (hydra-poc)
07:32:59 [f92bd81e] expose leaders_id and block0_date (jormungandr)
07:39:40 [5fa3dc34] Add a new analysis --count-blocks (ouroboros-network)
07:45:33 [e72d3dc8] Merge #3413 (ouroboros-network)
07:47:07 [3a50b648] Split kedqr command into hash and img (catalyst-toolbox)
07:47:20 [dba92742] Cargo update (catalyst-toolbox)
07:51:04 [2aa92a1e] Merge branch 'master' into SCP-2858-chain-index-securityParam (plutus)
07:53:16 [180f807a] Merge pull request #146 from blockfrost/srk/protoParamsExamples (openapi)
07:53:54 [f27c641e] Merge pull request #149 from blockfrost/1000101/425 (openapi)
08:00:28 [c454d121] Fix duplicate block error (plutus)
08:04:31 [ea5510d4] update dependecies (catalyst-toolbox)
08:04:57 [e75c48cf] Expose ability to configure mempoolCapacityOverride (cardano-node)
08:05:10 [d99a25b2] expose Replay struct as module (catalyst-toolbox)
08:07:01 [b44e5da3] Add tx_metalabels RPC (#1144) (guild-operators)
08:07:36 [eb17dade] use in code logs and block0 generation rather than static files (catalyst-toolbox)
08:07:43 [f91b519f] extract signedmEssage on contract end (plutus-use-cases)
08:08:01 [091a4696] Update deps (cardano-node)
08:08:01 [8e4fe498] Update: DomainAddress is now DomainAccessPoint. (cardano-node)
08:15:06 [9f5ada06] fix fmt (catalyst-toolbox)
08:16:40 [6600daec] Merge pull request #89 from input-output-hk/eleks/setup-frontend (plutus-use-cases)
08:18:41 [2717710d] update deps (vit-testing)
08:20:51 [fa5ae238] show logs (jormungandr)
08:24:40 [997fddb9] Try providing git build tool to cardano-config (cardano-wallet)
08:25:31 [696f5991] flake update (catalyst-toolbox)
08:27:31 [0637455c] Updates to Koios and setup process based on previous feedbacks (guild-operators)
08:30:16 [dd1e89b6] Update ghcjs to use backported fix (haskell.nix)
08:30:35 [2d210f25] Update version (catalyst-toolbox)
08:33:00 [f9e95db2] Try #1268: (haskell.nix)
08:36:18 [90ce4718] adding more fields in json file + modifing Game types (plutus-use-cases)
08:40:26 [53c3ef9f] refactor rewards calculation (catalyst-toolbox)
08:40:27 [5df91b50] fix total tickets calculation (catalyst-toolbox)
08:41:32 [71ad1163] initial commit of the new membench repo (cardano-memory-benchmark)
08:42:44 [a1dfaed5] Or this (cardano-wallet)
08:44:20 [257ef645] Merge branch 'alpha' into add-tx-utxos-rpc (guild-operators)
08:44:47 [43a5a965] change match to NS in json (plutus-use-cases)
08:46:19 [f28e1ac5] remove unused method (catalyst-toolbox)
08:48:06 [3af7c7d1] Merge pull request #91 from Ant32M/eleks/oracle-features (plutus-use-cases)
08:53:10 [1937e993] update nix version (jormungandr)
08:54:19 [98b169d2] Add OpenApi.ToSchema instance for Ada (fix #4062). (plutus)
08:55:13 [710184be] Add ToSchema instances for SlotConfig and ThreadToken (fix #4066, #4067) (plutus)
08:57:08 [6ed12e92] Update minting.md (developer-portal)
08:58:30 [2560aaa0] add OpenAPI spec for archival purposes (already outdated) (cicero)
08:58:31 [a5b0f77c] [WIP] add web UI (cicero)
08:58:58 [713ec7b4] cardano-node: Using serverMetricStore for EKG (cardano-node)
09:01:13 [27479e47] Merge #2972 (cardano-wallet)
09:02:06 [90918072] Using ghc version 8.10.6 (cardano-shell)
09:02:58 [73dab166] trace-dispatcher: direct async instead of withAsync. (cardano-node)
09:03:49 [5860a7ed] Merge branch 'master' into SCP-2905-pab-alonzo-mode-wallet-handler (plutus)
09:06:53 [82d28384] cardano-api: Serialize AssetName to JSON as hex string with latin-1 helper (cardano-node)
09:06:53 [c00c5fa6] cardano-cli: Expect AssetName in hex in --mint and --tx-out (cardano-node)
09:06:53 [463c5318] cardano-api-test: Add AssetName roundtrip tests (cardano-node)
09:06:53 [fd15a100] cardano-cli: Friendly output multi-asset with ASCII version where possible (cardano-node)
09:09:43 [82d45179] SCP-2858: Chain-index configurable securityParam (#4078) (plutus)
09:10:05 [8189254a] staging: Bump plutus to 82d45179b1ab8c43d4725b0522c00e2cdbe1f24c (plutus-ops)
09:10:44 [84fbed0a] refactor: export theme feature using mui theming (yoroi-frontend)
09:12:27 [4f939520] Add missing comment (plutus)
09:14:02 [e3c1a32c] Merge branch 'misc-comment' into repo-split (plutus)
09:15:43 [36812cff] Add new analysis --count-blocks (ouroboros-network)
09:15:48 [974352f3] remove and refactor css variables using mui css vars in the entire app (yoroi-frontend)
09:17:03 [4dbdde9e] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
09:18:52 [4341f8de] updated the tag numbers for some runs (cardano-node-tests)
09:23:11 [83ca2660] consensus: add the DoneAddingBlock tracer event (ouroboros-network)
09:34:16 [961a9d89] Remove non plutus core components (plutus)
09:36:18 [fe14d02a] Update haskell.nix, ghc and nixpkgs (cardano-shell)
09:36:51 [b6ef6c80] Merge pull request #1677 from Emurgo/mnemonic-duplicate-words (yoroi-mobile)
09:36:53 [aa8684a7] Reduce size of generated data for chain index tests (plutus)
09:37:35 [aed2b71a] [DDW-691] Merges-in latest develop branch and fix conflicts (daedalus)
09:39:47 [d3c0e5b7] refactor(wallet): change event-naming, rename trackTransaction->track, a few small improvements (cardano-js-sdk)
09:42:34 [4cda6a18] [DDW-680] set correct color for ITN rquiredWordsInfo (daedalus)
09:48:00 [ca6bb3ec] Improve error reporting for redeemers error in the balancing endpoint. (cardano-wallet)
09:57:07 [5a5fc384] [DDW-691] Add more Windows logs and track cardano-launcher (daedalus)
09:57:38 [a717cead] Add missing comment (#4096) (plutus)
09:58:02 [70820a86] staging: Bump plutus to a717cead02329f2e2d57673e226b3839c32bb50d (plutus-ops)
10:04:42 [80278fa7] [DDW-680] Make all of public key input hoverable for copy action when visible (daedalus)
10:10:21 [36134cb7] Add a new analysis --count-blocks (ouroboros-network)
10:12:39 [11833f1a] Query and cache db-sync schema version (cardano-node-tests)
10:12:50 [bc0eac72] Ignore reward related error message (cardano-node-tests)
10:13:12 [53aea543] Support for changed schema with `multi_asset` table (cardano-node-tests)
10:13:26 [d0094c8a] Update instructions in README (cardano-node-tests)
10:13:35 [e70505dd] Add `test_collateral_is_txin` (cardano-node-tests)
10:15:09 [4b971836] pin `pip==21.2.4` (cardano-node-tests)
10:17:52 [1d0a6919] Add PlutusTx.Ratio PureScript type (#4026) (plutus)
10:18:12 [247f3f23] staging: Bump plutus to 1d0a6919eae2828916f95edbc7b466739be6b0c3 (plutus-ops)
10:19:21 [437c13e6] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
10:23:07 [3b6a935a] feat(wallet): implement UTxO lock/unlock functionality, fix utxo sync (cardano-js-sdk)
10:23:24 [58522521] wrap- case (plutus)
10:24:20 [333f22bb] refactor: create ProviderError and convert blockfrostProvider errors to it (cardano-js-sdk)
10:24:21 [6373e7e8] refactor(wallet): move TransactionError to pkg root, create examples/withdrawal.ts, enable coverage (cardano-js-sdk)
10:24:21 [00083682] fix(wallet): lock utxo right after submitting, run input selection with availableUtxo set (cardano-js-sdk)
10:24:21 [63e270c0] test(wallet): move withdrawal example to an integration test (cardano-js-sdk)
10:24:21 [a5bc91f5] refactor(wallet): create enums for event names (cardano-js-sdk)
10:25:23 [fb7875b2] Remove non plutus core components (plutus)
10:26:13 [a384722c] comment (plutus)
10:26:57 [8e4f9a2a] remove catch-all (plutus)
10:28:30 [60f385b7] bench: add the -c RTS arg for nodes: switch to compacting GC for the oldest generation (cardano-ops)
10:29:44 [71d463ca] api: drop Alonzo environment (blockfrost-haskell)
10:33:30 [cae6df40] error (plutus)
10:33:54 [535631d3] Switch hackage category to Cardano (blockfrost-haskell)
10:38:55 [8af719bc] Merge #2973 (cardano-wallet)
10:38:57 [1ccee67f] Reduce size of generated data for chain index tests (#4097) (plutus)
10:39:17 [ea464fac] staging: Bump plutus to 1ccee67f16537990046bdf18ffbc6e0c43f678a3 (plutus-ops)
10:40:09 [eed0ee05] Use DiffTime instead of Time for DoneAddingBlock (ouroboros-network)
10:41:33 [babf9153] stats: hydra 27479e47dda2c1d7d9eff22663ec9bded2f758ae (cardano-wallet)
10:41:34 [dce0e449] badge: hydra 27479e47dda2c1d7d9eff22663ec9bded2f758ae (cardano-wallet)
10:46:45 [a48980d8] adding change match goals API method (plutus-use-cases)
10:46:48 [cd21e3a8] Merge pull request #5 from Zeegomo/ca-rewards (catalyst-toolbox)
10:49:35 [9ec1efe3] niv update cardano-shell -a branch=update-haskell-nix-etc (daedalus)
10:49:49 [9f890b73] Merge branch 'master' into SCP-2905-pab-alonzo-mode-wallet-handler (plutus)
10:52:56 [86308969] init (metadada)
10:52:56 [5a782986] metadada-convert-dir (metadada)
10:52:56 [6d821735] create dir (metadada)
10:52:56 [9998b9fd] fix typos lol (metadada)
10:52:56 [cdfd4962] add missing app/Dir.hs (metadada)
10:52:56 [11874b6d] list test in cabal file, drop .actual.json (metadada)
10:52:56 [bd3e7eb3] Skip invalid instead of quitting, due to testnet mess (metadada)
10:52:56 [ca4b1ae4] Fix Maybe policy, back to error on failure (metadada)
10:53:49 [f16aa5b9] implement single account mode (ledger-app-cardano-shelley)
10:55:59 [4079bccd] Changed attenuation to adequate newtypes (ouroboros-network)
11:00:15 [3745df33] Removed panic, promoted to error (catalyst-toolbox)
11:00:42 [57a6414e] Merge pull request #56 from input-output-hk/HeinrichApfelmus/update-2021-10-07 (cardano-haskell)
11:02:38 [635e9a6e] Merge pull request #2707 from hamishmack/feature/ddw-745-arm-support (daedalus)
11:02:57 [0ff0f4ca] extend Tx to account for witnesses (cardano-wallet)
11:02:57 [757ff2d1] add wits from SealedTx (cardano-wallet)
11:02:57 [33b154d9] add ErrSubmitTxMissingWitnesses (cardano-wallet)
11:03:46 [35f6773c] A QuickCheck property for checking partial validators (#4023) (plutus)
11:04:04 [b3982006] staging: Bump plutus to 35f6773c6ba8394345000b57e9bf149d092347a1 (plutus-ops)
11:06:23 [a8c4bb7c] Use Decimal instead of fixed lib (catalyst-toolbox)
11:09:47 [5ae75593] WIP: Block adoption metrics (cardano-node)
11:12:28 [28ffc949] Revert "Diable nix-fmt for time being" (ouroboros-network)
11:14:21 [d110f8dc] Merge pull request #112 from input-output-hk/feat/utxo-lock (cardano-js-sdk)
11:14:27 [fed95c53] Merge #2973 (cardano-wallet)
11:14:31 [c6a88df9] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
11:16:52 [c9d0d3ae] refactor: export Lovelace=bigint from core/Ogmios and use it where appropriate (cardano-js-sdk)
11:17:41 [08fa2fcd] deploy: d110f8dc1f2832ff1f9449b64891b6ac21d0e1a1 (cardano-js-sdk)
11:18:31 [7c9b7b35] api: drop Alonzo environment (blockfrost-haskell)
11:18:31 [1dcb096c] Switch hackage category to Cardano (blockfrost-haskell)
11:29:24 [5a213fbe] con case (plutus)
11:31:15 [1ff32610] Added Pruning multinode_Sim test (ouroboros-network)
11:31:15 [4b375923] Counted OutboundIdleState in counters (ouroboros-network)
11:31:15 [34583543] Fixes async exceptions in connectionLoop (ouroboros-network)
11:31:15 [411f5844] Fixes async exception handling in Snocket. (ouroboros-network)
11:31:15 [60c63f46] Trace counters after transitions (ouroboros-network)
11:31:15 [8ba07935] Added multinode_Sim_Pruning_HardLimit test (ouroboros-network)
11:31:15 [e589743c] Documented extra pruning transitions (ouroboros-network)
11:31:53 [33e26b10] Refactored Server2 multinode_Sim tests (ouroboros-network)
11:31:53 [1e47db81] Add test to check order of ConnectionManager trans (ouroboros-network)
11:31:53 [5df4da07] Reliable tracing with Async exceptions (ouroboros-network)
11:31:53 [c32842d0] Added InboundGovernor transition order test (ouroboros-network)
11:32:14 [7ba07269] Fix duplicate block error (plutus)
11:38:43 [27f8c0d6] update error in swagger (cardano-wallet)
11:57:58 [f731aa5e] Update version link instructions (scripts)
12:01:01 [af5a21e0] Updates to Koios and setup process based on previous feedbacks (guild-operators)
12:01:22 [daa63d5d] Merge pull request #2704 from input-output-hk/release-with-develop (daedalus)
12:02:19 [a4f890d4] Bump electron from 13.1.0 to 13.3.0 (daedalus)
12:02:35 [2d8675ac] Merge branch 'alpha' into dbsyncscript (guild-operators)
12:06:14 [f9052379] Merge pull request #66 from input-output-hk/update-version-port (catalyst-toolbox)
12:15:54 [c717ada8] scp-2881 - JSON serialization for ACTUS data types (plutus)
12:17:40 [1ae5d26e] align core unit testing (cardano-wallet)
12:20:29 [27ed98a4] Merge branch 'Metalamp/nft-marketplace/update-plutus' into Metalamp/nft-marketplace/refactor-auction (plutus-use-cases)
12:27:56 [342b7ab4] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
12:29:12 [89b86b2a] Merge pull request #511 from minswap/minswap (cardano-token-registry)
12:29:38 [f6c66760] Merge pull request #513 from leo42/master (cardano-token-registry)
12:31:18 [4c79c416] Merge pull request #514 from leo42/master (cardano-token-registry)
12:33:01 [24494399] Merge pull request #516 from leo42/Crying (cardano-token-registry)
12:33:25 [90f872f0] Merge pull request #517 from leo42/Cry-Laughing (cardano-token-registry)
12:33:35 [a6f90a75] Merge #3418 (ouroboros-network)
12:33:54 [7b7b97e6] Merge pull request #518 from leo42/Enraged (cardano-token-registry)
12:35:59 [1d866a16] Merge pull request #519 from leo42/Flirty (cardano-token-registry)
12:36:24 [7ca7123b] Merge pull request #520 from leo42/Fuming (cardano-token-registry)
12:36:47 [efe5d651] Merge pull request #521 from leo42/Frustrated (cardano-token-registry)
12:37:13 [52ff335b] Merge pull request #523 from leo42/Incognito (cardano-token-registry)
12:37:38 [7926609b] Merge pull request #524 from leo42/Infatuated (cardano-token-registry)
12:37:43 [dc669da2] Merge pull request #3648 from input-output-hk/test-enhancmen-for-catalyst-toolbox-port (jormungandr)
12:38:02 [22d834c1] Merge pull request #526 from leo42/Inquisitive (cardano-token-registry)
12:38:11 [40e86b3d] Merge pull request #65 from input-output-hk/update_flake-port (catalyst-toolbox)
12:38:28 [a0645eeb] Merge pull request #527 from leo42/Jobjeezed (cardano-token-registry)
12:40:35 [bbda1015] Merge #3283 (cardano-node)
12:43:05 [db4aa166] Merge pull request #529 from leo42/Mind-Blown (cardano-token-registry)
12:43:28 [82a39c16] Merge pull request #525 from leo42/Injured (cardano-token-registry)
12:43:55 [2c4a9548] Merge pull request #522 from leo42/Happy (cardano-token-registry)
12:44:15 [94a3189a] scp-2883 - ACTUS derivative contracts (plutus)
12:51:32 [a6addd81] Merge pull request #4095 from input-output-hk/hrajchert/fix-demo-wallet-creation (plutus)
12:51:48 [4be5dc19] staging: Bump plutus to a6addd812d1254235a71987ad95146583c6ea766 (plutus-ops)
12:56:54 [856a74eb] update integration test (cardano-wallet)
12:57:43 [61bb9ebd] ping pong (cardano-wallet)
12:59:38 [b62c164a] Merge pull request #528 from leo42/Microphobic (cardano-token-registry)
13:01:03 [f6d2aadd] Merge pull request #530 from leo42/Misty-Eyed (cardano-token-registry)
13:01:23 [8a8f6a0a] Merge pull request #531 from leo42/Money-Hungry (cardano-token-registry)
13:01:48 [460dfdb4] Merge pull request #533 from leo42/Nerdy (cardano-token-registry)
13:02:11 [a2e3c3b6] Merge pull request #534 from leo42/Smiley (cardano-token-registry)
13:02:31 [0b1f514c] Merge pull request #535 from leo42/Woozy (cardano-token-registry)
13:02:54 [6375b5e5] Merge pull request #536 from leo42/Nauseous (cardano-token-registry)
13:03:17 [722b6df3] Merge pull request #532 from leo42/Shitty (cardano-token-registry)
13:04:12 [53840c49] Add Flat instance for CompiledCodeIn (plutus)
13:09:41 [d2737be2] make fmt (plutus-use-cases)
13:10:36 [3dd49bef] Error handling (plutus-use-cases)
13:12:57 [ab55f42d] Merge pull request #93 from input-output-hk/eleks/setup-frontend (plutus-use-cases)
13:16:56 [835468e3] [DDW-680] Correct color for incentivized testnet rewards dialog close button (daedalus)
13:17:43 [9aeedbe4] scp-2883 - added derivative contracts to README (plutus)
13:19:40 [fab2c11a] write_into_persistent_log (jormungandr)
13:20:29 [2317b0c1] Bump symmetric-cipher from `7482052` to `ee66aa8` (jormungandr)
13:22:22 [77bc6ba9] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
13:22:31 [26d82fe9] Merge pull request #3649 from input-output-hk/release-0.13.0-port (jormungandr)
13:24:11 [af84afea] cleanup (cardano-ledger-specs)
13:25:26 [f38c1f61] Add hyperlinks to `Selection` type in comments for `verifySelection`. (cardano-wallet)
13:25:59 [605f5021] Add entry to the Interface Change Log (ouroboros-network)
13:26:20 [6b0de711] Bump assert_fs from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6 (jormungandr)
13:26:54 [c5873c8c] type in variable name (guild-operators)
13:28:26 [13d1aecd] Refactor ca module to community_advisors (catalyst-toolbox)
13:37:30 [0d4863b7] Merge branch 'cardano-foundation:master' into Cool (cardano-token-registry)
13:40:17 [3fd75976] [DDW-680] Move dropdown icon in send tokens input down 1px (daedalus)
13:43:50 [3654a6f8] Cool (cardano-token-registry)
13:44:54 [3b37dd0f] typo in variable name (#1146) (guild-operators)
13:46:13 [18c28fae] Simplify `prop_performSelection` properties. (cardano-wallet)
13:46:13 [424ab3ef] Rename `VerifySelectionError` to `VerifySelectionFailureReason`. (cardano-wallet)
13:46:13 [582ebec8] Add function `verifySelectionError` to verify selection errors. (cardano-wallet)
13:48:37 [e5f8f2f6] Adjust `prop_performSelection` to verify selection errors. (cardano-wallet)
13:57:22 [fc5b4fef] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:blockfrost/blockfrost-js (blockfrost-js)
13:58:50 [119ceca0] Merge pull request #660 from input-output-hk/dependabot/cargo/strum-0.22.0 (chain-libs)
13:58:53 [e859571a] fix: tests (blockfrost-js)
13:59:45 [5a3a502f] Update strum_macros requirement from 0.21.0 to 0.22.0 (chain-libs)
14:00:27 [a611f6fd] Merge pull request #275 from Emurgo/ruslan/fix-status-check (yoroi-graphql-migration-backend)
14:00:48 [d9419a9a] Merge pull request #657 from input-output-hk/retrofit-cryptoxide-0.3-to-fund3 (chain-libs)
14:02:43 [897828e4] feat(core): add cslUtil.bytewiseEquals (cardano-js-sdk)
14:02:44 [e433e17f] feat(wallet): add UtxoRepository.availableRewards and fix availableUtxo sync (cardano-js-sdk)
14:02:55 [9465282d] feat(wallet): add balance interface (cardano-js-sdk)
14:04:02 [2999ac6f] Merge branch 'develop' into chore/ddw-748-implement-upcoming-ledgerjs-breaking-changes (daedalus)
14:09:03 [1d30e5c9] Add hyperlinks to `Selection` type in comments for `verifySelection`. (cardano-wallet)
14:09:03 [4e2139a0] Simplify `prop_performSelection` properties. (cardano-wallet)
14:09:04 [150174af] Rename `VerifySelectionError` to `VerifySelectionFailureReason`. (cardano-wallet)
14:09:04 [cb72037a] Add function `verifySelectionError` to verify selection errors. (cardano-wallet)
14:09:04 [f766b062] Adjust `prop_performSelection` to verify selection errors. (cardano-wallet)
14:09:05 [a87e8992] Update comment for `performSelection` to reflect the failure case. (cardano-wallet)
14:11:17 [e1d8ffbb] Fix open in binary mode (cardano-node-tests)
14:11:51 [82f20e45] Added the Compact data modules (cardano-ledger-specs)
14:15:25 [431df6b5] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
14:16:28 [41358021] Ignore reward related error message (cardano-node-tests)
14:16:58 [e1d028ae] pin `pip==21.2.4` (cardano-node-tests)
14:17:09 [0beeeeaf] Update instructions in README (cardano-node-tests)
14:21:55 [483a6020] Comparing folds over Scott lists and builtin lists (SCP-2808) (plutus)
14:37:02 [9b56cea4] Merge pull request #659 from input-output-hk/dependabot/cargo/strum_macros-0.22.0 (chain-libs)
14:37:35 [a4419b8c] setup basic PoC watch.proto (chain-libs)
14:37:35 [982a9e3d] Moved the watch protocol to chain-network (chain-libs)
14:37:36 [be6264f8] Renamed the client subscription service to Watch (chain-libs)
14:37:36 [7d41b574] Remove mempool subscription from watch.proto (chain-libs)
14:37:36 [986f255b] Reorg watch proto in chain-network (chain-libs)
14:37:36 [0912d6c1] Change parameter fields for SyncMultiverseRequest (chain-libs)
14:37:36 [86a07497] Document a special case of SyncMultiverse (chain-libs)
14:37:36 [c8b6c47d] Fill out server-side support for watch API (chain-libs)
14:37:36 [d250878c] network: Relax trait bounds on grpc::Client (chain-libs)
14:37:37 [9f4565ab] network: Add the grpc client API for watch (chain-libs)
14:37:37 [e6eb304b] Add the Server alias to the grpc::watch module (chain-libs)
14:38:56 [ea198f20] Update Help (cardano-token-registry)
14:39:02 [15167022] Bubbleup seed to cli argument (catalyst-toolbox)
14:39:44 [09632442] SCP-2927: Redeemer data for minting policies (plutus)
14:43:09 [7e179b7b] add ebsOptimized flag to servers (bitte)
14:43:28 [e4366c64] add back acme provider to be able to destroy it later (bitte)
14:44:39 [ad9cabdc] network: Add WatchService::new (chain-libs)
14:44:44 [abb9bb8f] cardano-api: Serialize AssetName to JSON as hex string with latin-1 helper (cardano-node)
14:44:45 [f545be29] cardano-cli: Expect AssetName in hex in --mint and --tx-out (cardano-node)
14:44:45 [0880f946] cardano-api-test: Add AssetName roundtrip tests (cardano-node)
14:44:46 [d24e226b] cardano-cli: Friendly output multi-asset with ASCII version where possible (cardano-node)
14:49:07 [07f922bf] datapoint-forward: init. (cardano-node)
14:50:09 [4c63e156] some tests for single accounting (ledgerjs-cardano-shelley)
14:55:50 [0aec28fd] pack token utxo (yoroi-frontend)
14:56:29 [e87fb9a0] [WIP] add web UI (cicero)
14:56:39 [c3773fa6] rename (cardano-node)
15:10:51 [65e9f835] [DDW-745] Updated nixpkgs (daedalus)
15:13:09 [84c9cc3b] Merge #2973 (cardano-wallet)
15:19:03 [83cce2f2] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
15:22:20 [1b1af275] [DDW-680] Add overflow property to delegation center tiles to make stake pool tiles colored lines fit within element (daedalus)
15:24:27 [b87885eb] expose more of the ExUnits internals (cardano-ledger-specs)
15:25:23 [3a5749ed] scp-2883 - ACTUS derivative contracts short descriptions in README (plutus)
15:32:00 [d5c5672d] Merge pull request #126 from sorki/srk/alonzo (openapi)
15:36:41 [3053f91f] [DDW-680] Add overflow property to delegation center tiles to make stake pool tiles colored lines fit within element (daedalus)
15:38:34 [a157723a] [DDW-680] Add overflow property to delegation center tiles to make stake pool tiles colored lines fit within element (daedalus)
15:40:39 [c34bbd74] WIP adding help output when there's no input. (plutus)
16:02:20 [581a183d] chore: changelog (openapi)
16:04:33 [3d7b5dab] Merge pull request #27 from danielSanchezQ/catalyst-toolbox-docs-update (scripts)
16:04:35 [c6a7def3] Merge pull request #151 from blockfrost/srk/alonzo (openapi)
16:06:20 [5147aca4] release: 0.1.29 -> 0.1.30 (openapi)
16:10:01 [9ab3bd74] Add DiFAM Token (cardano-token-registry)
16:15:00 [ea9ef51c] WIP (ouroboros-network)
16:15:58 [2bbecc1e] Merge pull request #150 from blockfrost/v0.1.30 (openapi)
16:23:59 [4eabe6b3] Updated Instructions on the Catalyst Reg. QR Code (scripts)
16:27:07 [d092d0f2] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
16:29:31 [94f2666b] Merge branch 'develop' into fix-lint (yoroi-mobile)
16:32:03 [445bf995] [DDW-680] Increase line-height to 1.46 in BigButtonForDialogs_description (daedalus)
16:33:12 [3345c154] Catalyst Update to use the new 'catalyst-toolbox' (scripts)
16:38:44 [f75eb9e1] Added delete and foldWithKey operations (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:36 [42203683] Add initial version capable of parsing most of utxo in json format (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:36 [c340ba8e] Implement sharing with massiv arrays (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:36 [d659d45b] Remove Ref newtype (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:37 [c1401c11] Switching ot use index (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:37 [e84d57de] implement KeyHash sharing (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:38 [b98c2481] Switch away from IntMap (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:38 [348a1eec] Implement test and verify it works as expected (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:38 [291fd531] Implement NFData. Ensure UTxO is in NF (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:39 [58f54c11] Add more conversions, stats. Ensure array is cloned to free up memeory (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:39 [2f300d9b] remove commented out code (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:40 [d410011f] Add nested `IntMap.IntMap (Map.Map (TxId C) (Alonzo.TxOut CurrentEra))` (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:40 [f84e1c46] Remove explicit sharing (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:40 [c260a61d] Avoid restructure (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:41 [bf96a461] Add Storable instance for TxIn (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:41 [2c44b6c2] remove useless optimization (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:39:41 [63604de5] Implement LedgerState stats (cardano-ledger-specs)
16:49:08 [fb76a24e] Merge pull request #1679 from Emurgo/fix-lint (yoroi-mobile)
16:55:16 [621ef3ab] Add core type 'Redeemer' and compat functions with Cardano ledger. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:16 [43f02d88] Add util 'modifyM' function for state-monad. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:17 [0eb4d7b6] Expose constructor for TimeInterpreter (cardano-wallet)
16:55:17 [ebf74d70] Extend 'TransactionLayer' with 'assignScriptRedeemers' (cardano-wallet)
16:55:17 [0d7c94eb] Implement 'assignScriptRedeemers' for Cardano. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:17 [2ae1c881] Remove newExUnits from TxUpdate, moved as separate function. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:18 [3f290214] Remove 'certifying' type of redeemers in the API (cardano-wallet)
16:55:21 [945eac22] Wire updateTx and assignScriptRedeemers errors into the API. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:21 [1ccebda4] Move 'mapFirst' local function to Cardano.Wallet.Util (cardano-wallet)
16:55:22 [d67bbbf7] Add txOutAddCoin function to primitives for transaction. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:22 [a8e6eb2f] Finalize implementation of 'balanceTransaction' (cardano-wallet)
16:55:22 [5ccbfad3] Make fee padding more robust to number (and content) of redeemers. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:22 [61de1074] Also provide datum with external inputs. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:23 [876ed2f5] Resolve additional issues with execution units and clean up code. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:23 [fc0eace3] Improve error reporting for redeemers error in the balancing endpoint. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:23 [6df878c8] Add new plutus scenario: GameStateMachine. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:23 [56f1ba37] Support balancing minted and burnt tokens in pre-constructed transactions. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:24 [3e3e6499] Enable 3rd step of the GameStateMachine contract. Currently fails. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:24 [d4146b62] Also provide input resolution for own inputs when evaluating scripts. (cardano-wallet)
16:55:24 [c40ca885] Regenerate nix (cardano-wallet)
16:56:38 [0c098f9f] [DDW-680] Add 4px after 'steps' label in restore wallet dialog (daedalus)
17:14:37 [45591d85] [WIP] add web UI (cicero)
17:20:17 [fe3a0889] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
17:23:38 [e9d6dea2] Got one! (jormungandr)
17:33:06 [70d3ec25] Updating README with examples (blockfrost-rust)
17:40:31 [66b0f3cf] consensus: add the DoneAddingBlock tracer event (ouroboros-network)
17:40:39 [b1e22384] WIP (ouroboros-network)
17:40:48 [368b016f] Use NominalDiffTime and DiffTime for DoneAddingBlock (ouroboros-network)
17:41:03 [1b98b38f] Got one! (jormungandr)
17:45:03 [19a52abf] plutus-ledger: Add cardano-wallet constructor to 'WalletId' (plutus)
17:45:05 [1077d74f] plutus-pab: FixesQ (plutus)
17:45:05 [bb8f28e4] marlowe: Fixes (plutus)
17:45:05 [06e22560] Update nix (plutus)
17:45:05 [67c83542] Fix warning (plutus)
17:45:05 [09c286cd] update golden files (plutus)
17:45:05 [f9d6042c] Fix plutus-use-cases-spec (plutus)
17:45:05 [895bde68] Fix marlowe-dashboard-client (plutus)
17:45:05 [b0c28980] Fix marlowe (plutus)
17:45:05 [aed09282] uses-cases golden tests (plutus)
17:45:05 [0ebced20] Delete XPub constructor (plutus)
17:45:05 [310e8ff3] Mock wallet refactor (plutus)
17:45:05 [92b55914] WIP mock wallet (plutus)
17:45:05 [74c358e9] plutus-contract working (plutus)
17:45:05 [afc9e47d] plutus-use-cases (plutus)
17:45:05 [d22615c8] Updates (plutus)
17:45:05 [acc291a9] PAB compiles again (plutus)
17:45:05 [098979a2] plutus-playground: Fix PSGenerator (plutus)
17:45:05 [598bed45] marlowe: Update golden file (plutus)
17:45:05 [9a93ab65] fix PS clients (plutus)
17:45:05 [afe24bfd] docs: Fix reference (plutus)
17:45:05 [e96cec24] marlowe-dashboard: Fix client (plutus)
17:45:05 [cf7cbba3] plutus-doc: pubkeyhash (plutus)
17:45:05 [f031868e] Fixes (plutus)
17:45:05 [bebf0c02] Import (plutus)
17:45:05 [843f67d0] Fix txID in test (plutus)
17:45:05 [4581e511] PAB tests (plutus)
17:45:05 [81146d4a] Purs (plutus)
17:46:50 [099eb4e9] Updating Plutus commit hash (plutus-pioneer-program)
17:47:47 [f57b9059] Adding Uniswap library (plutus-pioneer-program)
17:56:39 [e48b1115] no blocking style (cardano-node)
17:59:46 [d30f780c] WIP: Block adoption metrics (cardano-node)
18:03:11 [cba00cd3] network: Reworded the doc on SyncMultiverseRequest (chain-libs)
18:04:45 [dbd66df2] Add deserialisation workaround for arbitrary integers (plutus)
18:17:36 [99cb2068] ibuiltin case (plutus)
18:20:14 [95d28148] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
18:35:03 [28500af6] Golden files (plutus)
18:37:47 [80c5a628] Add serialisation workaround for arbitrary size integers (plutus)
18:39:18 [47dff185] ping pong (cardano-wallet)
18:54:10 [4714fc0f] Add help output when there's no input. Still hanging without input. (plutus)
18:59:23 [1e28a433] WIP: Block adoption metrics (cardano-node)
19:09:13 [fb0c7c8e] Fix stylish (plutus)
19:13:43 [5a5f47c7] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
19:29:49 [4e724857] Add tests for ad-hoc serialisation and deserialisation (plutus)
19:42:22 [6a48bc66] Revert? (plutus)
20:07:25 [02e236f4] Import (plutus)
20:18:05 [4a940c5d] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
20:21:15 [9b4f413c] added DomainRestrict, starting splitHashMap. (cardano-ledger-specs)
20:29:27 [73680404] Update 201eaf3ec3114036cd47c4f4696a8a3f344d33b2e7d510627fca44e7424c554e5442524f53434f46464545.json (cardano-token-registry)
20:39:02 [eb37b3ff] allow --arg (cardano-memory-benchmark)
20:42:01 [55ab1426] membench-bisect: bash wrapper sketch (WIP) (cardano-memory-benchmark)
20:43:44 [3d9c644c] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/shell-bisector' (cardano-memory-benchmark)
20:49:36 [c96d5349] Test local Alonzo cardano cluster (hydra-poc)
21:00:25 [746c4d89] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into scp-2883-actus-derivative-contracts (plutus)
21:14:53 [50269d8a] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
21:18:10 [d091bbe3] builtin stuff done (plutus)
21:27:17 [ad1da9f8] Add log ignore rule for `NodeToClientVersionData` (cardano-node-tests)
21:34:27 [bbd341be] Merge pull request #738 from mkoura/network_ignore_rule (cardano-node-tests)
21:34:48 [67c7c75e] Add db-sync support for testnet scripts (cardano-node-tests)
21:43:46 [ef8fcf73] Merge pull request #739 from mkoura/testnets_dbsync (cardano-node-tests)
21:45:33 [e3b9a190] Add log ignore rule for `NodeToClientVersionData` (cardano-node-tests)
21:45:59 [4849ab17] Add db-sync support for testnet scripts (cardano-node-tests)
21:53:50 [4c7b495f] Add delist table (cardano-db-sync)
21:54:50 [5da0b7bf] Add `dbsync-config.*` to list of files to copy (cardano-node-tests)
22:17:21 [5dd813a4] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
22:18:21 [01759092] fix flow types (yoroi-frontend)
22:18:32 [eb6c36ff] deploy: c96d53491ba7dac9d8b4888fa33722858586de60 (hydra-poc)
22:46:26 [aeaee70d] rearrange theme types and functions (yoroi-frontend)
22:46:38 [e23e5376] Fetch utxos in sync with wallet reload (adalite)
22:56:20 [f1cfc8b5] Serve delisted end points (cardano-db-sync)
23:17:37 [887b23dd] Scheduled update (pool_groups)
23:22:55 [7d770442] [SRE-202] Remove all references to buildkite (ouroboros-network)
23:25:05 [e3f30b11] add prefix yoroi for css props (yoroi-frontend)
23:40:52 [b5163e68] Merge pull request #652 from input-output-hk/client-watch-api (chain-libs)
23:50:10 [7d2e0888] wip (adalite)
23:51:15 [2423e413] Add memory benchmarks for new HashMap (cardano-ledger-specs)